Becoming Legless


Grant tried to maintain his humor, despite being disappointed and after the evening meal when he and Mrs Lake cleared and did the dishes they chatted like two elderly people in a retirement home and she studiously avoided making any contact with him.

When watching TV he fell asleep and only awoke when Mark shook him and said, "So you find this place boring already?"

"Nah it's a great location and you have a lovely home up here. At home I'd be been bored spending hours clearing away the possessions of my childhood and youth because mom says when I returned on my first college break I'll be a man."

"Oh I doubt the transformation will be that rapid," smiled the medical researcher. "The others have just turned in. Marina said to give her your kiss goodnight; where do you want it?"

"Anywhere but on the ass," Grant said and they laughed.

There were four bunks in Grant's room where he was the only occupant. He went to bed grumpy and thought he'd give jerking off a miss. He threw the blankets back and saw something lacy and pulled the panties out. They were too wide for slim Jo. His heart fluttered and his sniffed them and smelt pussy and thought they were still warm.

"Marina's!" he sighed in glee. In bed he held them over his nose and jerked himself off, catching the gush in the panties. In the morning he made the bed, leaving the panties down between the sheets where he'd found them. Grant returned to his bedroom mid-morning and checked and found the panties had been removed. He felt like howling to the moon, er at the sun.

Late morning Mark asked Grant if he would swim out to Shoe Island with Marina.

"I have some calls to make and don't want her swimming out that 900 yards to the island unaccompanied. Penny said you were a distance swimming."

"Yeah okay."

"Thanks pal."

As the swimmers were walking down the grass to the lake edge Marina said, "You naughty boy. I left a temporary calling card and you jerked over it."


"I had to smell it to be sure it was semen."

"Guess what I was smelling when jerking?"

She giggled. "Come with me to the supermarket this afternoon. I want Mark to become used to seeing you with me."

"Okay," Grant said, his heart pumping hard. She obviously had a plan so they could fuck.

The swim was uneventful and accomplished with ease and the lake was placid. When they sat to rest she said not to touch her, that Grant would have had the girls checking their progress using the telescope.

He plucked up courage. "Do you shave your pussy?"

"Yes but I leave a small hat for it. Do you shave you dick?"

"No I clip it a bit. Would you like me to shave it?"

"That would be nice. Just a reminder, keep your hands off me unless we are in a very private situation. People all around us have little to do but to pry."

"Right, understood."

"And don't masturbate until you return home. You'll have no need."

"And the same to you."

Marina looked at Grant sharply and then smiled. Smiled lushly, her thought.

That night when climbing into bed Grant found someone had donated him a 12-pack of condoms. How very thoughtful. All the bedrooms were too close together to sneak in and use a couple on the girls. The grave risk of detection would be high.

He thought about swimming at to the island with Marina and talking about shaving and masturbation. He thought any mother talking to a young guy like that, even his mother, was bound to be fucked by the guy she was talking too like that. Er perhaps not all because some scatty women might really believe they were seriously educating a young guy. Unless women reacted favorably, what use was it for a guy to go around half the day with an erection?

When driving to the supermarket that afternoon he and Marina had seen the two girls talking to a couple of guys leaning against a van with all of them looking excessively casual. The girls waved to Marina without embarrassment instead of turning away and hoping not to be seen.

"The girls appear to be enjoying themselves," was all Marina said and that lulled Grant, allowing Marina to catch him short footed.

"Have you had sex with my daughter?"

Shit what could he say. Best to play safe. "Nah although I think she likes me and we have kissed, but friendly like, you know, when we meet or part.

"And your sister?"

"What about Penny?"

"Have you had sex with her?"

"Christ Mrs Lake what is this? Next you be asking have I tailed my mom and her sisters. What do you think I am, a domestic predator?"

She laughed and said that was a thought.

Grant knew he had to change the subject. "Oh look there's some cattle."

"Yes Grant, they used to keep the land clear under the trees planted for milling. I was just asking you those questions to gain some idea of our sexual experience. All I know so far is you jerk off."

Oh crap, he didn't want her thinking he wasn't experienced. "Do you know Eileen Shanks?"

"Yes she teaches schools and is very attractive and has had affairs with the husbands of a couple of my friend's husbands. Omigod, are you suggesting that you and Eileen...?"

