tagGay MaleBecoming Bi Ch. 01

Becoming Bi Ch. 01


After a long day at work I'm anxious to get home, the drive is long, an hour and ten minutes when the road is good. Today it's snowing and the roads are slippery so it'll be an hour and a half. But it's ok I like driving. It releases the pressure from work.

But minutes after I've left I have to pee. Well it'll have to wait till I get home I don't want to stop on the side of the road in this weather. Damn it's getting worst as I drive I hold back cause I'm also horny like hell, and I think that I'll indulge in one of my little secret fantasies. I know there won't be anyone home tonight, my wife is working and my daughter is gone to her boyfriends place for a couple of days. So as soon as I get home I'll get undressed and jump in the tub and give myself a nice golden shower, it would be a lot better with someone else but I've yet to find someone that has the same taste in sex that I have.

I keep fantasizing as I drive and it helps me ignore with the pain in my blather. I anticipate a good masturbation session. Maybe I'll even get my big dildo out and enjoy some anal fun.

Almost home! Finally, I can't hold it anymore. I pull into the driveway there's a car parked there. Shit there goes my plan. I run into the house to go to the bathroom and Steve, one of my wife's ex-lovers, greets me. We had partied together a few years back but had since lost track of him. He looks at me with my belt and pants undone so I tell him:

"Sorry Steve but I have to pee real bad."

"Wait." He says and he kneels down in front of me as he pulls my pants down. He then puts my dick in his mouth and starts sucking. I can't hold it and let go a long stream of golden nectar, he's swallowing as fast as he can but some dribbles down his chin. When I'm done peeing he sucks a little longer than gets up and I lick whatever's on his chin.

"Umm that was good, been waiting a long time for a chance to taste your juice."

"That sure felt good. By the way, hi and what the hell are you doing in this part of the country."

"Oh I decided to come up for a visit. Been thinking about you guys quite a bit lately"

"You alone?"

"No my girlfriend's here too. We had just gotten here when Kat had to leave for work; they left together so they could get acquainted a little better. She'll just hang around 'till Kat's done working."

I'm still standing there with my pants around my ankles and a hardon.

"Well I might as well finish undressing. Join me?"


I peek at him as he undresses and he's still as I remember. A nice lean body and a hard dick with a little curve in it.

"Want a beer?"

"Ya that would be nice."

" Go and have a seat in the living room, I'll get the cold ones."

I come back into the living room and he's sitting there watching a porno that he has put in the VCR. As I look closer I see that the actor in the movie is Steve. He's fucking a cute little dish, just the way I like them. She's short, long hair, a cute face, a nice round ass and small tits, probably an "A" or a small "B". We watch as we drink our beers. And we start rubbing our dicks.

"Like the movie I brought?"

"Sure do. Who is she?"

"Mel, my new girlfriend. What do you say we all party together when the girls get here?"

"You know me, I wouldn't miss that for anything in the world. But they won't be here for another four hours. Think you can hold on that long?"

"Doubt it."

As they're fucking on screen, in all sorts of positions, I keep looking at Steve masturbating. I put my hand over his and masturbate him; he takes his hand off his dick and puts it on mine. We're jacking each other off; it feels good and funny at the same time.

You see I've never done anything alone with another man before, the most I've ever done was fool around a little bit with him and it was always with my wife there. Mostly we would both fuck her and sometimes we'd jack off the other guy or suck on his dick a little but nothing more. I've tasted his sperm quite a few times but it was always out of Kats pussy. I love doing that; I used to always eat her out when she came back from seeing her lover. But today it's harder with all those diseases going around.

So here I am, horny like hell and ready for the big plunge, I've fantasized about it quite often and now it was gonna happen. I lean down and take his dick in my mouth, shit it taste good, and I do my best to give him pleasure. I must be doing pretty good cause he's filling my mouth with loads of precum. I swallow and suck then I lick around the shaft and go back to sucking. I play with his balls then I lick down the shaft to his bag and I put one testi in my mouth then the other and then I start down again to his puckered asshole and stick my thong up his ass as I jack him off. He's starting to tense up so I put his dick back in my mouth and I shove a finger in his ass. I suck real hard play with his balls with one hand and stick two fingers from the other in and out of his asshole. That sends him over the edge and he blasts off in my mouth. My first taste of sperm straight from the tap. His cumming and cumming, jets after jets are blasting down my throat, I manage to swallow most of it but keep some in my mouth. I'm almost cumming myself just from the feeling. I keep sucking on him for a while and he stays hard. Good cause I have other plans for this beautiful dick of his.

I now lay him down on the floor and straddle his flagpole, I spit the cum I had kept in my mouth in my hand and rub it into my asshole. I then start to lower myself in his dick, I feel it pushing against my backdoor. I've wanted a real cock in there for a long time it was now happening. I feel it stretch my sphincters, god that feels good. I start riding him like a mad man, the feeling is so great my mind his a blur. I feel his warm cock deep in my bowels. I now get off him and lie down on my back on the couch and invite him to fuck me. He comes close and start be licking my tender asshole for a while. He then puts his dick head of at the entrance and start pushing slowly but steady and once all the way in he stops and stays there for a while. He then speeds up and he's really fucking me now as he grabs my cock and jacks me off at the same time. The feeling is incredible, I'm getting close to cumming now, I feel him swell up, he's blasting up inside of me, what a incredible feeling, it sends me over the edge and I cum all over my chest and belly. It was so great I'm sure if I tried to stand up I'd just fall flat on my face. Steve bends down and licks the cum off my chest, once he has it all in his mouth he moves up and shares it with me.

We both fall down on the couch exhausted, we need to rest, and the girls will be here in about three hours now.

Now I know I'm bi. Not gay, I still prefer women but I sure like men once in a while too.

Until next time. Take care of yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

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