tagMind ControlBecoming Dominant Ch. 02

Becoming Dominant Ch. 02


Sorry it's been so long. If you read the first chapter a long time ago, you might want to look again. I did a major re-vamp to give the characters a little more depth & put Casey into a more comfortable age. Hope you all enjoy!

"Can't believe how much I ate," Casey chuckled to himself. He pushed aside his second plate, looking across the table at his beautiful foster mother, lover, mentor and, for lack of a better word, dominant.

She was, like Casey, wrapped in one of the hotel robes. It was better that their eyes took a short rest from one another's bodies so they could eat. She promised it wouldn't always be like that. "When a dominant is first claimed and awakened, the metabolism kicks into overdrive for a short time," Monica explained. "Like I said, some of what's happening to you goes beyond sex. You're going to be stronger and healthier than before. Your body needs protein and vitamins and all the rest of that stuff so it can start catching up. But even so," she said, nudging aside her own plate, "you're going to have a very healthy apetite. Just don't worry about putting on fat. That's not where it's going."

Casey's head tilted curiously. He glanced at Monica's plate. She had just downed an extra-large cut of room service prime rib herself. "Where's it going, then?"

Her eyes fixed on his, and she spoke just slowly enough to give her dirty talk gravitas. "Cum," she said. "Your body is going to make lots and lots of cum, Casey. More than any ordinary man ever could. You were made to fuck and cum."

His cock had never really deflated, but even in a relaxed, semi-erect state it was still bigger than he'd ever been while completely aroused before. It also never stopped feeling good. He felt powerful. Desirable. Monica's dominating bedroom stare and vulgar language threatened to harden it back up again.

"I don't know if I'll ever get used to you talking like that," he grinned. Then a shadow passed over his face, not long enough to erase his smile, but enough to make it waver.

Monica saw. "What is it?" she asked.

"Nothing about you, it's just...well, not really about you. I'm just...God, just a couple days ago I was still dodging bullets and IEDs. I slept a little bit on the plane home, but really I was just in a warzone, and it seems like I blinked and now there's you and me and all this."

Her fingers ran through his dark, stubby hair, still cut very short as a sign of the occupation he had only left yesterday. "I feel a little bad about that," she said.

"Don't. Monica, I wouldn't trade this—being with you—for anything."

"I know. I feel the same way. But that's not what I mean, though. I know you just got back. You need time to decompress. Sort through all the bad stuff you must be carrying around in your head, and I know it has to be there. You went through too much to not have some baggage.

"I just...wanted you to have a happy homecoming," she shrugged. "As happy as I could make it. And it's not like they're giving you guys the parade you deserve, so I figured I wouldn't wait on this anymore."

"I'm glad you didn't, Monica. I love you."

She smiled. He heard her breath grow heavier for a moment, and she had to wipe her eyes. "I love you, too, Casey," she said. "I was so afraid for you, all the time."

"I know," he nodded.

"You don't," she shrugged. "I could've derailed your whole enlistment by claiming you before you signed up, but you wanted it so bad, and the whole time I thought, 'My God, what if he dies? What if something happens to him?' I'd think about all the stuff you could've missed out on...

"Casey, love, I need you to understand: everything you ever did before yesterday was all you. No dominant power. No better-than-normal metabolism. It doesn't work like that. Everything you did in school and the Army was all you, Casey. Nobody can ever take that away from you."

"That does kind of mean something," he mumbled, now that he thought of it. "That was kind of bugging me in the back of my head."

Monica nodded. "You aren't dominant until some other dominant claims you. Makes us all wonder how the first came about and all that, but that's how it works now at any rate. Anyway. We weren't talking about that. The Army, the war...did you want to talk about that?"

"I dunno. I don't think so. I mean I do eventually, but...seems kind of less pressing right now. Not with everything you're showing me." He gave her a bit of a smile. "I'm not afraid to talk about it, but I'd rather we keep talking about all the awesome sex. Or, you know, have the sex."

It made her grin. "Oh, there'll be plenty of that. Listen, Casey. We have to be completely intimate. You can't keep any secrets from me. I don't want to press you about the war; that's your own thing to talk about when you're ready. But for anything else? Don't ever worry about offending me. Your first loyalty is to me, and even though I'm the dominant one here, my first loyalty is to you. And so much of what we are is about sex. We have to be ready to be explicit, Casey. Explicit and completely open. Are you ready to talk dirty to me?"

