tagLoving WivesBecoming A Wife Watcher Ch. 02

Becoming A Wife Watcher Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - The Neighbours

In my last submittal, I told the story of how I first became a wife watcher. It has now been 20 years since then and our lives have progressed along with our sexual adventures. I will over the next few submittals try and bring the story up to date and hopefully give readers an insight into how we have lived.

Anyway, after our adventures with Erica's sister and brother in law, we were posted overseas so apart from a few minor indiscretions with Erica giving one of her co workers a blow job, nothing much happened as we were busy starting a family although the fantasies were still very much alive and often voiced during our lovemaking. It was not until about 8 years later when we were posted back to the UK that the next instalment of our adventure really began.

Erica had taken a job which involved her working nights; I was left babysitting well, if that's what you call it when you look after your own kids. The kids were young and in bed early so it left me lots of free time. The internet was just taking off and it wasn't long before I started using it to keep myself amused. Net meeting was one of the first video chat servers to be used and I became a regular user. I introduced Erica to this in her nights off and it wasn't long before we were using it together, showing Erica on camera and getting to see other people both male and female. This didn't go any further than this as most of the people we talked to were in the states but it did provide a springboard for another chapter in our lives.

As the summer came, Erica and I became friendly with our neighbours Brian and Sharon who were also in the services. Their children were similar ages to ours and played out together. I had been having a few beers in the back garden on a warm summer's night and got chatting to Sharon. She had said Brian was away on exercise and I invited her over to have a drink with us. Anyway, she came over and her and Erica got on great, we had a right laugh, messing about with the kids water guns after they went to bed. Sharon had given me a right soaking so I had gone upstairs and threw a bucket of water over her out of the bedroom window. She said she was going to kill me and chased me round the house. She caught me in the living room and was wrestling around until we both ended up on the floor. Erica was there laughing her head off. The next thing that happened took me totally by surprise; she pulled my shorts to one side and stuck my dick in her mouth. Just for a second, no more. I was stunned, Erica was too and the atmosphere turned electric.

She apologised to Erica who laughed it off, saying it was just the alcohol. I was worried what her husband was going to say when he came back. Anyway, she went home and Erica and I went to bed shortly after. The following week, nothing really happened and Brian came back from exercise. He never mentioned anything and acted normal so I guessed Sharon had not said anything. On the Saturday night, Erica was working; again it was a nice night so I was out the back having a beer as were Brian and Sharon. We got chatting over the fence having a right laugh; anyway it got colder so I invited them over for a few more beers. Brian and I got chatting about computers, he had just got his first ever computer and was not sure how to work it, he noticed I had a webcam and asked what I used it for. I had said it was for if we are ever away from our families overseas, it allows us to keep in touch, but I winked at him and said, it also helps me while away the hours when Erica was at work. He was interested and asked me what I meant, I said, it's probably easier if I show you.

I logged onto net meeting and we sat round the computer, the server we were on had mostly males and a few females and couples. We were mostly getting invites to chat from males though and when I put their cams up, true to form they would be sitting, dick in hand, knocking one out. Brian asked if I could not get any of the females up; I tried but was not having any joy and said to Brian, it was normally a lot easier when Erika was here as she would show herself too. He said in that case, I think Sharon should come over and go on the cam. I said are you sure, he said, she has already had your dick in her mouth, I'm sure she wont mind getting her tits out in front of you. I nearly fell off the chair, I said I'm really sorry about that and he said, don't worry about it, she was really horny when I got back from exercise so I benefited from it.

