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Bed and Breakfast


Note: How many of you have stayed in a bed and breakfast? Tammi and Ted found one that they loved so much they stayed. Enjoy.


It took Ted and Tammi almost a hour to find the B&B in old Savanna. It was at the end of a dead end street hidden by a series of old weeping willows.

"Is it open?" Tammi asked her fiancée after stepping out of the SUV.

"I'm not sure," Ted answered. "Grab your bag and lets go and check it out."

Tammi walked behind him as they curled around a bunch of rose bushes. They stepped over some downed tree branches and stopped in front of an older but well preserved house. "The sign says Pleasure B&B."

"Pleasure," Ted repeated. He pulled the brochure out of his back pocket and read it again. "This says Pleasant B&B."

"I like Pleasure better," Tammi giggled. "I can't wait to try out the bed."

"I think we better hold it down. The walls are probably paper thin." Ted said watching the door opening up. A nice looking middle aged woman with platinum grey hair walked out.

"Well hello," she said in a strong Southern accent. You must be Ted and Tammi."

"Yes," Tammi announced as she walked around Ted and up onto the porch. "This place looks lovely."

"We promise the most enjoyable weekend anywhere. My name is Betty Lou." She squeezed Tammi's hand and waited for Ted to give him a big hug.

"My husband Bob is cleaning out the hot tub," Betty grinned. "It's been a few weeks since we've had guests."

"Really?" Ted asked. "I would think a place this nice for...for the price would be backlogged."

"We are very picky about who is accepted," Betty Lou grinned.

"Wow...I feel special," Tammy said pushing her blonde bangs from her forehead. "We've been driving for five hours. How soon can we get into the hot tub?"

"Let me show you your room. After that it's up to you," Betty Lou grinned.

Tammy walked behind Ted who was walking behind Betty Lou up the stairs. She saw his eyes focused on her cute ass and punched him lightly from the back. "Ted," she whispered.

Ted realized he had been caught and looked away.

"You're here," the hostess said after pushing open a door at the end of the hallway.

"Nice," Ted grinned not expecting to see a large king size bed covered with red silk coverings and pillows. "I never expected this."

Tammi blushed seeing the large fullsize mirror at the head of the bed which was turned downward. "I think the right word is Pleasure B&B," she whispered to Ted.

Betty Lou over heard her comment but didn't acknowledge it. "I'm sorry but you will have to use the bathroom down the hallway. We've modernized the bedroom but couldn't attached a bathroom because of the way the house is built."

"Has this house always been in your family?" Ted asked feeling himself getting excited. He turned to prevent the women seeing his growing member.

Betty Lou laughed. "No, Bob and I moved in about fifteen years ago. I think we are the ninth couple to be here."

"Cool," Tammi giggled as she moved to the bed and turned before leaping upward and falling back on the bed. As she felt back her short denim skirt plopped up over her tiny black thong. "Oops." She blushed before reaching down to push down her skirt. She looked at Betty Lou whose eyes were locked between her opened thighs. It sent chills up her spine.

"Come on down when you get your swim suits on," Betty Lou said before turning and walking out.

Ted closed the door behind her and turned to see Tammi move her feet up onto the bed. Her skirt again dropped back over her panties but this time she left herself exposed. "We don't have enough time."

"We are finally alone. Maybe now we can try new things," Tammi grinned. She pulled the panties to the side and pulled open her blonde framed pussy lips.

"Jesus," Ted gasped seeing his girl exposing herself like this for the first time.

"I want to try out new things," Tammi said fumbling her middle finger between her lower lips. She touched her swollen clitoris and closed her eyes. "Ahhh."

"Tammi...we uh..have to...we told Betty Lou that we were going to the hot tub."

"Ted...you promised," she said freezing her finger.

"I...we...uh..." He turned and grabbed his bag. "I'll get my trunks on."

Tammi frowned and pulled her finger out of her lips. "OK but later..." She grabbed her bag and pulled out her new white bikini.


Bob heard the doors opening and closing in the house and stopped cleaning the hot tub. The water was nice and hot. He met his wife at the patio door. "So?"

"I think so," she grinned. "They seem to be so fresh."

"Like we were," she whispered.

"Do you regret it?" Bob asked. "You know coming here?"

"No...it's been amazing," she smiled.

"But the others...we thought that they...you know were the ones."

They held hands and glanced up at the bedroom window.


