tagInterracial LoveBee and David Ch. 03 Pt. 02

Bee and David Ch. 03 Pt. 02


*Hey guys! This last chapter made me think long and hard about the quality of work I've been issuing out. I haven't been fair. I haven't given my all and its become apparent that my work is being compared to 50 shades of Grey. This isn't the case. I'm my own. My words are greater than a speeding bullet and I can cut down the mightest oak with the mere utterance of a phrase. I promise to show that. I've realized where I wanna take you. So take a seat and let's go.*


She couldn't figure out why she ran.

Maybe it was the rush of adrenaline that seeing him sparked. Maybe she wanted him to chase her. Want her. Need her. No man had ever wanted her. Well, not truly wanted her.

Before stepping into the thick pit of people, she turned and caught another look at her pursuer.

A dashingly salacious smile blazed across his face as he chased after her.

His lips spread wide in a hungry grin.

She twisted, turned and shuffled through the crowd just nearly avoiding his reach.

A playful smile lay plastered on her face the entire time.

Nearing the end of the floor she gracefully leaped off the stage, confident she had lost David.

She turned to head back to the VIP area before a force ambushed her into a hug and graciously led her to a darkened area of the club.

She gazed up as he peered down, a look of simple admiration coated his slate eyes as he crushed his body against hers.

He inhaled that flowery scent and his head swam.

Snaking his solid arms around her waist he pulled her closer.

Delivering fresh little kisses from her cheek to her neck, he used his tongue and teeth to tease her.

The wall she put up slowly crumbled the more he taunted her sensitive skin.

Palming her round ass, he pushed her further against the wall.

Pulling back, a rare stream of light illuminated her entire face.

A treasured, guileless yet utterly carnal look encased her.

Lower lip trapped between bright teeth, she stood on her tip-toes and unleashed a flaming kiss.

It dangled between them before igniting.

Their lips parted as hungry tongues danced.

She ran her hands through his well seasoned silvery hair and plunged her tongue into his mouth.

He savored every bit of her. Tasting an unreal sweetness and fondling every part he could.

She moved her hands down to his godlike biceps and chiseled chest before skating up his back.

It took an enormous amount of self control for him not to rip the dress from her body and take her in the corner.

She felt a warm thickness rub up against as they continued their physical affair.

Opening her eyes she saw David's thundering stare dare her to protest.

He stole kisses in a fury and held her at his leisure. His body heaved against hers as he softly crushed her against the wall.

His massive hands held her delicate ones above her head as his head hung near her ear.

He nibbled on it as several soft moans escaped her.

How could one woman taste so good?

She tried to gather her scattered senses.

"You're here?" was all she could conjure up as her body tensed below his mountain of flesh.

His engorged prick now prodded her tummy as his dominant hold wore on.

Seeing her discomfort, he released her hands and fixed himself.

"I said you'd be seeing a lot of me, doll."

She shuffled against his sturdy figure.

"I have got to take your meanings more literal," she giggled in his ear.

He threw her a wickedly tempting look.

"Come back to VIP with me," she insisted.

Not waiting for a response, she grabbed his hand and pushed pass, leading him back to their area.

Several people threw them odd glances.

As usual Bianca didn't notice.

Looking over she noticed the jerk from before was gone.

Bianca sat between David and CoCo as she interrogated him.

Lanely stood next to Kari carrying on a conversation but his eyes never left Bianca.

After soothing a savage CoCo's hunger for knowledge and with an arm wrapped around Bianca, he looked around for his security team who no doubt probably caught their little display of affection.

After visually checking in with them he relaxed a bit.

They all talked for a few more hours.

The girls were obviously smitten with a charming David.

He turned his attention to Cynthia who had some questions of her own.

CoCo got up to dance and Lanely took her seat. Leaning in, he spoke low.

"Estás tomando en serio con él?" he questioned. *Are you getting serious with him?*

She looked up into his soft brown eyes.

"Yo creo que sí," she hesitated then responded. *I think so.*

"Quiero que seas feliz. Te lo mereces," he confessed." * I want you to be happy. You deserve it.*

David turned back to face them.

"Gracias. Tú también, amor!" she exclaimed to Lanely, kissing his cheek.

He gave her a face splitting grin as a tall red head approached. She whispered something in his ear and he gave her a lewd smirk. After saying his goodbyes to the group, he gave Bianca a wink with the bombshell on his arm and strode out.