She came over and took the computer chair, with Brian and I off to one side, over the next hour she managed to contact several females and couples, most of them were bisexual and we got a good show on the camera as a result. I must confess that I spent a lot of my time watching Sharon instead of the camera. She would only goes as far as topless though no matter how much Brian tried to convince her otherwise. After about an hour, she put her top on and said, ok I am tired and have to get up with kids in the morning, I am off to bed, and I'll leave you two perverts to it. She left giving Brian and me a kiss and thanked me for a good night. I was kind of disappointed but thought ok that's fine. I got us another beer and we sat and had a chat. Brian asked me what I thought of Sharon, I said she was great and had a cracking set of tits too, he laughed and then asked me if I would fuck her. I said, you're my neighbour and we get on so I wouldn't want anything to spoil that. He told me that him and Sharon had threesomes before and asked if I had ever wanted to see Erica with someone else, reluctantly I told him that we had fantasised about it in the past. After an long conversation about what he had done with Sharon which had involved even getting some of his army mates to gang bang her, he told me that he had taken pictures of her and had them published in a readers wives section of Escort magazine. He asked me if I wanted to see. I agreed and he said, ok come with me next door. I went with him into his living room and he went upstairs to get the magazine. Right enough when he came back, Sharon had a full page of 4 pictures in various poses, one of which was a legs wide open shot. He asked me what I thought and I just replied stunning. He said, wouldn't you like to stick your cock up her, I said I would love to. He said, ok get undressed and follow me. I was very wary but the drink took over and I thought what the hell. When we got to his bedroom, it was obvious Sharon was sleeping and I said, don't worry mate, I'll just go home. He said, no, she will be fine. He woke her and she was anything but fine, telling him to fuck off. Then he said, frank is here. She looked up from the covers and saw me standing sporting an extremely large hard on considering the drink I had consumed. She said, we can't send him home like that, you can both wank over me but you're not shagging me.

She pulled off her nightie and lay on the bed, Brian gestured for me to kneel between her legs. He was wanking into her face and she took him into her mouth while she played with her clit for me. After a minute she said rub my clit with your cock but don't put it in me. I moved forward and did as she requested, boy was she wet, this was killing me, I so wanted to plough into her. I did this for a few minutes and she started rhythmically moving her hips, I could tell she was close to orgasm, so could Brian, he started mouthing to me to put it in, to fuck her, I wasn't sure so I started slipping just the head in, she reached down and put her hand over but opened her fingers as I tried again. In between moans she said no don't but was now holding the head of my dick inside her, moving back and forward against it. I took this as a green light and pushed forward letting my whole length slide in; she gasped and nearly drowned as Brian exploded in her mouth. She had grabbed me by the arse now, holding me into her. I started pumping for all I was worth, knowing I would not hold back long. She was coming and I was about to. I didn't know if she was on the pill so I decided to pull out and let fly all over her belly and chest.

She cleaned herself off and said, ok, I'm now going to sleep, Frank, let yourself out and Brian, we will be speaking about this in the morning. I made for the living room to collect my clothes with Brian in attendance. He said, I told you she would be ok to which I answered, I just hope she doesn't tell Erica. He asked if Erica would be up for it, I said I would have to test the water first and see what she thought. I said goodnight and went off to bed, having another wank before going to sleep.

The next morning, Erica woke me up as she was getting back into bed after her nightshift; I had a headache and immediate guilt pangs. She said, I saw Brian on the way in, he was saying you had a few beers and a good laugh last night, your looking very rough so it must have been a late one. I told Erica some of what had transpired the night before but left out the end of the night at their house. She seemed a little angry that I had told them about us on the web cams but eventually laughed when I told her Sharon was so drunk she got her tits out in front of Brian. Anyway, I was about to get up and sort the kids out, leaving her to her sleep when she pulled me back into bed by the cock saying I want some of this.

I got back into bed and she got on top of me, she slid onto me and I couldn't believe how wet she was, I mean really dripping wet. I said this to her and she said, that's because Brian has just fucked me down stairs. What the fuck, I was angry, horny, confused all at once. She said, this is what you want is it not, someone else to fuck me and you to clean up. I had a lot of questions but my dick said they were going to have to wait. She pulled off me and moved forward, putting her cunt onto my face. I could smell the musky sex smell as I licked her clean, swallowing down the mixed juices. She came in under a minute and her orgasm was very intense. After she nearly drowned me, she climbed off and lay on the bed and said, ok fuck me hard. I did and filled her full of her second load that morning. When I had finished she said, go and get the kids up, I'll tell you all about it later, I need my sleep as I have invited Brian and Sharon round for a party tonight. And I already know what happened at theirs last night. With that final remark she turned over and popped off to sleep.

