Bedside Manner


All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

Bedside Manner

by MrMaxLord

Starring Hailee Steinfeld

(MF, Oral, Cons)


Few things are worse than a look of utter disappointment on your girlfriend's face, especially when there was nothing you could do to wipe it clean

That was the position I found myself in. From the limited view I had in my bed, that look was radiating off of my girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld's, face. It was even worse, because she knew there wasn't anything I could do. I was fresh from the hospital after an emergency appendectomy and was pretty much bed-ridden for a week.

"I don't feel right leaving you alone, Randy," she said. She was genuinely concerned, pacing back and forth in my bedroom. "It's just a festival. I can go next year."

"Look, babe," I said. "You should go. Have fun. Besides, you have a quick gig to do there. I'm not going to lie and say I won't miss you and wish you were here, but you've been waiting for this. You shouldn't have to stay behind because my internal organs gave me a big fuck you."

She smiled at me then walked to the side of the bed. kissing me on the cheek. "Are you sure?"

"I'll be fine. I have a bunch of books, TV, movies, and of course I can call you to completely interrupt any and all fun you'll be having without me, I'm set. Besides, if I need anything, I actually have a nurse on call thanks to my mom worrying about her widdle baby. I doubt it will get that far, but I just want to make it clear, you don't need to worry. I'll be fine."

"Oh, a nurse, eh?" A playful tone was in Hailee's voice, matched with a raised eyebrow. "I see your game now, mister. Going to the hospital, surgery, all to fulfill every man's sexy nurse fantasy."

"You saw right through me babe. This whole thing was a very expensive ruse just to get you a few hours away so I can get some middle-aged trim in pastel scrubs."

"Well, I forgive you just because you're a good lay." She leaned down and kissed me once more. then made her way towards the door. "Just get better, okay hon?"

Which is exactly what I tried to do. For the rest of the week, I read everything I could, watched everything, played as many games as I could, trying to kill as much time as possible to recover and keep my mind off the fact Hailee wasn't there.

Before I knew it, Monday had swung around. I was awoken in the afternoon to the sound of my front door shutting. I wasn't completely awake, but the sight that came next certainly woke me up completely.

"Mr. Ford," Hailee said. "I believe it's time for your check-up." I was hoping it wasn't the meds, because that would be an insanely cruel bio-chemical prank.

There she was though, in the flesh, and that flesh covered in what I could only describe as the most perfect example of a slutty nurse costume, complete with red fishnet stockings and white pumps. Hailee also wore bright red lipstick, her sensual half-smile a mere preview of what she had in mind.

"Now, how about you take of that shirt so I can begin my exam?" She set down the "medical" bag, her skirt short enough to show off she was not wearing panties when she bent over. When she rose, a knowing look on her face, she had a stethoscope set up.

My shirt was off and she made her way over to my chest, making a show out of hearing for my heart.

"How does it sound, Nurse Steinfeld?" I asked, going full on in the game she was playing.

"Well, it's a little fast...but I think I can look past that." She put the stethoscope away and stood at the foot of my bed. "Now, I think we need to test your reflexes. You haven't really moved much except to go to the restroom and kitchen, is that correct?"

"Yes it is."

"Well, it sounds like I need to go a bit more in depth in my examination." She crawled on the bed, stopping with her head over my crotch. Her hands grasped my pants and tugged them down. It was then I was so happy I had showered in the morning before getting conked out.

"How does it look, nurse?"

"Hmmm, too early to tell." She replied. I think I need to get a bit more hands on."

I let out a surprised moan when Hailee grasped my cock in her hands, pumping it. Her brown eyes stared into mine as I began to harden in her hand.

"Very good Mr. Ford," she said. "Everything seems to be normal, but I think I need to increase the test's voracity." The sensual smirk returned to Hailee's face before she opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth, the lipstick smearing on my pole.

"Oh damn, Hailee!" My back arched as my sexy nurse sucked my cock in a way that deserved an accredited degree. Eye contact, tongue, hands, throat, all of it. It was a feast for the eyes and the senses.

Just when I thought it couldn't get much better, Hailee pulled off, taking a deep breath while her hands jacked my lipstick-smeared cock.

"So far Mr. Ford you're passing the tests with flying colors," she said. The glint in her eyes held a preview of what was to come. "I think we need to give you one more and then you're diagnosis will be complete."

Before I could play along and ask what the final test was, Hailee had already straddled me, my cock already balls deep in her tight slit.

"FUCK!" I growled, my hands reaching out to her shapely ass.

"Mmm, very good reflexes." Hailee winked at me and undid the zipper in the top of her nurse outfit, exposing her tits to the air. "Very good."

She placed her hands at my chest and built up a fast rhythm. She seemed to be just as desperate to get off as I was.

Hailee leaned forward, allowing me to suckle on her tits, while my hands massaged and slapped her ass.

"Fuck that it's," Hailee cried out. "Oooh fuck me...fuck me...mmmmyeah FUCK ME!" I grasped her by the hips drove myself into her, moving up slightly. We were in a tight embrace; sweating, moaning kissing, and getting closer and closer to the point of no return.

"Fuck I'm cumming baby!" Hailee screeched before going completely rigid in my arms. "Don't stop," she moaned. "Don't ever stop fucking me!"

"Don't worry about that babe." I replied. "That schedule's all yours."

After a few more thrusts, I was about to cum. The moment I said this, Hailee pushed me back down and had moved her head back down to my crotch, sucking the cum directly from the tap the moment I began shooting.

"Fuck, HAILEE!" I moaned, my hands in her brown locks as she swallowed stream after stream of my jizz. When I was done, Hailee looked at me, showing off an empty mouth and a job well done before crawling up my body and lying next to me on the bed.

"Mmm...diagnosis...amazing," Hailee said dreamily, kissing me. "Prescription: follow-up examination when we wake up and if we both move after that."

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