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Bed Talks


I was driving in silence. There was something disturbing me since earlier that evening, a minor discomfort, a doubt that wouldn't go away. Sarah, my wife, sat next to me without saying a word. I subtly looked at her, the third or fourth time since we had gotten into the car. She seemed distracted in thought, looking outside to the dark void. A faint smile seemed to be on her lips as if she was recalling some pleasant memory. I wondered why she was so quiet and if it had the same cause as my discomfort.

We were heading home after spending the last few hours at a dinner party with some of my wife's former college colleagues. We had been in one of those boring reunions where everyone tries to pretend to be something that they are not. I would have preferred to spend that evening somewhere else, but Sarah forced me to be present because she wanted to show me off. To make it even more painful, I knew almost no one and those I knew were far from being the most interesting people. However, this wasn't the reason for my present discomfort as I drove in silence.

It had begun earlier in the evening. I was having the feeling that one stranger was constantly searching for Sarah's company. He and Sarah seemed to be always talking with each other, far from the presence of other people. At the beginning, I didn't give it much heed. Still, they were giving a lot of attention to each other. So, after a while, I felt compelled to observe them. They seemed friendly, very friendly. In fact, there was some kind of complicity between my wife and this stranger. Who was this guy? Lacking anything better to do and driven by some curiosity, I observed them for a while from afar. I couldn't hear what the stranger was saying to my wife, but she seemed very entertained by his comments and smiled a lot. Was he hitting on her? Didn't he know that she was married? I'm pretty sure he knew that Sarah was accompanied since we were introduced to each other earlier in the evening, although I didn't remember anymore who he is. They weren't doing anything wrong, but that scene was starting to bother me. I decided to meddle in their conversation, so I walked towards them. My presence would be enough to disrupt their complicity, for sure. I wanted to know who that stranger was and what they were saying to each other. However, before I could get near them, the stranger caught a glimpse of me approaching and left. The man was subtle but didn't fool me. It was obvious to me that he was leaving because of my impending presence. His reaction to my pending intrusion only reinforced my previous suspicions about his intentions.

"Who is that guy?" I casually asked Sarah as I tenderly embraced her.

"I introduced him to you earlier. His name is David," she answered.

I wanted to probe more about him, but didn't want Sarah to notice my discomfort, "Were you two friends back in the day?"

"David and I?" she said as if the subject of my enquiry had evaporated in her mind. "He was Allyson's boyfriend back in the day, so we used to hang out."

Allyson was one of the few people there that I already knew. Back then, Sarah and Allyson were best friends. They never lost touch with each other and Allyson was still part of our social life, despite my poor opinion of her.

"Why do you ask?" added Sarah after a few seconds of silence.

"Just curious," I replied.

I trust Sarah. I know that she would never betray my confidence and, no matter that guy's intentions, I knew that he had no chance with her. Sarah could handle him perfectly; I didn't have to worry. For the rest of the evening I kept an eye on her, not for fear of what she could do, but only making sure that David wouldn't cross any boundary. Anyway, whatever his intentions were before, I didn't notice anything strange for the rest of the evening.

Then why was this incident still disturbing me in the car? I couldn't stop thinking about their apparent closeness and Sarah's silence wasn't helping. Was she thinking about him?

I had to say something, "You never mentioned David before... You seemed close friends."

Sarah woke up from her slumber and replied, "I'm sure I mentioned him before. You just don't remember it."

Again we were deadlocked in silence. I wanted to keep asking about David. I wanted to know how close they had been in the past and if he was hitting on my wife earlier.

"Why so much interest in David? You haven't asked about anyone else..." Sara said, reviving the subject.

"Just curious..."I waited a few more seconds, not wanting to show any anxiety but also not willing to drop the subject, and insisted, "You seemed close, that's all."

Again, there was a pause. I looked at Sarah's face and her expression was open wide in a big smile.

"Are you jealous?" she asked me amused.

"No," I replied, probably too swiftly.

"Yes you are," she insisted. "You do know that there is no reason for you to be jealous, right? I love you."

"I'm not jealous," I tried to insist.

