tagRomanceBecoming Veronica Ch. 05

Becoming Veronica Ch. 05


Carla wasn't at all surprised when I told her I was moving out but she was surprised when I offered to pay the rent for another month so she wouldn't be strapped while she searched for a new room mate. I packed a few essential things and told her I'd stop back later in the week to clear out the rest of my personal belongs.

"I'm gonna miss you Catherine." Carla said with a smile on her face.

"Carla I'm not moving to another country we'll still see each other." I replied knowing the possibilities of she and I running into each other would be remote at best.

Carla laughed and said, "Well if you ever feel like slumming sweetheart look me up."

I gave her a hug and whispered in her ear. "I'm gonna find you a man Carla just like the one I snagged."

"That'd be great Catherine but I won't hold my breath." Carla replied.

As I turned and stepped through the old faded door of our apartment Carla said. "Have a good life Veronica."

Vince was waiting just outside the heavy door that leads to the brownstones stoop and short stairway to the street. Like a perfect gentleman he opened the door and took my suitcase while offering me his arm as we walked down the steps. I was glad he was at least keeping up the appearance of being a gentleman even though a short two hours earlier I had his curvy rock hard cock stuffed in my throat. Vince had long ago learned the lesson of proper etiquette for an employee of Angelo's family.

He did however take the time to watch me slide into the back seat paying close attention to my legs.

I smiled widely at him and fluttered my eyes as I said. "Thank you Vince."

Vince closed the door and hustled around to the driver's door. Once inside he glanced in the rear view mirror and said. "Where to Veronica?"

"I want to make Angelo a home cooked dinner tonight so I need to stop by a market and pick up a few things." I answered.

"No problem I know the exact place to go." Vince suggested.

As Vince drove me to the market I had time to think about the events of the past two days. I'd gone from being an unknown waitress working in an unknown little restaurant to hopefully being the main squeeze of the heir apparent for one of New York's best known families. Many women might hesitate getting involved with a man who runs brothels but the idea actually excited me. I'd have the chance to act as the perfect lady when in public with Angelo enjoying all the glitz and glamour of high society to becoming his private seductress or better yet his own high priced call girl when behind closed doors. The latter of which had all kind of possibilities. I could let my sexual hair down and keep my new found Italian lover happy and wanted more all the time. And on those rare occasions when Angelo wouldn't be around the burly stud sitting in the driver's seat certainly would be fun to entice. I smiled thinking about screwing them both at the same time Angelo's powerful cock slamming me from behind while Vince drove his curving cock meat down my throat. A most pleasurable thought indeed.

A few minutes later Vince guided the car to a stop in front of a small store front. On the side walk there was a display of fresh fruits and vegetables and the door was propped open inviting shoppers inside.

"You should be able to get everything you need here Veronica." Vince remarked as he slid out of the car.

I rewarded him for his knowledge of a market that was open on Sunday afternoon with a good glimpse of my creamy white thigh as I slid off the seat and out of the car. Vince's devilish grin acknowledged that he enjoyed the view.

"Should I wait here Veronica?" He asked.

I smiled and replied, "Yes I should only be a few minutes."

Walking toward the sidewalk display I noticed an elderly woman standing behind the counter just inside the door. She spoke in Italian as she waved her hand toward me. A moment later a teenaged beautiful girl appeared in the doorway. Smiling widely as she approached me she asked. "Can I help you madam?"

Glancing toward her it was obvious her attention had been captured by Vince who was still standing beside the car. I looked over my shoulder just in time to see Vince flash a broad smile back at this sexy young woman.

"Yes I'd like everything I need to make an awesome dinner salad please." I answered not sure if she heard me or if she was already trying to figure out how to meet my handsome burly driver.

"I'll take care of everything madam." The young girl replied.

I smiled and said. "Good I'll be inside picking out some meats you can bring the produce inside for me."

I stepped around her as she again smiled at Vince knowing she'd be left alone on the sidewalk with Vince for a few moments. As I entered the market Vince was leaning against the side of the car and surveying her tight little body. "Afternoon madam." The elder woman inside said as I stepped through the door.

"Hello." I replied

"Can I help you find something?" She asked.

I smiled and said. "Yes I'd like a very tender cut of meat for starters."