I spent the day in with the kids, frightened even to go out in the garden as I wasn't sure what my reaction to Brian was going to be. Part of me was jealous and part of me horny but I also thought I had been played good and proper, but deep down it was the fact that Erica had fucked Brian and I had not seen it that was annoying me the most. I had been upstairs in bed probably dreaming about it. I was wondering what he said that got him into Erica.

Anyway, I was soon to find out that afternoon when Erica woke and came down for some lunch, the kids were busy watching cartoon network so we sat in the kitchen and Erica told me what had transpired. She had finished work early and was getting out the car and was met by Brian coming back from his early morning run. He said that Sharon had left her cardigan at ours last night and could he get it back for her. Erica invited him it, and they got chatting. She worked as a care assistant and he was admiring her uniform saying it was very sexy and I probably asked her to wear it in bed for me. She offered him a coffee and she asked how the night had gone. He said it was great and had said I had showed them the computer and in particular netmeeting. Erica had laughed and said, no doubt he was trying to get Sharon to get her tits out, and you men are tits daft. Brian had laughed and said we had succeeded and Sharon having her tits out didn't seem bad compared to her having my dick in her mouth. Erica had said she was a little annoyed about that too but had just put it down to the drink. Brian seized the opportunity saying; wouldn't you like to get even though? Erica said she and I were up for a laugh but she wasn't going to have an affair, just over a little drunken fun. Brian asked if Erica didn't find him attractive, she said of course, he had a great body. He said, I know Frank wants to see you with someone else, he told me as much last night. Erica was a little embarrassed and more than a little annoyed at me for divulging this. That's probably what triggered her switch, she could have thrown him out but for some reason she didn't. She for some reason said, ok, as you are obviously annoyed like me at what happened with Frank and Sharon, if I do the same, can we just forget about it. Brian said only if you are sure but I must tell you, there is a little more to it than that. If you want to do the same as Frank and Sharon, that's going to involve me fucking you with this. He pulled his shorts down and revealed a very large, thick hard on. Erica was gob smacked, she said, I'll suck you like I agreed but I don't understand what you mean. He said, I'll tell you as you suck me. She took him in her mouth and he proceeded to tell her what had transpired the previous night. It worked like a charm, the man was an amazing judge of character, rather than getting angry, Erica was extremely turned on and it was not long before he was fucking his big cock up her on the living room floor filling her full of his seed.

After they finished, they had a coffee and agreed between them that we should all get together for some fun later that evening as it was Erica's night off. Brian went home and Erica came upstairs and woke me. After Erica finished telling me this, I was apologetic about the previous evening but she said don't worry about it, we are even now but I can see from your bulge that you are as turned on over this as I am. I want fucked now but I think we better save ourselves for tonight. At that she said, I'm off for a bath, I have had 2 loads of come in me today and it's starting to smell.

We got the kids bedded relatively early and Brian and Sharon arrived with a few bottles of wine and a crate of beers. Brian pulled me to one side and said, I hope everything was ok about this morning. I felt like punching him in the face but the prospect of more to come was too much so I just said it was fine and asked if he had a good time as Erica seemed to. He said she was fantastic and couldn't wait for a repeat performance. The night started quite awkwardly with nobody wanting to broach the subject or make the next move so we had a drink and a bit of a laugh. As the beer and wine flowed the atmosphere relaxed and Erica suggested a game of cards. Brian and I straight away suggested strip poker and the girls agreed.

