Becoming Legless


"Yeah there have been a few instances, nothing to write home about apart from one."

"Oh that will be with Jo," his mom smiled encouragingly, adjusting a bra strap. "I've seen the way she looks at you."

"Yeah, a hot babe but she didn't allow me to get beyond first base, a light grope," Grant lied.

His mom giggled and stroked his arm.

She'd fucking touched him, a real sexy caress! Grant couldn't believe it.

Something egged him on and so he told her his experienced with Eileen Shanks.

His mom listened intently and without warning dragged her chair closer, making Grant nervous.

"Well that will have been some kind of experienced for you darling, but what it is I have no idea. God Eileen teaches Third Grade kids. Their moms would die if they knew the kind of girl Eileen really is."

"Mom don't say anything to anyone because Eileen is smart enough to separate her private life from her responsible work life."

"That's a very mature comment from you darling," his mom said, stroking his arm again. "Have you told Penny about that?"

"Nah, she'd whack me if I spoke to her like that."

"Is that so?"


"Are you sure of that?"


"Well son there's something I need to discuss with you. I know when a young female is sexually active and Penny is sexually active and yet at the moment she's not running with a guy. It has occurred to me the only other young guy in her life is you. Have you and Penny been having it off? Speak to me truthfully darling."

Grant thought of saying Jo could be shafting Penny with a strap-on but that might make his mom go crazy and call Penny back home. Hmmm.

He stood, attempting to act like a man.

Placing both hands on the shoulders of his mom, twisting her around by one shoulder to accomplish that, Grant said gravely, "Mom there are times when a son has to say to his mom that is something he can neither confirm nor deny. Now with me this is not a situation where I have to say that but I really do feel uncomfortable about you talking about Penny like that. Mum you can ask me anything at that level but only about me. You'd wish me to answer dad like that if he asked me straight out had I ever had sex with you."

"Oh god, has he asked you such a stupid question?"

"No mom but that's not to say he never will. Think about it. I'm off for a pee. Your half-hour tear-jerker screens in a minute. I'll clear away. Now don't fret. You and I know we haven't fucked."



"It doesn't matter. I'm off to watch TV."


Grant was lazing in the pool when his mom arrived and stood almost over him.

"That looks beautiful in the pool. I'll put on my swimsuit."

Having been thinking that his mom might be a great fuck, Grant reached up and pulled the hem of her sundress out wide.

"You're not wearing panties so take off the dress and jump in."

"I am wearing panties."

"You're not."

She bit her lip and pulled the dress up high.

"Ah so you are. You have great legs mom."

Irene, not dropping the skirt, said, "Do you really think so?"

"Yes in a group of women your age you'd probably be the real knock-out."

She appeared tense. "Why are you talking to me like this?"

"Dunno. I feel sexy I guess. Don't you get like that?"

"I might."

Grant thought this moment would be lost until he raised the ante. "I'll jump out and undress you."

Dropping the skirt his mom said, "I can manage thank you. Turn away."


Irene bit her lip and said, "Very well" and began undressing. She pulled the zip at her back and worked her arms and the sundress with the built in bra slipped to her feet.

"Keep you panties on if you wish but I would like to see you."

"Will you allow me to see you?"


He removed his swimsuit and tossed it alongside the sundress she'd stepped out of.

Irene pulled down her pants and with them at her ankles said, "Well what do you think?"

The shape of the plump trimmed vulva excited him but he said calmly, "As I said before, great legs."

He turned away and began swimming lengths. His mom joined him for four lengths as she usually did and then stopped at the shallow end. Grant came back to her. He reached out but she evaded him.

"Come on mom."

She looked flustered but eyed him steadily. "Have you any idea what you are up to and what the consequences are?"

"Absolutely. Within twenty-four hours you will have decided whether I'm the scum of the earth or you love me for being so loving to you."

She stared and he swam away.

Grant swam four more lengths, aware she was watching and thinking. He returned to her and she said, "I can't believe you appear larger than your father."

"Crap he's shorter but heavier. Or is that not what you are talking about?"

She laughed, sounding relaxed, and somehow looked younger. Grant assumed that was an invitation to strike.

He went behind her and cupped her heavy tits.

Irene leaned back against him and whispered, "That feels heavenly because it's you."