"I could," Casey nodded. "I don't think saying these things is gonna be as much of a turn-on for me as hearing them from you is, but sure."

"In all things, Casey," Monica urged him gently. "Not just talking about me. About other people, too. Hold nothing back. Casey, do you like my cunt?"

He blinked. Monica had raised him never to say that. But hearing it now sent a shiver up his spine. "I do," he said. "I'm as in love with your cunt as I am with you."

"Good. We'll all be together again soon," she smiled. "Go take a shower and brush your teeth. I'll join you in a moment."

It was the first time they'd parted, even to a small degree, in well over 36 hours. They had spent all the time since their first night together in one form of naked contact or another. They made love, cuddled and napped together. Meals were all about room service. It was only then that Casey had realized he had hardly gone to the bathroom since they started, too.

He did so now, but he realized that Monica wasn't joking. His body clearly needed every calorie it could manage for his newfound obsession. He certainly couldn't complain.

He'd been in the shower for a few minutes when Monica slipped in. The hot water felt nice; Monica felt much nicer. She slid her hands over him, lustily mapping his body yet again, and finally sank to her knees in front of him.

"I feel like I should be doing that for you," he murmured as her hand and tongue started teasing his shaft.

"I love sucking cock," Monica smiled, "especially dominant cock. And most especially yours." Her mouth slid over his dick then, drawing him in for a slow moment of mutual indulgence.

"Oh God," Casey grunted. "I like...I like going down on you, too."

"I know you do, Casey." She stayed on her knees, milking his member with her hand. "But tell me, honestly: do you want to eat my cunt to make me feel good, or because you enjoy it?"

It took a moment to find his voice. "Both," he said. "Yeah. Both. I can't really tell which is more important."

"Remember that, Casey," she said, kissing between his legs as the water ran down. "Remember how you feel with me, because it'll be the same way for anyone you're with. Women will want to suck your cock. In normal relationships for normal people, a woman might enjoy it because she loves her man, or because she enjoys the power...but with you, they'll take almost as much pleasure in the act as they do in getting fucked. You're doing her at least as much of a favor as she's doing you."

"Can't imagine anyone doing it better than you."

"No. But I have a unique advantage here, because you're mine. You'll find plenty to enjoy when you get sucked off by other women, though. You'll love it just as much, just differently."

"We keep talking about other women," Casey said. "I'm completely in love with you, and that...I mean, I've always loved you as family, but this is so much different. New. How am I supposed to have any interest in other women when there's you?"

Monica rose, slipped in against him, and kissed him longingly. "Casey, love," she murmured, "there's so much to tell. So much to teach you. I love you, and we'll normally be like this...but there's a lot to take in. I have to be a little cruel with you to get my point across on a couple of things. It can't be helped. I'm also going to enjoy it, but not because I want you to feel bad so much as I love the power. I love you more than the power," she added, "but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love them both. You'll enjoy it, and that might be a little embarrassing, but I love you and I'll never tell.

"Are you ready?"

Casey nodded. "Then dry us both off," she said, cutting the flow from the shower, "and come back to the bed with me."

He obeyed. Drying Monica off was a joy. He took his time with it, groping and kissing all the while, and he found himself enjoying Monica's gaze as he dried himself off, too. "You're gonna give me a huge ego if you keep looking at me like that," he grinned self-consciously.

"Good," Monica shrugged. "A certain degree of arrogance actually helps you develop as a dominant. I won't fault you for that. Whether you want to wear it on your sleeve or just keep it down to an internal monologue is up to you," she winked. "I think you'll probably end up with more of the latter, and to be honest, I prefer that. But you're sexy, Casey. So goddamn sexy. You need to accept that. It's not opinion. It's fact."

"I'm beginning to believe it."

She took him by the hand, leading him to the bed and slipping up beside him. They kissed, intertwining together and enjoying one another's bodies. "Lesson time," Monica murmured finally.


