tagMind ControlBecoming Dominant Ch. 03

Becoming Dominant Ch. 03


(More sex for starters, but don't worry; the story won't be one long orgy...Not sure if that's a bad thing on this site, but still.)


Cum spurt from Casey's cock into Tori once again, instantly setting off yet another simultaneous orgasm as she gasped and moaned bent over the foot of the king-sized bed in front of them. He felt muscles twitch from all the way down his legs up around his ribs as his whole body enjoyed the sensation of cumming into this pussy he had just claimed for himself. Tori seemed out of breath, completely overwhelmed and worn out by the joyful experience. Their fluids dripped out of her pussy. Every single nuance and detail felt like a triumph of pleasure.

Casey gently brought her more or less upright, still inside her as he held her close and offered soothing kisses across her shoulder and back. His strong cock actually seemed to help keep her up. Though she had to twist a bit, Tori managed to bring her lips to his for a soft kiss that seemed to punctuate this fierce, bonding fuck that they had shared.

"Thank you," she whispered with a hint of an exhausted smile.

"Lay down, Casey," beckoned Monica. His naked blonde lover patted the space on the bed next to her. "Lay back here."

Casey gave Tori another soft kiss with his hands cupping and soothing her breasts. They had swung freely under her as he fucked her, yet now stood proudly on her chest as a further testament to Tori's natural beauty. He wanted to play with them more, to fondle and squeeze and suck them now that they were all his to toy with, but Monica was right. Even he needed a rest once in awhile.

Their eyes met, and Tori gave a little nod toward the bed. Casey slipped around her, laying back next to Monica with a heavy sigh of relief. His eyes were mostly on Tori, though in the foreground between them was his own cum-soaked cock, still erect, ready and magnificent.

Tori seemed fixated on it. Casey had thought she would curl up next to him, that they would cuddle or relax together. Instead, she crawled onto the bed to slip between his legs, reverently took his cock in her hand and began to lick and kiss it. Their eyes met as she opened her mouth and took him in, shamelessly devouring his cock.

Monica moved in beside him. "Tell me you don't feel like a god right now," she grinned into his ear.

"I do," he admitted, then let his head tilt back with a groan as he enjoyed Tori's devotion to his cock. "Wow. Yeah, I do."

"Wouldn't give this up for anything, would you?"

He almost said yes, but a thought stopped him. "I'd give it up for you."

"I'm not asking. I'll never ask that. You have to be what you are, Casey." She leaned in to kiss him, doubling his pleasure for a long, sensuous moment. Then she drew back again, to a comfortable distance where she could simply stroke his body as Tori did her work. "You can leave it here," she said, "or you can finish the job."

"Finish?" Casey asked. It certainly felt to him like Tori was well and truly his.

"Talk to her," Monica nodded, gently stroking his scalp. "Tell her what I told you. Tell her what you want from her. What you don't want. Anything. She's yours now, Casey. Dominate her. Dominate her, and she'll obey, and love you for it. Much the way you love me."

His eyes fluttered to hers. His relationship with Tori naturally couldn't be the same. He and Monica were already family before they fucked and fell in love. She was already his best, most intimate friend. But he knew what she meant. His love for her was genuine, and yet there were also aspects of it that went outside the norm. He didn't care if she slept with other guys. He genuinely wanted to obey her. There was love, and then there was the love of her dominance.

"I hardly even know her," Casey said.

"It's okay. You'll get to know her. Trust me. I brought her to you because I knew you'd like her. She's yours now. The rest will come quickly."

Tori kept at him. He looked down at her, seeing nothing but slavish devotion and obvious pleasure. His cock felt good in her mouth for her, too.

"Give yourself to me, Tori," Casey told her softly. He felt her tremble and moan. "Make yourself mine. Keep sucking that cock, Tori. It's where you belong. On your hands and knees for me, loving it. Loving my cock. You're mine."

Her eyes agreed with him. So did her tongue, and her lips, and her hot spit all over his cock.

"No walls," he said. "No secrets. I'll take care of you."

"Tell her how you want her," Monica whispered into his ear. "Be dirty if you want. No secrets from me. Rule her, Casey. However you want. You can change it later, but now's the best time to tell her how you want her."

He looked in Tori's eyes again. Occasionally hers closed, as the pleasures of sucking his cock drew her into complete bliss, but eventually they opened again.

