tagBDSMBecoming Sarah's Cunt

Becoming Sarah's Cunt


It had come as quite a shock to Josh, although looking back, maybe it shouldn't have. Sarah, his wife of 6 months, told him that she was now going to be entirely in charge of their sex life. She told him that she would decide when they had sex, how they had sex, and whether or not he would be allowed to have an orgasm, and he was dumbfounded. Looking back he would have to admit that he had indeed been "pussy whipped" and would have done almost anything for his stunningly beautiful wife to get her sexual favors.

From the beginning of their relationship, his wife, Sarah, had taken the initiative in their sex life. Sarah told him that she had a traumatic experience with a man she really cared for and said that this man had raped her, leaving her traumatized when it came to having sex. Sarah said her worst fear was that someone would overpower her and she would again experience this kind of trauma. She had been to therapy to deal with this scarring event, and said she felt she was ready to date again. Sarah said she had been searching for a kind and gentle sort of man who would never cause her to feel fearful in sexually intimate situations.

Josh said he totally understood and would do whatever he needed to do to make her feel safe and loved and said he empathized with how difficult that experience must have been for her. He was also totally smitten by her. Sarah was the most strikingly beautiful woman he had ever known

So, when it came to sexual matters, Sarah would stop Josh if he tried to touch her or initiate any action that was or could be perceived as sexually aggressive in any way, saying he was moving too fast or was scaring her, and Josh would stop. At the same time she'd tell him how much she wanted to fuck him, how hot and wet she was for him, and would tease him with kisses, only initiated by her, and if he began to kiss her back or got too passionate, then she would stop, again saying he was scaring her.

Josh wasn't allowed to touch or hold her, and if he did she would freeze, until he apologized for his "mistake." She would sometimes simply end the interaction and get up and walk away. Most times she would begin the process again, teasing him but at the same time blocking any satisfaction.

When Josh's frustration reached its peak, she would again say how much her pussy ached for his cock, "I want to feel that hard cock inside me," then would rub her crotch or her hands all over the bulge in his pants, ignoring his pleas to slow down or stop, making him shoot prematurely. After it was clear that Josh had cum in his pants and was feeling ashamed, Sarah would then express how disappointed and frustrated she was to be left unsatisfied.

She would repeat this scene or some variation over and over during the next several months, leaving Josh feeling frustrated, humiliated, and ashamed of his inability to pleasure this beautiful and seemingly very sexual woman. When Josh tried to address the dynamics between them that he believed was leading to their lack of sexual success, Sarah would cry and accuse Josh of being like the others and wanting to be in total control and overpower her. Josh said that he wasn't like that and wanted to do whatever he could to make sex a good experience for her and eventually apologized for scaring her and again agreed to go at her pace.

Sarah would now portray Josh's "premature" ejaculations as being sexually selfish and thinking only of himself, and trying to prove that he wasn't selfish and wanting to please and satisfy her, said that he would do whatever it took to make it up to her. She suggested that because he always came before she was ready that perhaps he could please her first, but on her terms.

She had him strip and lie on the bed on his back, and then she would strip very seductively, revealing the most amazing body Josh had ever seen. She was about 5 foot 6 inches, with a perfect "hourglass" figure. Her breasts were firm C-cup size with nipples that stuck out almost an inch surrounded by large, dark areolas. To top it off, (or perhaps to bottom it out), Sarah had the roundest most perfect ass, an ass that seemed to defy gravity.

With Josh forbidden to touch this tremendous beauty (for fear of scaring her, she often said), Sarah kissed and bit Josh, her tongue just slipping inside his lips, then slowly making her way to his groin, touching and stroking his cock, teasing and getting him close to orgasm but stopping just before he would cum, reminding him not to be selfish. Then moving again towards his mouth, she would bite his nipples, playing a fine edge between pain and pleasure and leaving him moaning.

If he tried to hold her or touch her, she would abruptly turn cold and would stiffen her posture and stop. He would beg her to continue so he could please her, and she would "reluctantly" return to her biting, eventually ending with her gorgeous full breasts rubbing all over his face. She would instruct him to stick out his tongue, and she would swirl her breasts and nipples around his tongue not the other way around. Then she would have him suck on her nipples for the longest time, and he was in heaven.