Grant felt the nipples harden in his fingers and his cock thickening against her butt. He lowered both hands from her tits and grabbed her stomach roll, hoping to indicate that he was okay with the fact that a roll was pretty normal for mature women.

She spread her legs and reached between them for his erection.

"Mom I want you to be absolutely sure about this."

"Few of us are pure Grant. Maureen Cox has confessed to me your father fucked her when they were away for a tennis tournament two months ago. I want you inside me."

"Are you attempting to get back at dad?"

Grant could feel the head of his dick against his mother's pussy lips.

"No in recent days I've noticed the way you've been looking at me. I want you to have me darling."

"Push it in mom," Grant said, moving his hands back up. He began squeezing her tits, moving them back and forth, and he felt his dick move from cool pool water into a steam hot cunt.

"Is it safe to come in you."

"Yes, please do."

Grant decided not to fuck his mom every day, providing she'd let him do it again, because Penny would want him continuing with her and Jo would probably invite him to be at her again. He only has so much cum to spread round.

After his dad left for work next day his mom said to him, sipping coffee, "I love you Grant and you certainly are no scum of the earth to me. The next time we are together would you like me to teach you how to enjoy anal sex?"

"What up the shit hole?" Grant said, feigning innocence.

"Oh yuck," his mother frowned, her face really screwed up. "Properly prepared it's nothing like that. We should only be intimate occasionally because the more people are naughty the greater the chance of being found out."

"Yes I reckon statistically that is correct, frequency lowering the odds."

"And becoming careless and taking greater risks. Is that something you should be discussing with Penny?"

"I'm sure sex education is something between mother and daughter, not brother with sister mom and she probably thinks I know nothing."

"Correct grammar is she probably thinks you don't know anything about sex."

"As you say so mom. Talk to Penny but what if she thinks you know nothing about sex beyond the basics?"

"Would she think like that?"

"Mom you know Penny and I don't talk intimately like that."

"I have no idea what you two talk about with your heads together."

"I talk intimately to dad about cars, golf and computers mom. Are you alleging we talk secretly about family sex?"

"What you and your father? God no."

And that wrapped up that conversation, just as Grant intended. He realized being sexually associated with females was leading to his greater understanding of females.

Jesus. It was amazing how things worked out.

"You're a great fuck mom," he said, leaving his now scarlet-faced mom watching him leave. He put on a swagger, emphasizing hip roll.

Grant accepted an invitation to stay with his father's younger sister and her husband and two kids. The daughter was underage and Aunt Daphne sang in the church choir and both she and Uncle Frank were a bit uptight but Grant knew he was only there for three days to take Allie who was six and Davy who was eight hiking and try to increase their confidence in the water. Both could swim a little.

During the first two day Grant took them on hikes and made it as interesting as he could, identifying trees and birds for them and suddenly disappearing on them leaving them yelling for him. He'd return, sneaking up on them and yell 'Boo", scaring the crap out of them. In the pool he told Allie she was far too old to be wearing water wings and to take them off. When she refused he told her get out of the pool.

"Make me."

Grant lifted her up and said he was going to throw her head down on to the concrete.

"No don't." she screamed. "Take my water wings off."

He did that and Daphne came running out to investigate the commotion and all she saw was Davy in his tube being pushed along by Grant with Allie on Grant's back with her arms round his neck.

"Put your swim aid on darling."

"Nah I'm a big girl now," she called. "When we get to the end I have the tube and Davy has to swim back by himself."

Unable to belief that, Daphne sat down to watch.

They reached the deep end and Grant tossed Allie away and she sank and Daphne screamed.

Allie came back up spitting out water and splashed her way to the tube six feet away. Grant tipped out Davy and he went under and came up spluttering and then laughed.

"Wow in two days you've achieved wonders," Daphne marveled.

"Watch this mom?"

She watched as Davy began swimming a whole length, Grant facing him just out of reach and frog-leaping off the bottom to keep ahead.

Allie at the deep end fell out of the tube and Daphne screamed and her nephew told her to shut up.

Allie came up blowing out water and sweeping her blonde hair away from her eyes.

"Swim and get back on the tube Allie," Grant called.

Daphne watched her daughter reached the tube, climb into it, fall out, and unfazed climb back in and then start paddling in circles.