"I'm saying nothing more. Some things must be left unsaid."

They drove in silence for a couple of minutes until Marina laughed and Grant asked what was funny.

"You having sex with Eileen Shanks. She's the hottest younger woman living in our neighborhood."

"If you must know she is a lovely woman and that's all I'm saying."

They parked and entered the supermarket and Marina said, "Grab a trolley and follow me."

Now she was angry, Grant scowled. Why did women have to get so moody?

The place was fairly busy but when they entered the household cleaning, disinfectants and kitchen hardware produces they were alone in that aisle. Marina pushed back against him, also holding the shopping cart, half turned her face and said, "Kiss me."

Grant kissed her cheek and she sighed and turned her face to him fully and opened her lips a little. He kissed her lips firmly and then pushed her tongue into her mouth. She pulled her tongue clear because their tongues didn't touch but she made no effort to pull away from him or to close her mouth.

He grabbed a tit and squeezed. She moaned lightly and placed a hand over his covered dick and squeeze, then pushed her tongue against his tongue and waggled her tongue against his. She then broke away and crossing the aisle to grab a pack of bench wipes and power ball tabs for the dishwasher.

Grant felt his body temperature soar and he wanted to pull down her shorts and pop out his cock and rub it against her ass. God he was horny.

"That was lovely but dangerous," she said, smiling and placing the items into the cart. "Come on we must not loiter otherwise we might be picked up by a security camera scanning aisles at random. We took a risk but remained fully dressed so even if we were spotted on camera they will do nothing about it, except to keep us under watch."

"Gee and you don't mind taking the risk?"

"No although it makes me feel stupid because it's unnecessary but I anticipated I that's what you wanted."

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be but back off until we get into the SUV."

"Okay. You know when our tongues touched I almost ejaculated."

Marina giggled and said what a waste that would have been. "I liked you telling me that. My panties probably now will be damp."

"Is that okay?" Grant asked, wondering if she should apologize for making her wet.

"Don't fret darling. It's very okay and I like my nipples being up hard and feeling alive."

Grant drove his cart straight into the cart of an approaching woman.

"Look where you're going you careless young man," she growled. "You young males treat woman with contempt."

"Ma'am I'm very sorry for wheeling without care while I was thinking where were the, er, cookies."

"Oh you do have manners. Thank you. Cookies are in aisle five. Have a nice day with your young aunt."

"God," Marina whispered as they moved off. "You've left that cold bitch eating out of your hand. Little wonder you had Eileen Shanks opening her legs for you."

"Perhaps that woman's husband ignores her or even smacks her around a bit."

"Perhaps. More likely she goes without breakfast. Why won't you admit you have fucked Eileen?"

"Doesn't it occur to you I don't talk about having anything to do with females if I believe are things I shouldn't talk about?"

"I'm sorry for teasing Grant and admire you for being resolute. At least I've got something from teasing you."

"Like what?"

"You won't admit to my husband you've seduced me after we do it, even if he places you under pressure."

"You can be sure of that. I really do want your cunt wrapped round my dick Marina and don't want anyone sharing our intimate adventures."

"Omigod," Marina said, grabbing the side of the cart for support, her cheeks coloring and she turned to give Grant a dazzling smile. "Just be patient darling. If we rush we could be caught. If adultery were easy everyone would be doing it."

"Why are you keen to have sex with me?"

"Because Mark has lost some of his sex drive and I need sex, lots of it, because it's one of the things I really enjoy. He'd eight years older than me. I just thought he'd always want to have sex with me without ever loosing his enthusiasm."

"Perhaps there is another woman?"

"Perhaps but I think not, although I could be kidding myself. I think the demands at work make him tired and he does nothing these days to work on his fitness."

"How old are you?"


"Is that the truth?"

"You cheeky jerk. Of course it is."

"That's fine. I was just wondering. I've heard mom lie about her age."

As they drove off Marina said, "I had planned to stop somewhere on the way home for a cuddle but have changed my mind."

"That's okay," Grant said, manfully attempting to smother his disappointment.

Marina flashed an understanding smile at him as she neared a corner. "So you want to reach across and finger me?"

He sighed. "Nah let's not rush it but let's make sure it happens."

