tagIncest/TabooBecoming Bree Ch. 01

Becoming Bree Ch. 01


Sabrina Morrison flicked a lock of blonde hair from her eyes. She'd cried a bit at her father's funeral, but now it was time to stop. Besides, despite loving him, she didn't think she was really going to miss him.

After her parent's divorce and her mother leaving them - running off, her father had said, although her mother had always maintained contact - her minister father got stricter by the day.

She wasn't allowed to date or wear makeup or "inappropriate" clothes, even though she was now 18. Boys were nasty, vile, evil creatures who only wanted to slake their lusts on her virginal body, her father had told her. She giggled inwardly - did anyone use the word "slake" anymore?

Not that there were too many boys actually worth dating in this hick town. Besides, her best friend, Heather had fucked most of them and said only a few were worth doing again.

Daddy would not have approved of Heather. The petite little redhead was a real sexpot, curvy, with the roundest ass, sexy face and impish nature. Men - and women, Heather told her - were attracted to her like bees to honey. It was in part due to the fact that the young lady favored short skirts, thongs, high heels or "fuck-me" shoes and a generally hot wardrobe. Heather gave in to her desires frequently - she made no bones about it, the tiny redhead loved to fuck.

Heather had lost her cherry - willingly - at 16, to a man she babysat for. The following week, the man's wife had joined in, licking Heather's fucky little cunt to orgasm after orgasm. They'd indulged in wild threesomes as well, the man fucking Heather hard as his wife lapped her to climax. Heather was a confirmed bisexual after that, she'd told Sabrina.

Sabrina had never made it with a girl, but she admired her friend's sexual flexibility. Heather had said "If it feels good, do it ... if it feels really good, do it again and again!" The two girls had laughed at that.

Most of her inheritance would be coming to her in a few weeks, Sabrina's attorney had promised her. Sabrina was determined to use those funds to get out of this town.

Heather had been very encouraging, hugging her friend and suggesting to Sabrina that she go stay with her mother. "Your mom's so cool, a real free spirit!, " she'd intoned.

Sabrina took Heather's suggestion to heart and called her mother the very next day. Her mother seemed overjoyed to hear from her daughter. She immediately agreed to let Sabrina come and stay with her. "We'll have a great reunion baby!," she'd said, thrilled to hear from her little girl.

For her own part, Sabrina was determined to live the part of a party girl, a playgirl, lead a wild and fucky existence. She wanted to be the kind of wild woman who could make hot studs weep with desire. She wanted to be a fuck-slut, wear the kind of clothes her stern father had forbidden. She planned to show off the hot little body her father had made her hide under frumpy clothes. She planned to wear the shortest of skirts, the fuckiest of "fuck-me" shoes and boots and the skimpiest, sexiest lingerie she could find. In short, she planned to keep herself hot and horny, 24-7.

She knew that she was fated to be a slut, a tramp - the kind of woman that men - and women, she thought of Heather - lusted after, and Sabrina's pussy quivered with delight at the thought. As she was getting into the cab, Sabrina thought to herself "Mom, your daughter's coming to follow in your footsteps!"

At that very moment, some miles away, Sabrina's mother, Caroline, was in bed with her first and still favorite lover, her darling Tera. The sultry brunette was between her legs, sliding a gigantic dildo in and out of her girlfriend, fucking her strawberry-blonde pussy with the practiced skill of many years.

The hands that had caressed Caroline so many times were full with her soft, rounded breasts, Once in a while, the way her Caroline adored, she'd bite a nipple, causing a pleasurable pain in her lover. "Ooohh angel, you know that gets me so fucking wet!," Caroline squealed in delight. "Everything gets you fucking wet, you hot little slut!," Tera purred, in a voice that always seemed to drip sex. From the day they met, the two women had been inseparable. Their parents delighted in this, as both girls had been only children. Had they but known .......

Their slumber parties had started off quite innocently, but near the end of High School, they'd become decadent affairs. Tera would bring over scented oils and romantic music, Caroline would buy them sexy lingerie and the naughtiest of toys.

And then the two young girls would fall into each other's arms in an erotic tumble. Tera was the more aggressive of the pair, knowing that her "Cari" liked it somewhat rough. Her hands would fuck deep into her lover's dripping cunt, moving in and out like a cock, illiciting screams of passion from Caroline. It was so fortunate that her bedroom was in the basement, for had she been anywhere else, her parents would surely have discovered her secrets.

Tera appreciated the contrast Caroline brought to their relationship. Just one touch of her magical hands on Tera's body, just one kiss from Caroline's soft bee-stung lips and Tera was in heaven. She loved it gentle and no one - not even a slough of boyfriends - could ignite her lusts the way Caroline could.

Her almond eyes would fill with lust and desire whenever Caroline would walk by her. Both girls had amazing bodies and weren't afraid to show them off. Both girls had a succession of boyfriends, some of whom they fucked, some they didn't.