"First things first. I know what kind of guy you are, Casey. You're a nice guy. You're naturally humble. You think of other people first. I did everything I could to encourage that as you grew up, and your parents did, too. So I suspect you're a little uncomfortable on some level with the kind of power I'm talking about with you, aren't you?"

"Yeah," he admitted. "Yeah, I kind of am."

Monica nodded. "When your mother and I met, we were both going to college. Well, okay, we were going to college for the first time...I rather enjoy being a college student. Both for the academics and the extracurriculars. But when we first met, it was my first undergrad, and I was a philosophy major. I was very focused on ethics. So I want you to understand, Casey, that I've given all this a whole lot of thought, and I'm comfortable with it. I think you'll be, too."

"Okay," Casey said, encouraging her to go on.

"The way you feel with me is very much the way other women will feel with you," she said. "It's not about gender. It's not about men dominating women. I'm a woman and I can dominate men. It's about being dominant or not.

"This isn't some form of straight mind control, either. Women will change their habits, their behavior and even their desires for you, but so will people in ordinary relationships to some extent. It'd take an awful lot of time and influence to completely change someone's personality. I think it's a good thing. I like enjoying people for who they actually are.

"You can make women vastly less inhibited, and the ones you fully dominate will pick up your desires and become comfortable with them, but it's not like you're wiping the slate clean when you claim them. You shouldn't think you're brainwashing anyone."

"I shouldn't?"

"Well," Monica shrugged a little, "more importantly, unless you deliberately try to hurt someone, women really won't regret the things they do for you or with you. Being with you feels too good. You'll learn how to let a girl off easy. I'll teach you."

"How long will they stay with me?"

"Long as the relationship holds up," Monica shrugged again. "Usually that's for as long as your interest lasts. Sometimes a playmate or a lover will show some little signs, though. I've been through hundreds of short-term partners, dozens of long-term lovers, and I've never had a bitter one yet."


"Like I said, I don't know if it's magic or a trick of evolution or what, but given how insanely convenient this all is, I'd lean towards magic." She gave a bit of a smirk. All the while, her hands roamed up and down his body.

"It is pretty hard to believe."

"I know. So. I want you, Casey, to think of everything you believed about relationships before this weekend. Everything about your ego and all that. Because I'm about to destroy it all so you'll understand how it works for people like us."

She slid from his touch. "Take that cock in your hand," she said, "and stroke it. I want to watch you jerk off, Casey. Don't stop unless I tell you to, and if you're gonna cum, then you go right ahead and cum on yourself."

He blinked, even as he obeyed. She grinned. "Like I said, you're not a normal guy. You've got cum to waste. Enjoy it."

As she stood and watched, Casey gripped and stroked his shaft. He was slow at first, but soon found himself jerking off in front of Monica as shamelessly as if he were alone.

"Are you embarrassed?" she asked, maintaining her mischievous grin.

"Um. Kind of. A little."

"Does it feel good?"

"Yeah. Mmh. Yeah. Wow. Better than ever, to be honest. Just feels weird doing it in front of you."

"Feel free from now on," Monica shrugged. "In fact, from now on, if you're jerking off or doing anything sexual when I walk into a room, don't you dare stop. You can feel embarrassed all you want, but if it feels good, do it.

"And by the way," she added, "far as I'm concerned, that's the greatest cock in the world and I'm always glad to see it being worked."

Casey's heart swelled. So did his pleasure. He watched Monica's incredible ass sway as she moved to the big screen television across the room. She slipped a plain DVD from the duffelbag laying beside it. There was no packaging beyond an envelope, and no label other than a handwritten date. Monica put it in the player and got the set going, and seemingly made one deliberately sexy pose after another for Casey while she did it.

"How many girlfriends have you ever had, Casey?"

"Three," he answered.

She knew this, of course. She knew all about it. "Consuela was a nice girl, but went away to college after high school," Monica said, picking up the remote and sauntering back to the bed. "Lisa dumped you for another guy while you were stateside. Melanie swore she'd wait for you and immediately started cheating on you at the beginning of this last deployment. Any one-night stands or very short term flings worth talking about?"

His hand was still working his cock, but more of his attention was on the conversation than self-pleasure. "Not worth talking about," he shrugged.

