tagIncest/TabooBecoming 'Dad' Ch. 02

Becoming 'Dad' Ch. 02


My best friend's 18 year-old son had just shot a huge load of teen cum down my throat. We had just enough time to get dressed as Duncan's dad, Brian, walked through the door.

The next morning was Sunday and I was up early worrying over the events of the previous day. I needed to find an opportunity to have a word with the boy: Tell him what had happened was a huge mistake and that nothing like that could never happen again. If his father found out, that would it for our friendship and I'd be looking for a new place to live. It was mid afternoon before I had a chance to talk to the boy while his father was focused on his course in the living room.

Duncan was in the kitchen fixing a late breakfast, he listened as I told him nothing like what happened the previous day could ever happen again. Duncan seemed to be studying me carefully as I spoke.

When I finished, he leaded in close to me and said, "You think you can keep your hands off me Daddy?" His hot breath on my ear sent a shiver down my spine. "We'll see," he added.

Duncan leaned back against the kitchen counter and smiled coyly, then he reached down and adjusted his basketball shorts. My eyes were drawn down despite my trying desperately not to look, his junk was well concealed in the baggy shorts which was a relief.

As I glanced back up to his face he was staring at me and nodded slowly like a disappointed parent. "Keep staring at it will get hard. is that what you want?"

I protested in a loud whisper, "No! It's just that..."

Duncan finished my sentence for me, "It's just that you can't help yourself... Now look what you've done Dad."

I glanced down as the boy adjusted the front of his shorts, his cock had started to lengthen and there was now a sizable dick-print gently tenting the soft nylon fabric. I tried to look away, but my eyes betrayed me. I managed to force my gaze away just long enough to glance up at his face. I looked back down and his cock was now 3/4s hard. My head spun around to see where Brian was. Duncan's father was sitting on the couch with his back to us perhaps 5 meters away, he was engrossed in an on-line video for his course and wearing ear-buds and completely oblivious to what was happening right behind his back.

I looked back at Duncan as he leaned back against the kitchen counter, causing his crotch to jut out and making the display of his hardening cock ever more obvious.

"Fuck, you've got me so horny Dad. This boner isn't going to just go away on it's own," Duncan added, "I need to take care of this."

With that, the boy exited the kitchen and headed towards his father. I panicked wondering what he was doing. Duncan stood right behind his father who was seated on the couch, the boy's engorged cock just inches from Brian's ear. Had his father turned his head, he would have had his son's boner practically in his face. As I stood and watched from the kitchen panic set in. Duncan reached over and popped the ear-bud out of his father's ear.

"What 'are doin' Papa?" the boy asked.

His dad turned his head slightly and looked up to his son's face. "Homework, I'll be done in 20 minutes, OK?"

Duncan replied, "20 minutes sounds good."

His father reinserted the ear-bud and went back to focusing on the video. The boy headed back to the kitchen, his now fully hard 8" cock standing straight up and jutting out slightly.

Duncan approached me and leaned in to whispered in my ear, "It's up to you, you can stay and watch or you can leave. I've got to bust a nut and I haven't got a lot of time."

Panic swept over me, "Here? Now??" I asked.

Duncan reached down, lifting the baggy leg of his shorts and pulling his boner out of the very generous opening. I stared in disbelief as his cock was standing straight up, now outside of his shorts. I glanced over at his father who was still engrossed in his coursework.

"Duncan, please, what are you doing?" I hoarsely whispered.

"What does it look like? I'm about to jerk off." the boy replied.

I sputtered, "Here!?"

The boy shrugged, "Well, if I go to my room and you follow me that's going to look very suspicious."

I assured him, "I'm not going to your room, I promise."

He winked at me and said, "So you're staying to watch me jerk off then, good."