The next afternoon the kids were watching TV when Daphne went into Grant's bedroom with a beer.

"You best start packing," she said as she entered. "Irene is expecting you home for dinner and Penny arrive home this evening as well."

She looked at the bed in horror. Grant was flat on his back jerking, pulling at the biggest penis she'd ever seen.

"God you are as big as a pony."

Grant had never heard here use the word God in that sense.

"Come over and suck it."

"Oh I c-couldn't do that. Um may I touch it?"

"Yeah come right over."

She touched it and said nice things about it and began jerking it.

Grant reached up and grabbed a breast and squeezed.

She looked big-eyed at him but there was no objection and not attempt to pull away.

"This is exciting," she cooed.

"Take off your panties."

She stopped and drew away.

"Come on Daphne."

"You are supposed to call me Aunt Daphne."

"That's true and you're not supposed to jerk my dick."

The standoff continued. Finally she said, "Panties are the only things I'm taking off."

"That's fine," he said, unaware he was being introduced to partly dressed sex.

"I'll be back in a minute, just want to check on the kids," Daphne said after toweling semen off his belly.

"They are fine," she said returning and tossed him a condom. "Put that on and stay on your back."

Grant's uptight aunt, running a bit loose that day, then introduced him to a new move. She rode him cowgirl.

* * *

Penny arrived home that evening just before her mom and after she'd unpacked and changed she joined her mom beside the pool and said, "Has Grant taken my car somewhere?"

"He's spent three days with Daphne and Frank. Daphne said the kids have had a wonderful time with him out in the woods and in the water, gaining confidence in both environments."

"Oh that's good. Kids seem to really like him."

"And how good have you been with him darling?"

Penny attempted to keep the hand holding her glass from shaking and asked what was her mom talking about.

"I believe you and your brother may not have been on your best behavior with each other."

"God mom what are you saying? I bet you haven't got the guts to make a wild accusation like that to Grant."

"Well right now I'm asking you."

"Mom he's only just eighteen. He'll know next to nothing about sex although he may have found a shy girl or two who also was keen to experiment. When he gets to college his sex education will really begin."

"Does that mean you are prepared to lie to your mother?"

"What have I said that's a denial?"

"By not coming straight out and admitting sexual misbehavior with your brother."

"Mom this is so stupid to be talking to me like this. Have you had sex with Grant?"

"How dare you. God you insolent little bitch," Irene hissed.

"Cool it mom. Now you know exactly how you made me feel. I must ask Jo if he's any good. I would think he's been at her. She turns cagey whenever his name comes up."

"No please don't do that. Grant is entitled to his privacy. It's so lovely having you home again. Here let me kiss you."

"Now no tonguing mom."

"Stop being so foul you sweet darling."

Penny began breathing easier.

* * *

With the time to begin college drawing closer, and whenever bored making a hit on either his mom, sister or Jo to put some passion into those days, Grant had one wish: to fuck an older woman, one who really knew how to do it and would tutor him, to prepare him for college.

His mom was very okay but he sensed she held back somewhat, perhaps thinking she shouldn't be having family sex. His aunt Daphne had been too uptight and in too much of the hurry to give him total gratification, at least that's what he thought he was hoping to get fulsome experience. Some of the guys he knew called it. "Being fucked legless."

Well perhaps that experience would come his way next summer.

Grant went to the mall to buy a new set of inks for his computer and saw Penny and Jo hanging out with a bunch of their girlfriends. On the way back Penny and Jo came over to him and he asked Penny for a ride home. She said they'd drop him off as she was going to Jo's for lunch.

"You can come to lunch too Grant."

"Nah but thanks. I need to change the inks in my printer."

"How long would that take?"

He grinned and said three minutes and they all laughed and laughed even harder when Jo said he wasn't interested in them unless sex was on offer.

He blushed.

"Come on Grant, we can't have sex because mom's home but we get along okay and you ought to learn to socialize with females without thinking sex."

"Oh okay, your pool is longer than ours.

Marina Lake kissed the girls and then smiled at Grant and asked, "Do you want one too?"

He heard the girls giggle and said um no. But Marina kissed him and said, "What beautiful soft lips" and the girls giggled again.

"You kids hit the pool while I get drinks and nibbles."