But the best times were together. Tera adored her darling Cari, she came alive when Caroline touched her. Her nipples would throb with delight as the young darling kissed and licked them. Down her body, Caroline trailed her tongue, teasing at Tera's navel. She worked downwards, kissing up and down Tera's beautiful olive-skinned thighs. Like Tera's mother (whom Caroline truly wanted to fuck), Tera was dusky beauty, showing her mixed ancestry in the most erotic of ways.

"Ooohhh baby!," Tera would coo in delight. "Stop teasing you bitch, stop teasing me Cari, eat my pussy, eat meeee, eat my fucking cunt!," she would scream. Those screams delighted her Caroline, and she'd bury her face in the wet pussy she adored. She would devour her lover, tonguing and licking her Tera. Her adept little tongue worked magic on her girlfriend, spearing in and out of the aromatic pussy. Swirling it around Tera's snatch, in and out, her tongue performed it's erotic ballet. With her soft lips, she would pull at the pussy lips, suck on the clit until Tera nearly went out of her mind.

The sounds of fingers fucking pussy filled the bedroom, the aroma of two aroused young lesbians Like the two cunt-crazed, lezzie sluts they were, Caroline and Tera thrashed about the bed for hours, working themselves into a state of exhaustion.

Yet, that exhaustion rarely came. They found on early in their relationship that both of them were very into visual sex. Caroline would dress in something black and lacy or silky and the stiletto heels that accentuated her sexy legs. Tera would practically drool as Caroline paraded before her, stroking her hard little nipples or stroking her pussy.

Then, Tera would attack her Cari, pushing her down and sucking her cunt again, devouring her until her love-mate thrashed underneath her. Cari's struggling ignited Tera's passion, she loved licking her until she was helplessly weak with desire.

Of course, that led to another session of "69". Tongues licked and sucked pussies that were ever hotter with molten desire. Juices flowed copiously from aroused cunts, and into eagerly awaiting mouths. With every session, the young lesbians grew fiercer in their devotion to each other.

Tera's method of igniting her Cari was to undress before her. She took great pains with her hair and makeup before each slumber party, preparing for it as if it were a date - which of course, it was. She never dressed like a slut - she'd wear shorts or a mini (in the summer, sometimes she would just come over in her bikini which made Caroline practically weak with desire) and underneath, the lingerie would be exquisite.

She would do a dance - she was a dance major in school - slowly peeling off a piece of clothing at a time and tossing them naughtily at her girl-lover. Underneath everything Tera wore to the parties, she always had a thong and a sheer lacy bra. For every birthday or special occasion, Cari gave her lingerie. They'd actually worn out some sets, loving to see each other in it so much.

Cari thought her Tera's body was flawless, absolute perfection. She was silky and smooth, not a blemish marred her skin. Her lips were so soft for Cari to kiss and each kiss caused a fluttering sensation in Cari's heart. She fed on Tera's pussy juices, not wanting to waste a drop of the sweet secretions of her angel's pussy.

"Oooh, fuck baby, that's soooo good!," Tera had squealed as her lover's tongue lashed at her cunt. Like a woman possessed she hunched and writhed under Cari's lapping tongue. Her body glistened with sweat and her pussy with juice, squirming and hunching upwards for more of Cari's adept lickings.

When Tera had reached her orgasm, she would turn her attentions back on her lover. She was more frenetic this time, finger fucking Cari's boiling cunt over and over, harder and faster. "Tera baby, you're so good at this, ooooh fuck me baby, fuck my pussy, do meeeeee!!, " Caroline would yell out.

Tera would comply with her darling's wishes, of course. Her fingers would rub all over Cari's pussy, she'd twiddle the girl's clitoris between her fingers, causing Cari to scream out with loud shrieks. While stroking and manipulating the clit with one hand, the other fucked in and out of Cari's aroused pussy, like a man's cock. Despite their experience with men - well, boys actually - no cock had ever thrilled Cari's body the way that Tera's fingers did.

It was if Tera knew just where to stroke to inflame her desire - and just as Cari would reach the crescendo of her passion, Tera would let her cool down again. She'd slow down her finger-fucking to barely nothing, or just lightly kiss up and down Cari's smooth, silky thighs. Her fingertips would graze lightly across Cari's soft belly, play lightly with the soft downy fur that covered her baby's soft muff.

Their orgasms would be wonderful, relaxing, sensuous. And they would lay in each other's arms, whispering words of endearment, just lightly caressing each other to keep the flames lit.

They'd be hungry shortly after. Despite their gorgeous figures, both Tera and Caroline were junk food addicts at that age. The two playmates scarfed down burgers, pizza, chips - whatever they felt like. They figured it was all their sexual activity that kept them slim.

But it was dessert that was to be the real treat of the evening. Tera's mother always had to buy Whipped Cream - "For Ice Cream Sundaes", Tera had told her parent - but there was no truth in that.

Both girls liked to cover each other's naked bodies with the whipped cream and lick it off. Bit by bit, slowly, teasingly, they would feast on each other's bodies, sticky sexy with the dessert topping, mixed with the juices from each other's pussies.

As time went by, the girls became more and more adept at their lesbian lovemaking. In time, Tera and Caroline began to bring boys - and men - into their relationship, delighting in the wantonness of their actions. Neither girl ever fucked a man without the other one trying him out. They promised each other that after one lazy evening of mutual cuntlapping.

