Becoming Her Wife Ch. 04


When we left the store Josie said that we had one more stop to make. I knew I had opened a can of worms with my agreement to go into the first store. When we stopped we were at the same hair salon that we had been to a few day's earlier.

"We can go in here I was here the other day as Nick. They'll recognize me."

"Judy worked on you the other day. She's not here today. Are you coming?" She asked as she stepped out of the car. I had little recourse but to follow

"Hi Josie. It's surprise to see you here today." The girl behind the reception desk said. The place was pretty dead. There were only three or four people there and they all seem to be workers.

"Your not closed yet are you?" Josie asked.

"No we still have another hour and a half before we can close. What can I do for you?"

"My friend here has a problem and I told her you could solve it for her. You see she works for this guy that has a really jealous wife. And she needs to keep herself as unattractive as possible so the wife won't force her husband to get rid of her. Any way what my friend needs is to look as mannish as possible during the week but can just brush out her hair on the weekend and look hot, you know really sexy. "

"Making her look sexy isn't going to be a problem. Making her look plain that's going to be a challenge. If we split her hair down the middle and pull it into a low ponytail then she'll look more mannish. Actually if she puts her hair in a French braid there will be very little we have to cut off. And for work she just pull it back in to an ponytail." Beth told us

"You'll have to teach her how to braid her hair I don't know. Do you Nikki." Josie asked. I shook my head no."

"It's easy, I'll have you doing it blind folded in fifteen minutes. Come on let's get you in back and wash you hair. Josie are you going to wait."

"No I have a few errands to run I'll be back in a half an hour. Oh do you do ear piercing?"

"Of cause. Do you want another set?" Beth asked her

"I was thinking of it but I'm not sure. Well I'll be back."

Beth took me in the back and washed my hair then she sat me in the chair and started cutting. I was getting nervous because it seemed that she was cutting an awful lot of hair. I didn't want to look to feminine for work, even though I was beginning to wonder if I looked masculine at all. When she was done cutting and my hair was mostly dry she should me how to but it in a French braid, then let me do it myself. It took a few tries till I finally got the hang of it, but once I did it didn't seem that hard. Then she pulled it back into a ponytail and said

"Dam if you take off your make up you could almost pass for a guy."

I know I felt myself blush at that. Then she showed me how if I used a hot curling brush I could change my hair to something even sexier. When she was done she asked if I wanted my ears pierced.

"I don't think that would be a good idea with my bosses wife." I told her

"I have some clear plastic post you could wear. They're pretty hard to see, or you could wear men style earrings their pretty low key."

In the end I agreed to get my ears pierced mostly because I knew Josie wanted me too. In short order both my ears were pierced and I now own two pairs of clear posts and two pairs of men's earrings. On my way out to the cashier's desk I wondered how I was going to pay for this. I figured I could tell them I forgot my credit card and wait for Josie to come back to pay. To my relief Josie was already there when I came out.

"Wow don't you look nice. You are going to be able to look plain for work aren't you?" She asked

"She'll look as plain as she did before but she better wear men's cloths or she still look sexy as hell." Beth told her, which had me blushing like a June bride.

Josie paid the bill and we left. While we were walking to the car she kept looking at me. When we got back to the car I saw a bunch of boxes and some bags behind the front seat. When I asked what they were she said

"I just bought my new girl friend a few presents. And don't give me that look. My mother doesn't care and we don't have to tell anyone else. Beside it makes me happy to buy you things and that is what you want to do isn't it."

"Yes it is, but it feels strange to have you buy me things." I told her

"It felt strange to wear panties too but you're doing that for me and I'm sure it felt strange to dress like a girl and act like one. So let me buy you things so I can be happy." She told me though she wasn't looking at my face."

"Ok but don't go overboard." I told her

"I won't. I promise not to buy you any boats cars or multinational corporations." She said then giggled. It must have finally hit her "You got you ears pierced. Did you do that for me?"

"I don't know anyone else I would do it for." I told her. She threw her arms around me and hugged me so tight I thought she was going to strangle me.