"I'll tell you a secret Grant that I'd thought I'd never divulge. When I was in the pool at home with you that day I had to command myself to back off. I had this huge desire to grab you cock and try to push it into me."

"I'm glad you didn't because I saw the Penny looking down at us from Jo's bedroom and shortly after that when you were handing me a Coke your husband came through the house and greeted us."

"As I said, adultery is difficult with high risk. We must get our planning right and attempt to eliminate all risk."

"Yeah and I'd be stupid not to agree. You called me darling before."

"Well I don't love you if that's what you are thinking. Love doesn't happen like that and I'm acutely aware I'm twice your age darling."

Grant rose to the occasions, believing he was telling her what she wanted to hear, "I know, it's just that we wish to savor this experience by not being busted."

She smiled and Grant knew, or thought he knew, it was a warm smile indicating she believed in him and believed just at this time he was exactly what she needed. He wasn't prepared to dismiss as bullshit.

They arrived home to find Mark dressed in business clothes waiting for them.

"Darling," he said, kissing her and nodding at Grant. "There's a crisis in the laboratory. I have to go back and sort it out to attempt to protect the integrity of the research we have do so far."

"Oh darling, I don't want you to go. This is you vacation, the reward for working so dedicatedly."

"Well I'm paid my big salary to be in charge and cope with the shit when it hits the fan."

"Oh, then you best take Grant back with you."

Grant felt his heart had stopped beating. Why the hell was she saying that? She was a fucking idiot.

"No way. I'm not going to leave you three females up here where the males outnumber the females."

"Oh Mark, what are you suggesting?"

"Never you mind. Grant I've leaving you in charge."

Grant swallowed and to his astonishment saw Marina glance at him triumphantly, or at least he thought that was her expression.

"What ever you say Mr Lake."

"Good man," Mark said, tossing a couple of bags on to the backseat while Marina and Grant removed their shopping from the rear of the SUV."

Mark said. "I expect to be back sometime on Friday."

"Yes dear, whatever you say dear," Marina said, appearing almost groveling.

Mark looked concerned. "Well if you are not sure of being here without me...?"

"No Mark. Grant is only a boy but he is male and I'll have the girls with me."

"Yeah and that's fine by me."

Mark kissed his wife goodbye, gave Grant a salute, and drove off.


As they turned to re-enter the house Grant leered, "Right, let's get our clothes off and ..."

Marina's phone went.

"Damn I must take the call because it could be the girls."

She walked away talking and returned smiling.

"It was Jo. Caroline Seagraves has invited them to stay a couple of nights and she is hosting a party tomorrow night. Caroline is bringing them over now to collect their clothes and other things they'll need."

"Um this leaves the way open for us to misbehave."

Marina smiled. "It's what we wanted isn't it?"

Grant grinned like a predator.

Caroline and Penny were talking to Marina when Jo come up to Grant and said, "Sorry we are abandoning you like this."

"No it's fine, I'll spend my time um reading."

"And going for walks for mom?"

"Well yes if that's what she wants."

Jo looked out the door, apparently to check the others were still in the kitchen/dinning room area talking.

"Grant I suggest you hit on mom?"

Grant knew he had to say something and so said, "Are you crazy?"

"From what mom has mentioned to me in a round about way I think she's sexually frustrated."

"What you mean she's not getting enough?"

"Yes exactly."

"God Jo is I pinged your mom you'd never speak to me again."

She snorted. "May I remind you who suggested this?"

"Oh yeah."

"Pile her with drinks and heap on the charm lover-boy. You might find that with sex there's such a thing as luck. I believe the timing is right and mom will bend over for you."

"Well I don't know..."

"Oh dear me Grant, do you want me to prime her and push you into her?"

"That's disgusting Jo. Please don't talk about you mother like that."

"Well you just read and leave mom playing alone with her vibrator."

Grant grinned and said she presented erotic images and Jo laughed and said now he was sounding more like a young guy trying to built up notches on his belt.

"If you do make it Grant be kind to her like you have been with me."

"You bet," he said, squeezing her butt and they fell into a sloppy kiss.

Grant and Marina waved the three young women goodbye and he almost whined, "This looks too easy, do you think something will go wrong?"