When she had enough attention given to her breasts, she would rise up, turn around, and straddle his face, keeping her glistening pussy just above him. She would slowly lower herself onto his awaiting mouth and face and then rubbed herself all over his face and used his nose to rub to penetrate and stimulate her. He was not to move or she would stop. Once she was ready she had him extend his tongue into her pussy and instructed him how to lick her pussy and clit to make her feel good, and soon orgasm after orgasm would come.

Sarah would praise Josh's tongue and efforts, saying how good he made her feel, and lying down next to him, Sarah would start biting his nipples and grinding her pelvis into his hip. She would also slowly stroke Josh's penis, saying how much she was looking forward to having his hard cock inside her, until he was nearing his own orgasm from her hand job.

If he tried to warn her of his impending orgasm, she would stop, saying Josh was trying to take over, often just ending this sexual encounter entirely, and leaving him immensely frustrated. If Josh didn't saying anything, Sarah would continue until he came all over his stomach. Then Sarah expressed her frustration that Josh had been selfish again, cumming again and not inside her pussy where she wanted and where Josh might have at least tried to satisfy her.

These orgasms were almost always humiliating and shame producing for Josh, and he began to also think of himself as being selfish and unable to satisfy this sexual goddess. Sometimes Sarah would tease and stroke Josh's cock so much at the beginning of a sexual interaction and before he was able to pleasure her that he would cum "prematurely." She would then berate Josh for only thinking of himself and his cock, and Josh would beg her to let him pleasure her with his mouth as usual.

The first time this happened, where Josh came "prematurely" and he begged to satisfy her with his mouth, Sarah somewhat angrily asked, pointing to his belly, "Where was this cum supposed go?"

Josh sheepishly said, "In your pussy," (although in fact his cock had in fact never touched or been near Sarah's pussy).

Then using her hand to scoop up as much cum off his belly as possible, she rubbed his cum between her legs and reached for another scoopful and placed it again in her crotch. "Since it was supposed to be between my legs, I think it's only fair for it to be there when you pleasure me. Don't you think?" Not really wanting to deal with tasting his own cum but also not wanting to disappoint Sarah again, Josh didn't know what to do.

However, when Sarah said, "I guess you're just too selfish to want to pleasure me and make up for another of your 'mistakes'," and started to leave the bed, Josh begged her to stay and allow him to pleasure her and clean up his mistake. And with that, Josh started to lick Sarah's pussy and the cum she deposited there for him.

At first he was disgusted with the taste, but as he focused on the task of pleasing Sarah and repairing his mistake, he felt a weird sort of forbidden pleasure of his own, and he even began to get hard again, and hoped that he and Sarah might actually consummate their union, but after she came from his ministrations, she made it clear that she saw his hard-on as just another piece of evidence that all he cared about was his cock and getting off.

One day, when they were in the bedroom and about to start their usual routine, Sarah said that she wanted to change things around a little. Sarah pointed out that, just because Josh came prematurely, it shouldn't mean that Sarah should have to do all the work in order to have her pleasure and asked if Josh would be willing to do more to please her and not make her work so hard for her own pleasure. Josh said he was willing to do more but was confused about what she wanted, and Sarah suggested that she just walk Josh through what she wanted him to do.

So instead of Josh lying down on his back, Sarah laid down on her back first, and asked him to lie down next to her. She then instructed him to kneel above her and kiss, lick, and even lightly bite her breasts, and moving down between her thighs, instructing him how to lick and pleasure her pussy. He was to remain above her but not to cover her by lying on top of her.

Since he had already been pleasuring her pussy in way he knew she liked, following her directions now was not much different from when he had pleasured her from below, this new change was easy for him, and quite pleasurable, being allowed to move. Soon Sarah was thrashing about in an orgasmic frenzy, and Josh was incredibly excited as well. After she had recovered and had enough of Josh's tongue and mouth, she lay next to him as usual, and teased, bit and stroked him until he again came outside of her and on his belly.

Sarah said she enjoyed this new way he pleasured her, but said she was angry at having, "the same old result," referring to the cum on his belly. This time she said that she thought he deserved a more serious consequence without calling it a punishment, and Josh reluctantly agreed, thinking he would be licking her cum smeared pussy again.

