tagIncest/TabooBedtime Stories Ch. 01

Bedtime Stories Ch. 01


As soon as he was old enough to read, uncle Joey began reading Jenny bedtime stories. He was only four years her senior, but he'd always taken his duty as an uncle very seriously. They bonded over The Little Engine That Could and Pokey Little Puppy. Then when he was in high school, he read Beowulf and Wuthering Heights. Jenny's love of literature came from her time reading with her uncle Joey.

Growing up they'd lived together with her parents, and it never occurred to her that was something unusual until she was older. Her grandmother, his mom, had been too sick mentally to take good care of him.

Joey and Jenny were peas in a pod until he went off to college around the same time she became seriously interested in boys. For years it seemed he rarely saw her when he came home to visit. His sweet, little, innocent niece, as he still thought of her, was often out on a date.

If he were honest, he'd have admitted he envied those guys who got to spend time with Jenny, bringing her home past any decent hour, making bedtime and stories with him. She'd give him a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug the next morning before bounding out the door to go meet friends for shopping, studying or a game of tennis.

Once he'd gone to the kitchen for a glass of milk at 1AM to find her on the couch with an over-tanned Jock with sun-bleached hair. When Joey flipped on the kitchen light, he saw them on the couch - the boy gripping Jenny's ass under her loose, short flowered skirt while she continued to grind her pussy against his naked leg. His pants were on the floor, and Jenny was in the process of groping between them in search of his cock. Her long, straight brown hair created a curtain so Joey couldn't see their faces.

He hadn't been sure what to do at first. Instead of embarrassing them, since they hadn't noticed the light, he flipped it back off. But he couldn't decide if he should get milk or tiptoe back to his room in the dark. Somehow instead he ended up standing there in the dark listening to the noises they made kissing and grinding against one another.

He heard Jenny moan and mumble, and then he heard her muffled scream when she buried her face against the boy's shoulder as she came. The Jock said, "Baby, I want you to do that with this big, thick dick in that tight little wet pussy," and Joey heard Jenny protest that she wasn't ready.

He didn't wait to find out what the guy would do next. He flipped the kitchen light on and began rummaging through the fridge loudly. He yelled out, "Jenny, are you still up on there? Are we out of Hershey's syrup?"

He heard clothes being put on and arranged, the boy rush outside, and a truck engine start on the street. Jenny walked into the kitchen nonchalant and found the chocolate syrup for him, but he noticed get face was flushed from her arousal, and her legs trembled as she walked.

She'd ruffled his curly black hair, looked right into his big, brown puppy dog eyes with her sharp, light green ones, kissed him square on the mouth for five seconds, whispered, "You saved me, Joe," in his ear and gone to bed, leaving him confused with a growing erection as he watched her twist her hips down the hall way.

That had been at least a year ago. Now he was home for awhile after graduating college while he hunted for a job. Jenny had just graduated high school and had employment for the summer at Bath and Body Works. She always came home smelling lovely but still seemed to have little time for him.

Joey missed his niece... He missed his friend. They'd been so close for so long before college.


Really Jenny missed Joey too, if she was honest. Her focus had shifted this summer from boys and fun to work and getting ready for college. When her boyfriend of eight months dumped her and said a long distance relationship just wouldn't work when they both moved in opposite directions for school, she was heart broken. She'd thought he was "The One," and she had plans to get a hotel room and give her cherry to him as a going away present.

As soon as her tears began, she sought out her uncle Joey. He was in bed reading a book. She knocked softly on the door, and he readily invited Jenny inside. He hoped she wanted a bedtime story, although those were a rare occurrence anymore. But as soon as he saw the look on her face, he knew something was wrong. Before he could get the words "what's wrong?" out of his lips, Jenny was in tears again.

Her green eyes were rimmed with red from crying, and she sobbed even harder as he did the only thing he could think of to do. Joey held out his arms to her and said softly, "Come here." Jenny curled up beside him with her head on his shoulder, and Joey hugged her for a long while before he asked again. As she spilled her guts, telling him every single detail, he rocked her and assured her the boy was a stupid ass and she would love again.