Caroline did indeed get to taste the sweetness of her lover's mother as well. It was a difficult seduction, but once she had seduced Michelle, the girl's lovemaking went to newer and more depraved heights.

They no longer had to be as secretive about their slumber parties. The second time she was eating Michelle's wet pussy, Tera "accidentally" walked in on her mother and lover. Within minutes, mother and daughter were eating each other in a frenzy of incestuous lesbian desire.

Caroline was truly happy to have given them the chance to express their forbidden lusts. As the two beauties, one young and sexy, one older and sensual, ate each other with relish, Cari fit herself in wherever she could. She licked Michelle's dark nipples, she sucked the pussies of her Tera and then Tera's mother / lover. She fingerfucked both women to orgasm as they played their games together.

Tera confessed a few days later that she and her mother were closer than ever - in more ways than one. Her mother had shared her bed nightly. "Too bad daddy's such a square!," she giggled. "Momma says he's got a big one!"

The two girls laughed and carried on. Weeks turned into months, months into years. They roomed together at college, sharing many hot experiences. Even after marriage, Cari and Tera managed to see each other once a month. Those times were almost solely spent in bed, licking each other and crying how much they missed each other.

After her divorce, Cari and Tera became frequent lovers again. Here they were again, the way they were fated to be. Caroline watched as her lover strapped on the big dildo she'd brought with her. She wiggled at Tera, presenting her pussy to be fucked by the enormous rubber cock.

Tera didn't disappoint her. She'd licked her playmate into submission, now it was time for Cari to be fucked. With practiced movements, she impaled her lover on the rubber cock and began pistoning it in and out of Cari's pussy, as the rubber cock moved within the walls of her own snatch as well.

Faster and faster, she worked the hard cock in and out of Caroline's pussy, watching her lover's tits bounce sexily as she did so. Cari's face was a mask of sensual delight, Tera loved to look at her lover as she fucked deeper inside her pussy walls. Nothing turned her on more than watching Cari cum, with her as the fucker.

Caroline gave as good as she got, arching forward as Tera ploughed her pussy with the plastic prick. "Fuccckkkkk!!," she cried out as the hard dildo reamed her pussy.

"Like it bitch?", Tera said loudly. "You like that hard cock fucking your tight little pussy?"

"Goddd, yessssss!", Caroline hissed in delight, loving her playmate's hands as they roughly squeezed her tits. "You know I do, so FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME you slut!"

Tera laughed and carried on with her erotic ministrations. She used the rubber dick with aggression, as a man would, moving in and out of Cari's pussy with precision. Tera moved in and out, harder and faster and deeper, hearing Cari's cries of passion, the slurp slurp slurp sound of Cari's pussy engulfing the hard rubber dick.

She played with Cari's dangling tits as she fucked her angel, surprised at how firm they still were after all these years. But nothing in Cari's look belied her years, Tera smacked her lover on her still-firm ass as she drilled her with the hard dildo.

"Ooooh, fuck, yessssss!," Cari hissed as her beloved fucked her. NO man had ever gotten to her this way and after all these years, she doubted one ever would. Despite the presence of an artificial dick, everything about her beloved Tera was real and the fuck-lust they shared was true and deep.

The lust-inspired women moved their sweat-soaked bodies together in unison, and the dildo rubbed against Tera's clit as she fucked Cari, heightening her lusts as well. The movement was getting her hotter by the moment and as she felt Cari tense with orgasm, she let loose as well.

The lovers continued to play long after their orgasms took them, licking and nibbling, murmuring words of love and desire to one another. They talked, still caressing pussies, still stroking hard nipples, still sharing erotic kisses.

"So, poor old Keith has gone to his final reward!," Tera mused pensively. "Poor Sabrina - you travel too much, who's going to look after her now?"

Caroline hugged her lover close, still nuzzling a dark sweet nipple. "She asked me if she could come stay with you darling! I told her I'd ask you if it was alright."

Tera pulled away from her lover. "Me? Cari hun, don't be ridiculous! If she's half as lovely as you, I'll be tempted to corrupt her within a month!"

Caroline pulled her lover back in a firm embrace, tits pressed against tits. "Love, I think that what she's hoping for!" As Tera began to caress her again, heating up for another round of lovemaking, Cari had a thought.

"Darling, do it baby, corrupt her - turn her into one of us darling.! But honey? Save a little of her sweet pussy for me. If she is my daughter in other ways, I want to experience a little fun!"

Tera nearly climaxed at the thought as she buried her face once again in her lover's cunt. The thought of having both mother and daughter in her bed, of experiencing new lesbian kinks, made her drip with desire. She couldn't wait to educate Sabrina in the sapphic arts and then turn her loose on her mom. The thought of the older woman and the sweet nymphet entangled in an incestuous lesbian embrace made her clit throb and Cari's magic tongue licked at her and caused her senses to go into overdrive. This was a challenge from which she wouldn't back down! She climaxed with the thoughts of hot times ahead!

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