We started playing and it wasn't long before both girls were naked and Brian and I only had our boxers on. Brian suggested we continue playing for dares, the person who won, got to choose a dare for the others to do. Erica won the next hand and she took ages choosing a dare eventually daring Sharon to suck me off for 30 seconds. She wasn't long in stripping me of my boxers and went to work with her mouth. The other two counted the 30 seconds and much to my dismay she stopped at the end. Sharon won the next hand and her dare was for me to return the favour and lick her for 30 seconds. I didn't need asking twice and for a very short 30 seconds enjoyed the taste of her pussy while her hubby and my wife watched on. Sharon won next hand and Erica said to her, you better not be a selfish bitch, this dare better include me. Sharon laughed and said ok, I want Erica to do the same. I knew this was a big no for Erica; she had no interest in women. As I guessed, she apologised and refused and asked Sharon to pick another dare. I could tell Sharon was a little disappointed but she went along and dared Erica to suck Brian. And so for 30 short seconds, I got to see my wife sucking on another mans cock, I was close to coming on the spot.

Erica won the next hand and dared both me and Brian to lick her pussy while Sharon sucked me off. As everyone was occupied, nobody was counting so it ended in Erica having a massive orgasm, after which she decided she wanted fucking. I was still getting head from Sharon and lay there and watched Brian slip his cock into Erica's soaking pussy. He had her legs round her neck and was giving her it deeply not more than a foot from my face. I reached over at one stage and stroked her clit as he was pumping her. She looked at me with a look of sheer lust and pleasure and I knew I was hooked, a wife watcher for life.

Sharon decided she wanted some cock in her too so she pulled me on top of her and I slipped into her. Brian was near to coming and as he did, Erica had another orgasm; the look on her face was priceless. I was still steadily pumping Sharon, curling my toes, trying hard not to come when Brian pulled out of Erica, as he did, his come started oozing out of her soaked pussy. The sight of this, threw me over the edge and I filled Sharon with my hot seed. The girls cleaned up while we got another drink and recovered. Sharon must have been feeling a little guilty or jealous or disappointed Erica wasn't interested in her because she suddenly said she was off home. Brian asked her to stay a while but she said, no you carry on and have fun, I will see you in the morning.

Anyway, after she left, Erica said, there is no way I am going to bed yet; I want both of you at the same time. With that she rolled over and started sucking Brian's cock back to hardness. She was on her hands and knees so I decided to take her doggy style. We stayed like this for about five minutes and then Erica wanted to swap round. I sat down and she took me in her mouth while Brian took her from behind. As much as I was enjoying the look on her face, I wanted to see more, so I got her to turn over on her back. I could now see my lovely wife with Brian's fat cock sliding in and out of her with my own cock filling her mouth. I lasted about a minute of this and filled Erica's mouth. She swallowed the lot, something that she doesn't normally do. Brian was still going strong and I lay on the couch watching them fuck in various positions for another half hour or so. Brian announced that he was coming again so Erica pulled him out of her and took the load in her mouth, again swallowing the lot. He decided he better get home to Sharon so thanked us for a great night, dressed and left. Erica and I went up to bed where I firstly cleaned her with my tongue and then we had a slow fuck whilst talking about what happened, we both agreed that it was just physical and no reason why we shouldn't do it again whilst we were all enjoying it.

And that's what we did, for the next few months, we repeated the experience several times, sometime with Sharon sometimes without, always having a drink and playing strip poker first which became a bit of a ritual. Sharon introduced two more of her girlfriends one night, one of which had the largest breasts I have ever seen and again, we played on net meeting and ended up playing strip poker. This time, after we got to the dares stage, Sharon and her two girlfriends went next door and did their own thing leaving Brian and I to satisfy Erica. All was well until I came home from work a few days later and found Erica in tears. She had been bent over the washing machine when Brian had let himself in with three of his mates demanding that they gang bang her. He had told them all that she was up for it. She was really angry and threw them all out, denying that anything had ever happened with Brian and threatening to call the police. I went round to see Brian and told him that was it, it was finished. He apologised but I said he had went too far, its one thing what we agree together, not telling or involving anyone else. Erica did fuck Brian one more time but I will include the details of that in my next submittal. I had unleashed something in both of us that I didn't know if we would be able to stop.

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