Duncan started to slowly stroke his cock. My mind was a jumble, I knew I should leave yet I reasoned that where I was standing I was blocking his father's view if he turned his head. We were also partially concealed by the island that separated the kitchen from the living room. My eyes fixated on the scene in front of me. The boy's head was tilted back slightly as he leaned against the counter, his mop of blonde hair partially concealing his ice blue eyes. Duncan's hand was now vigorously stroking the full length of his rock-hard cock. I watched, rapt by the sight of his magnificent specimen being jerked-off through the leg of his shorts. His lightly muscled arm jerking his hand up and down the shaft of his cock rhythmically. Gradually, pre-cum oozed out of the head of his uncut cock making it slick and shiny. My own cock was hard and trying to force it's way through the fabric of my jeans.

I glanced back up at the boy's face and his eyes opened slightly, "Oh daddy, this feels so fucking good, you should pull your cock out and join me."

I looked over my shoulder towards his dad who was still focused on his laptop. "Shh, your dad!"

Duncan smiled slyly and said, "Ya, that makes it so much hotter knowing he's right there and could turn around at any moment. In fact, just imagining that is going to make me cum."

I looked down and indeed his cock looked ready to explode, the big spongy head engorged and leaking like a facet.

A quiet gasp escaped from the boy's lips, then he whispered. "I'm going to shoot a huge load, you'd better do something or there is going to be cum everywhere."

I searched around furiously for something to catch the cum with, a dish towel or anything. Just then, the boy started to tremble and I heard a low quiet groan escape from his lips and I knew I had a fraction of a second to act. I did the only thing I could think to do to prevent the kitchen getting hosed down with a massive load of teen spunk: I dropped to my knees.

Just as my mouth reached his cock, he started to cum. The first shot ricocheted powerfully off my face so I clamped my lips over the head of his cock. A second volley, then the third, splashed into my mouth and coated my tongue as Duncan continued to stroke off his cock. I found myself swallowing furiously, trying to keep up with the deluge. Just then I heard movement from the living room, Duncan's dad was packing up his laptop. In a panic I grabbed a nearby dish towel and wiped the cum from my face. Then I noticed a several drops of Duncan's cum on the floor at his feet. I knelt down to mop it up just as Brian entered the kitchen and stared at me quizzically.

I blurted out, "Just spotted something on the floor."

I could feel the color rising in my face. I looked up to see that Duncan had pulled the leg of his short back into position, mostly concealing his now deflating cock. I say mostly concealed, because even a quick glance and his father would have seen the still chubbed tube of flesh creating a very VPL in the baggy shorts.

Over the next several days a pattern emerged. In the morning Brian, Duncan's father, would go into the bathroom to shave and shower. Duncan would come into the kitchen wearing only his boxers and sit across from me. He'd stare at me as I read the paper, putting his hand down the front of his underwear as the sound of his father's electric razor hummed in the background. As soon as his father started the shower, Duncan would get up and walk around the table and stand next to me as he'd pull his boxers down and point his hard cock right at my face.

"Do it, you know you want to. Eat my cock and make your boy cum with that hot mouth of yours Daddy."

I'd turn my head and open my mouth and he'd slide his cock between my lips. I'd work over his knob with my tongue, letting my mouth get accustomed to its girth. Then gradually, I'd take more and more of his 8" cock into my mouth until I was deep-throating him to the root as his balls swayed and bounced off my chin.

The boy was always determined to make it last. As long as the sound of his father showering continued he'd edge his cock with my mouth. Occasionally, he'd pull it out and wait a few seconds before slowly reinserting it, balls-deep in one slow gesture. It became a game for the boy. He'd hold off cumming until his father shut off the shower. Then he'd wait as long as possible, ultimately depositing a huge load of cum right down my throat just seconds before his father exited his bathroom. I could tell that this was a big turn-on for the boy, almost getting caught and seeing how far he could push it. Every night as I lay in my bed, I swore I'd stop. Every morning my resolve with totally evaporate with the sight of his cock pointing at my mouth.

Duncan became more and more brazen. On the days we didn't get the opportunity for me to suck him off, he'd torment me. I'd be reading the paper and the boy would stand behind me pretending to look at an article, all the while grinding his hard cock into my shoulder as his father sat directly across from us. One day when I was at the sink, Duncan came up behind me and ground his denim covered cock into my ass as his father drank his coffee a few feet away.