Grant was on his thirteenth length when a streak of white trailing bubbles went under him and he realized it was Jo's mom. She popped up ahead of him, turned and smiled.

"You have a lovely style."

"Thanks. We had a great coach at high school."

"Yes Lydia Marks. She and I used to swim competitively."

"You have the body of a sports women."

"Oooh Grant darling, you've noticed I have a body."

He fought against going shy, a brain explosion telling him this might be the woman who could fuck him legless.

"Y-you have a wonderful body."

She swam closer and said her husband used to say things about her like that.

"I suppose you make similar comments to all the moms you meet beside a pool or at the tennis club?"

Grant lied, "No I have never been that personal with a mother, ever."

"Don't regard it as being unwelcome when you become personal with me Grant. I love you talking to me like this. I've thought you might be at an age when you are becoming interested in older women, although not too old."

Jo called, "Mom I'm taking Penny to show her my new clothes."

"Okay dear but rejoin us in the pool."

Marina waited for the girls to leave and then said, "What parts of my body do you like in particular Grant?"

"Well I was only speaking generally."

"What parts in particular Grant?"

"Um your shoulders. You have a swimmer's shoulders."


He hesitated.

"Say it Grant."

"Your breasts."

"Oooh. I thought you might think they were too small."

"No there are beautifully shaped and compact and anyway it's nipple size that really matters."

"Oh Grant. Thanks for being prepared to talk so openly to me like this. Why does size matter?"

"Aw Mrs Lake."

"Come on Grant. I want you to tell me."

"Ones that stick out and are big and firm are sexy."

'"Hmmm. That's really good news for me. I have big nipples Grant. The other thing you're be interested in, do you call it a pussy or a cunt?"

"I better go Mrs Lake."

She remained calm. "I think that's bullshit Grant. I think you can't believe we are talking like this. You really don't want to go, do you?"


"And you like me?"

"I really like you Mrs Lake. You are really cool."

"I can't show you my nipples now because the girls might be watching and my husband will be home any minute to join us for lunch."

"I look forward to the time when you can do that Mrs Lake. I know how to keep my mouth shut and I feel I can deal with any situation that might arise."

"Oh very good Grant. I need to hear that but didn't think you'd have the courage to say it. Well done. I want to have sex with you Grant."

"You are a real ripper Mrs Lake."

"You may call me Marina when we are alone."

"Perhaps I should stick to Mrs Lake. I could foul up."

"You are very bright Grant. Are you well-endowed?"


"I thought so. I'm getting out now. I'll fetch you a drink. Look at my body as much as you wish. You're a lovely guy Grant."

After a lovely lunch Penny and Grant left when Jo's father Mark left to return to work.

Penny said, "Jo and I saw you and her mother in the pool from upstairs. You too were very close. Were you coming on to Marina?"

"Are you mad? We were talking about swimming. Did you know she used to swim competitively?"

"Yes I knew that. Anyway she'd not be interested in you."

A week later the Lakes were left for another two-weeks at their vacation home alongside a lake and two days later Mark Lake called and invited the Baker family to join them but Penny said unfortunately her parents were going to a week-long convention. Mark said then Penny still could come and bring Grant and she accepted and said she'd bring Grant if he were free. He was not due home for another couple of hours and Mark said whatever, but at least she should come to please Jo as it was pretty quiet up at the lake at the moment.

Grant arrived home behind his dad Frank in his car newly purchased to get him to college daily. It was a 6-year-old Acura TSX and although he thought it was a bit girly he was pleased with its performance and angry his dad wouldn't allow him to buy the red Ford pickup he'd really wanted.

Penny told Grant about the invitation by the Lakes to the lake and he wasn't sure if he wanted to go, knowing that Mark and Jo and Penny would block any moves he could make on Marina. But his mom insisted he go, saying she didn't want him being alone in the house and turning it into a whorehouse or party house.

"You're going to the lake son," Frank said. "It will be a good test run for your car."

"Yeah, a good run," Grant said, looking on the bright side.

He was disappointed when they arrived at the lake and Jo's hot mom kissed him passively albeit with an accompanying hug of hospitable goodwill that most friends' moms would exhibit. He hadn't thought of what to expect, although a tongue snaking into his mouth and his hand pulled up against an aged-wrinkled tit would have been nice.

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