tagFetishBecoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 06

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 06

bySuzanne James©

Arriving in Chicago, I waddled up to the front desk of Jack's hotel where he'd left a key for me. The desk clerk gave me a long up and down look, clearly admiring my swollen belly and burgeoning breasts. Even though the belly was fake, my breasts were real, and I felt very sexy under his gaze. Carrying only a small overnight bag, I waddled to the elevator, savoring the heaviness of my new body.

The hotel room was lovely--on a high floor, with a view of Millenium Park. The king sized bed looked very plush, and I was very tired from my trip and from carrying the weight of my 25 pound belly around. Undressing, I removed the sympathy belly, and slipped into bed for a nap. I knew I'd have an hour or two for a beauty rest before Jack returned from his meetings.

I slowly awoke when I heard Jack's key in the door. Eyes shut, I stretched langorously, knowing pleasure awaited at Jacks's hands, mouth and cock. My nipples were already hard as if they anticipated Jack's tongue and lips. Jack sauntered into the room, smiling. "Aren't you a lazy girl?' he said.

I smiled back at him sleepily (but already very aroused). "Just waiting for you to come and bring me back to life. I've been neglected for a whole week" I pouted.

"How was your meeting?" I asked.

Jack was already undressing, draping his suit jacket and pants over the chair. "I'll tell you about all that over dinner. Right now we have more important business to attend to." Removing his boxers, he slid into bed beside me. "You've kept the bed warm--are you happy to see me?"

As Jack's arms encircled me and his mouth went to my breast, I could feel his big cock pressing hard against me. "Oh yes", I whispered.

The weekend passed in a haze of sex, food and laughter. Jack was very pleased that my nipples had stayed long and hard, thanks to the nipple clamps he'd so thoughtfully given me. The herbal supplements--fenugreek?--that he'd told me to start taking in his absence also caused my breasts to feel heavier, as though my milk was beginning to come in. As soom as Jack began to fondle my tits, he noticed the difference. "It's not going to be long before I can milk you for real--your tits are getting so gorgeous and heavy. When we get home, we're going to make those big breasts do their job".

Jack ordered room service for us--wonderful, rich food culminating in a huge ice cream sundae with extra whipped cream. As I lounged in bed, Jack fed me most of the two meals he'd ordered--tenderloin with extra bearnaise sause, mashed potatoes and that lovely ice cream with caramel and hot fudge. My job was to let Jack feed me while I enjoyed his mouth on my tits, licking and sucking my hard nipples. I tried to play with his cock at the same time, but he pulled back. "Plenty of time for that in a little while", he smiled. "I want to show you how much I've missed you".

I arched my back and moaned, luxuriating in the attention. My pussy was dripping, and I really wanted to feel Jack's big cock pounding in and out of me. I knew we were going to do this on Jack's schedule, however, and I certainly couldn't argue with the focus he was lavishing on my breasts. I also knew that when we got back home, we would begin working on our 'milk cow project' in earnest. The Medela breast pump had arrived, and per Jack's instructions I hadn't opened the box. As I surrendered to an orgasm just from Jack's sucking and kneading, I marvelled at how submissive I was becoming. I liked it.

That evening, Jack presented me with a beautiful 20 karat gold choker necklace. "I want you to wear this always", he murmured, standing behind me as he fastened the chain around my neck. His hands strayed from my neck down my body, cupping my breasts, feeling their weight and tweaking my nipples, and the proceeded to stroke my belly. My belly had developed a nice roundness from Jack's feeding regime. His hands moved to my ass, enjoying the increaded fullness there--and then he moved a finger toward my asshole. One hand caressed my tits, while he began to press his other forefinger into my asshole. "I want your ass just as ready as your pussy for my cock--we need to get you stretched out. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes, please" I moaned.

As we dressed for dinner on our last night in Chicago, Jack and I were both very relaxed--all the sex we'd had for the last two days had left us very mellow and playful. We'd just taken a shower together, lathering and pleasuring each other under the pelting water. I'd gotten on my knees and given Jack a long blow job as he leaned against the shower wall, savoring the sensation of my wet mouth licking and sucking his big cock. I knew how to make him come, but delayed it until he could barely stand up, then I used my tongue in that special way that he liked to bring him off. Much longer, and we would have both turned into prunes!

Jack had chosen a dress for me from our shopping expedition earlier in the day. It wasn't a maternity style--we were going out au naturel this evening--and before I put on the dress, Jack handed me a wrapped box. Unwrapping it, I found a beautiful black corset, made of silk and leather. "Let me help you try that on", Jack smiled. "I think it will show off your gorgeous new body". Indeed, as we positioned me in the corset, it accentuated my new buxomness, pushing my breasts together and up, and revealing quite a bit of cleavage. Jack laced up the back; it was a little tight for comfort. "It's a bit snug with that lovely belly of yours, but I think you'll grow to like the feeling", he murmured, as he fondled my waist and ass. Speaking of my ass, the corset ended just at the top of my buttocks, and as I looked in the mirror I could see that the size of my rounded ass was emphasized by the cinch in my waistline. "Plenty of room in the laces for you to grow a bit more", Jack noted. He stood behind me, I could feel his cock hard in his black jeans pressing agaist my ass. I rubbed against him enticingly as he cupped my breasts, now firmly held by the corset. My nipples were just below the top of the leather trim, and they ached to be sucked yet again. "Let's put that dress on and see how it looks", Jack reached for the silk dress on the closet door. As he slipped it over my head and turned me around to fasten up the many tiny buttons in the front, I realized that he'd chosen the dress with the corset in mind. My deep decolletage was perfect, and I looked down at it, imagining the small effort it would take to release my breasts for suckling. Just the thought made me hot. "Beautiful", Jack murmured.

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