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Bedding Two Brothers



Adam and Brandon were in the swallow end of Adam's swimming pool. The water was only high enough to cover their knees. Brandon was facing the edge of the pool with his Speedo swimsuit lowered below the cheeks of his ass. His cock and balls remained covered by the front of swimsuit as Adam was not interested in Brandon's cock. Adam was only interested in drilling Brandon's super fine ass. Adam's swim suit was well below his knees in the water and his impressive cock was driving in and out of Brandon's shapely ass.

Brandon was groaning with every thrust of Adam's big cock. He loved having his rectum filled with thick meat and Adam's cock was the biggest he had ever had. The biggest cock before that belonged to Brandon's lover and Adam's younger brother Cory. Brandon couldn't wait until he felt Adam cum in his ass and fill his rectum with the soothing warm liquid. As Adam drilled the shapely teenager his thighs slapped against Brandon's and the water splashed against the pool wall.

Adam caressed Brandon's lovely ass as he fucked it. Brandon had one of the nicest if not the nicest of any ass that Adam had ever fucked, guy or gal. Adam loved anal sex and he would just as quickly fuck an effeminate shapely gay ass as any girl's ass. Many girls did not take it in the ass and Adam would fuck them doggy style so he could fondle their buttocks. With gay guys there was no question if they would take it in the ass.

Suddenly Adam felt his balls tingle and his toes curled in the bottom of the pool. He felt his discharge race through his scrotum and he ejaculated into Brandon's rectum. Brandon cooed aloud and the milky substance filled his ass, a feeling he never tired of. Adam held still deep in Brandon's ass as stream after stream shot into him. Brandon used his sphincter to milk Adam's cock as it stayed buried in his ass. Adam slowly eased his cock out of Brandon and he watched as his semen oozed from the dilated anus.

Adam stared at Brandon's lovely shapely ass as Brandon expelled the sperm from his asshole. Stream after stream ran out between his buttocks, down his leg and into the swimming pool. Brandon could not stand it any longer and he had to get off. He yanked his Speedo to his knees freeing his 6" dick and jerked off rapidly. He was so ready to cum that he did so within seconds. Adam smiled as he watched Brandon jerk off and shoot gobs of semen onto the pool deck and into the water.

"That was great," Adam said and then directed, "Come in the house now and I will give you a massage. I'm not done with that hot ass of yours yet."


Adam Jenkins was 25 years old and he was working for a virtual office company which allowed him to work from home when he wasn't at a client site. He had graduated from college when he was 22 and had been working for three years. Adam purchased a patio home in the same town where his parents lived because it was a bargain and interest rates were so low. It was a typical Florida patio home with a small swimming pool taking up the entire backyard. There was an eight foot fence surrounding the backyard with landscaping between the fence and the screened-in lanai. It was very private and Adam had fucked many a date in his pool.

Adam was a handsome young man who stayed fit. He was 6'1" and weighed 180 pounds. He had light brown hair and hazel eyes and he was blessed with an above average cock. A girl Julie had measured it one time and she reported that it was over seven inches long and just over five inches around. He had pleasured many a girl and cute gay guy with his cock.

During the second year working for his company he spent six months in southern France and he managed to enjoy the Riviera. He also made it to the Italian Riviera as well. It was in France and Italy that Adam learned to enjoy the cute effeminate French and Italian gay boys. He also had his share of pussy but he did not shy away from fucking a cute guy in the ass.

Adam's younger 19 year old brother still lived at home while he attended the local college. Although younger, Cory was also handsome and fit and stood at 6'0" tall and weighed about 170 pounds. Cory too was blessed with a nice cock that was just less than seven inches long and not as thick as his brother's. Cory was gay a fact that he kept from his parents and his older brother. Cory was having sex with his college buddy Brandon who he called Brandy.

Brandy was a cute blonde with a very effeminate body. He had nice legs, a narrow waist and a killer ass. He was 5'6" and weighed nearly 150 pounds. His body was virtually hairless and his skin was flawless. Brandy was well tanned except for his lily white ass which emphasized it even more.

One day Adam went to his parent's house to pick up something and he discovered Cory and Brandy. Until that day Adam had not known that his brother was gay. Adam was mesmerized by Brandon's beautiful ass as it looked to be the most perfect ass in the world. Adam knew that many a girl would love to have an ass like Brandon's. Adam decided to spy on his brother and his brother's lover so he hid out and watched the two 19 year olds have sex.


