tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBecoming Patty's Property Ch. 02

Becoming Patty's Property Ch. 02

byDante Ryan©

I quickly discovered that Patty was as uninhibited in public as she was in the bedroom. As we stood waiting for the bus she alternated between conversing with her friends and giving me deep french kisses while grabbing my ass and grinding our genitals together. She would grab my penis and make loud "Mmmmmmmm" sounds. She had absolutely no clue that this was inappropriate behavior, but like everyone else, I was too intimidated by her to say anything.

The bus ride to school was no different, as Patty had me sit next to her and continued to molest me the entire trip. From there she walked around with her arms tightly around me through the school, showing off the fact that she "finally had a boyfriend". It was as if Patty were displaying a trophy she won- but Patty was far from a prize herself, and being dragged around and put on display was terribly embarrassing. At one point, Patty asked one of her friends "doesn't he have a nice ass?" while having me turn around and display my behind. When classes finally started I noticed that I was getting the strangest looks for the other students. No wanted to acknowledge or speak to me. It was as if I were a leper.

I was hoping that lunch break would provide a reprieve, but as I exited my last class before break I saw Patty waiting for me in the hall. She insisted I sit with her...but I never got to sit. As Patty sat and ate lunch, she had me stand behind her, caressing her back and shoulders. As if this wasn't bad enough, Patty started telling everyone around her how horny she was, and how she couldn't wait for school to end so that she and I could get home and have another marathon sex session. She boasted that she'd found the best pussy-eater ever, and that I'd eat her out even after I'd fucked her. Some of the girls giggled and laughed, while others shook their heads with looks of distain. During my last class, the two guys that sat in the desks behind me continuously taunted me with subtle yet audible kissing and slurping noises. I guess word got around quickly.

The bus ride home was another twenty minutes of foreplay. As Patty held me down on the very last seat of the bus, she stuck her tongue down my throat and had me rub her pussy through her jeans with my hand. When the bus got to our apartment complex, Patty ordered everyone else to "sit down and get out of our way" while she grabbed me by the hand, rushed to the exit of the bus, and practically ran while dragging me to her apartment.

When we got there, Patty immediately started stripping down, and told me to do the same. I resigned myself to my fate and got undressed quickly. Patty sat on the bed, took off her clothes, and spread her legs. When she saw that my cock wasn't hard, her look of horniness quickly changed to a look of anger.

"Come on" she shouted, "we've been waiting to do this all day!"

I'd actually been dreading it all day, but I couldn't tell Patty that. Instead I meekly apologized and said that I couldn't help it. My suggestion that we "try again tomorrow" wasn't even acknowledged. Instead, Patty had me lie on the bed and got on top of me in the sixty-nine position. I started licking away at Patty's snatch, and noticed that she wasn't fellating me. She just rested on her elbows and knees and let me eat away until she dropped the bomb- Patty instructed me to lick higher and higher until I was close to licking her asshole.

"That's it" she cried. "Lick me there while you finger my pussy".

I hesitated for a moment, and wondered if it would be worth it to tell Patty to go fuck herself, and try to escape. Even if Patty gave me a beating, it would be more palatable than this.

Then it occurred to me that Patty could beat the crap out of me and then have me do this anyway...so I swallowed hard and complied. Without getting into detail, let's just say that Patty's rectum wasn't exactly the most sanitary place in the world. Or at least it wasn't before I spent what must have been close to a half an hour cleaning it with my tongue. To make things worse, Patty came several times while I did this, all while telling me how much she loved the new sensation of having her ass eaten. Of course, I knew this meant that I would be doing it on a regular basis.

Patty finally had me go into the bathroom and use mouthwash before summoning me back for another making-out-then-fucking session. I actually tried to be as clumsy and erratic as possible in an attempt to "accidentally" displease her, but it didn't matter- Patty got on top of me, bucked like a bronco, and came several more times before dismissing me.

The next day at school was like the previous one. Before and between classes, I was practically welded to Patty's side, save for her occasional tounging and groping sessions. I desperately needed a break, and told Patty that I needed to spend my lunch break in the library to research something. Patty said no, but I was able to bargain for ten minutes. It was better than nothing.

When I finally got to the cafeteria, Patty had me stand behind her and rub her shoulders. But there was something different- the girls she ate lunch with seemed to have an air of nervousness about them. Then Patty casually remarked that I needed to bring a toothbrush over to her house.

I couldn't believe it- Patty had told everyone at the table that I licked her asshole.

Finally one girl broke the silence and asked "Does he LIKE doing that to you?"

"Oh yeah" said Patty triumphantly. "I couldn't get him out of there!"

As the other girls either laughed at me or shook their heads in disgust, I absolutely burned with humiliation.

The rest of the day was a blur until my final class. As I approached my desk, one of the guys that had taunted me the day before shouted out "Dude, your breath STINKS! What have you been eating?" The class erupted in laughter, and even the teacher was holding back a chuckle as he told the class to settle down. I noticed one of the preppier girls in front of me ask the girl next to her what was going on, and saw her face drop in horror as the girl whispered to her.

Her jaw dropped as she audibly whispered to her friend "that is so...gross".

Yes it was. And my heart sank as I realized that in less than an hour, I'd be doing it again.

Chapter Three will be coming soon. I love feedback and am anxious to read your comments.

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