The following Saturday, Brian was headed to his course when Duncan announced that he and I would be joining his father for the trip into into the Coventry of down-town, something about getting some new kicks at the mall. As we three boarded the packed subway, Duncan stood directly behind me. Every time the subway lurched, he'd press his crotch against my butt. Duncan's father seemed to be staring at me with a stern glare. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but I was almost convinced he knew that something was going on.

Once we arrived at our stop, Duncan and I got off the subway and I followed the boy as he took an unexpected detour down an escalator into a subterranean path. I asked where we were going, Duncan simply said "Washroom."

We arrived at washroom sign and Duncan pushed the door open and headed in. I waited in the corridor until Duncan popped his head out and said, "Follow me."

Immediately I had a sinking feeling, that said, I was so infatuated with the boy if he's told me to strip and ride the subway home naked, I probably would have done so. I wandered around the empty washroom as Duncan stepped up to a urinal and unzipped his jeans.

Duncan looked over his shoulder at me and almost barked "Come here!"

I stood at the urinal next to him and glanced over. He had his soft cock in his hand and I gave him a puzzled look. He announced, "Now we wait."

I was getting increasing uneasy wondering just what was going on when I heard the loud creek of the outer washroom door . A tall man in his late forties wearing a business suit entered and stood next to Duncan. He undid his fly and stood motionless for several seconds, then business man had stepped back a few inches and was now clearly glancing down in the direction of Duncan's crotch. The boy glanced over towards me and winked. I could feel panic setting in. I looked past Duncan and saw that the man had started to stroke his cock, causing it to grow steadily. Duncan and the man were staring at each others cocks while they slowly jerked off. The business man looked past Duncan at me and then down to my crotch, I looked down as well. My cock was totally hard.

The boy put his hand on my shoulder and whispered, "Suck me."

As conflicted as I was, I couldn't refuse him. I sunk to my knees and took him into my mouth and began to make love to his cock with my mouth. Duncan moaned, placing his hand on the back of my head and guided me up and down the full length, making sure I took the full 8" right down to his balls. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw the business man flailing away on his own cock, a look of lust and wonder etched on his handsome face. Duncan was watching him as well and smiling seductively. I could feel the familiar swell of the boys knob and I knew his orgasm was imminent. Just then, a loud creek as the outer bathroom door was opened. I leaped up and we all resumed standing with our hard cocks concealed as best we could. As I saw who had entered the bathroom, my panic turned to pure dread.

Standing in the doorway was a security guard. He was over 6' tall and looked imposing in his black uniform and body amour. I turned away and stared straight ahead at the wall in front of me and I waited filled with dread and guilt. I heard heavy shoes cross the floor towards us, then the security guard stepped up to the last vacant urinal. Several seconds passed and I head him start to walk back towards the door. I glanced over my shoulder to see the security guard pull a sign out from a sleeve on the door, it read, "Out Of Service". He opened the door and placed the sign on the outside, then pulled a ring of keys off of his belt and locked the door from the inside. He leaned up against the door, folded his arms and stared at the three of us. He reached down and firmly grasped his crotch and gave it a squeeze and spoke for the first time, "As you were gentlemen. Back to whatever it was you were doing just before I walked in."

The businessman headed for the door and said, "I need to go."

The security studied him for a moment and replied, "Sure, but don't come back here... Ever." With that he unlocked the door, let the man in the suit leave and re-locked the door.

Duncan and I stood staring at the security guard. As I said, he was over six feet tall. He looked like he might be Spanish, mid-twenties, short cropped dark hair and his eyes were so dark they almost looked black. It was clear he worked out quite a bit. He biceps bulged as he'd crossed his arms.

"Show me," he said. We didn't move, so he repeated himself, "Show me what you were doing, or we can go up to my office and make this in an official inquiry into what you were up to."

Again, the security guard spoke in a deep, firm voice, "I haven't got all day Pops, undo the lad's fly and pull his cock out."

I looked at Duncan, his eyes darting around nervously, then he spoke. "Just do what he says".

