Becoming Myself Ch. 03


The house was beautiful, slate blue concrete façade with a grey stone surround on the bottom portion of the house. The roof of the house was done in charcoal tiled shingles. The garage was towards the back of the house so as to not detract from the front. The cobbled driveway went perfectly with the landscape. After I parked in the circular drive, I got out and just looked around. I would have loved to live here with Jarred. I tried to shake the longing off and just look forward to the time I would be spending 'vacationing'.

I rang the doorbell and waited... and waited. I hoped I wasn't too early. The brown wood door with the glass inlay at eye-level yielded that no one was coming down the hall. I began to feel apprehensive as I rang the bell for the third time. I saw him jogging up the hallway. I'd only pulled one bag out of the car, but I was glad it was my carry-on. My dick became rock hard as I say the object of my desires come jogging up in old ratty sneakers, sweat dripping down his naked torso, his hair matted to his head and his silky love trail disappearing into some low-riding basketball shorts. I gulped loud enough that it almost drowned out the pounding in my ears. He opened the door and I forgot to breathe.

The heat coming off him was intoxicating. The musky manliness of his sweat was assaulting my senses.

"Hey Marv, you're early! Sorry I didn't hear the door, I was out back shooting some hoops."

I smiled at him, shaking my head. He seemed to have no idea how hot he was. I held that smile as I stepped into the foyer of the house. Another man came strolling in, chugging some water. He looped his arm around Jarred's neck, like you would your younger brother. He was grinning from ear to ear dressed exactly like Jarred. I smiled as they bantered back and forth about who won. I looked from one to the other expectantly, wondering when the introductions were going to be made. This had to be a relative of Jarred's.

Jarred motioned me further into the house. "Hey Marv, I'm sorry for not introducing you two. This is Michael... my partner."

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by Anonymous04/16/18

Who exactly is Jared?

Maybe I’m way off base here, but I was getting the impression that it might turn out that Jared is actually Marvyn’s Brother! Why would Marvyn kick someone out of his life, that he was always ‘closemore...

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