It all felt so good.

"You're beautiful, Tori," he breathed. "You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever met. Enjoy it. Use it. You're mine now. Be sexy for me. Be beautiful for me. No self-doubt. No feeling bad if you think I don't notice or if I'm with someone else. You wouldn't be mine if I didn't want you. I want you to feel sexy and beautiful and enjoy it no matter what."

Monica couldn't help but smile warmly. Something in Tori's eyes changed, mixing heartfelt gratitude with her overwhelming lust.

"You belong to me, Tori," Casey whispered. His hands ran through Tori's brown hair. "Mine alone. Obey me. Obey me...and Monica. I belong to her. She can have you whenever she wants."

"Oh, you don't have to do that, baby," Monica told him.

"I want to," Casey replied. "I love you."

Monica smiled and kissed him again, deeper and longer than before. Tori kept sucking at him. The pleasure overwhelmed him. Cum rumbled through his loins and pumped out of his cock, filling Tori's mouth as she worked to greedily swallow it all. He could hear her moan with pleasure, too, as she came without even the slightest attention to her pussy. His cock cumming in her mouth was more than enough to set her off. Monica's kiss continued as he came, all but drowning him in ecstasy.

She let him settle into a blissful state of relaxation. Tori continued to work his cock, slowly and sensuously, indulging herself at least as much as him.

"Now. Something else important, before I forget," Monica said. "The first few days of awakening to one's dominance are always kind of a binge. If I'd had more self-control, I'd have waited until we got home to LA and then I wouldn't be so concerned...but I'm not letting you out of my sight while we're in another dominant's city."

"I'm more than okay with that. But what do you mean by another dominant's city?"

"Like I said, we're not the only ones. I told you before that it isn't all women or all men. It's not all white people, either. There are a few dozen of us. We generally all get along, though sometimes it's a little like high school for the super-privileged," she smirked. "We divvy up territory to make sure we don't piss in one another's personal swimming pools."

He frowned a bit at that. The feeling of power and sexuality was intoxicating, as was the newness of his relationships with Monica and Tori, but naturally he had thoughts of the potential downsides. "I thought you said this wasn't like some big conspiracy?"

"Well, we don't rule the world or anything," Monica said with a bit of an eyeroll. "In fact, we've generally agreed that about the creepiest thing we could do when we get together would be to conspire about how to influence politics and the like.

"We've got our limits. It's one thing to dominate a few lovers, or even a few dozen, but it's not like you can manipulate a whole crowd. You can't seduce someone who's wound up about something that has nothing to do with sex. And when you think about what would happen if the general public knew about people like us?" Monica shuddered. "We can all get pretty extravagant, but you have to learn to balance it with keeping a low profile. It takes time and practice. Again, you'll need a lot of mentoring and guidance.

"We had a couple of people buy into the whole 'master race' bit back in the '30s, before the war," she continued. "That ended badly. Ugly. But I can't imagine how much worse it would've been if we hadn't gotten rid of those morons before the war broke out."

Casey looked on in awe. "Jesus, what happened?"

"Nothing I'm in the mood to talk about now. Darker days than these were. I'll tell you this much, though: people who get all bent out of shape moaning about the 'good old days' drive me nuts. You think society's a mess now? Try living with separate drinking fountains.

"Anyway. Territories. I'm friends with the dominant who lives here in Seattle. He's a really nice guy named Michael. He knows we're here and he'd probably forgive a transgression or two, but I'd rather not even have the issue."

"So he considers all these people his?"

"No, silly," Monica smirked. "We all just like having places to roam without worrying about playing with someone else's toys by accident. Some of us like to share. Some of us don't. But we all understand that it's best to allow for some distance. I'll teach you about all this later."

Casey nodded. He had a hand on Tori's head as she slowly worked him. She winked back at him as she worked his cock. "Wait," he said, "does that mean LA...?"

"Is mine and yours, yeah," Monica smiled. "All the way through Orange County."

"How'd that happen?" Casey asked, breathing a bit more heavily thanks to Tori's devotion.

"Story for another time. Let's just say your mother and I spent some time in our youth being complete whores even with the other dominants. It led to a very nice payoff. Fun, too."

Monica's head caressed him from shoulder to groin. "Give Tori a break," she said as she lay back on the bed, propped up slightly by the pillows. Her legs spread. She had one hand on her pussy, fingers toying with her own wet flesh. "Come over here and fuck me, lover."