"Besides, David lives hundreds of miles away and there is a strong chance that we will never meet again in years."

"I know. I trust you."

Sarah didn't need to explain herself, I believed her. No matter what David's intentions were, I didn't need to worry. I knew that for sure. Still, I couldn't stop thinking about the subject. It was stronger than me. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was becoming that David was hitting on her.

"Was he hitting on you?" I asked as casually as anyone could in those circumstances.

Sarah didn't answer right away and I immediately knew I wouldn't like the response.

"Yes, I believe he was hitting on me," she replied.

Somehow, part of me wasn't expecting her to admit it.

"Were you enjoying his attentions?" I bluntly insisted.

Again, Sarah made a small pause before answering. She seemed to be pondering about my question. Then she replied, "Yes, I was flattered. But you can relax because I didn't encourage him and told him I was married now."

She didn't exactly reject his attention either, but I kept this thought to myself. I knew I could trust her and any harsh comment would be unfair for her. Also, to be just, if our roles were reversed I guess I would have done the same as she.

Now that I had confirmation of my suspicions, I could enjoy peace of mind... a short-lived moment of peace. Sarah had told him that she "was married now". The way she pronounced the word "now" got me thinking. Could that mean that he wasn't allowed to hit on her... as he used to before? Then I recalled their apparent complicity. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that they had a history together. Sarah claimed that David had been Allyson's boyfriend, but what if...

I couldn't leave the issue behind me, "Has anything happened between you and David in the past?"

"I thought you didn't want to know," she replied.

There was no surprise in her voice. It was as if she was expecting this question from me. Moreover, she didn't answer it. Everything pointed in the direction of my suspicions. Still, her response had a point.

We had a pact, made when our relationship was still young. We had agreed that we shouldn't talk or ask about our past sex lives. What had happened between each one of us and other people, before we knew each other, didn't matter. So far, our deal had never been broken, but this time I needed to know.

"This is different..." I argued.



Actually, I didn't know why. I always knew that I hadn't been her first lover. Knowing this in theory was easy, but meeting a former paramour of hers in person was a very different story, especially when he had just tried to rekindle their past flame.

Sarah didn't answer outright. I parked the car in front of our house, stopped the engine and looked at her. Only then she spoke again, "Do you really want to know?"

Her eyes were set on me and her voice was solemn. Sarah was so serious that I immediately lost any will I had had to see my question answered. Maybe it was better to keep our pact intact and not open that Pandora's Box. What good could come out of it? We were talking about a time long before we met each other. So why should it matter?

I smiled to her and caringly said, "Never mind. Forget that I asked it."

Then we tenderly kissed and started toward our home. However, we weren't three steps away from the car when I realized that I was already regretting my decision. I really wanted to know the truth.

I postponed any insistence until we were in bed. As much as I tried to find a subterfuge to revive the earlier subject, there was no easy way. I had to ask it straightforwardly.

"I changed my mind," I said hoping she would understand what I meant.


Her tone annoyed me for a moment. How could she pretend that the subject had slipped out of her mind?

"I want to know," I firmly said.

We were lying on the bed in the dark. Sarah didn't answer right away. What was she waiting? Was she thinking about her answer? Everything was silent around us.

After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, she finally said, "Yes."

The answer was short and dry. Yes, something had happened between her and David.

Although my question had been completely answered, it felt quite unsatisfactory. Something had happened between David and my wife, but I needed to know what exactly. I didn't want Sarah to feel like I was questioning her faithfulness or probing her past. Still, I couldn't stop.

"David never dated Allyson, right? He dated you." Before she had time to answer, I tried to show her that it didn't bother me, "It's all right. I understand why you didn't tell me. I wasn't supposed to ask these things."

"Actually, you're wrong... But it doesn't matter. Let's keep it in the past. Okay honey?"

The secrecy of those last words stirred my curiosity even more. David and my wife shared a mystery and I couldn't bear not to know it.

"He dated both of you?" I insisted.

"No. He only dated Allyson. Why are you so obsessed by this?"

I think I didn't even consider answering her question. My mind was too busy trying to figure my wife's secret.

