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Bedeviled Bride


The band was playing and the bride was dancing with the groom. Heather told her new husband Gary that his decision to hold the reception at this lodge on the outskirts of town was a stroke of genius. The room was spacious and the black band was fabulous. The alluring redhead with big green eyes that sparkled told her brown-haired husband that she loved him.

After the dance, they walked hand and hand back to the bar. The bride's breasts looked larger than her 32C cup. Her bridal dress was low cut and lifted her bosom up. The 5'3" bride seemed tiny next to her 6'2" brown-eyed husband. The reception had thinned down to about thirty guests; mostly family and close friends. Her mother raised her glass to toast her daughter, "Here's to your last hours as a virgin!" Close by, a friend of the groom choked on his drink and recalled his wild night of sex with the bride when she had an argument with Gary. Heather and Gary did not have sex together; she was no slut but she was not a virgin either.

The band stopped playing and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the fabulous Mistress Lee! Mouths dropped and eyes-widened when a voluptuous 6' black dancer strutted on the stage in a vest with tails and black mesh stockings. Her ample breasts were exposed, her long legs were eye-catching and her deep black eyes were spellbinding. Six black male dancers accompanied her as she sensually glided across the stage.

The mood in the room had definitely changed; the air was alive with sexual arousal. The remaining guest had no way of knowing that it wasn't just the sexy dancer that turned them on; their drinks were spiked with a potent aphrodisiac. Pussies dampened and dicks stiffened, the alluring dancer was bumping and grinding and the whole room was consumed with carnal cravings.

The dancer stopped and instructed two of the male dancers to usher the bride to the stage. Applause met her when the bride walked across the stage. Heather shyly smiled and nervously gazed into Mistress Lee's enthralling dark eyes. Sighs filled the room when the lights were dimmed and a spotlight hit the stage, the bride and ebony Amazon could be seen clearly. Lee announced, "Tonight you will be my bride; your husband has granted me the right to use you as I see fit!

Heather meekly muttered, "I…I don't know what you mean?"

"Then let this video explain it to you, my little pet." The spotlight went to the back of the stage and a video of Gary's bachelor party was shown on a big screen. Mistress Lee was giving him a lap dance and two other black girls were dancing. Gary hungrily sucked her ebony breasts and she removed his 8" stiff dick. Lee moved her hairy bush to his face and demanded that he 'eat it'. She told him that if he wanted to fuck her juicy black cunt that he would have to give her his bride on their wedding night. He readily agreed and even signed a statement.

Mistress Lee had seen Heather at a fitting for her wedding gown and decided right then and there that she wanted the 18 year old bride. She deviously planned for this moment and eagerly anticipated ravishing the freckled redhead. The video stopped and the band played. The alluring ebony goddess put her arms around Heather and said, "Now we will have our wedding dance, my little pet. I have waited long for this moment." Lee held the trembling girl close to her 26 year old frame and whispered in her ear, I want to fuck you, my bride."

"But…but, we are both women, how can that be? I don't understand." The young bride had never considered having sex with another woman and couldn't understand the wetness in her little pussy.

"My dear, you will understand before this night is over, you will thank me and beg to see me again. If you are a good little girl; I just might permit you to enjoy my chocolate delicacies again. Lee stood back and waived her hand; two of the dancers disrobed her down to her stockings and heels. At the same time the same was done to the frightened bride. Mistress Lee pulled the startled girl to her and they shared a long, passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined and their pussies flooded.

After the kiss was broken, Lee grabbed the back of the bride's head and pulled it to her big tits. Goosebumps appeared all over the redhead's body and tingles ran all over her excited frame. Heather felt light-headed and gazed at the brown boobs with wonder. The aureoles were large and the erect nipples were black instead of pink, she was fascinated with them. Desire to put her lips on the ample bust was overwhelming and she was succumbing to the strong urge to suck them. Her lips met the large breasts; she licked, kissed and then sucked with fervor. Blood rushed through her veins, she felt light-headed and her pussy was flooding.