However, instead of smearing his cum on her pussy, she scooped up the cum and smeared it into the crack of her ass and lying on her belly, told him she thought he should tongue her ass and lick up his mess. Sarah said she thought this would a better consequence for him. Over the next several months, Josh spent a great deal of time, cleaning cum from her ass due to his continuing "failures."

Despite their bizarre sex life, Josh was hooked on Sarah, and asked her to be his wife. Sarah expressed feeling uncertain and afraid that his attempts to please her were just a ruse to gain her trust and later abuse her. She noted how selfish Josh had been and didn't know if they'd ever be able to successfully have sex. "I guess I'm just too damaged for you," Sarah lamented.

Josh responded that he loved her just the way she was and was devoted to helping her heal in any way he could. Josh told her that he felt ashamed that he couldn't be the man she needed him to be, but said that he loved sexually pleasuring her and told her that he thought his inability to have sex with her was entirely his fault.

Sarah confessed to Josh that she had been in love with him, almost from the beginning, and agreed to be his wife.

After a beautiful but small ceremony involving just immediate family and their closest friends, Sarah and Josh left for their honeymoon in Hawaii. As Josh carried his new bride across the threshold of their honeymoon suite, Sarah whispered into his earthat she was sure that this night would be night that Josh would finally fuck her, and when he asked, "How can you be so sure?"

She said, "Oh, I just know. Count on it," thrilling Josh.

That night, when Josh came into the bedroom, Sarah was wearing a gossamer thin nightgown, split up from the bottom almost to her bodice, revealing her shaved pussy and also exposing most of her beautiful breasts. She did her usual teasing/ exciting of Josh, getting him very close to cumming but not quite, and had him pleasure her as he usually did. Josh was a hard and ready as he ever had been.

"Are you ready to fuck me?" Sarah seductively cooed.

Josh answered, "Oh god yes. I'm so ready".

Sarah said she had a surprise for Josh and hoped he would enjoy it as much as she expected to, and reaching from under one of the pillows at the head of the bed, pulled out a large vibrator, saying, "See! Now you can fuck me and satisfy me for sure."

Josh was crestfallen and immediately lost his erection. Seemingly upset by Josh's reaction, she said, "Don't be so disappointed. Did you think you were going to satisfy me with that?" pointing to his now very limp dick, and handed him the now vibrating dildo. "After all these months of letting me down, you should be happy for the opportunity to fuck me right. Or are you just thinking of yourself again?"

Josh was completely confused. This wasn't what he meant or what he expected, but he did want to make this first night as man and wife be memorable, and slowly he recovered and asked how Sarah wanted him to fuck her with this hard, buzzing phallus in his hand.

"Tease the outside of my pussy gently, like you do with your tongue," Sarah implored, and slowly Josh resumed the role he knew so well, that of pleasuring the woman he loved. As he teased her pussy lips, Sarah squirmed and moaned and instructed Josh to let just the tip in about an inch and then gently go in and out with this always hard cock. As the dildo entered her she said, "Oooh that's it. That feels so good," and after few minutes, "Give me more," and another inch or so of the vibrator slide in and out of her.

Soon she had all she could take and was thrashing about the bed. "Touch my breasts, pinch my nipples," she ordered, and Josh complied, never letting up his pace. "Faster! Harder!" was all she said, and he began to pound at her pussy, bottoming out with his hand on her mound and clit. Soon she began to orgasm, screaming hoarsely how good this felt, then ordering him to slow and finally to stop, and she lay there, sweat glistening on her face and breasts, and she smiled and leaned over to kiss him and thank him for his "marvelous fuck." Seeing the look of satisfaction on his wife's face made Josh feel proud he had pleased her.

After recovering for a few minutes, Sarah told Josh she was going to repay his kindness and patience with a blow job and proceeded to tease, stimulate, and stroke him with her mouth just out of reach, until he came again, again all over his stomach. And, as before, Sarah was angry that he couldn't wait for her to pleasure him with her mouth and said, "I guess you didn't really want me to blow you," pointing to his cum and now shriveling penis. "You've ruined our first night together as man and wife," she said, "and you need to make it up to me."

