tagLoving WivesBecoming A Wife Watcher Ch. 03

Becoming A Wife Watcher Ch. 03


A few months after our liaisons with the next door neighbours, we were still fantasising, reminiscing in what had happened with Brian and Sharon although we didn't have the meetings, we had repaired things enough that we were on speaking terms.

One Saturday night, we had a night out planned with some friends from my work; we had a babysitter sorted so went out. The babysitter was one of my juniors from work Pete. He knew we would be late home so I had said I would call him a taxi when I got back. Anyway, out we went and it turned out to be quite a stuffy affair which ended at about 11pm.

Erica and I were heading to the taxi rank when we passed a club, she said I don't want to go home yet, lets go clubbing, I said okay but said, we cant be too late as Pete has stuff on tomorrow.

We entered the club which was mobbed; I found a table to stand beside and left Erica standing there while I tried to make my way through the mob to get to the bar. I returned about half an hour later with the drinks and no Erica in sight. I guessed she had probably nipped to the loo so I waited doing some people watching as I had a beer. About 5 minutes later, Erica returned hand in hand with a dark looking man about my height and build and introduced him as Ahmet.

He shook my hand and said, I hope you don't mind me taking your lovely wife up to dance. We chatted, well shouted over the noise and he told me he was Turkish and usually worked in the club doing the food but the gas was off tonight. Anyway, he asked if I minded him taking Erica to dance and as I'm not much of a John Travolta, I was happy to let him.

For the next hour, they were back and forward to the dance floor several times and eventually I had to insist on getting a taxi and getting back. Ahmet had not been drinking so he offered to give us a lift in return for letting him dance with Erica all night. I said it was ok but Erica said she didn't want to wait in a busy taxi rank so we agreed to get a lift with Ahmet.

When we got home I said to Ahmet, I would invite you in for a beer but I need to organise a taxi for the babysitter. He said he would drop Pete off and if we didn't mind, he would come back for a beer with us unless we were too tired. I didn't get the chance to answer as Erica said that would be fine. I asked Ahmet not to say to Pete he was coming back for a drink as Pete would want to stay and I knew he had an important job in the morning that he needed to be sober for.

So I went inside with Erica to find Pete asleep on the couch, I woke him and explained that we had organised a lift for him. He got up and went out to meet Ahmet. When they were gone I went back inside looking for Erica and found her in the toilet freshening up. I asked her if she planned doing anything tonight with Ahmet, she said she wasn't sure, we would just see how it panned out.

Anyway, Ahmet returned about 10 minutes later and sat down for a beer with us. We chatted, telling about our time in the army and he told us how he got here from Turkey and what he was doing. He had married an English girl but had recently split from her. He said it had been great to have some fun dancing with Erica as it took his mind off things for a while. He went to the loo and I asked Erica again, what she wanted to do. She said, let's play cards.

When Ahmet came back, she asked him if he wanted to play cards, he asked what game. She said poker with a twist. He became nervous and looked at me to see what my reaction was. I said its ok, just some harmless fun. He said ok but I am completely straight. I laughed and said don't worry, I am too.

Erica went to get the cards and some more drinks, we started playing and I was dealing. I cheated to start with and soon had Erica out of her skirt and blouse with just her underwear left. Ahmet couldn't take his eyes off her. Having had two kids, she had kept herself well and she had recently stopped taking the pill injection which had swelled her tits to a DD but they still stood up proudly. The next few hands saw her lose her bra and Ahmet and I down to our boxers. At this stage Erica informed Ahmet about the dares. She lost next and said, I want to suck Ahmet's cock.

There was no mention of time limits. Before he knew what hit him, she was on her hands and knees with his cock in her mouth. His dick was slightly shorter than mine but what it lacked in length, it made up for in girth, she was having difficulty getting it in her mouth. He was still gesturing to me asking if it was ok so I gave him the thumbs up. I removed her panties and started licking her and playing with her clit, she was absolutely soaking.

She turned over and asked Ahmet to lick her while she sucked him and me in turn and he duly obliged. She was not long in orgasming and then she wanted fucked. She moved Ahmet onto his back and got on top of him and slowly impaled herself on his thick cock. She rode him in this position for a while and I just sat and watched furiously pulling at my cock.

She climbed off and got him on top, with her legs up round his neck. She might have struggled taking his girth before but now it was sliding into her to the hilt with ease. I stuck my cock in her face and she sucked me with such abandon. Between his gasps, Ahmet asked if it was ok to come in her. She had recently stopped the pill injection so I said no. A minute later he could hold back no more, he pulled out a sprayed all over her. This was too much for me and I emptied my sack all over her face, it was one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen.

Erica got cleaned up and we had a cigarette and a beer. I was shattered and fell asleep on the sofa. I remember waking twice in the night and Ahmet and Erica were still at it. He left our house at 7am before the kids got up and left Erica with a red raw pussy. She went for a shower then to bed and I got the kids sorted but not before coming to thank me for a great night. Ahmet had left her his phone number and said to call him if we ever fancied doing it again.