I followed the older woman as she walked behind the meat cooler.

"I have some very good beef today." She remarked waving her hand over the shops offering of beef.

"Or if you prefer I would suggest these very tender veal cutlets." She continued.

I instantly replied. "Oh yes veal parmesan that sounds delicious."

In a few short minutes the woman had everything I'd need to make Angelo a home cooked Veal Parmesan dinner that evening. And as she bagged my items her young helper returned from the sidewalk wearing a sheepish grin and a pair of erect nipples. I wondered what Vince could have said to get her that hot.

I gave the older woman two crisp twenty dollar bills and said. "Keep the change, and thanks for the great suggestion."

She smiled and said. "Thank you madam please come back again."

"I'm sure I will." I replied as I picked up the bag of groceries and turned to leave.

Outside Vince was still leaning against the car but as soon as he saw me he crossed the sidewalk and took my shopping bag from me.

"Thank you Vince." I said smiling at him.

I waited for Vince to put the bag in the trunk and open the door for me. As I slid into the back seat I allowed my dress to slide up giving him a good view of my creamy thighs above my stockings.

"Very nice!" Vince remarked smiling at me while he stared for a moment at my naked flesh.

As I reached down and smoothed the silk fabric and straightened the hem Vince closed the door and circled around to the driver's door.

I watched him in the rear view mirror as he adjusted it no doubt so he could glance at my legs as he drove me back to Angelo's suite. I was enjoying teasing Vince and decided to continue while we made our way through the mid-town Sunday afternoon traffic.

"Hope I'm not distracting you Vince?" I asked as I let my thighs spread more giving him an opportunity to see the black lace covering my increasingly wet pussy.

"I'm good Veronica." Vince replied.

I was tempted to slip a finger around the material and into my wetness but decided that would be too much for him to handle. I could watch his eyes moving from the view out the windshield then back to the mirror every few seconds. When he stopped for a red light he could concentrate on the sensual image in the mirror and at one stop he actually had to be prompted by the car behind the driver tooting his horn after Vince failed to notice the green light.

I giggled to myself knowing I was the cause of both drivers frustration.

A few minutes later Vince guided the car to a stop in front of the Excelsior and as he shifted to neutral and pulled the parking brake he said. "Can I help you with your bags Veronica?"

"Yes thank you Vince." I replied just before he jumped from the seat.

Vince circled the car and opened my door reaching a hand inside to assist me out. His eyes again glued to my legs as I again let my dress fall open. His wide smile acknowledged he enjoyed staring at me almost as much as I enjoyed teasing him.

I waited on the sidewalk until Vince grabbed my small suit case and the grocery bag from the trunk then led the way toward the massive entry doors.

"Afternoon madam." The doorman said.

I smiled at him as I passed with out saying a word.

"I'll just be a couple minutes." Vince said to the doorman.

As Vince and I rode the elevator to Angelo's penthouse suite I asked him. "How long before you have to pick up Angelo?"

Vince smiled and asked. "Why do you ask Veronica?"

"Well I have to plan my dinner so it'll be ready by the time you get back. But I was also wondering if you'd give me your opinion of what I'm planning on wearing for Angelo tonight." I replied.

Angelo looked at his gold pocket watch then said. "It's almost three now. I have a forty five minute drive to pick up Angelo. He asked me to pick him up a four Veronica so I don't think we have the time for something like that but I'm certain Angelo will love what ever it is you're planning on wearing."

"Oh that's too bad Vince I'd have liked to hear your opinion on my evening dress." I replied with a devilish grin on my lips.

"Perhaps another time Veronica." He said.

The elevator doors slid open and Vince followed me to the heavy oak door to Angelo's suite. Once I figured how the key worked and opened the door Vince sat my suite case on the floor in the foyer and carried my groceries to the kitchen.

"I hope you can find everything you need Veronica." Vince remarked as he returned from the kitchen.

I answered. "I'll make do thanks Vince."

"Okay Veronica. Well I better get moving you never know how traffic is going to be downtown." Vince said as he opened the entry door.

"Thank you for everything Vince." I said as he moved leave.

He stopped and turned to face me. "Anytime baby!" Vince said obviously referring to the blow job I'd given him earlier that afternoon and the leg show he'd enjoyed on the drive back.