Marina looked at her would-be seducer kindly. "Perhaps I did confuse you when I spoke earlier about risk. I must say that casual sex away from your usual partner, if you have one, is all about opportunity. As a general rule think of it like this: if you don't chase after it then it's unlikely you will score and that means you have to set you targets and make your own decisions. What is it to be Grant?"

"Let's fuck."

She laughed and said the enthusiasm of the young was so endearing.

Looking slightly apprehensive he asked, "I take it you have strayed before this?"


Marina didn't elaborate and he thought it best not to press her. She said they should have a drink and relax.

"I'm ready to go now."

She smiled and said give the girls ten minutes in case they decided to return to collect something they'd forgotten.

"Gee your wisdom is great experience for me Marina."

Twenty-minutes later she was leading him to her marital bed. Using that bed made Grant nervous and that was intensified by the long wait for action. He now worried what if he failed to perform to her expectations. What if he failed to maintain an erection? Why had she strung him along for so long? Did she not really want him to plow her? Was this the longest pre-fuck windup any guy had ever experienced?"

In the bedroom Marina turned to him and dropped her shorts. She wasn't wearing briefs and she pulled off her top and pushed her bra under her tits and cooed, "Fuck me my young lover."

Grant's half erection magically turned into something resembling a steel rod and gave him the impression it had all but ripped though his pants. He dropped his pants and struggled to untangle his stiffy from the piss flap in his underpants. God what a time for this to happen.

Marina heroically shot in to the rescue and untangled it for him and cooed, "Oh Christ Grant, that's huge."

With a blinding flash of certainty Grant thought he'd never have greater respect for a woman anywhere on Planet Earth as he did right at that moment for Marina. Wasn't she just such a darling? She helped him off with his unbuttoned shirt and white cotton undershirt and cooed, "Lick me darling but take your time because we have two nights and two days of this."

Eh? Omigod. She intended to fuck him legless.

She drew up her knees and opened wide for him; Grant licked and sniffed. Hmmm pungent and earthy with no hint of urine. He and his pals had discussed this and agreed that's how a woman in her prime should present like. Some of them had been told by females guys smelt and tasted like stale cheese with a overlaying hint of mushroom. No way would he taste a guy to find if they were true.

She was really wet and her began licking like an eager puppy and ran a hand through his hair and tickled an ear. He guessed that was her signaling she was involved and she approved.

Grant heard her whimper, "Shove two fingers into me darling, palm side up.

She was wet and his fingers were practically sucked into her.

Jesus and where were the wrinkles? He'd expected the tits and thighs of a forty-plus female to be halfway to wrinkling up like a grandmother. But she was like his mother, still soft and very smooth. Gee what was this about women?

Before he could get Marina off by digging into her and cork-screwing his fingers with hideous squelching sounds and yelling to her, "Come for me your bitch," she was whining to him to stick it in her and ram her for all he was worth. He thought that would be a short session because he wasn't worth much. Ha. He didn't attempt to share the joke with her, thinking it would delay them.

She stayed on her back but that was okay with him. When he was eager like this he'd poke it at the female in any position she wanted. Grabbing his rod in two hands Grant steered it in. Marina turned purple in the face and shrieked at him to slow down.

Jesus she was tighter than Jo and that was tighter than a housewife with the pocket money for her kids.

"Be patient darling," Marina said. "My cunt will adjust to accommodation you."

Bullshit. It looked as if he'd have to give her a dry one under an armpit.

But it seemed one of them was wrong because suddenly he slid all the way in.

Grant's triumph at getting all the way up the very attractive and sexy Mrs Lake was short-lived. He realized he was in a jam. If she were to squeeze she might create a back-vacuum and send all the blood in his dick out through his ass.

He froze, petrified.

"Good boy," Marina cooed. "You are so considerate giving me a breather to get used to you. I feel I have you in a vice."

Grant whimpered and his hugely opened eyes appeared to almost gyrate.

"I suggest you pull out slowly and remove the condom and then re-insert after I rub on lube."

"Um sure," he croaked. He thought the lube would be much more effective than the removal of a near impossibly thin condom.

He pulled out with a disgustingly sounding plop that sounded like someone's freed blocked bowel emptying down the gurgler.

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