tagTransgender & CrossdressersBecoming the Neighbor's Wife

Becoming the Neighbor's Wife


I like my neighbors and I am grateful for the way we look out for each other.

Take Tony, the 60 year old, barrel-chested guy who lives alone in the house next to me. My garage faces Tony's house, and a couple of times last fall he came over to warn me that my garage door was left open. I thanked Tony each time he came over to tell me.

One time he came over late at night while I watched the news. His presence on my door step was spooky! I breathed an audible sigh of relief when I realized it was just Tony looking out for me. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and Tony was actually angry.

"Man, you've got to do something about that door. Do you think I'm always watching your house?" He was obviously grumpy, and he had shuffled over to my house in slippers, boxer shorts, and an old t-shirt.

For the first time I really noticed him. He wore his silvery hair cropped short on his head to disguise that he was mostly bald, and he had a groomed goatee, similar to mine but his was all gray. He often walked around his back yard without his shirt on while mowing the lawn, and I've always thought of him as a "man's man."

When Tony turned to walk away, I stepped out after him and apologized again. "I'm really sorry Tony, uh sir, and I would be glad to return the favor sometime." My words seemed to strike him as odd. He turned around with his angry face, and yet he had a twinkle in his eye when he answered, "Yeah, I'll make sure you do, kid." Yes, even at 42 years old and 6'2" I felt like a kid around Tony.

Nothing came of that discussion for a couple of months. Then, in Decemeber, our town was hit with a series of huge snowstorms.

One early Saturday morning I saw Tony laboring to finish shoveling his property. I felt bad for him. I remembered my talk with him in the fall, and since it was still well before my family was awake, I quickly threw on my hat, gloves, snow suit and boots--I didn't bother to put on clothes other than underwear since my snow suit was rated for mountain skiing. My boots were so warm I didn't even put on socks. I just trudged next door to Tony's house and started shoveling the walkway.

"It's about time," was all Tony could mutter. I was kind of deflated by his response. But then, I remembered that it was Christmas, and Tony was divorced and lived alone. I tried to stay up beat. "Hey, I'll even help you make a path to your garage out back--sound good Tony?" He mumbled something into his scarf, but I didn't hear him.

The snow was up to our waist in places, and once we finished with the front I started to go around back, but the depth of the snow was making it difficult. I made it two strides when Tony barked out, "You'll crush the plants that way. Come through the house, but be careful."

So, through the house I went, and once in back I started making the path to the garage. A few moments later I noticed Tony had stayed inside while I worked, and as I turned around I saw him motioning me back inside.

"Hey kid, I thought I told you to be careful. I look out for you all year and this is the thanks I get?" He motioned to my path from the front door, and my heart sank as I saw the wet and slightly muddy path I had left. I was going to protest and claim that he probably had made the mess too, but then I noticed that he had taken off his snow suit and hung it on the rack by the door. I was the obvious culprit.

"I am so sorry Tony. I'll clean it up, really, you've been a big help to me and I'm sorry." I started to come back inside and he stopped me with his hand on my chest. "Just hold on a minute--here, kick off your boots and I'll hang your snow suit by the door while you clean the floor." I gulped. I was wearing only my black bikini-style briefs and a t-shirt. It was laundry day, and I really never wore those pair of undies anymore. Oh well, I thought, as I noticed that Tony was now in just his boxers and undershirt. It's just us guys.

I stripped off the snow suit self-consciously. The inside of the suit was warm from the shoveling workout, and the cold air hit my legs as I stepped into his kitchen. He handed me a sponge and a bucket and told me to start cleaning the hardwood floor from the kitchen to the front door. I stared blankly back at him and thought to ask for a mop, but Tony was intimidating, and soon I was on my hands and knees cleaning up my muddy boot prints.

I never really thought about the picture I made. I wore a white t-shirt and black bikini briefs while on my knees. I am a big guy, I have swimmer's shoulders and the remains of a v-shaped torso, but I also have a bit of a growing belly in my middle years. In locker room at the gym I was once been teased about my round, slightly chubby ass that looks like a woman's behind.

As I scrubbed I realized that the house had gone quiet. Then I heard a phrase that caused me to freeze and stop scrubbing. "Better than my wife's ass," Tony chuckled. I quickly glanced over my shoulder, still frozen on all fours. "What?" I spat back. "What did you just say?"

"You heard me kid. Better than my wife's ass. Did you wear those panties just for me today?" With horror I realized that Tony hand his hand in boxers, massaging a growing erection. For some reason I can't explain, I didn't stand up. I just stayed there, on my knees, as Tony watched. Apparently I hesitated a fraction of a second too long.