No instruction could make him happier. He guided Tori aside, letting her lay at rest in his spot as he rolled over to kneel between Monica's legs. Casey brought his tireless cock to Monica's spread, welcoming pussy, slid it in slowly and drank in the pleasures of her body with all his senses as she relaxed and enjoyed him.

True to Monica's word, when Casey glanced at Tori he saw not a shred of jealousy or hurt in her eyes. Fucking another woman there, right in front of her, Casey saw only adoration and fascination on Tori's face. She was very plainly happy to just watch.

It was a long time before he came again. Not so for Monica; she was ready and primed for one orgasm after another, and enjoyed them all.

* * *

"It's still constantly there in the forefront of my mind," Casey said, cutting into his steak and eggs at the restaurant table. "I keep thinking of you, and of you," he said, looking from Monica to Tori. "What you look like under those clothes. What you feel like. What I want to do to you. I mean, I'm a guy, so sex is never far from my mind when I'm near a beautiful woman, right? But this is... I don't feel like I'm going to throw you over the table or start talking loud and dirty or anything, but yeah. When I look at either of you, I keep thinking about fucking you."

"I'm glad to hear it," Tori murmured with a mischievous grin. "I belong to you." She sat at the table to Casey's left, dressed in a tight, short black skirt and a white shirt buttoned only high enough to allow some of her cleavage and hints of her black lace bra to show when she turned at just the right angle.

"Just keep a leash on it, Casey," Monica said in an entirely affectionate tone. She wore a white summer dress that did a lot to show off her curves and natural endowments, looking graceful, elegant and tempting at the same time. "We're down here to see if you can handle yourself in public. Again, if you feel yourself losing it, tell me immediately. That's an order. Tori and I will be happy to take you upstairs and take care of you.

"Mistress," Tori said, dropping her voice a notch lower at the word while they weren't in private, "thank you again for all of this. I'm so grateful. You know I love you, but Casey's just wonderful."

Monica just smiled and shook her head, swallowing a sip of her mimosa. "I've known all along you'd be a good match for him. Don't bother yourself with a moment's regret. We'll obviously still see a good deal of each other," she winked.

Casey shook his head. "We've only just met," he said, looking back to Tori. "I actually feel a little bad. I mean, I feel so... obviously I'm really attracted to you and I love being with you, but I hardly know you. And you hardly know me."

"I know about you, anyway," Tori shrugged. "Monica talked about you a lot. I've been with her for a little over two years."

"I thought you said it was a year?" Casey asked Monica.

Monica chuckled. "Did I mention how great you are in bed? I may have had a little trouble with math after the fucking you gave me." She gestured to Tori. "Tell him, love."

"I've seen the videos of the plays you did in high school. I thought you were hilarious as the dentist in 'Little Shop.' I've been in the room when she's talked to you over the phone or Skype. And I know you're a card-carrying feminist." Tori raised her glass to her lips as she added, "If it hadn't been for Monica dominating me, a guy like you would've gotten me wet pretty easily."

Casey tilted his head curiously at that, blushing at her dirty flattery but caught by something else she said. "So you know everything about what Monica and I are? The whole dominant thing?"

"Sometimes I explain it," Monica answered first. "Usually I don't. Like I said, Tori's special. She's been my personal valet for a while now...which is usually a man's title, but I like the term better than 'lady's maid.' I claimed her just before they sent you off to Ranger school. She came with me on the trip when I went to your graduation, although I couldn't really have her come to the ceremony with me. Couldn't have explained that."

Casey glanced to Tori. She shrugged with a bit of a blushing smile. "She left me sprawled naked in the hotel suite. I masturbated the whole time she was gone, which was a lot longer than she expected. I'd have loved to go there and meet you then, but on the bright side it was the most fun I ever had all alone."

"A lot longer than she expected, huh?" Casey smirked. He looked to Monica again. "We barely saw each other for an hour before I had to ship back to Fort Lewis."

"Yes, well," Monica shrugged. She took another shameless sip of her drink as she explained, "I'm not normally all turned on by the uniform, but there were quite a few lovely specimens at that base. I'm fairly certain I broke about a dozen laws before I left.