"What happened between you two?" I openly questioned.

"Why do you want to know?" she replied and I sensed her smiling in the dark.

My persistence wasn't bothering her. In fact, she seemed entertained by my curiosity and jealous.

Her attitude only encouraged me to press further, "I'm curious."

"I don't want to shock you, my love," she candidly said.

"I promise you won't shock me," I said, unable to hide some scorn either. How bad could it be? "Now tell me!"

After a few painful seconds of silence, Sarah finally said, "Okay, then... I'll tell you what happened."

Her words sounded so theatrical and serious that, for a moment, I felt she was only teasing and, in fact, there wasn't anything to tell at all.

But then she began her account.

"You already know that Allyson and I used to share an apartment back then. She was dating David for quite some time and it was serious. They were even talking openly about getting married. By the time this happened, it was common for David to spend the night in her bed. Allyson was such a slut." She laughed at her own comment and continued, "I could hear her often from my room as she had sex with him. I bet she used to do it on purpose just to shock me, a perverted way for her to brag and show me that she had a penis with which to play as I slept alone. Anyway, David slept over in her bedroom so often that I became accustomed to his presence. It wasn't common for Allyson to leave David and me alone in the apartment... In fact, I'm sure it had never happened before. But one morning Allyson had an appointment and left earlier than usual, leaving David behind, sleeping in her bed, as I was eating breakfast. Their bedroom door was open... I was walking by it when I noticed that he was partially naked, lying in the bed," At the sound of the word "naked", I felt my body shiver. Sarah's voice was provokingly low, "He seemed to be asleep and a sheet was on top of his waist and legs. In the beginning I ignored him and went about my business, but then..."

Sarah left me to hang on those last words for a while. It almost seemed like she was building the suspense... or maybe she was trying to gather courage to say whatever she had to say. I really didn't know what was on her mind.

Then she hastily spoke it out, like taking a bandage from a wound, "I walked to the doorway and peeked inside."

There was a hint of defiance in her voice, as if she was declaring how naughty she had been.

"Peeking inside wasn't enough," she continued after a few seconds of silence, "So I walked in. I pretended to be looking for something in the mess of their bedroom, and therefore slowly approaching the bed. David was breathing heavily, certainly asleep. The sheet was over his waist, barely covering his crotch. I thought about pulling it just a bit and take a peek inside but I was too afraid of being caught."

I found myself with my eyes closed picturing the scene as she described it. All I wanted in the beginning was a quick account of what had happened between David and my wife. I never meant so much detail, but now I was feeling enthralled by her words and I didn't dare to interrupt her. I had never thought that she had been such a naughty young woman, capable of spying on a naked, sleeping guy.

Sarah continued, "I still don't know how I did it... Trying not to make any sound at all, I lifted the sheet slowly..."

I couldn't believe her words. The scene was both indecent and silly. I didn't know if there was reason for laughter or for being astonished by her boldness.

"You're making that up, aren't you?"

There was silence for a moment and then she bluntly continued, "I saw his penis. He had a morning hard on."

The word "penis" had acquired a shameless and dirty new sense in her mouth, because she was directly recalling David's member.

"Why did you do it?" I asked.

Again, a moment of silent before her reply, "I wanted to know what it looked like. I wanted to know how big it was."

Captivated by her words, I couldn't help myself from asking, "And... was it big?"

"Oh yes..." she replied right away.

Her answer enhanced even more the wickedness of her account. In my mind, the gravity of her mischief was proportionally linked to the size of David's member.

Not happy with her earlier reply, she added, "I had never seen such a huge penis. And it was so hard! That's what made me want more."

Her words struck me like a punch. Wasn't taking a peek enough?

"You're making that up, aren't you?" I repeated.

"It was so big and manly... I felt this strong urge to touch it with my fingers," she continued, disregarding my question. "David was still asleep and his penis was helplessly within my reach. I stretched my arm, ready to touch it with my fingers. It was so easy to do it... but also so difficult, I felt so dirty. I was only inches away... But David could awaken... and tell Allyson... She was my friend. I couldn't do it. So I backed out, I slowly dropped the sheet and left."