She called for CoCo.

"Its almost four, I'm getting a little tired."

She relayed the message to the rest of the group.

Some still wanted to stay and dance so they decided to part.

"You guys can stay. I'm gonna catch a ride home," she told them.

"How?" Cynthia asked.

Bianca nodded to David.

"Oh okay, be a good girl now," Maddie teased her.

"Shut up," Bianca told them. "I'm getting right into bed."

"Sounds good, Bee. Just make sure no one gets inside of you first," CoCo joined Maddie and Cynthia in a laugh.

She flipped them off before leaving with David.

Exhaustion hit her just as soon as she sunk into the SUV.

She rested her head on his shoulder.

"Did you have a good time?" he asked.

"Yes," a sleepy voice drifted out from her.

"Do you have your keys?"

She sleepily nodded and dug through her clutch.

"I think I left them," she sheepishly admitted. "I'm just so tired."

He glanced down and a lump formed in his throat. What he was thinking of doing went against his better judgement.

"Stay with me tonight?" he suggested.

She looked up and saw a nervous look in his eyes. But she felt so at ease next to him.

"Okay," she whispered and absent-mindedly nodded.

The darkness weighed her down as total and utter exhaustion swept through her body.

"Make a left on Lakeshore drive, and take us to the Drake."

Kiaran obliged, looking to his left he saw barely any incoming traffic and soundless drove.


She lay in a deep sleep as he easily carried her to the penthouse suite.

Laying her across the massive king sized bed, he took off her shoes and rubbed her feet.

The bright red toenail polish glimmered in the dim room.

Reaching over, he turned on the bedside lamp.

There was a knock at the door. Strolling past a lavish dining and living room area, David answered.

A dark haired, green-eyed man came through.

"The supplies you requested, sir," he spoke in a French accent, handing a Duffel bag over.

"Thanks, Marc. You all settled in?"

"Yes, sir. "

"I'll contact you if there's anything else we need."

He nodded and left.

David searched through the bag and came out with an oversized shirt and make-up remover pads.

He removed a pair of lace slippers and an endearing lace dress, as well as underwear he was sure would fit her.

Other supplies were packed inside, if she needed them.

Laying the ensemble on a cream Davenport, he approached her sleeping body.

Raising her, he gently slid off the silk bodice.

She was a really deep sleeper.

He slid the entire dress off and gazed at her.

His mouth went dry.

Her chocolate skin seemed to glow beneath the snow white lace of her underwear. Temptation almost caused him to touch her most private parts.

He took a deep breath and taking it slow, he raised her back up and pulled his favorite shirt on.

Pulling the band from her hair, he watched in astonishment as her thick strands whipped out giving her a dark curly halo.

He rolled up his sleeves and wiped the make up from her face, until only her natural glow remained.

Moving the comforter back, he positioned her in the middle of the bed. Between luxuriously soft pillows and tender to the touch silk sheets, she drifted even deeper into sleep as louder snores began to ensue.

He chuckled then pulled a tiny state of the art tablet from the duffle bag.

Checking up on investments and replying to urgent emails, he pulled up the confidential file he kept on Bianca out.

Rereading the more private details of her life, he placed a reassuring hand on her back and silently comforted her.

Turning the device off he placed it on the bedside table and shifted over to his side of the bed.

Even though he had carried her in and undressed her, cuddling up next to her body without permission just seemed wrong.

The warm and loving snores emitting from her side of the enormous bed lulled David to sleep.

In his dream, he held a glowing Bianca in one arm and a bouncing gray eyed, curly haired little girl in the other. Her jaw dropping smile and deep dimples caused a familiar blush to outline his face.


The loud chirping and bright rays of morning woke her as she sat up in a huff and clutched the side of her head.

The sound of a running shower let her know she wasn't alone while a horrible headache made her groan.

Her vision blurred as she adjusted to the surreal-like surroundings.

Where the hell was she?

She tried to smooth down her wild mane but it stuck out in an absurd fashion.

She gasped.

Did she foolishly hook up with a stranger?

She shook her head in a fury.

"No, I left with David," she remembered.

Too scared to move, she looked around the spacious suite and recognized her dress laying across the Davenport next to another one.

She was in a hotel room. A really nice hotel room.

