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Bedroom Pet


Edited by Silverman

Monica loved to walk in the woods that surrounded her old house, always trying to improve her already large collection of bugs. She was hoping to find a new one today.

The athletic woman reached the creek that flowed between slippery rocks. She looked down, searching for a firm spot to place her feet and there it was... The most beautiful and strange insect she had ever seen. Or was it a reptile? She couldn't tell. The sunlight reflected from its three-legged body with a bluish hue that looked surreal. Monica couldn't believe her luck!

The young woman took the bug to her room and studied it for a while, realizing that the bluish light that radiated from the bug wasn't the sunlight reflection. It was the bug itself that created the stunning glow.

"It must be some kind of chemical reaction... It's so pretty!" Monica rationalized this unusual effect,

The girl observed the strange creature for hours and she couldn't get enough of it. Before she knew, it was 3:00 am. Her eyelids started to feel heavy so she decided to go to bed.

That night, Monica had the most pleasant dream. She saw a blurry image of herself making love to an unseen lover, floating in a green cloud that slowly turned blue and than green again. Her breathing became deeper as her hips moved slowly up and down. It felt so real...

And it felt real for a reason; the bug had escaped from its box and it was lurking between the woman's legs. Guided by the female's scent, the bug delicately rubbed her pussy lips through her thin panties. The arousal grew within Monica's body as the touch became more persistent, more evident. But even then she remained deep in sleep. Suddenly, she got the uncomfortable feeling that it wasn't safe. She had to wake up but she didn't want to. That idea was not welcome. It was immediately discarded. It felt so good...

During the following days, that same scene repeated over and over. Monica couldn't understand why she was having wet dreams every night but she didn't care. She loved it.

The abundant fluid that leaked from the girl's love canal was all the bug needed to survive, to feed and grow.


Two weeks later, Monica came back for work and walked straight to her room. She couldn't wait another second to be with her new pet; to admire its mesmerizing colors. As soon as the door was closed, she began to undress. She did it automatically and without giving it any thought. When she was removing her panties, she stopped...

"Wait... why am I getting naked?" Monica wondered. She was certain that there was a reason but she couldn't remember it,

"Never mind", she told herself.

She sat on the floor and reached under the bed for her pet. She could feel her nipples swell a little and she couldn't understand why. Somehow she knew this was nothing to worry about.

"There you are. Come here honey..."

The creature had doubled its size already. Monica believed the bug was eating the plants she brought from the creek. She placed it on the bed and watched attentively as the weird creature began to glow again.

The light was so alluring that it was hard to take her eyes off it. Swirling patterns danced in rhythmic motion, surrounded by a bluish haze that created the effect that the image was floating in the air, getting closer and closer until it was all Monica could see. Her pupils dilated as her face went completely slack. Just a few minutes later, Monica was completely lost in the glow. Any other thought in her head was blurry and seemed so irrelevant. Nothing else existed but the spiraling radiance that filtered through her eyes, directly into her brain. Now, she belonged to the creature.

Then, an idea formed in the back of her mind. First small and meaningless but it got bigger and stronger until it began to make sense. Monica understood.

She climbed on the bed, her nipples swollen and her pussy already moistening. She moved by instinct, following instructions planted in the most primitive part of her brain. Monica knelt on the mattress with her arms limp by her sides and her eyes still focused on the enthralling glow. She stayed there for a moment, immobile, as the bug got closer to her.

Monica felt the creature's soft touch on her left thigh and her pussy twitched, reacting instinctively to the bug's caress. Monica's mind was dormant but her body was very much alive.

Another idea formed in her mind and she laid back on the bed, spreading her legs wide. She lost visual contact with the creature but it didn't matter. Her mind was taken and her body was next.

The creature rubbed her clit gently, submerging Monica in a sea of pleasure that would turn into a stream of fluids, lubricating her tight passage and preparing her for the next step. When Monica's pussy was dripping wet, the bug inserted the tip of one of its long and flexible extremities. It played around for a few seconds, certain that it was in full control of the situation and then... plunged the whole appendage as deep as possible!

Monica's entranced eyes opened wider as she let out an unconscious moan. Her stretched pussy twitched over and over while the creature revolved and squirmed inside of her body, absorbing her love juices.

Monica woke up hours later with no memory of what had happened. She still couldn't remember why she had taken her clothes off but there was nothing to worry about. She felt good. It was all good.


The next day, Monica was taking her blouse off even before she entered her room. It had been really hard to concentrate on anything at work except on the bug's swirling images that seemed to be embedded in her brain. That alluring glow gave her a blissful feeling of satisfaction that she never experienced before. She was eager to feel like that again.

Monica pulled the creature from under the bed and knelt in front of it, waiting for the lights. Her heart was beating fast and she was breathing faster from the sheer excitement of being with her... pet.

She thought it wasn't right to call it her pet; maybe it was... something else.

Monica was barely able to complete the last thought because the moment she saw the swirling patterns, her mind emptied completely. She stared mindlessly at the bug while a faint tingling started to form in her brain and as it grew stronger, the itching traveled down to her pussy, igniting her arousal once more. Now she knew exactly what she had to do... Monica sat on the floor, spread her legs and lift her hips, waiting.

The creature inserted one of its appendages in her body and pumped. Monica's juices flowed as her passion increased in an escalating bliss. The creature suctioned its food and continued the overwhelming fucking a long while...