Sarah is no saint. In fact, she is quite loose and capable of the wildest, sexy things. Still, it felt alien to hear my own wife describe her impulses towards another man's sex.

Suddenly, I sensed Sarah's body moving towards me under our own sheet. She rested her head against my shoulder and, before I had time to stop her, she probed inside my shorts with her left hand. In there she found my cock, unexplainably hard.

"What is this?" she asked, sounding visibly amused.

I didn't know what to say or what to do. I didn't know what was happening with me. The arousal caused by her words was even stronger that my jealousy.

"Are you enjoying the story?" she insisted. I could sense a smile in her lips.

"I can't help myself," I replied, self-conscious of my condition.

So far I had been trying to conceal my true feelings. I didn't want Sarah to notice my jealousy but, most important, I didn't want her to know the effect of her story on me. I should have predicted her move towards me earlier, but now it was too late. Sarah was playing a high-stakes game and I had just showed her my hand.

Still, I tried to defend myself by lessening the importance of her story, "Is that all?"

Sarah caressed my cock, teasing me with the tips of her fingers, and said, "No my love, there is more."

My punishment wasn't over yet.

"I was quietly leaving the bedroom when I heard David's voice asking me to wait. He was awake. I froze were I stood." My body stiffened after her words and Sarah continued, "Then he said 'Don't go. If you finish what you started, I'll close my eyes and pretend I never woke up.'"

Then she said no more. An eternity passed and still there was no sound from her. Sarah was torturing me. Do I need to ask for what happened next? I was sure now that she was punishing me for daring to ask about her and David.

I felt I had no choice but to give in and asked, "What did you do?"

"I went to him," she replied.

"Just like that?"


So far Sarah's episode had been only a silly mischief. But now that David was clearly awake and asking for her, the story was taking on a much more serious nature.

"He was Allyson's boyfriend."

"Yes, he was."

"You were easy," I accused.

"Yes, I was," she shamelessly replied. "Doesn't that make you, my love, even more turned on?"

I couldn't believe her words. Sarah was blatantly defying me. I should have been angry and disgusted. My own wife had behaved like an easy slut. Still... she was right. I was turned on. She showed no regret about her prior indiscretion and I was loving it!

Then she added, "I had already been caught by him... Why not enjoy it then?"

She was making it look so simple and unimportant. How could she make that decision so lightly?

Still astonished by her story, I tried to mumble some words, "You were much harder to get when we met."

"That's because I wanted to snatch your heart first," she replied.

"And you got it."

Sarah skipped my remark and continued her story, "David shut his eyes and I climbed onto the bed. The same bed he and Allyson used to have sex, maybe even that morning, only minutes before. My hand slid under the sheet and I touched him."

I don't know why but I didn't want her to spare any detail, "Where?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

Sarah's body trembled just a bit as if she was containing a giggle.

"I touched his hard cock. I slid my hand over his shaft and caressed his balls," she said and at the same time she was performing it on me. "Then I grabbed his cock... oh it was so big... I jerked him slowly. I wanted to make him feel good... Do you think he was feeling good?"

Sarah was taking no prisoners. My strong arousal was encouraging her to say the most outrageous things to me.

I didn't answer her question, so she made another, "And you? Are you feeling good?"

Again, I didn't answer. Instead, I asked a question of my own, "Why would you do something like that to Allyson?"

"I wanted to know that I could have her boyfriend anytime I wanted," she shamelessly replied.

Her answer completely destroyed me. Who was this woman sharing my bed? How could she behave so indecently?

Sarah continued her story, "Slowly, as I moved my hand, the sheet began sliding downwards... until I could see his cock in the open. I knew what I had to do."

Again she stopped talking. Again I felt this strong urge to know what was coming next, "What did you do?"

"Let me show you," she replied.

Sarah dived under our sheet and pulled my shorts to my knees. Then I felt the warm, humid feeling of the inside of her mouth surrounding my cock. After so much tension I couldn't help myself from releasing a lengthy moan. There, in the dark, I was experiencing the same pleasure that David had felt a few years ago.

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