He wasn't sure what else to say. So he held her and rubbed her shoulder, petted her head, and told her she was beautiful, even when she cried, which was more than true. Finally he began reciting nursery rhymes and singing soft lullabies, and she feel asleep against him - she atop the covers fully clothed and he in his boxer briefs beneath them.

Nothing about her pain and need of comfort aroused Joey, but somehow during the night he dreamt of her naked in his bed, straddling him with his cock buried deep in her virgin pussy, and he came in his bed so much that he needed to change his underwear and the sheets. He was thankful she wasn't under them too. He had to see how to get out of bed without waking her. He gently and carefully extracted himself. He couldn't do anything about the sheets, but he could change his clothes.


Unbeknownst to Joey, Jenny had awakened earlier. She was just sleeping lightly and felt the bed shaking as uncle Joey jacked off in his sleep. He'd mumbled her name just before his body went stiff. At first she'd been worried something was wrong, but then it dawned on her that he'd masturbated and ejaculated in his sleep... saying her name.

Jenny squeezed her eyes shut and pretended to be asleep as Joey extracted himself from the bed. She'd never experienced anything like this, a grown man having a wet dream about her while she slept beside him. She was wide awake with wonder.

Joey flipped on the closet light so he could see, hopefully without waking Jenny. He stripped off his sticky boxer briefs quickly and chucked them toward his laundry basket. Jenny's jaw dropped. Somehow she hadn't expected a full frontal view of her uncle nude, and she was more than surprised to find that she liked it.

He'd bulked up at college, his 6'2" covered with rippling muscles where he'd once had "baby fat." He was tan except for the outline of his swim trunks, and his body was nothing but clean lines with a smooth, sexy v pointing from his torso to his groin. A trail of shiny black fair ran down his middle to meet a trimmed patch of matching hair just above his softening manhood. His cock was as thick as her wrist, even as it softened. The length seemed a little more than average, but it was hard to gauge in comparison with his long body, from a distance.

Jenny forgot to breathe. Joey was moving toward his chest of drawers slowly and quietly. Jenny caught a glimpse of his svelte, dimpled ass just before she began to need air... Desperately! She sucked in a quick, deep breath, and Joey noticed. He jerked open a drawer, threw on a pair of athletic shorts, the first thing he grabbed, and crawled back into bed. He hoped he hadn't woken Jenny fully. He had no idea she'd observed the entire incident.

Crap! He'd left the closet light on. As he eased from bed to flip it off, Jenny stretched and mumbled, "Joey, what are you doing getting up and down so much?"

He blanched, blushed and stammered, "Nothing, Jenny. Just go on back to sleep. I'm sorry I woke you."

Back in bed he noticed Jenny's arms were cold and tucked her under the covers with him. He figured he was safe from nocturnal emissions for the rest of the night at least. He awoke a few hours later with Jenny almost spooning him, curled up against his back cutely.

She opened her eyes when he got out of bed and said, "Hey, what if we make breakfast for Mom and Dad? Pancakes and sausage?"

She seemed totally normal and not creeped out. What a relief! "Sure," he agreed, and they headed for the kitchen together.


Jenny noticed things about Joey she'd never noticed before while they prepared breakfast. The way he cracked eggs like it was an artform.. The way he always flipped pancakes at just the right time with perfect precision.

She wondered what it would be like to experience a lover who took such care. She'd never had anything close. Her recent ex (the thought of him brought tears to her eyes, but she struggled to fight them) had known how to make her cum, but it always seemed like a means to an end for him, and he gave her grief every time the end wasn't his cock in her pussy. How could she have thought he was "The One?" She sniffled and wiped her nose on her apron.

As Joey moved around the kitchen, she noticed the ripple of muscles under his thin tee and athletic shorts. Her mind wandered to seeing him fully nude earlier, and she blushed just in time for him to turn around and catch her staring, red-faced.

"You're falling down on the job there, ain't ya, partner?" he drawled in an accent that made her snap back to reality with a giggle. She turned around quickly and picked up some butter, hoping he hadn't noticed her flushed cheeks.

Of course he'd noticed. Joey had noticed every move Jenny made all morning. It embarrassed him, but he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He thought of the morning, lying next to her in the bed, caressing her hair and her arms, trying to keep her warm. He loved spending time with her, being her confidant. But something was new and different about the whole experience. He wanted to push it aside and pretend nothing had changed, but he couldn't. He could feel a change between them... not necessarily a bad one.