My trembling hand reached for the boy's fly and undid it. I reached inside and pulled out his soft cock, it hung from his jeans, completely flaccid.

The security guard took a few steps closer and said, "Looks like he needs some encouragement, why don't you get down on your knees and suck his cock and get it hard."

I knelt down and took Duncan's cock into my mouth, working over the soft 5" tube of flesh with my tongue trying to get it hard . It seemed futile, his cock was staying completely soft as he looked down at me nervously. The security guard stepped closer until he was standing right next to Duncan. I could feel the boy's cock start to plump in my mouth. I looked up and saw that Duncan was staring that the security guard who was now groping his own growing cock through his heavy black pants.

The boy let out a quiet moan and the security guard said, "That's it boy, feed him your cock. I want to see you cum in his mouth."

With that I heard the security guard lowering his zipper and fishing his cock out. I glanced over and caught sight of it. The long mocha colored cock was perhaps 7" long, uncut and slightly curved. He started jerking-off in earnest, a little wrist-flick at the end of each stroke causing his tight foreskin to pop on and off of his shiny pink knob. That's when I noticed it, the security guard was wearing a wedding band.

He became more and more vocal, telling me to "Suck that boy's big cock until it comes down your throat you nasty cock-whore."

Duncan was clearly getting turned on as he watched the security guard jerking off and talking dirty, his big biceps flexing with every stroke. Duncan was now completely hard, his full 8" stuffing my mouth and snaking down my throat with every thrust. The boy's legs started to tremble and his hand gently applied pressure to the back of my head as he eased his cock past my tonsils and into my throat repeatedly.

The boy moaned, "Oh God, I think I'm going to cum."

The security guard picked up the pace on his own cock and told the boy, "Feed that hungry cock-whore your cum, make him eat it."

I could feel Duncan's cock throb in my throat as he croaked, "I'm going to feed this dirty cock-sucker now!"

My mouth was filled with the sweetness of teen cum. In all, I felt 5 strong contractions, possibly the largest load he'd ever fed me. Just as I swallowed the last of it down, the security guard grabbed my chin and turned my head toward his own cock.

He stuck his thumb in my mouth, forcing it open and shouted, "Here, take it, eat it, all of it in your mouth!" Despite his intent, his aim wasn't that great... Not helped by the curve of his tool. His cock fired off in several very rapid successions, his cum spraying all over my face and lips. Perhaps half of his load hitting it's intended target, squarely into my open mouth.

After I cleaned myself up as best I could, we left. We went to the mall and wandered around for a few hours and Duncan got his new kicks. We hardly said a word to each other the entire time. When we finally returned to the apartment, his father was already home and having a shower. Just in the door and having heard the shower running, Duncan looked me square in the eyes. He placed his hands on my shoulders and roughly pushed me to my knees in the apartment's foyer. I hardly had time to comprehend what he was doing as he reached for his fly and hauled his cock out.

He grabbed the back on my head and harshly pushed it towards his cock and said, "Suck it!"

I was in shock, I couldn't believe it. Just hours after I'd had the most terrifying 20 minutes of my life, the boy wanted his cock sucked... Again.

He rubbed his soft cock on my lips and barked out, "Suck it. Now!"

I slurped his cock into my mouth as it started to swell. He roughly stuffed his cock in and out of my mouth until it was just barley hard enough to slide into the opening of my throat. Then it happened, not 10 seconds after he'd started to fuck my mouth, his half-hard cock throbbed once. I felt another huge load shoot directly down my throat.

He pulled his spent cock out of my mouth and smiled down at me slyly. "Best day ever! Thanks Dad," as he tousled my hair. He turned and headed for his room saying that he was exhausted and was going to turn in early.

I remained kneeling there on the floor just inside the front door of the apartment. My mind was racing, not knowing exactly how and when this was going to end, but being positive it was going to end very badly for me. I was also sure I could do nothing to stop myself from continuing down this path to wreck and ruin: I was so infatuated with the boy, so in love with him, that I'd never deny him anything he wanted me to do, no matter the cost.

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