Adam had gone to his parent's home to retrieve a book from his father's library. The library was located on the second floor of the house and had a small sitting room with a balcony overlooking the great room below. He sat in one of the easy chairs and thumbed through the book to make sure that it was the one he needed. As he was reading through the book, he heard voices coming from the great room and he knew that his brother was home with one of his friends. Adam ignored them and returned to his book until he heard words that he never expected to hear.

"Come on Cory, let's fuck before we study," Brandon said unaware that Adam was upstairs.

"Okay Brandy we have a few hours before my parents get home," Cory agreed.

Adam moved to his knees and then the prone position to peek through the balcony railing. Cory and Brandon were hugging and kissing as they began to remove their clothes. First the tee shirts came off, then the shoes and socks and lastly the trousers. Both teenagers left their briefs on as they caressed each other's body and rubbed against one another. It was at that moment that Adam learned his younger brother was gay. He had always suspected that Brandon was gay but didn't think much about it.

Cory pulled Brandon's briefs down to just below his buttocks and Adam stared at the super fine ass on the young man. Brandon's ass was perfectly shaped and stood out from his lower back and the back of his thighs by at least ten inches. His skin was flawless and his body virtually hairless. The contrast between Brandon's tanned body and his snow white buttocks emphasized his lovely ass even more. Adam stared at the pretty boy and admired his effeminate figure. Brandon had great looking legs, a narrow waist and a killer ass. Adam hoped that he would get to see his brother fuck that fantastic ass.

Brandon then dropped to his knees and pulled Cory's briefs down and off his legs. Cory stepped out of his underwear and Brandon fastened his mouth to Cory's impressive cock. Adam was pleased to see that Cory was well endowed like himself but he noticed that Cory was not quite as long or quite as thick. Still Cory has a nice cock and Brandon was all over it. Brandon sucked Cory's cock taking as much in his mouth as he could without gagging.

Adam's eyes were focused on Brandon's ass and not his brother getting a blow job. Adam felt his own cock stiffen in his pants as he visualized himself fucking Brandon. As Brandon sucked Cory's cock he managed to remove his own briefs and knelt naked on the floor. Brandon then stood up and turned his back to Cory who wrapped his arms around Brandon. Adam watched as Brandon's average size cock bobbed up and down in front of him as he rubbed his ass over Cory's cock. It was quite an erotic display and Adam's cock was throbbing in his pants.

Brandon leaned over at the waist and pushed his ass back into Cory's groin. Cory's stiff cock rested in the crack of Brandon's ass as Brandon moved his ass up and down letting the rigid prick glide between his buttocks. The two of them kept this up until they were so turned on that they needed to cum. The boys separated and got on the floor on their side in a 69 position. There they sucked each other's cock until they came.

Cory came first as Brandon stroked his cock and nibbled on the head. Cory warned Brandon of his impending release, "Get ready Brandy, I'm going to cum. Oh shit here it is, I'm cumming."

Brandon took the cock from his mouth and stroked it as Cory shot streams of semen into the air. The sperm landed on Cory's thigh and Brandon's forearm and Brandon's hand was cum covered. Cory moaned loudly and he momentarily stopped sucking Brandon's cock. Adam watched with interest as Brandon licked up all the semen from his forearm and Cory's thigh. Then he licked his hand and fingers clean. By then Cory had resumed sucking Brandon's cock and it wasn't long before it was spewing cum into the air and landing on their bodies. Cory duplicated the scene and licked the sperm from their bodies.

They rested momentarily and then they stood up and played some more. They were still hard when they stood and Brandon again pushed his ass back at Cory. After a few minutes of foreplay, Cory sat on an ottoman and pulled Brandon into his lap. Brandon straddled Cory and slowly lowered his ass onto Cory's stiff dick. Adam watched as Brandon was able to take the entire cock in his ass in one steady motion. Brandon moved up and down on Cory's cock as Cory reached around and stroked Brandon's equally hard cock.

After a few minutes of riding Cory's cock, Brandon stood up and both boys moved back to the floor. "I need to fuck that sweet ass of yours Cory," Brandon said excitedly.

"Go easy, remember I'm still getting used to it," Cory cautioned.