"Good little girl, enjoy my big boobs, suck them baby, don't be afraid, bite the fucking nipples and try to get as much tit in your mouth as you can." Heather nursed on the ebony mounds with passion and thought how big and beautiful they were. The white bride could not understand her irresistible attraction to the ebony goddess or her craving to please and serve Mistress Lee.

Black fingers with long blue nails pushed the bride to her knees and her face was only inches from the alluring sex of the object of her lusty desires. The musky fragrance from the aroused pussy was overwhelming and Heather knew that she was beyond resisting the voluptuous creature. As the bride stared with amazement at the hood, lush black pubic hair and fleshy pussy lips, she was in awe. When she caught sight of the pink beyond the black pussy lips, her heart pounded and she was consumed with desire to devour the tantalizing treat.

Lee pulled the redhead to her burning cunt and ordered, "Eat my black pussy bitch! You know you are dying to taste it so go on and do it. Lick it and suck the hell out of my pussy, let yourself go." The bride moved her face closer and stuck out her tongue and when she touched the dripping pussy lips she could feel shock waves run through her impassioned body. She licked slowly at first but then increased speed and was soon lapping like a pro. Mistress Lee's enlarged clit popped out from under the hood and she immediately began sucking on it.

"Yes, that's it baby; suck my clit, good girl! I have imagined how good it would be to have your face between my legs and it is even better than I thought it would be. I can tell you like my moist chocolate cake. That works out because I love you eating it. My, but you are fabulous for your first time. You are a natural born cunt lapper and we are going to see a lot of each other. I am cumming baby; Lick up all of my pussy juice and cum. Oh yes, oh, oh, feels so fucking good, yes."

Lee helped the girl to her feet and smiled at the cum covered glistening face of the bride. All of the male black dancers were now naked and Mistress Lee had her male and female friends mingle with the remaining guests. White women were stroking black cocks and white men were fingering juicy black pussies. The only reason that they hadn't started screwing is that they were so captivated by the seduction of the white bride by the black sex goddess.

Two of the male dancers embraced the bride and the already inflamed girl sighed when the man in front of her kissed her full on her lips and the dancer behind her kissed her neck. Her pussy oozed when the two stiff black cocks rubbed against her white skin. The man in front broke the kiss and pressed her shoulders and bent her down to suck his 11" cock. The other man entered her wet pussy from behind. Saliva dripped down her chin and her hips humped back at the 8' cock in her pussy. She was stood upright and as soon as the cock was withdrawn from her pussy it was replaced with the 11" monster. While her pussy was stretching to accommodate the big cock, the other one was shoved up her tight ass. First she screamed out in pain and then she screamed out in ecstasy and the big cock was covered with her cum. The men returned the favor and filled her holes with thick white cum.

Upon regaining her composure the bride looked over and was shocked to see Gary fucking Lee! The bride's mother Linda was brought on stage and the petite 38 year old mother was molested by three dancers and all three of her cavities were filled. The bridesmaid Stacie was lifted onstage and was met by Yasmin, a fellow dancer and friend of Mistress Lee's. Yasmin was an extremely attractive 24 year old black woman with small but perky tits, a small clump of pubic hair that was shaved in the shape of a heart; she stood 5'7" and had the body of one who works out regularly.

Yasmin and a male dancer tore off Stacie's clothes and threw the 18 year old, brown haired beauty to the floor. She was stuffed with black cock and Yasmin sat on her face. Stacy gobbled up the black pussy and wrapped her creamy legs around the black stud and fucked back wildly. Her face was covered with pussy juice and her stretched pussy was leaking thick wads of sticky cum as she struggled to get to her feet. She got as far as her knees when she was forced to worship Yasmin's big black ass with her lips and tongue. Strong ass checks tightened and held her tongue up the brown hole. She licked and sucked hard and her overworked tongue finally freed itself from the vice-like grip.

Heather once again found herself in between Mistress Lee's legs and was devouring her favorite treat. Ebony legs clamped tightly around her neck and threatened to choke her but loosened their grip so that she could breathe and eat pussy. The young bride thought how much different the pussy tasted this time and then she realized that it was her husband's cum that she tasted in the chocolate love hole!

