tagSci-Fi & FantasyBecoming my Pregnant Teacher

Becoming my Pregnant Teacher


"Hey Miss Williams - who knocked you up? I bet it was Mr. Benson, wasn't it? You're into old men, aren't you?" James, a typical class clown, mocked from his seat in the back of the English class.

The heavily pregnant, but very pretty, teacher who was standing in front of the whiteboard blushed a deep pink before frowning at the unruly student.

"Another comment like that and I'll send you to the principal's office, mister," she warned, holding her belly with one hand and a copy of the Scarlet Letter with the other. The freshmen English class had been reading the classic for three weeks now, but today they were on the final chapter, for which Miss Williams was extremely glad. The parallels between her situation and Hester's did not fall short on her or on the class, making each day a grueling ordeal.

Miss Williams, or Missy as she was known to friends and family, had become the talk of the small, rural high school after coming back to class after summer vacation five months pregnant with twins. Now it was November and she was bursting the seams of her biggest maternity dresses. Already the principal had pulled her aside to chastise her for showing too much cleavage. Of course, when you have FF milk-swollen breasts like Missy, it wasn't easy to find bras that actually supported the heavy knockers instead of just corralling them.

With James quieted for the moment, Missy turned back to the board and began writing out some key vocabulary terms from the chapter.

"Can anyone give me some plot points from the final chapter?" Missy asked the class in her feminine, but soft, "teacher voice".

A star pupil at the front of the class immediately raised her hand. "Chillingworth dies, leaving all his land and wealth to Hester and Pearl," the blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl replied.

Missy smiled, thankful there were at least a few students who actually read the book. As her belly had grown, the respect the students held for the thirty year old had gone out the window. She was lucky to get one student to answer correctly.

"That's right, Sadie. What else?"

James languidly threw up his hand, smirking proudly. Missy knew she shouldn't, but she quickly called on the troublemaker - if only to get him to shut up quicker.

"Hester finally gets over the whole 'being a whore' thing. Kinda like you, Miss Williams. You're pretty proud of it now, aren't you?"

For a moment, Missy had no idea what to say. Never had she had a student talk to her in such a disrespectful tone. Even when she was a fresh graduate, her students had always kept their tongues in check...but this year everything had changed. Was her being pregnant (by an unknown man) really such a distraction for the males in her class? Were they really that pathetic?

Perhaps, Missy reasoned, James wouldn't be quite so ruthless if he knew what it was like to shove swollen ankles into high heels everyday and waddle through the hallways with two babies strapped to his abdomen. That would show him to pick on a pregnant lady.

Missy decided James needed to be taught a lesson in gender studies. And she knew just the person to teach him.

"James, principal's office. Now," Missy said sharply, pointing to the door.

James gave her the typical "what did I do?" look before sluggishly standing and trudging over to the door.

"Whatever. Its not like he can do anything. What is he gonna say? I was lying?" James joked before slamming the door behind him. A few students snickered at James's last joke, but most kept a straight face, not wanting a similar fate as the class clown.

Missy rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the white board. "Can everyone please flip to page two-hundred and fifteen..."


"What did you do this time, Mr. Parker?"

James plopped down in front of the principal's desk, a grimace plastered on his unremarkable features. "Miss Williams was being a bitch. As she always is. I don't know why you didn't just fire her when she came back pregnant."

The principal, named Mr. Moreau, raised an eyebrow. "And why would I have fired her? Can she not complete her job while pregnant? Is she not fulfilling her responsibilities?"

Although Moreau had recently stopped Missy in the hallway to comment on her too-tight clothing choice, he didn't have a problem with her teaching. As a matter of fact, Missy had had some of the highest test averages in the entire school in recent years. Though she had complained more about insubordination in the classroom since becoming pregnant...

"I mean, yeah, she's so stupid," James replied dumbly. "Waddling around like a fat bimbo. I can't stand her."