Hearing the faint sound of the shower turning off rooted her to the spot. She clutched her sides as the bathroom door swung open and she tried to remember the details of last night.

The only person she remembered seeing at that moment was him.

He stepped out as quietly as possible, hoping he hadn't woken her.

With his hair still dripping wet and a thin towel wrapped around his waist he stepped out of a fresh shower and into the sights of his love.

Like a deer in headlights, she stared at his half naked body.

His image of perfection glistened as he caught her in that smothering stare.

Concrete eyes grounding her, locking and imprisoning her in place.

The fresh smell of strawberries followed him from the shower and flowed freely through the room.

Sauntering over, a wide grin emerged. He knew she liked what she saw by the way her mouth hung like a pendulum.

Beads of water still dripped from his hair onto his bulging biceps. Some cascaded down his creamy rippling six pack. The towel barely contained him.

He was bigger than she originally thought. Harboring an old school football player's physique.

Bianca saw a peek of naked flesh just below his torso as he walked over.

She unconciously bit her lower lip.

A mountain of muscle. He looked like he just stepped out of the pages of a GQ ad.

Sitting on the bed, he stared.

She looked just as lovely as she always did.

Her messy hair and an innocently misplaced look lay mounted.

They stared, saying nothing for a few minutes.

"Good morning," he greeted reaching over and cupping her chin.

To his surprise, she relaxed and leaned into his touch.

"Morning," she greeted raspily, not taking her eyes off him.

She put a hand on her head, trying to shake the ache away.

"Here take this. Breakfast should be here in about 20."

He handed her a glass of water and two pills she assumed were for the headache.

She swallowed them gratefully and finished the entire glass.

Handing it back, she spoke clearer.

"Where are we?"

He ran a finger delicately across his lower lip, while his eyes focused on her.

After a few minutes he answered, "The Drake."

"How'd we get here?"

He frowned. "You don't remember last night?"

Her eyes widened and she tensed.

"No," a bare whisper escaped. "Did we---? We didn't, right?"

David raised a curious eyebrow as a slow smile played across his lips and a wanton expression engulfed his eyes.

*Oh Bee,* he thought. *My Bee.*

Translucent eyes burned into her own as they stared.

David with a passionately controlling gaze.

Bianca with a seemingly impassive one.

Her insides shook as she felt her heart rise to her throat and stomach twist into knots.

"Blimey! We haven't shagged," he stood and walked back to the bathroom. Taking one step inside, he turned and looked back at her. "At least not yet."

Rapidly exhaling, she saw the trace of an amoral smile sweep his lips.

Her eyes squinted and the bathroom door closed.

Swinging her legs over, she climbed out of bed just as there was a knock at the door.

She trudged acrossed the great room.

Opening the door, she came face to face with Marc.

"Hi," she greeted.

He took her in.

No wonder the boss was so head sprung on keeping her safe.

She was a stunning little thing.

There was something about her face. It was endearingly angelic yet sultry.

"Good morning, ma'am," he returned her smile. "I'm Jeán-Marc, I work for Mr.Crete."

She stepped aside to let him and the cart he pushed in.

"What do you do?" she asked.

After placing the enormous dining tray on the table, he whipped around to face her.

"I'm head of security."

She crinkled her nose, "Security? Why does David need security?"

He opened his mouth to speak but the bathroom door swung open.

David approached Marc with a cool demeanor and shirtless.

He uttered something in French and Marc removed the lid off their breakfast.

Golden brown pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and chocolate syrup sprang into her view. As well as scrambled eggs, hash browns, a colorful fruit bowl and a tray filled with bacon and sausage.

Her still thirsty mouth fell on the crisp jug of orange juice.

She looked back to David and almost jumped out of her skin.

Both he and Marc were studying her.

David ran a finger over his thin bottom lip as his eyes surveyed hers.

Marc stood sideways, speaking low and rapidly while his peripheral vision caught little peeks of her beauty.

She squinted her eyes and walked towards the bathroom were she washed her face with water and her mouth with Listerine.

Walking out and back towards the dining area, she saw him sitting at the head of the table. He rose as they made eye contact.

The narrow faded blue jeans he wore gave his chivalrous actions a boyish charm.

His eyes hypnotized her so deeply, that for the first time all morning, she noticed just how magnificent his tattoo was.