"What is that smell?" Tammi asked as they walked down the stairs. "I've never smelled it before."

"I don't know. Must be some sort of flower."

"We're in the kitchen!" Betty yelled after hearing their footsteps. "We were wondering if you were going to come down," Betty grinned seeing the tiny bikini Tammi had on under the opened terry cloth robe.

"Hi I'm Bob," he said holding out his hand for Ted. "I hope you are satisfied with your room."

Ted grinned. "Yes...I uh think it's great."

"What is that strange smell?" Tammi asked noticing the older man glancing at her exposed thighs. She glanced at the grey curly hairs on his chest.

"Do you lke it?" Betty Lou asked noting the woman's skin glowing.

"Yes...I mean it makes me feel so...so.."

"tingly?" Betty whispered moving closer.

Tammi nodded. "Is it a flower?"

"No," Bob answered. "It's a plant that only grows around here."

"More like a mushroom," Betty added.

"It makes you feel so..so strange," Tammi said feeling slightly dizzy.

"Come on and let's check out the hot tub," Betty grinned noting that the odor was having it's effect on Ted as well.

Tammi followed the woman out onto the patio. The trees provided complete shelter except for a narrow window looking out onto the Savanna River.

"Coming?" Betty asked looking back at the woman who had stopped to see the view of the river.

"Yes," Tammi answered not noticing that they were alone. She saw Betty stop at the raised hot tub and reached back to unzip her white dress. "What are you doing?" She turned to see if Ted and Bob had walked outside.

"Clothing is optional here," Betty answered without turning around. She pushed the dress off of her hips and stood facing away naked.

"Oh my God," Tammi said starring at the beautiful ass and slim waistline. "That is so cool."

Betty turned and showed her naked profile. "Why don't you join me?"

"Me? On no...I've never..." She blushed as she watched Betty raise her left leg upward to step into the hot tub. Her eyes focused on Betty's shaved pussy lips, which opened up.

Betty grinned and sat back in the water. "You've never been naked before?"

Tammi laughed. "That's not what I meant. I've never...I mean no other man has even seen me...you know."

"Bob will keep Ted busy for a while showing him his collection of old guns."

Tammi pushed off her robe, peeked back at the house and started to reach back to release her top. When it released she grabbed the cups before they fell from her naked breasts. "I can't."

"Get in and do it in here," Betty grinned. She held out her hand to help.

"Oh God," Tammi gasped when she took Betty's hand and climbed over into the hot tub. Her left cup fell from her pink mound exposing her hard tiny nipple. As she sat down in the hot water her top floated to the top.

"Here let me have that," Betty laughed grabbing it and tossing it behind her.


Ted was about to follow his wife outside when Bob grabbed his arm. "Would you like to see my collection of Civil War guns?"

"Uh...yeah...I guess I would," Ted said wanting to get into the hot water so his hard-on wouldn't be so obvious. He followed Bob down a narrow hallway into a small room. He looked around but didn't see any guns.

Bob laughed. "Come here."

Ted was puzzled as he moved to the man who turned and opened some wooden blinds. "This is much better to look at than guns."

Ted leaned over and peeked through the slats. His eyes got big when he saw Betty removing her dress. "What?"

"Shhh," Bob whispered. "They don't know we are watching?"

Ted knew he should turn away but the woman's body was so perfect. Her breasts were round with no sag with high pointy nipples. "God."

Bob chuckled as the dress dropped at her feet. At their angle they could see her full frontal nudity.

Ted suddenly realized what he was doing and turned away. "I shouldn't."

Bob grabbed his shoulder and turned him back around. "You should. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of."

Ted again was frozen. His eyes captured Betty's shaven pussy lips as she stepped high into the hot tub. His cock was now about to brust out of his swimming trunks. He watched the woman sink into the water and turned to watch his fiancée. "She will never..."

It was Bob's turn to watch now. They both saw Tammi remove her robe and reach back to release her top.

"Shit," Ted gasped. He leaned forward to see if she would do it and saw her catch the top before it left her chest. "Whew," he grinned. But as she moved into the hot tub the top got away and they saw the cherry tip on her pink cone.

"You just never know," Bob grinned. "Let's go and join them."

Ted followed the man out onto the deck and saw the sun going down to the west. "So how is the water?" Bob asked.

"Great," Betty replied. "Right Tammi?"