"So, you don't like Miss Williams because she is pregnant? That makes you uncomfortable?" Moreau guessed.

James blushed and shook his head quickly. "No way, I just think she's a ho. She got herself knocked up and she probably doesn't even know who did it."

Moreau rolled his eyes. His school was normally pretty progressive, but there were always students, raised by bigots, who created unneeded commotion. Like James. Of course, there was a fairly easy way to fix this problem for Moreau.

Moreau, a seemingly normal middle-aged high school principal, was in fact, a practicing magician who used his relatively mundane powers to keep his school running smoothly. Most of his staff was aware of powers, as many of them had been affected by his magic, either in their inflated salaries or in more personal ways...

Missy knew full well what Moreau had planned for James - they had even talked about it before. The boy was eighteen - about to be nineteen - and graduating in the Spring. He was too old to be acting in such a fashion. The boy obviously needed to learn what it is like to live on the other side.

"Why is it so hot in here?"

Moreau looked at the sweating eighteen-year-old boy in front of him and smirked. "I don't think it's warm at all."

James pulled at his collar as a bead of sweat dripped off his chin. His body was working overtime, his cells preparing to morph. "It's like a million degrees in here."

Already, Moreau noticed a slight rise in the boy's vocal chords. Instead of sounding like a teenager, he sounded like a pre-pubescent kid. Moreau leaned back in his chair, anticipating quite a show.

"Something's wrong," James groaned in his higher pitched voice. "My skin..."

James held up his hands just in time to see them go from a dark olive to a much paler shade. The black hairs on his arms and hands fell out in clumps, as did the coarser hair on his legs. Shakily, James pulled at the hair on his head, which yielded handfuls of hair. As he looked down at his hands, he realized they too were changing. His arms slimmed dramatically, losing all musculature, and his hands became thin and petite, with long, painted nails.

"What's happening to me?" James asked, true fear in his normally sarcastic voice. Although he was seated, James realized that he had shrunk a few inches, making him a bit shorter.

"You're changing, James. For the better," Moreau said simply. "Try to stay calm, it'll make everything easier for you."

"I swear to god, whatever you're doing I'm going to kill you old man!" James screamed, attempting to get up from his seat.

"Oh, be quiet," Moreau muttered, waving a hand. Instantly, James stopped moving and the changes happening to his body became quicker.

James didn't have severe acne, but the few bumps and zits that were on his face disappeared completely, leaving a clean, pale visage. The angular profile of his face melted away into a much softer, heart shape and his ears slimmed and became pierced with two holes each. His slight facial hair disappeared, as did the Adam's apple on the boy's neck, which had lost its thick proportions, becoming more swan-like. With an odd cracking noise, and a yelp of pain from James, his nose straightened and slimmed. Similarly, his lips plumped dramatically and his deep-set eyes became large and doe-like. Though James himself didn't notice, his normally brown irises lightened to a brilliant green shade.

The boy felt the changes happening, but had no control over them or his own body. Though he wanted to scream and run as far away from Mr. Moreau as possible, he couldn't open his mouth or move a muscle. He was trapped.

"Had to put a little spell on you, since you were so set on struggling. Teenagers these days...can never stay still..."

Auburn hair began to spring forth from James' scalp in long threads. Soon, he had shimmering locks down past his shoulders. Picking at his new hair, James' pretty face became distorted as he realized what Moreau was doing to him.

"It looks like you have something to say, Mr. Parker. I'll lift my spell, but you have to play nice," Moreau warned. He lifted a finger and James felt his ability to speak return.

"You're turning me into a woman!?" James yelled in his new soprano voice.

Moreau nodded, his expression one of amusement. "Well, yes. But more specifically than that..." Moreau's voice dwindled off as he rummaged through a desk drawer. He pulled out a hand held mirror and held it up for James. The boy balked at the reflection.

"Y-You're turning me into...Miss Williams!?"

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