tagInterracial LoveBee and David Ch. 05

Bee and David Ch. 05


*Hey, everyone. Its FINALLY time for Chapter 5! Sooo sorry it took so long but this is like the longest chapter I've written so far. Its also my first time writing a sex scene so I honestly hope I lived up to your expectations. Ciao, CoCo*


He pushed her against the wall and held both of her hands up with only one of his. Raising the fitted t-shirt up her body he slid his hands along her tight, smooth flesh. Even in the semi-dark, the contrast in their flesh tones illuminated.

Bianca heaved with temptation as David pushed his rock hard body against hers. He was angry for some reason, his usual grey marbles were pure white; silver twinkles erupted right before he pulled back to slid the now useless piece of clothing off her.

"Gabby," she tried to plead but he silenced her with a rough kiss. His tongue slid between her teeth and she willingly sucked on it. He stole her voice while his pearly whites bit down on those full lips. A triumphant smile took him by surprise as she groaned into his mouth. "The little vixen was enjoying it", David thought. He pulled back, then bit down on her dark bosom and sucked until finally her erect nipple slid into his mouth.

A shiver rolled down her spine as his hot breath, rough touch and need for more of her became evident. With one final tug, half of her heaving bosom popped out of the cotton bra.

He popped the button on her jeans, unzipped, then pulled them down in one swift move. David then, leaned forward and attached his lips to her soft neck. As he devoured her sweet skin, his hand slid down her pants. She whimpered as he toyed with her little button.

"Ahhh Gabby," she cooed in his ear.

He trailed kisses from her collarbone to her ear, while his middle finger probed her hot cunt. David felt her clitoris stiffen with excitement. He was getting to her.

"Bloody hell, you're tight," he commented while nibbling on her earlobe; he was gonna tease her until she exploded. "And you're so wet, Bee," he menacingly stated. She gasped and David rubbed faster.

"Fuck Gabby!" she wheezed, closing her eyes and tilting her head back against the wall. She could barely breathe.

"Not yet, darling. Not until you come for me," he growled.

Her breathing became more shallow as a force made her body climb higher and higher. He kissed the side of her neck softly. Her entire body felt hot as she bucked against him. He eased off her clit and heard a series of swears escape her lips. Applying more pressure, he teased her again.

"Are you gonna come for me, Bianca?"

Her eyes shot open and her movement slowed. David's eyes glowed with lust as his finger hit a wall. His mouth drooped into an 'O' as a devilish smile formed.

"You never seem to surprise me, my sweet," he teased her. "Is it mine to break?"

She nodded in a fury, "Yes," squeaked out.

He stretched her lips and rubbed his knuckle up and down her sensitive love button.

"Are you sure?"

She could feel her orgasm nearing, "Yes, Gabby. Fuck! Yes!"

She leaned forward and tried to kiss him.

"No, only good girls get to kiss," he chastised. "Will you be a good girl from now on, Bee?"

"Yes," she submitted, effortlessly.

David smiled into her neck. His tongue tickled her spot and with no warning, he bit down.

"Ahhhh!" she screamed as her orgasm spilled into his hand. He felt her pelvic muscles tighten as they squeezed his finger upon her release. He held onto her waist as her body weakened from the intensity of the orgasm. She tried to lean into him but he pulled away.

His finger slipped out of her warm hole and he let her delicate wrists go; she fell to the ground.

Bianca tried to catch her breath, "Gabby?" She mumbled like a zombie, then looked up.

He stared ahead as a mist engulfed the room. Bianca cried out his name again but he just seemed to ignore her.

The sweet smell of her love dangled from his hand. She tried to stand but her legs were like noodles, "Gabby, please," she cried out. "Answer me!"

She crawled towards him and to her surprise he slowly backed away. The mist was taking him. Changing him. His alabaster skin glowed brighter as the silver in his hair turned white.

"No! Don't go!" she screamed. Tears tainted her sweaty cheeks.

He looked down at her and a smile so evil it made her shiver spread across his face. His eyes turned a menacing shade of blue and flickered like burning coals. It wasn't David. The figure dropped to his knees and peered through her as if she was a wounded animal.

Those eyes. It was him.

"You!" she hoarsely accused. The changed figure flipped her on her back and straddled her waist. His heavy weight bore down on her fragile figure.

"Get off!" she yelled at him. He held her down with ease and unzipped his pants.

At that moment she felt so weak and vulnerable. His hypnotic eyes willed her not to move as he eased his pants down and then, parted her thighs. Bianca felt him line his mandhood up to her opening, and with sheer willpower she broke their gaze and looked down.

Fear encased her big brown eyes as the thickness of his cock made her involuntarily wince. His purple mushroom tip stretched so far over her lips, she was sure he wouldn't fit. He was a solid 8 inches long but as thick as a coke can. She tried to close her legs but the figure grabbed her by the throat and lifted her upper body from the floor. With his other hand wrapped around her waist, he brought her face to him. Those eyes held her in place long enough for the strange figure to position her over his furiously throbbing cock. Bianca could see the trace of an evil smirk appear upon those blood orange lips before he parted them and damned her.