A moment later I was again alone in Angelo's suite. I carried my suite case to the bed room and opened it on the bed. I had a lot to do in the ninety minutes until Angelo returned including making the bed so I didn't waste any time getting started.

In the kitchen I emptied the contents of my shopping bag and quickly made up my dinner salad. I couldn't find any wax paper so I covered the salad with a dinner plate and placed it in the ice box. I carefully coated the veal cutlets with bread crumbs with a tiny bit of garlic mixed in. As I browned the veal I glanced at the clock. I was doing just fine and would have time to shower while they simmered in the oven. After adding a jar of tomato sauce onion a little more garlic and a dash of thyme I slid the dish into the over to simmer. I'd have time to set the table before I headed for the bath to shower.

I knew I wouldn't have time to shampoo my hair so after slipping out of my clothes I wrapped my wavy blonde locks in a towel and stepped into a warm shower. The soothing water made me think of making love with Angelo. I couldn't wait to feel his strong arms around me his tender kisses and gentle caresses. I couldn't wait to feel his rock hard cock penetrate my loins and with my newly discovered oral technique I hoped to feel that beautiful erection penetrate my throat as well. Finishing my bath I patted my body dry with a fluffy white towel and walked naked to the bed room. I shuffled through the contents of my suit case and found the black translucent dress I'd decided to wear that evening.

Slipping on a pair of black lace panties first I raised the dress over my head and let it cascade down over my supple body. I slipped into a pair of black heels and turned to survey myself in the full length mirror on the back of the closet door as I shook out my blonde tresses.

The light from behind outlined my shapely legs perfectly through the flimsy translucent fabric of my dress. With-out the intended full length slip that came with the dress it did nothing to hide my form. The deep plunging vee neckline exposed ample amounts of creamy white cleavage and my nipples showed perfectly through the material. I thought for a moment and the lifted the hem line of my dress and slipped my panties off.

"Perfect" I thought as I moved enough to cause my full breasts to sway seductively side to side. Without panties the small triangle of pubic hair was clearly visible just above my pussy.

Returning to the bath room I applied a shimmering coat of red lip stick and a hint of eye shadow and dabbed my favorite perfume behind each ear and added a dab between my tits for good measure. As I brushed out the waves in my long blonde hair I again thought. "Perfect indeed. If my meal didn't please Angelo I was certain my seduction of my new lover would.

As I walked back to the kitchen I noticed it was nearly five o'clock. Angelo would be arriving home in a few minutes. I quickly spread the sliced mozzarella on top of the wonderful smelling veal and finished by sprinkling them with grated parmesan cheese. I'd have just enough time to make a loaf of garlic bread and slipped both under the broiler to melt the butter on the bread and the cheese on the veal.

I finished my preparations for what I hoped would be an evening we'd both remember forever by opening a bottle of red wine and lighting two dinner candles on the table.

When Angelo arrived the aroma of a wonderful home cooked meal would greet him and those candles would provide the perfect back lighting to show him what I had planned for dessert.

My timing was perfect. It had been exactly ninety minutes since Vince left to pick up Angelo I expected him to walk through the door at any moment. I lit the candles and turned on some soft music on the radio. Returning to the kitchen I checked the Veal Parmesan. The mozzarella was perfectly melted and the grated parmesan had a light brown crispness telling me the dish was ready. I removed it from the oven and covered it with tin foil.

Minutes passed very slowly as I stood between the door and the candle lit dinner table. I didn't want to have Angelo walk in with-out having my silhouetted form being the first thing he saw. At five fifteen I started to worry that the meal I'd prepared would be cold so I set the oven on warm and slipped the dish back inside. Five twenty five came and passed and I considered blowing out the candles but held out hope that Angelo would be walking through the door any minute. I felt rather silly standing there for all that time and decided to sit down at the table and wait for my wonderful man.

Five thirty, five thirty five came and went. Just as I was beginning to feel rather frustrated I heard a key slip into the lock on the door. I jumped up and moved between the table and the door just as it opened and Angelo stepped inside.

"Wow!" Angelo exclaimed as he gazed over my silhouetted body.

I moved my hips drawing his attention down as he walked toward me.