"Well. In any of those relationships, would you have ever considered letting her sleep with another guy? Or going in on a three-way with another guy?"

Casey didn't have to give it much thought. "Not really, no. Maybe that's ego, but—"

"Don't worry about why," Monica interrupted mildly. "You don't have to justify that. Either okay with something like that or you're not. You might change your views over time. You might not. You're entitled to your preferences. So, you've never wanted to share your women?"

"No, but I know you—"

She held her hand up again. She smiled, but she was in charge. "Next question. A few months ago, I worked a question into a conversation on the phone. I asked you who the nicest guys in your class were. Do you remember?"

"I do," he said.

"Do you remember who?"

"Yes." His hand moved more slowly on his cock. He wondered where this was going.

Monica slid in beside him and clicked "play" on the remote.

The video showed Monica, naked and on her knees in some living room somewhere. She ran her hands over her body, looking at the camera with a sultry grin. The cameraman's hands shook a little. This was clearly a camcorder—a decent one, but a simple camcorder nonetheless.

Behind Monica, sitting on the couch, was some naked, relatively thin guy stroking his cock. Casey couldn't see his face yet, but he had instant suspicions.

"God damn," said the very familiar voice of the cameraman, "you are fucking fine."

"This is all for you, baby," Monica said to the camera, even pointing to it. "We're filming this just to make the point." Then she turned, on her knees, crawling between the legs on the couch. Monica took the cock in her hands, stroking it and kissing the skin around it.

The picture pivoted up. Casey immediately recognized Calvin's face. The young college student looked down at Casey's foster mother with an expression of abject lust. Then his eyes rolled back into his head as Monica took him into her mouth. The camera swung around to give a good view of the dick going in and out between her lips.

Casey watched in silence. His hand gripped his cock tighter and stroked harder, but he didn't even notice it until Monica asked him, "Does this make you uncomfortable at all?"

"Oh my God," Casey said, beating himself off while he watched the woman he loved go down on an old classmate, "no. I can't believe it, but no."

"What do you want to see happen, Casey?"

"I want...I want to see you get fucked."

She chuckled. "Good, 'cause here it comes. That's Nathan on the camera, by the way."

Casey watched with wide eyes. Nathan moved behind her, panned down to his own naked cock, and brought it up between the lips of the pussy offered up to him with wide-spread legs. Nathan groaned as his dick went inside her. So did Casey. Soon, he did more than groan. He came.

White fluid spat out from his penis to cover his belly. Some got on Monica, who lay curled up beside him. Some landed all the way up his chest. It wasn't really as intense as the orgasms he'd shared with Monica directly, but it was real nonetheless.

"I imagine you'd really love to fuck me right now," Monica murmured into his ear, "but the real question is...if I walked out of here right now, would you keep watching this and jerking off?"

"Yes," Casey said, stunned at himself once again. He kept beating off. "Yes, I would."

"Good," she said. She ran a finger over the cream on his chest and licked it clean. "You taste divine, by the way. Just so you know.

"Anyway. This is the only copy of this DVD, and they don't really remember who it was they were with. They just remember it happening. You can have it if you really want it, but once your perspectives reassert themselves I'm sure you'll realize this is a fairly minor pleasure once the novelty wears off. You're a dominant. You've got better things to do than beat off to porn, even if it's about me. Mostly I just wanted to make a point with this."

She turned off the video and the screen, then dropped the remote off the side of the bed. Monica moved in much closer, licking his soiled chest and hard abs. Casey's pace of self-pleasure slowed to accommodate her. "Mmmh," she grinned, "I love your cum so much."

Then she straddled him. Gentle motions with her hands pushed his away from his groin. Soon she was running her very wet pussy up and down the length of his cock, granting them both shuddering pleasure. "So what I hope you got from this is that I can have pretty much anyone I want," she said.

"I never had any real doubt."

"Sweet of you, but still," she smirked. "I can have pretty much anyone I want, and so can you, Casey. Remember, it's not a gender thing. You're going to have women throwing themselves at you, but it's not because women are inherently weak, or because you're male. It's because you're dominant. About the only time you'll ever need to deal with a potential sexual partner on a basis of equality is if it's another dominant...which happens, and we'll talk about that later.

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