Breakfast was pleasant with the whole family, and then everyone went their separate ways, leaving Joey alone to contemplate in his room. Around two, he snuggled under the covers for a nap. He could smell Jenny's scent in his bed, a soft fruity smell, and he groaned aloud. It pained him to have her smell so near when she wasn't there with him, though he didn't want to stop and contemplate why. He told himself he just loved his niece so much and missed his friend.


Joey awakened when the light in the room changed. He awoke to find Jenny's shadow cast across his bed. When he turned over, she was there holding something behind her back and grinning. "Got you something!" She looked amazing, even dressed so casually. She must have changed when she got home. She has on no shoes. Her toenails were painted pink from a recent pedicure. Her long, shapely legs disappeared under a loose cotton sundress, slightly fitted at the top to accentuate her round, perfect, perky breasts. The straps of the dress were skinny and exposes her slight shoulders. Her long brown was pulled up into a quick and messy updo. She appeared to be wearing no makeup, which Joey liked, except for some shiny, pale pink lip gloss. It embarrassed him that the sight of her made his cock respond. He'd probably perused her too long.

Jenny cleared her throat and looked up at the ceiling, around the room, then back and Joey, pointedly.

He rubbed his eyes, "What is it?"

His niece took a step backwards and replied, "A surprise."

"Oh really? What kind of surprise?"

"A good one!" she said.

"It's only a surprise if you eventually let me find out what it is. Otherwise it's just a secret," he quipped back and winked at her.

Joey sat up in bed, causing the blanket and sheet to fall down to his waist. Jenny's breath caught in her throat and she forgot everything for a moment. His tight abs were accentuated by the angle of his body, and his arms, extended slightly behind him on either side of his hips, looked so powerful. Suddenly reality broke through her tangent of thought and she pulled the book from behind her back. "This!" She grinned from ear to ear and shoved the book toward him.

"A book!" Joey smiled back at her and turned his attention to the book. It looked like a collection of... fairy tales? It didn't matter what it was! He knew it meant she wanted him to read to her again like old times.

"They're not just fairy tales. They're like... re-tellings for grown-ups. I thought we might like it. I miss reading with you," she trailed off and then added, "It was between this and 50 Shades of Gray!" She giggled and blushed a little. She was joking, but the idea of reading blatant erotica with him was somehow more appealing than it should have been!

"Wow..." Joey smirked. "Have you, by any chance, heard Gilbert Gotfried read that?"

"What?! No!" Jenny laughed, and Joey pulled it up on YouTube for her on his phone. She sat down on the bed with him to watch, and they laughed and laughed. But somehow, no matter how funny it was in the strange voice, the words were strikingly erotic. It shook her to realize she was listening to "... he touched my vagina..." sitting on the bed next to her unbearably hot young uncle while their arms and shoulders brushed against one another.

They outright guffawed while it played, but when it was over, suddenly Joey noticed a tension in the room that hadn't been as tangible before. He was extremely aware of her soft skin touching his right arm, and as his awareness rose, so did his cock and every hair on the back of his neck. He wanted so badly to spend time with her. He couldn't wait to read a story to her and tuck her into bed that night, just like he'd done when she was five years old. But he didn't know how to pursue those things when his body kept betraying him at the very thought of Jenny, at the sight of her. Whenever she was in his presence at all, he had an all-out war with his mind to remain focused on something other than how much he wanted to take her into his arms and show her passion like he knew she had never experienced before; It pained him to admit his weakness.


That evening he had plans to go out with some old friends from high school who still lived nearby, and he got back late. It was after midnight, and no a light in the house was on. Jenny had been in the shower when he left, so he hadn't even told her he was going out. Even though she stayed out until one and two with her friends and boyfriends, Joey was disappointed to find his niece had gone to bed without waiting up for him as he'd hoped she would.

In his room he shucked his clothes and climbed into bed. He was surprised to find the book tucked under his covers. A slip of paper peeked out from inside the cover. Joey pulled it out.