It seemed ritualistic. Feathers laid ablazed as they peaked out along his bicep and curled around his shoulder. The image of an archer holding an arrow laid in the middle. The archer's dark menacing eyes and scowl sent a sharp quiver over her.

She gazed back up into his prized gray windows and unconciously smiled.

"This looks delicious," she said.

"It does. I thought you might be hungry after not eating last night," he replied, sitting after her.

"What makes you think I didn't eat?"

"You're a horrible liar, my dear," he told her.

She feigned heartache, "You're a know it all."

"I know," he smirked.

He had already rationed their plates and poured the orange juice.

"I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but I'm a vegetarian."

"I know. Its made of soy," he popped a piece of bacon in his mouth.

She took a bite of the grayish sausage and to her surprise it was good.

They animatedly talked between bites as he got to know her better.

"So you've got a birthday coming up?"

She swallowed her food with a satisfied look. "Not until the middle of December. Turning the ripe old age of 23. I feel old," she told him.

"Oh come on, doll. You're in the prime of your life," she threw her arms over her head, causing the oversized tee to rise beyond her thighs. "And you look every bit of it."

The shirt slipped up higher and her undies flashed him.

Powder white lace containing valued dark enticing flesh.

He ran a hand through his hair.

A quizzical look passed through her face as she thought more about last night.

"You undressed me, didn't you?" she threw him a hardened look.

He remained silent as his eyes rested on her hips.

"Of course. You were sleeping so deeply, an avalanche wouldn't have woken you."

She looked down, slightly embarrassed.

"Moreso peacefully, my love. I just slipped my favorite shirt from Harvard on and wiped your makeup off. You were so knackered, you must of had a long day."

She relaxed as the topic was changed.

"Just a little. I missed dancing all night, but feeling so sore made me realize I'm not as young as I used to be."

"Ahhh don't grow so old so fast. Your vitality keeps me young."

"That's sad," she laughed before shoveling a fork full of potatoes in her mouth.

His steamy eyes stalked her deep dark ones.

"How do you feel?" he asked, finishing his plate.

"Better, thanks."

"I'm glad. So you like to be chased huh, darling?" he boldly asked.

She almost choked on her OJ.

"Why do you think that?" she cocked her head to one side.

"Why, because you initiated our little chase last night. I enjoyed it. Thoroughly. Enjoyed you."

"Did you now?"

"Yes," he wiped his mouth. "I want more. Of you that is."

"Don't be so greedy."

He rose and walked near her side of the table then sat.

She pushed her empty plate away and turned in his direction.

"You make me gluttonous," he tucked a loose strain of hair behind her ear. "Tell me, why are you still single?"

She purposely bit her lower lip before speaking.

"I'm," she inhaled then heavily exhaled. "Impossibly stubborn. A bit abrasive, extremely strong willed and dreadfully tainted. That's a lot to handle for some guys."

"Some guys are weak. You need a man," he leaned over her and used the back of his hand to stroke her cheek. "A real man."

She rose between his legs. His hands rested on her shapely hips until she stepped up and sat on his lap.

His perfectly sculpted eyebrow rose as she rested a hand on his shoulder.

"A real man like you?" she questioned.

"Maybe, " he teased with a deadly look. "You said it yourself: I am a big man," his accented flourished when he emphasized "big".

"You are. Guess that's why I like you," she confessed. "And I rarely like anyone. "

"I fancy you as well. You make my heart soar."

She gasped. "Really? Sometimes, I like it when you touch me."

He pulled her by the waist further onto his lap.

"Touch you how, my dear? Like this," he used one hand to pull her face closer to his as they kissed. "Or like this?"

He placed his other hand at her hip and roughly caressed her sides, teasing her flesh.

She bit his bottom lip and kissed it better when she thought it was too much.

Truth be told, he liked her rough.

He grabbed her thick ass as his tongue invaded her mouth. The fullness of her derrière had him making a half moon shape as he ran his hands over it.

He squeezed harder and felt the heat from between her legs rise.

She detached her mouth from his.

"You're a lot less stressed this morning?"

"My ex signed the papers," were the first words out of his mouth.

Her eyes relaxed.


"Yes. That's what Marc and I were discussing."

"Are you happy?"

He stroked her ebony thighs and gazed into her eyes.

"Ecstatic. They're gonna be processed early Monday morning."

"You seem really happy about it."

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