Adam then realized that his younger brother had not been getting fucked for very long and Brandon was still breaking in his ass. Cory was on his back with his legs spread and Brandon knelt between them. Brandon eased his cock in slowly and he had to back out a few times to facilitate the painless penetration. "Jesus, you are still tight," Brandon called out.

Adam watched as Brandon eventually filled Cory's ass and began to fuck him slowly. Cory was breathing hard as Brandon was drilling him. Adam was more interested in watching Brandon's ass than watching his brother get fucked. Brandon's shapely buttocks tightened and relaxed each time he thrust into Cory's bottom. Adam guessed that they fucked for at least 15 minutes before Brandon pulled out and ejaculated on Cory's abs and pubes. They remained motionless for several minutes before Brandon rubbed the semen into Cory's skin.

They were both still hard and Cory badly need to cum. They got off the floor and walked over to the ottoman. Adam stared at Brandon's hot ass the entire time and he wished that he would be the one to fuck it. Brandon knelt on the ottoman and held onto the arms of the chair in front of it. Cory stood behind him and lined up his cock with Brandon's anus and pressed forward. Adam watched as his brother's cock disappeared into the marvelous ass of his lover.

Cory began slowly and steadily picked up the pace. Adam was mesmerized with the scene before him as his younger brother fucked one of the finest asses he had ever seen. Brandon's cock was still hard even though he had already cum twice and Adam assumed that the two boys would be having sex all afternoon. Cory was in no rush to cum as he seemed to savor every second his cock was buried in Brandon's curvy ass. Both Adam and Cory were fixated on Cory's cock sliding in and out of Brandon's asshole. Cory caressed the beautiful buttocks as he repeated over and over, "Oh Brandy, I love fucking you. I love watching my cock slide in and out of your hot ass. I want it to last forever."

However the three young men in the room knew that it wouldn't last forever. In spite of how hard Cory tried to prolong his ejaculation he just couldn't help himself and he knew he would shoot a massive load into Brandy's rectum. Adam watched as his younger brother strained to keep from cumming. Cory's head was thrown back and he groaned as the first shot entered Brandy's ass. Cory then lean forward and hugged his blonde lover his chest covering Brandy's back.

"Oh yeah, I feel it. Give it to me. Cum in me," Brandy cried out.

Cory's hands went around the front of Brandy's body and he caressed the blonde's chest and abs as he filled Brandy's rectum with buckets of sperm. As he emptied his balls, Cory turned his head to the side and placed it on Brandy's shoulder. "Oh God!" he exclaimed as the final stream left his rigid shaft. Both of them uttered continuous sighs of pleasure and they remained coupled for several minutes before Cory backed out of Brandy's ass. Brandy dropped one foot to the floor with the other leg still kneeling on the ottoman.

Adam watched as Cory's cum oozed out of Brandy's asshole and trickled down Brandy's inner thigh. Brandy continued to expel the semen and his anus looked like a cream pie. Adam hoped that Cory would put his cock back in Brandy's ass and push his cum in with it but Cory just held onto his rock hard cock and moaned softly. Cory had been thoughtful to put a towel on the ottoman otherwise it would have been covered with semen. Obviously they had done this before in that room.

Brandy turned his head back toward Cory and they both kissed. Adam noticed that they were both still hard and that they took a hold of each other's cock. They stretched out over the chair and the ottoman and cuddled together stroking the other's cock. Adam was sure now that they would have more sex but he had seen enough and he was satisfied particularly with Brandy's ass getting plowed with Cory's impressive cock. Adam quietly slipped down the stairs and left the house through the back door.

On the way home Adam could not get the image of Brandon's ass out of his mind. He was haunted by its magnificence and his lust for it. Adam knew that he would have to find a way to fuck Brandon's incredible ass. That evening he considered calling Bonnie who was a very nice ass fuck but he had an early morning flight to catch. Instead he masturbated in his bed before he went to sleep with the vivid image of Brandon's ass in his mind.

Over the next several days while out of town of business, Adam schemed about how to get Brandon to give up his ass. "Surely if he liked Cory's cock he would love my cock," Adam thought to himself. He decided the best opportunity would be the next time when Cory and Brandon were at his house to use the swimming pool.


Two weeks after Adam had learned that his brother Cory and Brandy were lovers they were at the house to use the pool. Cory and Brandy liked hanging out by Adam's pool but Adam always had to be home when they did. It was a Wednesday which worked out perfect for Adam to put his plan into action as Cory had a late afternoon class. Adam worked in his office at home until nearly 1:00 PM and then he joined Cory and Brandy poolside. He brought them a couple of beers and they chatted for several minutes talking about college.