"Uncle" Joey... Sorry I missed reading with you tonight. I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I'll meet you here tomorrow night -- 11PM sharp! If you can't, let me know, okay? Your loving niece, Jenny"

It was simple and sweet. He was so tired that he fell asleep clutching the book with the note curled in his hand.


Jenny had to work the next morning, so she was gone before Joey even woke up. She'd peeked into his room before she left and saw him sleeping with the book held against his chest. She felt a tightness in her chest as she thought that image of him while she drove her yellow Jeep to work at the mall.

She had a long day at work, and her distraction as she thought about her uncle Joey didn't make it any easier. She dropped bottles of lotion, forgot to give change to customers, and once she left her cash drawer open for minutes while she stared off into space thinking about Joey in his room naked when he didn't know she could see. Her boss took her aside during her break to ask her what was wrong, and she blushed brightly, but she couldn't tell Glenda about Joey.

Glenda said, "Honey, I know you had a break-up. I heard about it. But you can't just let things go out there on the floor. You have a job to do! Get it together, girl!"

Jenny nodded and half-smiled. She didn't know what had come over her, but she needed this job. She couldn't keep thinking about her uncle at work!

Joey, on the other hand, had no reason not to think about Jenny, and he thought about her all day. He thought about her long, brown hair, her soft legs, and her cute, painted toenails. He realized he'd never dated a woman as beautiful as Jenny, nor a woman as fun to be around, and it pained him that some boy had taken her for granted. He wanted her to understand how valuable she was to him, but he didn't know how to show her.

He knew with each day they were stepping further into dangerous territory. His brother and sister-in-law had taken him in when he was just a little boy, and he thought of them almost like his own parents. They'd always expected him to watch out for Jenny, to protect her and keep her safe, and he had. What would they think if they even suspected him of the thoughts he was having about her lately? If it went further, if he acted on those thoughts, he might not even have a place to lay his head the next night.

Should he stop altogether, push her out of his mind? He resolved to proceed with much caution.

Joey felt like he was going on a date that night, but he'd be in his pajamas and reading fairy tales. It was an unusual date, but still a special occasion! He wasn't sure how to prepare, but he wanted things to go just right. He thought about buying flowers, but it seemed odd to buy flowers for a bedtime story date.

He showered, shaved, and decided to go out and get his hair trimmed. He saw Jenny every day, but this seemed special, and he wanted to look his best for her, even if they were just going to read stories in their pajamas. He had a thought -- pajamas! That would be perfect!

He went to the mall, to a store just a few down from where Jenny worked. He looked around and found women's clothing but didn't see what he wanted. A sales lady asked him if he needed help, and he said he wanted pajamas for his niece. She pointed him to the little girls' section, and he said, "No, no... she's eighteen."

"Oh..." the woman looked surprised but took him to the "big girl" pajama section.

Half of the selection there was comprised of lacy nighties, string bikini panties and silky, sheer gowns. His tan face took on a reddish hue in the sales woman's presence as he considered his niece wearing those things. He cleared his throat and looked at her, desperate. "Where are the more... uh... the..." he stammered.

She pointed to a corner opposite where they stood, and there he saw cute pajama bottoms and matching tops, little t-shirts and short sleep shorts. He sighed. "Yes, that! Thank you!"

"Yes, sir. Let me know if I can help." She gave him a slightly suspicious look and walked away.

Joey poked around through the racks and finally found the perfect thing -- a cute little t-shirt with matching pants. The shirt had a cartoon moon cradling a teddy bear wearing pajamas and a night cap while he nodded off to sleep, and the pants were deep blue, covered in cute patchwork moons and stars and made of the softest material he'd ever felt. Perfect!

At home he left them folded on her bed, gently closed her door back and started down the hall toward his own room. A deep voice called out to him, "Joe... what are you up to in there?" His brother caught him coming out of Jenny's room!

He stopped short and turned to find his older brother right behind him, staring as he waited for an answer. "Oh, George, uh... nothing. You know Jenny's boyfriend broke up with her? I got her a little something to try to make her feel better. That's all."

George raised an eyebrow, "Oh? Okay. She hasn't told us much about that. If you can get her to talk to you, good. She needs somebody, but you know how girls can be. She doesn't want daddy all up in her business." He chuckled, but his expression was serious.

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