Tony walked over to where I was kneeling and yanked my briefs up into the crack of my ass. I gasped but stayed still. "Just as I thought. I've seen you sitting at your computer beating off, and I just knew you were a slut." Tony had a whisper to his voice, and I grew afraid.

What was I doing? Why wouldn't I move? I was a married man, with an attractive wife. What did Tony say? He'd seen me? Oh my gosh, the thoughts flooded my brain. He always knew my garage was open--he was watching my house! But I was careful when I masturbated to online porn--he couldn't see me, could he? Oh my gosh, I needed to get out of now!

Just as I started to gather myself, Tony barked out a command, "You should stay put, unless you want me to tell your cute little wifey what you do when she's away."

"Why are you doing this Tony?" I pleaded.

"What happened to 'sir,' kid?" he mocked in return.

Oh no, I was in trouble. Tony repeated his order to stay put, and then I heard him walk down the hallway. I almost bolted out the door, but dressed as I was, I knew I couldn't. Besides, would he tell my wife?

Tony returned with the first smile I'd seen on him in months. When my gaze fell to his hands my heart sank as well. Tony had returned with a handful of silky garments. "My ex-wife was a big woman, and these ought to do nicely for that nice ass of yours. Now you are going to crawl into the living room and you and old Tony here are going to have a little payback time."

What was happening to me? "I'm not gay" I protested. "No, and neither am I, kid," Tony continued, "But it's been awhile since I've had any, and your ass looks mighty fine sticking up like that."

Was my ass sticking up? Oh my gosh, it was! I had kept my back arched the whole time I was scrubbing the floor, and even as he spoke I realized I had kept it arched during our "talk." What was I doing? I am not gay, I repeated to myself, as I crawled behind Tony towards his living room.

Tony sat down on an old recliner that smelled like 1981. I crawled closer and he laughed. "Now, turn around and show daddy that round ass of yours."

I was in a daze. Did he just call himself daddy? I felt I was out of my own body, watching myself turn like a cat, keeping my ass presented to him. He leaned off of his chair and slapped my butt cheeks. "Fine ass, boy. Fine ass." He gave my briefs another tug to keep them wedged in my crack. "It's almost a shame to say goodbye to the panties you wore for me, but I'm curious how you'd look in these." He almost handed me a pair of his wife's panties, but then he stopped. "Wait, boy, you need to undress slowly. Roll your panties off your ass, boy, then I'm going to have you get dressed for me."

"Okay," I replied. SLAP! My ass burned from a hard spank. "Okay daddy!" roared Tony. "Okay d-daddy," I whimpered.

I put my head on the carpet and reached behind me to roll my panties down--I knew exactly what Tony wanted because I had jerked off to online porn where women did the very same thing. Now I was the slut, revealing my creamy white cheeks to this old creep.

"Yeah, that's it, oh, you have such a round butt boy. You look just like a woman like that." I couldn't see him, but I could hear a rhythmic rubbing behind me, and I realized that Tony was stroking his cock.

"Now slut. Keep that ass high. Here, put on this pair of big satin panties from my wife. Pull it up tight on your ass. And here, take these thigh high stockings. They may not fit too high above your knee, but I'm sure they'll do the trick."

Tony handed me the the black "old lady" panties first, and I had to work to get them on in my humiliating position. I knew that each time I shifted I gave him a view of my puckered anus. Here I was, the cold air of winter on my clammy skin, on my knees, face in the carpet, being dressed like Tony's ex-wife.

I squirmed into his wife's panties and stockings, and a strange feeling swept over me.

The large, control-top panties felt silky against my skin, and I had bunched them in my crack--the wedgie was rubbing against the ridges of my anus, making me feel so, well, sexy!

The stockings were electric. As soon as they slipped over my skin I could feel the cool air in the room. The dark stockings with the black elastic band set a contrast to my pale thighs.

"Just one more touch," Tony added, and he slipped off the chair and crouched behind me. I froze in nervous anticipation, wondering what he would do, but was surprised to find him working a pair of black high heels--not the most stylish pair, but high heels just the same--onto my toes. "Curl your toes to hold them on," Tony ordered. The shoes were a couple of sizes too small, but I found that being on my knees allowed me to brace the shoes against the floor, giving the appearance that they were on my feet.

"Oooowee," whistled Tony. "You make one hot slut."

"Please, daddy, don't hurt me," I whimpered. It was oddly natural for me to beg Tony. I knew what was coming. Even though I was afraid I wanted to please Tony, my new daddy.