... until the beautiful woman reached her limit and exploded in a powerful climax!

Her hands clasped hard on the rug while her legs trembled uncontrollably at both sides of the greenish body attached to her hips. Her eyes rolled up as she arched her back even more before collapsing to the wooden floor, still jolting from the fading bliss.

But it was not over yet. The night was still young and there were many more orgasms on the way.


Monica was sitting in her office. She kept looking at the clock, desperately waiting for the moment to go back home. The strange creature occupied all of Monica's thoughts and most of her time. It was then when she realized the truth of the situation... the bug was not her pet anymore. Now it was she, who was the bug's pet!

"I have become a slave..." Monica thought, as her nipples swelled and her pussy moistened, "that beautiful creature owns me!"

Monica started to remember what had happened to her all the previous nights and part of the days...

"I will go back home and HE will fuck me!" Monica thought as she rubbed her tights together under her desk. This scary thought, far from frightening her, it excited her.

"My Master will penetrate me. He will push his long limb inside of me and fuck me hard!" Monica was now oblivious to the world around her. She stared forward as the bug's swirling patterns danced inside her imprinted brain.

"My master will make me cum!!" Monica climaxed hard. She tried to remain still but her whole body trembled noticeable. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her pussy contracted on it self, over and over, dampening her panties.

As the mind-blowing ecstasy faded away, Monica realized that she was still in her office. A coworker looked at her with the corner of her eye, pretending she hadn't seen anything. Monica got off her desk and went back home, leaving a wet spot in her chair.

That night, Monica was standing against the bedroom wall, ready to be fucked. Her Master climbed up her shapely legs and wrapped around her hips. Monica's lubricating fluid was already dripping down her thighs. But something different happened. The bug penetrated her ass instead of her pussy. Monica squealed softly, surprised by the unexpected change. As the tentacle entered deeper and deeper, she realized that she loved this too. It was her master's wish so it was right. It wasn't long before she reached the first orgasm of the night.


The next morning, Monica's eyes were fixed on the pulsating lights but she wasn't looking at all. Her pupils were just channels that let the detailed instructions burst into her mesmerized mind. All she had to do was to obey. Monica got dressed and left her house.

One hour later, the bedroom door opened and Monica walked in followed closely by her friend Jennifer.

"So, are you gonna tell me now what is so cool about your room?" Jennifer asked.

Monica knew that Jennifer had a crush on her and she was taking advantage of it.

"Sure, but first let me do this..." Monica leaned forward and kissed Jennifer on the mouth.

Jennifer was surprised for a moment but after the initial shock, she was more than willing to accept Monica's offer. Jennifer kissed back with true passion. She had wished to do this for a long time but she never thought Monica would go for it.

Monica kept her eyes open as her tongue dueled against Jennifer's. She was acting exactly as instructed.

The two pretty girls moved over to the bed and played with each other for a while, caressing their tender bodies from top to bottom. Monica was skillfully licking Jennifer's nipple when she suddenly felt something happening within her body... something was moving inside of her.

It started in her belly and worked its way up her gullet. A tiny tendril crawled up her esophagus trying to get out...

Monica could now feel it slide along her tongue while her pussy twitched repeatedly. Her eyes lost focus as she felt on the verge of an orgasm. But the orgasm had to wait. She had a job to do. When almost half the tendril was protruding from Monica's mouth, she jumped forward and grabbed her unsuspecting friend to keep her in position.

Jennifer opened her eyes wondering why Monica was being so rough.

When she saw the weird appendage coming out of her friend's mouth, waving inches from her face, Jennifer screamed, trying to move away... but it was too late. The tip of the tentacle had already slipped between her lips. She tried to bite down but the surface was impossible to break. Monica kept her pinned down while the appendage writhed and jerked.

Jennifer felt hundreds of small punctures in her mouth as more of the creature wormed its way deeper into her throat. Her vision became blurry and in a matter of seconds, an incredible rush spread across her brain, sending a wave of overwhelming ecstasy all over her body. Jennifer stopped fighting.

Monica watched with immense pleasure, as her friend became utterly possessed by the creature. By her Master!

Jennifer jolted and twitched with orgasmic convulsions while her body was taken, bonding forever with the creature. The tentacle squirmed deeper into her mouth while her mind went deeper into trance.

As the last of the appendage's tip sank into her body, Jennifer's mind-blowing orgasm finally faded. Monica watched and waited. Jennifer jerked occasionally as the remnants of her consciousness fought back, resisting being controlled, but it was useless. Her fate was sealed forever.

When Jennifer opened her eyes again, she was no longer herself. Now she was just another pet and she would feed and serve her Master as commanded. The girls wasted no time and Jennifer moved robotically to the edge of the mattress while Monica pulled the bug, her Master, from under the bed.

As the creature penetrated her, Jennifer felt for the first time the delightful future that was ahead of her. The weird creature began to feed from her and it would not stop until the next morning.


The two beautiful friends took turns feeding their Master. While one waited, the other climaxed. And when one couldn't take it anymore from exhaustion, the other was ready to replace her.

Several days went by following the same routine, over and over, orgasm after orgasm. Then the creature penetrated Monica's ass again. It was time to get one more pet.

"Ok, we are here. What is this secret that you wanted to tell me?" Sandra asked as she walked into Monica's room.

"You are gonna love this!" Monica responded.


Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story.

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