The black band put some music on the CD player and joined the orgy. By now the room was filled with horny people having sex. Heather's mother Linda was on her knees sucking the dancer's dicks back to life. Stacie was still worshiping Yasmin's pussy and ass. Heather was gobbling up Lee's delicious cunt and a black male dancer was eating out her pussy. The husbands of the white women didn't have time to worry about their wives because they were too busy having sex with the black girls.

Heather could not understand why she never tired of eating Mistress Lee's luscious pussy but she felt disappointed when the black man took his tongue out of her love hole. The disappointment did not last long as the man jabbed his 9" cock in her hungry pussy. A muffled moan of wanton lust escaped her mouth as the extremely thick cock further stretched her pink pussy. The man drilled her forcefully and her face banged the black pussy hard and enabled her tongue to go even deeper into Lee's cunt. Mistress Lee loved it and encouraged the black dancer to fuck her harder.

Heather squealed with lust when a hot stream of cum was ejected into her hot pussy and Mistress Lee held the bride's face to her erupting black cunt. Heather lovingly licked the smoldering pussy clean and when the bride was instructed to lick the ebony ass clean, she willingly complied. She then turned her attention to the semi-hard cock and adoringly sucked him clean and in the process the bride was amazed to see the cock stiffen to full erection again.

Her little mouth was full. The cock was so thick that it stretched her mouth. She gagged as he began to fuck her face vigorously. The bride wanted to come up for air but her head was held tightly to the throbbing sex organ. Her arms wrapped around his buttocks as she sucked and felt it get even harder. Then she tasted the hot gooey stuff shoot into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it all and he patted her on the head and told her that she was a good little fuck-slut.

The male dancers needed a rest but the band took over and had Stacie, Linda and Heather on their knees sucking black cocks. Soon they were stood up and bent over; Black cocks entered their pussies while they slurped other dicks. As soon as a cock came in each pussy or mouth, it was replaced by another. Some were black but others were white, some fucked their pussies and some fucked them in the ass. The three white women could not tell who was screwing them! When the men were finished using them for cum receptacles, the women slumped to the floor with all of their orifices gaping and leaking cum!

Mistress Lee menacingly hovered over them and told them, "What a bunch of cum-sluts you are. Mom, your son-in-law fucked you in the ass. Heather, your daddy fucked you in the pussy and ass. Stacy, you fucked them both and your fiancé shot a load of cum up your best friend's ass. And here I thought that you all were so refined and respectful. What a sight you make with your holes gaping and dripping cum. Your bodies and hair are all coated with cum. I have great news for you; the whole thing is on tape and I will give you all a copy! This will be a wedding reception that you will never forget."

Mistress Lee announced that the cleaning crew would be here soon and unless they wanted to fuck them too, they better prepare to go home. Three black men accompanied Linda and her husband to their house. Stacie and her fiancé left with a black man and woman. Very few of the guests went home alone. Yasmin and Mistress Lee went back to the honeymoon suite with the bride and groom.

Gary drove the rented limousine while the black girls ravished the bride in the back seat. To further degrade and humiliate the bride and groom, Gary was ordered to park the limo on a busy street and lower the windows. Passersby's on the sidewalk stopped to ogle the young bride in her wedding gown as she buried her head between the legs of the two sexy black women. A large crowd gathered to watch the erotic scene; most just watched or whispered to each other but a sexy blond with a shapely figure and big boobs exclaimed, "Look at that bitch eat pussy! That sure is one hot bride; I wish I had her between my legs!"

Heather was pushed out of the limo and Lee ordered her to service the middle aged attractive woman. Mistress Lee told her to hurry up and get the woman-off before the cops came. The blond lifted her skirt and revealed a panty less bald pussy. Heather finger fucked the woman furiously while she licked and sucked the woman's clit. The bride discovered that she liked the taste of white pussy as well. Her initial feelings of shame were replaced by a strong sense of arousal at performing this perverted act in public. Her own pussy flooded as the woman reached a screaming orgasm and held her head tight against the erupting bald cunt.