Tony rubbed his hands along my butt cheeks, slowly pulling them apart. I felt his breath on the cool of my skin, and then he kissed my chubby butt, moving in circles, kissing me on the roundness of my ass, then down my thighs to the line of the elastic band on the stockings. His beard tickled the back of my thighs. I felt his head pressed against my rump.

"Yeah, kid, a fine ass. You are going to please daddy." His voice was hoarse as he moved back to my crack. He pulled the panties out, and the cool air greeted my asshole, causing me to flinch.

He then did something that I would never have imagined before that morning: his hot, wet tongue traced up my crack, stopped at the folds of my sphincter, and then he began to probe into me. His rough beard and face made me arch some more as he slobbered all over my butthole, running his nose up into my hole and breathing in my scent, then working back to circle my anus and slurp my crack. He was eating me out like a whore, and I was loving it.

I felt my cock throbbing, thumping, filling with blood. My erection strained so tight it hurt. Pre-cum leaked out onto the control top panties, and I knew that I would shoot soon.

My thoughts were interrupted by his fingers. His rough fingers began to open me up. Compared to his tongue, his fingers were so rough I almost gasped out loud. Fortunately, when I masturbated over the years I had occasionaly worked a couple of Vaseline-covered fingers into my ass while I beat off in the shower. Still, Tony's rough fingers ravaged my sensitive hole, and I grunted in pain as he worked my ass.

Painful as it was, I stayed in my position for Tony. I even parted my legs ever so slightly, and Tony noticed. He just whispered, "Yes, slut, that's it. Get ready for daddy." My brow was covered in sweat as I nervously prepared for what was going to happen, but I wanted it to happen. I couldn't believe it, but I wanted to please my daddy. I needed my old, creepy neighbor to fuck my married ass.

I felt his hands grip my hips. His hairy legs rubbed against the back of my stockings as he pressed his weight against me. And then I felt it. His rubbery cock head was against my anus. It felt smooth, but so hard, and so wide. I started to panic, and Tony pressed down on me.

"Oh, daddy, it hurts, daddy, oh please, unnnnnhhh" I moaned as I pressed back against my daddy. What had happened to me? I was pushing back against this old man's cock! Dressed in his wife's underwear! And I loved it, even in the pain. His mushroom continued to push relentlessly into me, and I almost passed out. Sweat dripped onto the carpet from my forehead as Tony pushed his cock passed my sphincter ring with a plop. His beer belly pressed against my back and he plowed my rectum open.

"Take daddy's cock, slut. Yeah, you love daddy's cock, be my slut, be my wife," Tony moaned as he pulled back and began to thrust. His cock probably wasn't much longer than mine, but it was probably a bit thicker, and anyway, it felt huge.

I surprised myself by not passing out, and by continuing to push back, to arch, and to actually desire Tony's seed, even through the pain. I reached my arm between my legs and felt for Tony's furry nuts. I pulled and gently squeezed them, milking them. I had always loved it when my wife did that, and now I was doing it to my daddy. I was turning into Tony's wife.

"Please daddy, make me your wife. Give me your seed. Fill my ass, daddy. Oh yes, please, fuck your little wife." Dirty talk that I could never imagine flooded out of my mouth.

The milking of his balls and my dirty talk sent Tony into a fast pump that threatened to tear me open. I couldn't hold on to his balls, and he started to just rut against me. He gave a couple of quick thrusts so deep I thought I would die, and then he tensed up, his cock deep inside me, with his balls pressed against my butt cheeks. "Ohhhhhh, yesssss" he cried, releasing his words but not his tight grip on my hips. I remained planted on my knees, and I assumed I was now full of his cum, but my numb butt hole wouldn't know the difference.

Tony exhaled strongly, and then we plopped on the floor together, his cock still in my ass, and we were in a spooning position. He started to kiss my ear, and he reached over my body and started rubbing the tip of my cock through the panties. My cock had softened during his assault on my ass, but my it responded quickly as he chewed on my ear. "You like daddy's cock, dontcha slut. You're daddy's wife, Tony's wife. Yeah, oh yeah, that's what you want. You want to be my wife." His hairy back on me and his belly pressing me made me feel so female, so taken. Before I could get fully hard again I had spurted two thick wads of pudding-like cum into the panties.

What had I become? I had taken my neighbor's cock while dressed in his ex-wife's underwear--and loved it. What would happen now?

"Now we're even, kid," Tony chuckled as he slapped my ass and pulled his cock out. "But I've got a feeling you might leave your garage door open again soon, right, wifey?"

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