Over the next six months, it was a regular occurrence, quite often with no alcohol involved. Erica experienced two cocks up her at the same time which I must confess is harder to achieve than it looks in blue movies. It also involved a lot of giggling on everybody's part. We tried anal too but Erica was not keen on this so we didn't get very far, she has only let me do this once or twice in all the years we have been married.

After a night out, a few months later, Ahmet was giving a pretty drunk Erica and I a lift home when she decided we should invite Brian and Sharon round. She went in the house while I sheepishly knocked on their door. Brian answered and I asked him if him and Sharon wanted to come round. Sharon was in bed sleeping but he said he would come. I explained about Ahmet and he was fine with that.

So it was that night Erica got her first time having three cocks at once , however, she had been so drunk she couldn't remember much about it.

Two weeks later, Pete the babysitter was back round for a few beers. He was sleeping on our couch that night to save getting a taxi. We had a good night, a good laugh and at one stage, Erica flashed her tits, I was a little angry as I didn't want anyone from my work finding out what we did.

Anyway, we all went to bed and when we were there, Erica asked me if it would be ok if she fucked Pete. I explained my concerns about my work and said, if you want to, why don't you sneak down and pretend to him that I don't know and I am out for the count.

She came back into bed about two hours later and said, my that's one energetic young man. He has fucked me five times in the last couple of hours. She grabbed my head and said, you have work to do, I need cleaning. The stench was nearly overpowering, a mix of his sweat and come but I did my job and was rewarded by an unbelievable slow fuck the next morning.

Pete got up and made a sharp exit with some excuses about having to be somewhere and left with a very red face. Erica said he must think I am a man-eater, I commented that I did too.

I got an overseas unaccompanied posting so Erica moved back closer to our families. I met and made new friends one of them that became a really close friend and when I went back home to visit Erica, Nelson decided he would come and visit us.

He was a big lad, a good few years younger than me and he lived not far from where Erica was staying so he arranged to come and stay overnight with us on his way home. He arrived and we all went out for a meal and a few drinks at the pub, he got on really well with Erica.

When we got home, we opened another bottle of wine and had a laugh. Erica went and put her nightdress on and came back. It was a little silk number that did nothing to hide her big breasts. Nelson being an avid tit man made a compliment to Erica that made her giggle, which in turn made her breasts bounce. Nelson said he would have to keep her laughing to see more.

I said, Erica is a bit of a man-eater, I'm sure she will show us them both in the flesh. Before Erica got a chance to scold me, Nelson had said he would love to see them and I guess the big beaming grin got to Erica. She took off her nightdress and sat there topless in front of us, his big grin turned to shock, he looked at me nervously and said, but this is your wife Frank.

I told him not to worry as we had done this sort of thing before. I got to one side of Erica and took her nipple in my mouth and gestured for Nelson to do the same. With a what the hell he dived in. We were both happily sucking and playing away and Erica opened her legs wide and I knew she wanted us to play with her pussy. I used my hand to pull down her g string and as I was moving my hand back up, I realised Nelson had beaten me to it.

We both played with her, rubbing her clit while still sucking on her nipples for a few minutes and she was moaning and writhing to our touch. She stopped us saying she wanted to see some cock now. Frank has told me you are hung like a stallion Nelson so I hope I'm not disappointed she said. She wasn't, it took us seconds to get naked and Nelson stood in front of her sporting a hard on that was a good few inches bigger than mine.

Wow, was all she could say before she took him in her mouth and started to suck him off. He was standing and she was still on the couch so I manoeuvred her into a position that I could get my dick into her whilst watching one of my best mates fuck her mouth. We carried on like this for several minutes and Erica decided she wanted Nelson inside her. She lay down on the rug and opened her legs, pulling him down on top of her.

He entered her so I sat back on the couch and just pulled myself off whilst watching. He was giving her it hard and fast and she loved it, telling him to fuck her with his big cock. I was pumping furiously and came but as I came I must have pulled too hard and did myself an injury in the ball department.

God knows what I done but I was in extreme pain, I went through to the shower and got some cold water on it with Nelson and Erica hot on my heels asking what was wrong. I explained and they laughed. Erica grabbed Nelsons dick and said come on, he will be fine, and that's what he gets for wanking too hard. They spent the night fucking, I spent the night with an icepack on my groin.

Nelson had to go home the next morning and when we both got back to camp the next week he came to see me to ask if I was alright about it. I said I was fine as long as he kept it between us which he swore to. He said, by the way, I have been with a lot of women but that is the best nights sex I have ever had. I told him there was every chance of a repeat performance if he was up for it.

Due to various postings we both had in different places, he has only ever got back to stay with us once when it was the wrong time of the month but Erica sneaked into the shower when he was in and gave him a blow job to completion.

Not long after that we were posted overseas again, so our secret liaisons came to an abrupt halt as we did not know anyone in the new post. We still continued to use the internet though and amused ourselves with going on the webcam. Our fantasies developed with both of us wanting to see her take her first black cock.

This was confined to fantasies at the moment as where we were posted had no black community as such so we just talked to people online and had cam sex. The next chapter will detail our liaisons on our return to the UK where eventually I get to see Erica take her first of several black cocks which was a monster at 10 inches.

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