"I can't believe you did that for me. I was going to take you out to dinner but now I going to take you home and make love to you all night."

She started the car and drove as fast as she could through the streets of Oakland. When she stopped for a light she couldn't run she called a pizza place and ordered a pizza to be delivered. When she pulled into the garage she started to throw things at me from the rear seat.

While we were putting away the cloths that she had bought me the pizza guy came. So we stopped what we were doing and eat while it was still hot. While we were eating she said

"Bobbie tells me you refused her offer twice."

"Yes she seemed a little put out that I did. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings." I told her

"She was hurt mostly because she felt you didn't think she was good enough."

"I'm sorry she took it the wrong way. I just wasn't in the need at that time. Do I have to have sex with her."

"No not really. She's just insecure that's all. Even though she's not submissive by nature she likes to know she's desirable. When you turned her down for the second time she felt you didn't find her desirable enough. And you did kiss Misty yesterday." When she said that I remembered how desirable I did find Misty. I didn't find Bobbie anywhere near that desirable.

"I'm sorry I didn't know that would cause a problem." I told her

"It's not so much a problem as it seems. They all like to be desired. They go though a lot of work getting ready and they are expected to offer the services to all the men. So if one of them turns them down they feel slighted."

"Did Misty feel slighted?" I asked

"No but you did explain to her why you wouldn't and you kissed her. That in itself was a sign that you found her desirable."

"So what should I do, have sex with them just so I don't offend them?

"I don't want you to force yourself, but at the least show them some affection like you did with Misty. I would like you to try it once just so you know what it feels like, but I won't force you."

I didn't find Bobby as desirable as I found Misty the night before. Bobbie didn't flirt with me the way Misty did. Misty was much more seductive in her approach then Bobbie was. Bobbie just expected I would want her and that was it. I told this to Josie and she said

"You have a valid point Misty is always flirting with us even the girls. Maybe Bobbie just needs to try harder. You maybe right she just expects everyone to find her desirable and she just doesn't put an effort into it anymore." She said

"I'm not trying to get her in trouble." I told her

"No she won't get into trouble. She just needs to remember that we get as much as we give out. Just like you, you know how to flirt with people."

"I'm the worlds worse flirt, I've tried and never got anywhere." I told her

"You must be kidding. You flirted with me right from the start. And all day today you were flirting with all the men and most of the ladies including my mother."

"I don't know what your talking about I never flirted with you. I surely never flirted with your mother and as far as the men are concerned I would never flirt with them." I told her sounding indigent

"You lie. Do you remember the dark hair beauty with big brown eyes comment? And you don't remember when my mother told you my father was drooling over you. You looked over to him in that way you do when you look down then up with just your eyes. And when you were talking with Mike you were holding his hand. I don't suppose you even remember licking you lips when you were talking to Frank."

"You're just taking this all out of content. I don't remember touching Mike at all and your father I didn't want him to see me looking at him. I remember the big eye comment but that was just a come-on. And as far as Frank is concern I was eating at the time." I told her

"Eating my eye, haven't you ever heard of a napkin? You are the biggest flirt I know, you don't even realize your doing it." She said with a laugh.

"I'm sorry maybe your right and I don't even know I'm doing it." I told her.

"Don't be sorry it's what attracted me to you in the first place. When I got that call from my sister that she wasn't going to make our date I was so relieved because I was going to spend more time with you."

I hung my head ashamed of myself. How could I flirt with her father and her brothers in law? I didn't know what to say and she realized I was feeling sorry for myself.

"Oh no you don't no feeling sorry for yourself." She came over to me and sat on my lap and said. "If I ever see you feeling sorry for yourself because of this I going to paddle your bottom so hard you won't be able to sit for a week. Now what are you going to wear tomorrow?" I saw my opening and I went for it

"I thought one of those new leather pants and button down shirt."

"Oh no you owe me two days and I intend to collect one of them tomorrow. Besides everyone is expecting Nikki tomorrow. Now what are you going to wear?" I knew when I was beat.