"I made you dinner baby." I said.

Angelo stepped to with-in a foot or two of me and stopped his eyes roaming up and down my supple succulent body. His smile grew wider as he said. "I can smell dinner Veronica but all my other senses are enjoying what I'm seeing."

I shifted my shoulders causing my tits to sway side to side and I could feel my nipples become taut as his mere presence aroused me.

I stepped toward him and turned to move behind as I said. "Let me take your jacket sir."

I ran my long fingers up his arms and slowly removed his jacket. "Sit down baby I'll bring your dinner in a moment." I said.

"This is so wonderful Veronica." He said adding. "I don't ever remember coming home to a meal and such a beautiful vision."

As he sat down at the table I let my fingers again slid along his arms and brushed my nearly naked breasts against his shoulder. Leaning down I whispered in his ear. "I'll be right back I hope you like veal baby."

I knew his eyes were glued to me as I slowly walked toward the kitchen. The hem line of my dress moving side to side as my thighs slid past one another. I knew he was watching me and I purposely accentuated my walk to appear more seductive.

Angelo acknowledged what I was thinking when he said. "Phew baby that is so sexy."

I smiled to my self as I entered the kitchen. I quickly filled two bowls with salad and using my talents as a waitress balanced them on one arm. In the other I carried the garlic bread and some extra butter.

Angelo's eyes were glued to me as I returned to him. My breasts swaying in tune with my hips their taut nipples pressing against the flimsy fabric of my dress. The creamy white of my cleavage showing invitingly in the plunging neckline and of course my soft moist pussy visible through the translucent material covering it. So far my seduction of Angelo was going exactly as planned.

"Veronica you look good enough to eat baby." Angelo remarked as I placed his dinner salad in front of him.

I giggled and replied. "That's good baby cause I didn't have time to make dessert."

Straightening up next to him my tits were perfectly aligned with his eyes.

"So damn sexy!" He exclaimed as he stared at my tits.

I smiled and said. "I'll be right back baby. Let me get the veal."

As I walked away from him he said. "Hurry back Veronica."

I turned my head and flipped my long wavy blonde locks over my shoulder. Smiling at him as I walked I said. "Don't start without me baby."

As I removed the tin fold from the main dish I was somewhat disappointed to find that the veal looked a little dried out. I quickly spooned some extra tomato sauce over them trying to hide the fact that the dish had spent too long in the warm oven.

Returning with our main dish I carefully placed two veal cutlets on Angelo's dinner plate and sprinkled some extra parmesan on top.

"I hope you enjoy dinner Angelo." I whispered softly.

As he poured oil and vinegar on his salad he replied. "Dinner will be wonderful Veronica and I suspect dessert will be spectacular."

I grinned seductively at him as I sat down across the table. The warm glow of candle light highlighting the naked flesh of my cleavage. Angelo poured the wine only glancing away from my breasts long enough not to over fill our crystal wine glasses.

The fresh crisp salad tasted excellent but my first bite of veal confirmed that it had been in the oven too long. But Angelo being the perfect gentleman said. "This tastes wonderful Veronica."

I took a bite or two and then turned my attention to Angelo and my seduction.

Sipping from my wine glass I let the sweet liquid moisten my lips and the slowly traced my tongue over them collecting the wine that remained.

Angelo ate but never took his eyes off me for more than a second. I raised one hand to my neck and slowly slid the finger tips along the plunging vee spreading the sheer fabric wider apart giving my lover a better view of the soft creamy flesh between my tits.

As my finger tips descended along the material I slipped them further inside and lightly pinched one taut nipple between thumb and forefinger. I closed my eyes and moaned softly letting him know that I was already aroused.

"God Veronica you are such a sexy woman." Angelo whispered just before he took a healthy gulp from his own wine glass.

I opened my eyes and replied. "Baby I've been thinking about making love with you all afternoon."

"That's been on my mind too Veronica." Angelo admitted adding. "I could hardly concentrate during my meeting."

I smiled and said. "I love being that kind of distraction baby."

As he finished his dinner I continued teasing him by running my fingers through the soft cleavage and over my erect nipples.

"Baby I can hardly wait to feel your hard cock between here." I said as my fingers continued their playful caresses.

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