Cory checked the time and said, "Hey we need to go Brandy, I have to get to class soon."

"Do you have class too?" Adam asked Brandy already knowing the answer.

"No I don't have class today," Brandy replied surprised that Adam had asked.

"Why don't you hang out here then? I'm done working and it would be nice to have some company," Adam offered.

"I guess I could," Brandy answered looking confused as he glanced at Cory almost for approval.

Cory was also surprised but he didn't object, "Sure Brandy why don't you? I can stop back after class and give you a ride home."

"Oh I can give him a ride later little brother," Adam stated.

"Okay if you don't mind," Cory agreed.

"No problem," Adam said thinking all the while that he would give Brandy a few rides that day.

Cory went in the house and changed out of his swim suit and then left for class. Adam and Brandy made small talk and took a dip in the pool. Once again Adam admired the shape of Brandy's ass in his tight bikini Speedo. Adam was also wearing a Speedo bikini and on more than one occasion he noticed that Brandy glanced at his crotch. Adam was pleased that his package got Brandy's attention.

After a brief swim Adam went in the house to get a couple of more beers. While he was in there he pulled his semi-erect cock out of his Speedo and stroked it into hardness. He put it back in his swimsuit and walked back outside with the beers. There was no mistaking the outline of his erection in the snug swimsuit and Brandy could not help but stare at it. Brandy even blushed as he ogled Adam's crotch.

Adam smiled at his brother's lover when he saw Brandy's eyes travel to his package. Adam handed Brandy a beer and sat down in the lounge next to him. Adam then shocked Brandy when he took his cock out of his swimsuit and stroked it. Brandy didn't know what to say or how to react so he just stared at the impressive cock. He noticed that Adam was bigger than Cory and he subconsciously wet his lips with his tongue.

"You like?" Adam asked.

Brandy stammered, "You have a nice cock."

"Thanks, why don't you come closer. You can touch it if you like," Adam suggested.

Brandy was frozen to his seat. He wanted to grab Adam's cock and shove it in his mouth but he was apprehensive. This was Cory's brother, his lover's brother. Brandy just stared as Adam stroked his cock slowly but he wondered if he could take it in his ass. Or would Adam even want to fuck him?

"Come here and sit on my lounge. I want you to play with my cock. You know you want to," Adam coached.

As if his legs moved by themselves, Brandy moved over to Adam's lounge and sat on the edge. His hand as if drawn by a strong magnetic force moved to Adam's cock and Brandy's fingers wrapped around the hard warm shaft. He began stroking Adam's cock and then he looked into Adam's eyes and asked, "How did you know?"

"I've known for a couple of weeks that you and my brother are lovers. I saw you at my parent's house and I watched my brother fuck you in your hot ass. You do have a beautiful ass," Adam admitted.

"You not gay, I know you date girls," Brandy questioned.

"I'm not gay. At least I am not into cocks but I don't mind fucking a great ass whether it's a girls or a guys. You have one of the nicest asses I have ever seen and I have been thinking about it since the first time I saw you get fucked."

"Are you saying that you want to fuck me?"

"That's exactly what I am saying. It's private here but if you like the bedroom better we can go there," Adam told him.

Brandy dipped his head to Adam's cock and let it slide into his mouth. Adam felt the warm wet inside of Brandy's mouth and he let the cute blonde suck it for a few minutes. However Adam was anxious to get in that hot ass so he lifted Brandy's head off of his cock.

"Can we go to the bedroom?" Brandy asked in his sexy voice.

"Of course," Adam said and he stood up not bothering to pull up his swimsuit.

Brandy stood up and as he walked into the house, Adam pulled Brandy's Speedo down just below the cheeks of his ass. Brandy wiggled his ass in response and Adam grabbed one of the cheeks. They walked into the ass with Adam's cock bobbing in front of him as he played with Brandy's curvy bottom. Once in the bedroom the swimsuits came off and Brandy got in bed face down.

Adam took some lotion and rubbed it into the crack of Brandy's ass. Brandy lifted his ass off the bed making access to it easier. Adam rubbed the lotion into Brandy's anus and fingered him with first one then two fingers. Satisfied that Brandy was well lubed, Adam pulled Brandy up by his hips and pressed down n his lower back.

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