Tammi moved further down into the hot bubbling water to hide her naked titties. "Yes...it feels so...so good. Are you guys coming in?"

"No," Ted answered not wanting Bob to get that close to his topless girl.

"Yes," Bob said as he kicked his sandals aside. He walked to the hot tub and peeked down at the rise of Tammi's breasts hidden mostly by the bubbles.

They all froze as they wondered if Bob would remove his trunks. "The sun is almost down," Bob grinned looking through the trees at the fading rays of light.

It seems as if someone had turned off a light when the sun disappeared. The patio was so dark not even Tammi could see Bob's cock after he removed his swim suit and climbed into the hot tub.

"Are you coming in honey?" Tammi asked. She could barely make out Ted's body as he moved closer.

"Maybe we should call it a night?" Ted said nervously.

"I'm staying," Tammi said annoyed. "You can go to the room if you want."

Betty and Bob remained quiet as Ted made up his mind to join them or not. They knew the odor of the plant was stronger at night especially just after the sun went down.

"Uh..OK for a little while."

Betty could make out that the shy man didn't remove his trunks before climbing over the side.

Ted moved closer Tammi and whispered. "I can't believe you took off your top."

"It's dark," she giggled moving her body and breasts out of the water. Just knowing that a naked man other than her fiancée was only inches from her flaming hot body. She had never felt this turned on before. "Why don't you take off your trunks?"

He was about to say no until her hand fell down onto his hard bulge. "Ahhh."

Bob closed his eyes because he was not in a hurry. He knew that when the sun when down the plant would emit its aroma stronger. Even at 40 years old the odor still got him as hard and ready as he was at 18. Betty's right middle finger was lightly playing with her clitty. It had been months since the last couple and although they didn't fit the final bill she did totally enjoy the night with the younger man.

"Jesus Tam," Ted gasped feeling his wife's petite fingers search down under his shorts. Her fingers grabbed onto his hard shaft and jerked it out from the top.

"I'm...I'm so..sooo hot," she purred. She was not whispering when she said it.

"They...they can hear you," he whispered feeling her naked soft breast rise out of the water. She moved up onto her knees on the hot tub seat and pushed her tongue into his throat while she continued jerking him off. "Stop."

Tammi sighed and moved back next to him. She kept her bare titties out of the water. "It's not fair that Bob and Betty are naked and we aren't."

Ted wasn't sure what she was getting at until he saw her standing up. The moon had risen high enough now that they could make out the body shapes. "Tammi...sit down."

She giggled. "Take off my bikini bottoms."

"Shhh....please..." The hot water and the naked bodies were also getting to his senses.

"I guess I'll have to take them off myself," she said sadly. As she reached down to push them off she felt someone grab her hand. It was from the other side and the hand was big. "Maybe Bob will take them off for me." She moved easily away and stood with her knees touching his.

"Tammi...come back...I'll...I'll do it." He reached out to grab her body and felt her naked waist. As she moved closer to him his hand moved lower to find her bikini bottom but found nothing but skin. "Tammi?"

"Tammi's busy," Betty whispered while she opened her legs and sat up onto his lap. Her hands moved around Ted's head and pulled it and his lips forward until they touched her right breast and rigid nipple. The aroma was strong now. So strong that Ted couldn't say no if he wanted to.

Across the tub Bob was teasing Tammi by taking a lot of time pushing off her last article of clothing. It was half way off when she pushed it down more. "Please...I need to be naked," she moaned.

Bob had seen them wild before but Tammi was in a lot of heat. She pushed off her bottoms and almost dove onto his lap. Her fingers sought and found only the second hard cock in her life. It was not as long as Ted's but it was definitely a lot thicker.

"It's yours baby," Bob chuckled. "Touch it and make it nice and hard for your young pussy."

The moon was over the trees now and they all could clearly make out what the others were doing. Ted peeked over Betty's naked shoulder and saw his wife being lifted up out of the water. He saw Bob's two large hands on her bare buttocks and saw the man pull her opened legs into his face.

"Forget about them," Betty whispered. She freed his hard cock and moved upward until her moist pussy was aimed down onto the crown. "Are you ready for heaven?"

"Yes," Ted answered closing his eyes and the view of Tammi getting her pussy sucked. As Betty's experienced pussy slid down his pole he pulled her left nipple into his opened lips.