And taking the nearby vibrator in her hand, Sarah rolled much of its length, but especially the tip in his slowly spreading cum. "Suck this! Prove to me you're sorry," and he did suck, now already used to the taste of his own cum. When most of it was off, she'd roll it in the remaining cum and returned it to his mouth. She had him suck on the dildo long after the last of the cum was gone, shoving it into his throat so far he gagged reflexively, lingering a moment, and then pulling it out, only to repeat the rhythm over and over. When she finally tired of this, she pulled the vibrator out of his mouth, put in on the nearby nightstand, and went to sleep.

They were to have 5 more days before returning home, and every day Josh pleasured Sarah with his mouth and fucked her with the dildo. The next time, after Sarah introduced the dildo to their lovemaking, and after she had as many orgasms as she wanted, she had Josh masturbate instead of her teasing and pretending he was about to receive sexual favors that would never come.

She said, "I don't want to be disappointed any more, and I think I've given you enough chances to make love to me like a Real Man would. Since you don't really want to be in my pussy or in my mouth, then you should just take care of yourself." She watched Josh as he pumped his own penis, Josh feeling both humiliated yet excited, and after his orgasm, Sarah dipped the dildo in his cum again and fed and fucked his mouth and throat.

On the last night, Sarah just got up and left the bed after Josh had given her several orgasms with his mouth and with the dildo. "Do whatever you need to do," she said and, as she left the room, added, "and make sure you use the dildo to clean up your mess. It's the only cock that stays hard around here."

Josh didn't know what to do. Pleasuring her always got him so hard and desirous of her, but now she was just walking away. He stroked himself to orgasm anyway, fantasizing about her, and following her instructions, he dutifully cleaned the cum with the dildo.

That was the honeymoon, and here he was now, six months later, sitting before her, hearing that she wanted to be entirely in charge of their sex life. Part of him was screaming, No, and another part was asking, hasn't she been in charge all along?

"What would that mean?" he asked. "How would anything be different?"

"I think it would be very different with me being entirely in charge. Sure, there would some similarities, but I wouldn't really have to think of you or bother about you and your needs, if I was in charge. In fact your needs or preferences wouldn't matter at all. Really you don't even have a choice. I was just telling you out of respect and love for you. If you don't agree to what is now my demand, then we're over, done. You can look for a new place to live, since this was MY home before we married. Remember our pre-nup? So what will it be? I'm not completely heartless, take as much time as you need to decide, but I want you to leave the house until you do... Today!"

Josh told her he did need some time to decide what was best for him, and he took a week off work and went up the coast for a few days, trying to wrap his head around what she was demanding. He was sure that in most ways she was already entirely in charge of their sex life and had trouble imagining it could be much different. He already did whatever she wanted, generally whenever she wanted. He had never had intercourse with her. His cock had never touched her pussy, nor was it likely to even without her new demands. And even though he often felt sexually frustrated and ashamed, he was hooked on her body, her taste, on pleasuring her, and if he was honest with himself, her being in control, and Josh had trouble imagining what "normal" sex would be like.

So the following weekend Josh returned and said that he agreed that she would be in charge of their sex life. "Your sex life, I want to be clear, entirely in charge of your sex life. Are we clear on this?" Sarah asked, and Josh told her, "Yes, I am."

"Now you don't know all my rules and conditions, so do you want to hear them first before agreeing?" she asked.

Josh cleared his throat and said, "It probably won't make any difference what your rules and conditions are. I will probably agree to them no matter what. When I was gone, I realized how much I love and adore you, and that includes your need for control. But even though I do agree in advance, I would like to know how it will be different from how it is now, if you don't mind."

"Thank you very much. That was a very thoughtful and kind thing to say to me. It reminds me why I love you so much. And you're right. I do need to be in control."

And with that she laid out her new rules, guidelines and expectations. The first was that, when he was home, he was always to be naked and on the floor. The second was that he was to shave off all his body hair from his neck down and keep himself that way. Third and most important rule was that his sole purpose was to please her in any way she wanted. Ideally he would anticipate these needs and wants, but in any case she would communicate what was expected, so he didn't have to read her mind.

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