"Anyway, yes. Tori is 'in on it,' as it were. She has a certain extra enthusiasm that I absolutely adore," Monica added with a wink toward Tori. "This is all up to you, of course, but I strongly suggest you let Tori serve as your personal valet as she has served me."

"You're really okay with all this?" Casey asked Tori.

"It may sound crazy, but yes," Tori said. "God, I love it. I've been very well paid. Monica has taken very good care of me whenever I've had trouble. I've gotten to travel and party. It's like being part of an awesome secret society, and even if I'm one of the servants, I feel privileged. Beautiful. Sexy. This is wonderful. Maybe it's the dominance talking, but I honestly feel like wouldn't give this up for anything. I want to serve you, Casey. I want to be yours. It feels too good for words."

He didn't say anything for a long moment. Finally, the admission came out: "It really turns me on to hear you say things like that."

"I'll remember it."

"So what's a valet do?"

"The obvious answer is 'anything you want me to, sir,' Tori grinned, "but mostly it's a lot like being a personal assistant. I'm here to take care of the little chores to free you up for more important things—which is to have a good time. And to be completely available to you, twenty-four-seven."

"I always allow regular time off and plenty of sick days and vacation," Monica put in. "All she ever needed to do was ask. I even forced two weeks in Hawaii on her once. Tori, you can be more explicit with him. No one's listening to us. No secrets. You belong to Casey now."

Casey felt a rush as he heard that. He could tell it put a shiver of excitement up Tori's spine, too. "Monica kept me very close so she'd always have a piece of ass within arm's reach," Tori said quietly, with her eyes on Monica.

"You'll need that while you get used to all this," Monica nudged Casey playfully. "Someone understanding and willing and loyal. And great in bed."

Tori blushed a little, but smiled back fondly at Monica. "I kept myself dolled up for her. Always kept a couple of clean panties in my purse or my pocket for her in case she had need, which was often. I was always ready to swoop in and help her make a graceful exit from a one-night-stand or an orgy."

Casey held up a hand, grinning. "Did you participate?"

"Sometimes," Tori admitted slowly, "when it was girls only. I think Monica had it in her mind to reserve me for you all along. I'd had boyfriends before, but I was always bi. You're the first man I've been with in almost three years."

"Anyway. I stayed close to Monica. Watched out for her. Drove for her much of the time. I was her wingman at the bar when she felt like playing normal, and I helped cover for her trysts when she felt like being naughtier. I bathed her. Took care of her wardrobe. Slept with her whenever she wanted. Kept things smooth at her parties. Helped keep her other servants organized. Interpreted for her while we traveled."

"Interpreted?" Casey asked.

Tori nodded. "I'm fluent in French, Spanish and partially in Japanese. I was a double major in business economics and political science at UCLA when Monica met me. She made sure to keep me on track to graduate last spring. Monica had to teach me to be sexy. I'm actually kind of a nerd."

Silence fell at the table. Casey just stared at Tori in awe. She stared back at him with innocent adoration. Monica smiled wickedly. "I am so insanely turned on right now," Casey declared quietly.

"Told you he'd love all that," Monica quipped.

Tori nodded. "She told me you were always kind of a schoolboy," she said.

"I am."

"Can I ask, then...why the infantry?"

He blinked. For a moment, Casey was honestly surprised that someone so amazing would want to know anything about little old him. He was so absorbed in Tori that he'd all but forgotten himself. "Um," he blinked, "well, my parents and Monica raised me on the low end of middle class, and I always had a thing for the military anyway as a kid and I figured I'd really need the college money anyway, and at the time I thought Afghanistan was really the right thing for America to do, you know?"

Again, Tori nodded, seeming fascinated by this. "I knew that much from Monica," she said. "But you're a smart guy. Seems like there were a lot of other jobs for you to choose from. Why the infantry?"

"Well, I guess..." Casey shrugged. "I guess the whole macho thing of it got to me. I wanted to measure up. And I really wanted to be in the thick of things. Make a difference on the field. I dunno, maybe I had something to prove to myself, too."

"I know what that's like," Tori nodded. "Wanting to prove something."

"So you're really okay with being a valet?"

"This is the most amazing 'valet' job in the world," Tori smiled. "If I had gone on to my MBA, I'd still have a few years of doing grunt work in some office somewhere ahead of me before I really became successful. I don't feel like a grunt here. I felt special with Monica. I feel special with you."

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