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Having trouble sleeping, again? Me too, I just lie here listening to music, until I fall asleep. Sometimes I tell myself a story, tho. Would you like me to help you... tell you a bedtime story? Okay then, here goes... I want you to lie back, and I'll tell you a story... which may help you to relax, and fall asleep. If you feel like you wanna, oh I dunno, touch yourself as I sometimes do when I fantasize, be my guest. It may even help...

Imagine this. Imagine that you're a dark prince, not in the visual sense, but your thoughts are dark. You have a passion and a hunger. The want, the need.... to find the perfect snatch. It is your one desire... you wander often, gripping a huge rod between your legs. You must be relieved. You happen outside my window one night. You're tired, but you are in pain.... you must have release. As you rest, I curiously look out and discover you . I see you caressing your crotch, so anxious to have it relieved, and yet too stubborn to take another step. You remove it from its tight imprisonment, stroking it just barely. Anymore, and you'll cum right there, and it will bring you immense pain.

My curiosity grows as I watch you... barely stroking. As your hunger for release grows, so does mine. You're dark like the night, but in persona, you are cautious about any movement, any sound. As you barely stroke, your lips bring forth slight raspy moans. As I watch, I sooo want to be the one to receive your gift. I tiptoe outside, moving closer, that I may see mmmmm, your precious gift....

You're startled as you hear my approach. Your dark cloak covers you as I stare at your pulsating prick. As your eyes run over me, you notice my heaving breasts, running atop a red wine bodice... a beautiful gown, with royal blue petticoats lined in white lace. You especially notice my hard nipples peeping ever so slightly thru the fabric.

"Dear girl (you say to me) Might I spend a night in your cottage?"

"Why yes, you certainly can." I reply. I lick my lips as I watch your cock rising every so slightly with your breathing. You arise covering yourself, and enter my threshold. Your eyes wander around the room, noticing a comfortable looking chair. As you turn to sit .... I catch a brief glimpse of your cock. It's purple head pulsating . My juicy snatch aches to have it inside me. Like any dark prince recovering from a long journey, you fall into a deep sleep. Minutes after, I watch you, taking glances at your crotch covered by your dark cloak. My pussy moistens as I think of it. " I want to ease your pain.... " I whisper.

I carefully kneel in front of you , pulling back your cloak. Your thighs and trousers are open, so as not to bruise your already in pain member. As my fingers touch it, your knees slightly flinch. I reach 'neath my petticoats and stroke my wet and wanting pussy. Mmmm, I moan softly. Carefully, cautiously, I move to place my full lips on my dark prince's painful penis. As my lips barely touch your hard cock, I suddenly feel you yank my hair, pulling me to you!

"Fair maiden, you say. I haven't been sucked, fucked, stroked, masturbated or come in a lonnnng time. So if you wish to fellate me, you better do a damn good job." As I stare down at you .... shocked, my first realization was .... you weren't asleep. My second was... I'm reallllly gonna enjoy this!

"You won't regret it my prince, I swear to you." As I place my lips on your more than ready penis, I watch your eyes close as you moan in ecstasy. My first move is to lap up the delicious drops of precum oozing out. I lick, suck and kiss your cock to no end. Mmmmm.... As I did so, my fingers fuck my hot hole faster.... rubbing my clit every minute or so.... my petticoats rustling with the rhythm of my movement. I twirl my tongue around your hard pipe, as I suck longer and harder. As I listen to your moans. I knew... both of us would come soon... very soon.

Your hot cum bursts forth into my waiting lips... filling them with your creamy goodness. Mmmmmm.... my warm tongue rollls over your huge purple head, I pump myself ever so deep. As I continue to pump, you lift up my chin, my lips wet with your juices, and kiss me, then pull me into your lap. Lifting my petticoats, you run a finger over my wet hole, then slide your cock into me, and begin pumping harder.... we are both only seconds from coming . As you continue to pump, you rip open my bodice and my breasts tumble into your face. You hungrily suck on my nipples .... ohhhhhh! My skirts rustle even harder as you forcefully pump into me. It's time for us to come, my prince. Ohhhh! Come for me .... now!

I hope you enjoyed your bedtime story... as did I. Wet dreams!

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