The white and red Catikia flower was in full bloom sending it's seductive erotic pollen out in the dark breeze. It loved the sweet river soil and the nurishment provided by the many river animals that died trying to crawl out of the murky river mud.

The humans in the hot tub were sex starved animals now not caring what the other couple was doing. Ted was as hard as he could remember and smiled as the hot older bald pussy woman fucked up and down his joy stick. He was not even close to cuming yet and had been fucking her for at least ten minutes.

"I knew you were the one," Betty Lou whispered feeling him go very deep inside. Her lips captured his and sucked on this tongue while her pussy sucked his shaft deeper and deeper. Neither of them realized that Tammi and Bob were gone.


"Hurry," she begged after diving onto the large master bed. They ran into the house and headed directly for the bedroom. As he moved like a fox on it's prowl she opened her young tender thighs and offered him her most private treasure.

The pollen had made Bob hard as well and as he rubbed his huge crown up and down her moist pussy he saw the sex hunger in her eyes. His hands grabbed onto her ankles and lifted them up to his shoulders. As his cock-head pushed into her moist quim her face looked at him in disbelief.

He laughed. "You've never had one this thick before have you?"

"God no....it's stretching me out sooo much."

Although she was begging for him to push it in faster he held back to prevent injuring her. At first he was as anxious as the many women who visited and the next morning realized that they were hurting.

Tammi felt it was worth the wait when his pubic hairs met and mixed with her own. He was shorter than Ted but with her legs up against his shoulders he was just as deep. "Please...please fuck me."

Bob did just that. The longest Tammi had ever been fucked before was maybe five minutes. Twenty minutes moved by and she wanted more and more. It was her third orgasm when Bob finally released his hot juicy spunk.


"ME TOO!" She screamed.


Ted and Betty also were fucking a long time. Each time she pushed down the water would splash up over the sides of the hot tub. "Are you ready baby?"

"Yes...I'm uh....READY!" Ted felt the pressure in his balls build up and suddenly released. "OH FUCK...I'M CUMING!"

Betty was not a screamer like so many of the women that Bob had fucked. It was her ability to hold the pleasure inside and turn it into extreme warmth and sparks that lit up her body and mind. "Ummmmmm," she moaned softly.


The rest of the night was fucking followed by a rest sleep period. All in all the two couples had fucked at least six times. Ted and Betty Lou ended up in the guest bed after the first session in the hot tub so when he awoke the next morning he felt the soreness on his glowing red and now soft cock.

"Ouch," he moaned as he rubbed over the sore crown. He turned to look for Tammi and realized that he was alone. After stumbling out of the bed he walked naked down the hallway towards the bathroom. He saw the master bedroom door slightly cracked open and could resist the chance to peek. He saw the pink familiar pink buttocks and pushed open the door.

"Tammi....Tammi wake up," he whispered while sitting next to her lifeless form. He glanced down at the numerous red marks on her ass and thighs knowing they originated from fucking Bob. She still didn't move so he pulled up on her left arm until she fell over on her back. More red marks covered her white breasts and lower over her bush. He could see the dried cum on her pussy lips and inner thighs.

"TAMMI WAKE UP!" He said lightly smacking her cheek. He saw her chest rising so he knew she was alive.

Tammi was still dreaming about being fucked all night. She remembered being on the bottom, on top and him fucking her doggie style. She had a big smile when she opened her eyes expecting Bob's face. "Ted...Oh God...what...what time is it?' She tried to turn over but felt the cramps in her legs. "Ohhh."

"Are you OK?" He asked.

"Uh...yeah...I'm...my thighs are sore." She looked around for Bob and Betty Lou. "Where are they?"

"I don't know. I just woke up myself."

She reached over and took his hand. "Did you and Betty Lou...you know?"

"Yes, all night I think. I've never lasted so long...it was like I stayed hard constantly."

"Bob too. He was so thick...God it hurt at first but."

"I'm sorry. You know for not..not stopping it in the hot tub. It was like I lost control and couldn't stop."

"Me too. Do you think that they drugged us?"

"We didn't have anything to drink but maybe the hot tub water...you know."

She rubbed the dried cum from the lips of her sore pussy. "I really need a shower."

"Me too. Let's use the one in the master bath."


Betty Lou looked up when she heard the shower come on up stairs. "They are awake."

"They are definitely the couple," Bob said. "I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. The past fifteen years have been unbelievable."

"It's something we will never forget," she said standing to start the breakfast.

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