tagFetishBecoming Her Pedestal

Becoming Her Pedestal


Dearest Mafali,

Lay down your weapons. The last thing I want is a war. You have good, honest people living in the lands your father stole from my family. Do what is right and return the city of Kabul back to its rightful owners, peacefully and without violence. I graciously await your surrender.


Queen Ariah



The tone in which you address me is both demeaning and disrespectful. To think I would ever surrender to a dirty peasant like you is as comical as it is insulting. You call yourself a Queen? I call you a plague upon the planet, not worthy enough to lick the space between my sweaty toes. The damp outline upon this letter is that of my sweaty foot. This is the closest you will ever come to sniffing true greatness, so enjoy it before it evaporates for good.

Yours truly,

King Mafali


Dearest Mafali,

Your words are deeply regrettable. I have no other option than to reclaim my land by force. May the Gods forever have mercy on my soul for the atrocities I must now commit. I promise to turn you into my footstool, in hopes the Gods will view the sacrifice of your dignity as payment for our sins. I look forward to dominating your mind, body, and soul.

See you from above,



Bring it on you dirty whore. And here's one final imprint of my feet, which I will use to stomp you into submission. Consider it a goodbye whiff. Please enjoy it before you die in battle.

See you in hell,



Ariah knew her words had fallen on deaf ears, so she proceeded with the plan she considered a last resort. Her army of expertly trained warriors stormed Malafi's gates, conquering the stolen Kingdom with relative ease. Much to Ariah's pleasure, the casualties were minimal. This, however, did not prevent her from honoring the Gods.


"Citizens of Kabul!" Ariah yelled from atop her golden throne. "I am here to liberate you, both in body and spirit!"

Thousands of Kabuli peasants roared and cheered.

"No longer is the time where one man takes everything and gives back so little. The reign of Queen Ariah will flourish for all!"

"Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" the liberated Kabulis rumbled in unison.

"Yes indeed!" she roared. "But first, we have a small order of business to tend to..."

The moment Ariah snapped her fingers, two muscular guards dragged a beaten man toward the throne.

"People of Kabul...do you recognize your great leader???"

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" the Kabulis jeered.

"You hear that, you piece of shit?" Ariah whispered into Mafali's bloodied ear. "They hate you. And now, they are free..."

Mafali spit at Ariah but missed. One of her guards immediately punched him in his face.

"Now, now..." Ariah calmed her protector. "We need not use our hands to defeat this unholy piece of dirt. Isn't that right, Mafali?"

"Let me go!!!" he rattled within the heavy, metallic chains.

"Oh, so now you want to negotiate..." she sarcastically smirked.

Ariah snapped her fingers as she walked back to the throne. Both guards instantaneously pulled Malafi's shackled body toward her.

"Now Malafi, I made a promise to the Gods, and you better believe I'm not one to break my word..." she smiled, turning to the sea of people surrounding her temple.

"People of Kabul!" she screamed. "Do you want to see your former master pay for his sins???"

"YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" they thunderously applauded.

"Very well then," she smiled, sitting down. "Very well."

"Now Malafi, I'm known for wearing the most opulent sandals, as I've been told I have the most desirable feet in all the lands. But deep down, I got the feeling you might enjoy being humiliated by my sweet, decadent soles. So I decided to ripen them up for you. You see these wraps?" she asked, pointing to the burlaps cloths covering her feet.

Malafi glared at her with disdain.

"Yes, well there is a little-known foot treatment, centuries old, designed to turn even the roughest skins into pads of creamy milk. The only issue with the treatment is that it involves soaking your feet in white vinegar, which can be incredibly unpleasant smelling until you wash it away."

It was then Malafi became aware of a faint, sour smell.

"These wraps," Ariah pointed downward, "were steeped in white vinegar for three days straight. Then a week ago, they were bound to my feet and haven't been removed since. How do you think they smell after trekking all the way through the desert?"

"No!" Malafi barked, certain of the punishment that lie ahead.

"Oh, but yes," she smiled deviously. "For a deal with the Gods is unbreakable..."

Ariah snapped her fingers again, prompting her guards to flip Malafi onto his back. Ariah slowly removed the wraps as the guards pulled Malafi's head toward the base of her throne.

"I do hope you survive this," she smiled, "as I plan on sacrificing your dignity to the Gods on a weekly basis..."

Ariah cupped her feet together and gently lowered her vinegar-soaked soles toward Malafi's nose and mouth.

"No!!!!!!!!!!" he squirmed, as the guards pulled the chain taught from each side. Malafi continued to struggle, but the guards anchored him in place, directly beneath Ariah's legs.

"There, there..." she smiled, using her sour smelling soles to blanket Malafi's airways.

Malafi immediately went cross-eyed upon inhaling his first whiff of the Queen's putrid, fermented feet. The uncanny softness of her soles was rivaled only by the vile toxicity of the aroma.

"Gods!" Ariah yelled upward. "Please, accept this sinner's humiliation as penance!"

"Hnnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!!!!" he thrashed, unable to move an inch.

"Yes!!!!! Inhale the scent of your people's suffering!" she roared, trampling her feet against Malafi's face with violent ferocity.

The citizens surrounding the throne laughed as Malafi's bare feet involuntarily kicked like a turtle turned on its shell.

"Yes, GODS! Please, take this offering and spare us all!!!" she continued, draping her left sole completely across Malafi's mouth, forcing him to inhale completely through his nose.

Malafi gagged as the caustic fumes traveled through his nostrils and into his lungs. The need for fresh air became increasingly vital.

"What is that you say?" Ariah questioned, still looking upward. "The feet must be pure???" she asked toward the Heavens. "Then yes!" she roared. "The feet will be PURE!!!"

Ariah dug her toes into Malafi's mouth. "You heard The Gods," she said smiling. "Now make them pure!!!" she smirked, wiggling her toes back and forth across his wet, watering tongue.

Tears rolled from Malafi's eyes as he licked the vinegar from Ariah's smooth, buttery skin.

"That's a good slave," she praised, spreading her toes.

Malafi could see the fumes evaporating from Ariah's soles. Soon, the taste and smell of her feet became too great. Malafi began hyperventilating.

"Can't fake your way out of this one, my little footstool..." she smiled, massaging his face even harder between her feet.

But Malafi wasn't faking. Each breath of putrid air caused him to hyperventilate even harder, and in doing so, he inhaled even more of the toxic scent. He continued breathing heavier and heavier, inhaling more and more of the horribly disgusting aroma without any means of escape. Malafi's stared into Ariah's eyes as his vision began to fade. She knew he wasn't faking and couldn't have cared less.

"It seems the Gods have accepted this bounty!!!" she cheered toward the crowd.

"YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" they replied in unison.

"And for you," she whispered to Malafi, as his eyes rolled toward the back of his head. "We're just going to have to wrap my feet again and again and again..." she smiled.

Malafi's eyelids fluttered shut as he completely lost consciousness.

"Next week..." Ariah bellowed toward the crowd, "we shall offer another SACRIFICE!!!"

"HOOOOOOOOORRRAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" they cheered, as Malafi's unconscious soles rested limply in their direction.

"Very well now," Ariah snapped. "Make sure he's well-fed. We can't allow our weekly sacrifice to expire, now can we?"

Ariah's guards pulled Malafi's chains, dragging his limp body into the temple as the crowd chanted the name of their new Queen.

"Ariah! Ariah! Ariah! Ariah!"

Ariah waved to the crowd as she followed Malafi's body into the temple. Two wash girls immediately met her at the door, each holding a burlap cloth that had been marinating in vinegar.

"Perfect timing..." she smiled.

The End

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