"I don't know why don't you decide." I told her. This did not sit well with her either.

"What's the matter Nikki don't you like what we're doing, I thought you like dressing up for me?"

"I do but I don't want everyone thinking I'm flirting with them. I don't want to lead them on. I don't want them thinking I'm a tease."

"Well you are flirting with them but it's natural you can't help it. You're not leading them on because they know you not available. As for you being a tease that my dear you are, but again you can't help it. If your worried they may think your gay don't they know you and I are a couple so there's no way you could be."

"I just can't understand how I could be this good at trying to be a female. There must be something wrong with me. Maybe I should see a doctor about this?" I told her

"First of all I sure some doctor will find that there is something wrong with you mentally, but until you met me you never once wanted to do this did you."

"No. I never thought once about wearing women's cloths in fact I thought that men that did were gay and they only did it to attract other men. How could I go back to the way I was knowing I did this and I was god at it?" I told her hearing my frustration in my voice.

"Don't you understand that you're doing it for me not because you want to, but because I want you to? You would never have done this on your own. You're not gay or anything close to it. You're just a submissive man who is doing what I want you to. When you went to the bathroom today after you fixed your make up. Did you sit to pee or did you stand?"

"I sat like you wanted me too." I told her

"Why I wasn't there to see and I'm sure you always stood to pee before? Why did you sit this time?"

"Because you told me girls sit to pee. So I was sure you wanted me to sit all the time when I was dressed like one."

"So you did it because I wanted you too. Now answer me this and I want you to think about your answer before you say it. Have you ever had the desire to suck a cock or have sex with a man?" She asked I almost answered instantly but I stopped and though it over then said

"No I never have, even now dress as I am I still don't have any urge to do it with another man."

"See you're not gay and I don't think you could ever be. Now the next question I don't want answer for, it's some thing you need to think about. If I wanted you to suck a cock and let a man fuck you up the ass would you do it for me." I almost shouted no but she put her hand over my mouth and said. "I don't want an answer but that is something you're going to have to answer on your own and some day that answer will change our whole relationship." After she finished telling me this she stood and left the room.

I sat there thinking over what she had asked. I couldn't understand why she would want me to do this. Then I remembered her sisters and their husbands. I thought about how each husband preformed the hostess duties for their wives. How each submitted themselves to each of the other husbands and performed oral and anal services for them. But I didn't have to do this I wasn't a husband. If I became her husband I would have to perform the duties as hostess for her. That was what she was asking me. Now the question was could I do this, could I suck Michael's cock and let him fuck me. Not only did I have to let them but I also had to show I enjoyed it and I desired it.

I couldn't answer this question. I didn't want to answer it. I was afraid of the answer. I was afraid that I would do it; I would do any thing for my Josie. But this seemed so strange to even comprehend. I let the question pass. I knew I didn't need to answer it yet and as far as marrying Josie, it was a mute point. She didn't want to marry me she told me twice that she didn't and besides who thinks about marrying someone a week after you met.

I went in search of Josie. I didn't find her anywhere. I checked all the rooms except for her study and her playroom. I knew I wasn't allowed in either of those two rooms unless I was invited. I did see a light on in her study from under the door. I knew she was not happy about the way our conversation went over during dinner so I thought to cheer her up I would pick out something to wear for tomorrow.

I went through all my cloths that we had bought to find something. I thought that the black leather dress was sexy and I knew I looked good in it, but it wasn't something one would wear during the day it was more for evening. Actually it was more to wear to a club for dancing. I wound up taking a navy blue knee length skirt and a pink button down blouse. I choose a pair of calfskin boots with a five-inch stiletto heel. For under garments I choose a pink bustier and matching thong panty. The stockings would be nude in color.

Once my outfit was chosen I hung it on the armoire so I wouldn't have to go looking for it tomorrow. I then took a shower and shaved as close as I could, making sure that not even stubble was present, I then dressed in a baby doll nightly. Josie still hadn't made an appearance. I was starting to get a little worried that she was mad at me, though I didn't know why she would be.