The bride eagerly lapped the cunt clean and thought how thrilling it was to perform this lewd act in front of the crowd. She didn't understand why, but she was impassioned like never before. She was forced to admit to herself that she loved being watched and she loved eating pussy! There was a group of black girls standing near bye and one of them yelled. "We're next, get over here bitch and eat some young black cunt."

Heather crawled toward them but she stopped when Mistress Lee commanded her, "Get back in the limo you stupid bitch, before the cops come and take you to jail. You wouldn't like it there; most of the cunts that you would be made to service are skanky. Hurry baby, come get some delicious pussy before they take you away to the smelly, filthy and vile pussies in the jail." The bride ran back to the limo and was shocked when the crowd gave her a loud round of applause.

Mistress Lee reprimanded her for scuffing her knees on the sidewalk. They drove to the up-scale hotel and tried in vain to avoid the prying eyes of the other guests and staff, Susan was grateful that it was early and most of the hotel guests were still sleeping. Newly weds going to their room with two black women and the bride looking tattered and in disarray was bound to draw stares from all who saw them.

They entered the room and the first thing Mistress Lee did was to order the bride to take a long bath and a shower. Heather was told to make sure that she cleaned off all the dried cum in her hair and on her body. When the young wife emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel she was told to sit in a chair and watch closely. Gary was on his back and Yasmin rode his cock and Mistress Lee straddled his head and lowered her sopping pussy to his lips. Yasmin turned her head and said, "Your husband is a good fuck. It is important that you learn the proper way to screw him. And don't worry baby, one of us will be always be available to cum sit on your faces."

Her pussy was sore from all of the fucking but watching the two black women with her husband turned her on so much that her fingers went to her wet pussy. While watching the lewd scene, Heather inserted three fingers in her aroused pussy and worked them in and out with fervor. She was startled at how stretched her pussy had become and wondered if it would return to its normal size.

Gary loudly reached a climax and he was told to go sit in the chair and watch. Heather was ordered to suck all of her husband's cum out of Yasmin's cunt. Heather greedily sucked the hot, juicy pussy and uttered moans of lust when Mistress Lee got behind her and orally serviced her butt and pussy.

Mistress Lee raised her head and saw that Gary was getting hard again and informed him that it was time to enter his loving wife. Yasmin nibbled on the bride's little breasts and Mistress Lee guided the husband's cock into his wife's horny hole. The ebony goddess played with his balls and her clit as husband and wife consummated their marriage. Gary expected his wife to be tighter but he loved it just the same. Heather smiled when she realized that she didn't have to explain why she wasn't a virgin. They had sex throughout the night and Gary was amazed that he was able to perform so many times. He was experienced but the 19 year old man had never had sex more than twice in one night before. He felt a sense of pride when he couldn't count the times that he had sex on his wedding night.

They awoke in the afternoon and Mistress Lee and Yasmin exchanged numbers with the young couple and they agreed to visit the club where the black women work when they got back from their honeymoon in Hawaii. The couple had several hours before they had to catch the plane. Gary hadn't seen his parents since the orgy began and called them to see if they were alright. His parents assured him that they were fine and thanked him for the most exciting night of their lives. He did not want them to elaborate and hung up the phone content to know that they were ok.

Heather called her parents and found that they still had company and her 22 year old sister joined the orgy. Linda exclaimed. "These guys invited a couple of their buddies over and they all have the stamina of a thoroughbred and some of the men are hung like horses too. Our lives will never be the same again and I believe that it is a good thing. Enjoy your honeymoon and we will see you when you get back."

Minutes after Heather hung up the telephone it rang and it wad Stacie. Her friend excitedly told Heather that the black man and woman were fabulous and that they planned to get together often. Stacie said she hoped they enjoy Hawaii and looked forward to seeing them when they returned.

On the plane trip to Hawaii the newlyweds discussed the events since their marriage and both agreed that it was a mind blowing experience and they became aroused just talking about it. They wondered what awaited them in Hawaii and somehow they knew that what ever it was, it would not be boring.


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The white women naked and cuffed behind back with plastic cuffs taken to black van for transport to s black neighborhood where they will be put to work servicing black pussiest and cocks under pain ofmore...

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