While I was waiting for her I decided to try putting on some make up. My first attempt was pretty bad; I looked like a clown so I scrubbed that off then tried again. My second attempt was better since I used a lot less, but it still wasn't right, not like Josie had done. My third attempt was much better seeing I used very little. I wouldn't say it was perfect but it wasn't that bad.

"Well what have we got here?" Josie asked from the doorway. Her words startled me.

"While I was waiting for you I thought I could practice putting on make up like you wanted me to." I told her as she came closer to me and looked at my face through the mirror. Josie's eyes were all red and swollen as if she had been crying. I asked if anything was wrong.

"No there isn't anything wrong. You've done a pretty good job on your make up for a first timer. It's a little heavy on the mascara but the rest is pretty good. I was thinking if you don't want to go tomorrow as Nikki you don't have to. I'll collect my bet some other way."

I know this may seem strange, but now that I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to go as Nikki. I was disappointed that she didn't want me to go as Nikki. My disappointment must have show on my face as she said

"What's the matter now sweetie? I thought you would be happy not having to go as Nikki." She asked

"I want to please you so I picked out an outfit for tomorrow and I was practicing on my makeup so you wouldn't have to do it." I told her almost in tears. Josie looked around the room and saw the outfit hanging on the armoire and then sat on my lap smile and said

"Look sweetie I want you to be happy too. I thought you would enjoy this as much as I have. You seem so natural at it I thought you were enjoying it, but if you going to question your masculinity all the time and I'm going to have to reassure you all the time it's not going to be fun for either of us."

I thought about what she said and I told her "Your right I'm not gay but I have enjoyed dressing up for you. I really like the way girl cloths feel on me. You like me in them and everyone else seem to like me in them. So why not enjoy it. Besides once we break off this relationship I'll go back to the way I was. But it will be something I'll always remember."

"That's a good way to think about it. I like you as my girlfriend but I'm going to need you to be my boyfriend too. You can't always dress up you know." She told me.

"What ever you want I'll make every effort to please you." I told her.

"You have always pleased me. Now let me get a shower and we'll make love before we go to sleep." She told me as she got off my lap and went into the bathroom.

While Josie was in the bathroom showering I went and lit all the candles in the bedroom and turned off the lights. Once that was done I went to the kitchen and fill two glasses from the wine that we had with the pizza. When I returned to the bedroom I found Josie already on the bed as naked as the day she was born. Her beauty took my breath away.

Her bronze colored skin glowed in the candlelight as she lay on her side. Her left hand was on her left breast, cupping it gently. I could see she was deep in thought as I watched her hand squeeze her breast before moving down to her tummy. To my amazement I watched as her hand went between her legs as a smile came to her lips. A groan escaped her lips before she said.

"I hope your enjoying the show. Some day soon you will perform for me." Again I felt the heat of embarrassment on my face as I told her I did enjoy watching her. "I'm glad my pet now come and lie next to me, but first remove your nightgown. Leave the panties on."

I placed a glass of wine on each nightstand before removing my nightie then I lay down next to her. Her mouth attacked me the instant my head hit the pillow. We kissed for god only knows how long while her hands roved over my body. Her fingers would pinch and pull my nipples, something no one has ever done before. When she saw that I like what she was doing she started to pinch and pull them harder.

Her mouth moved to my nipples next and she sucked and bit them. Causing them to harden like pencil erasers. Mean while her hand had started to stroke my cock. Pre-cum flowed from the tip, which puddle on my stomach. When she had a good supply of it she coated one of her fingers in it and brought it to my lips.

With out thinking I sucked her finger into my mouth and savored it. It was slick like oil but there was very little taste, slightly salty, but very pleasant, nothing like the thick goo that would come later.

She then moved down between my legs and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her mouth slid up and down the shaft several times before taking it deep in her throat. Again the uniqueness of it took my breath away. I strained hard not to cum from the feel of her throat as it wrapped around my cock. She then pulled her mouth up to the tip and sucked on the head and the first three or four inches before going back down to the bottom.

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