'You're mine," he maliciously taunted before impaling her delicate, sensitive body on his rod.

She screamed at the top of her lungs as an unbearable pain ripped through her body. His arrogant, despicable smirk and bone chilling, icy blue eyes were the last things she remembered seeing before being shattered into a million pieces.

Her mind went blank as she felt mind numbing pain and then nothing. Her body was trapped in a prison. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and found herself falling from some great height. A streak of thunder ripped through the night sky as she was helpless to fight her demise. She felt her emotions leave her as her body landed with a heavy thud and her eyes closed.


Bianca shot upright and clutched her chest. The sheets were drenched in her sweat and she felt tears prick the inside of her eyes.

"What...the...hell?!" she mumbled, wiping the tears away.

It was the most intense, lucid dream she ever had. Everything felt so real. Her neck still burned with what felt like David's kisses. Her mind raced to find an explanation as details of the dream slowly disappeared. She couldn't forget the look of those horrible blue eyes compelling her. She had seen them somewhere before. But where?

She looked over at the figure next to her, his sleeping disposition gave her strength. Bianca reached out and rubbed his arm. She turned around and looked out the window. The sun was getting ready to rise and she knew. Somehow, she knew that David would come looking for her soon. And she would be ready.

"I just hope you're ready too," she whispered climbing back under the covers. She cuddled up next to her bedmate as sleep slowly claimed her.


***Sunday Morning***

"Be sensible about this."

"Sensible? I made myself perfectly clear. I'm going," David slipped into his favorite car: a copper Aston Martin Vanquish. It was one of those cars you're afraid to breathe on unless you're rich enough to own two. Right up his alley.

"You're being abrasive," Marc warned.

"You've known me for thirty years. Why do you sound so surprised?" David turned the key in the ignition.

"At least let me or Hans go with you," Marc tried to reason.

"No," David rolled the tinted window up. He sharply backed out, turned and raced down the driveway and out of the estate.

Who did she think she was, keeping him waiting? He was a patient man but she was really trying it. First, she ignored him for weeks, then when they finally got a chance to see each other, he had to drag a date out of her. Now, she wouldn't pick up her phone.

He pulled onto the expressway and sunk back onto the high standard leather.

"I won't take 'no' for an answer."

He waited for the launch control message to appear in the trip computer, released the brake pedal and then let the Vanquish do its thing. Yes, this was indeed his favorite toy.

He turned onto the 57A exit and slowed his pace.

Lost in the prospect of seeing his beauty, he never noticed the changing neighborhoods. The rich, affluent community he was used to quickly faded as he rolled into an impoverished area.

Desolate businesses, abandoned houses and gangs standing on the street corner. He began to wonder how someone as straight laced and delicate as his bumblebee could've survived this; he passed a few more houses before the GPS advised him to turn down a block. Unlike the other parts of the neighborhood it was more sustainable and recognizably more lively.

He pulled up in front of a house and saw her sitting on the steps of the front porch. A little boy sat in between her legs as she tickled him.


"Ew momma Bee," the hazel eyed boy laughed.

She planted kisses on his temple and laughed along with him until a warmness flooded her cheeks. Her breathing slowed. Heart raced. She looked up, and like clockwork there he was. If her skin wasn't so dark she would've turned crimson.

"What's wrong, momma Bee?" Looking down she saw a confused look on his face.

"Nothing, baby."

"Who's that?" he pointed to David.

Bianca looked back up to an expectant David. She never got tired of seeing his professional attire in less than professional times. Her eyes trailed down to creased black slacks that hugged yet hid his bulge and black loafers. He leaned against the Aston Martin, his forefinger grazed that bottom lip. His eyes were soft. Waiting.

"You wanna meet him?"

The little boy hesitated then saw her smile. He smiled back and nodded. They got up and descended the stairs.


She approached him. His lovely Bee. Her flowing curls were still gone. She looked so domestic as her neatly braided hair swung with each step. She was wearing those jeans again. The curve of her hips as she switched towards him caused a little gasp to escape.

Her soft 'Columbia College' sweatshirt matched his cloudy eyes as she and the carmel skinned little boy who clung to her leg stopped about 5 feet away.

He took one step and filled the space.

They stared. Dark eyes to thin lips. Grey eyes to dark skin.

"Morning Gabby," she spoke first.

"Bee." He looked down at the kid. Then back to Bianca. They both squinted at David.

"I got your messages its just, I wasn't sure..." she trailed on. Words were again failing her.

"About what, love?" He asked.

"Us. But, I am now."

"Are you?"

She nodded. "Yes," the 3 letter word came out as an accepting whisper.

His heart jumped. Was she saying what he thought she was? Moving to the side, she reached for the little boy and picked him up. His light brown arms draped over her shoulders as his legs dangled around her waist. Those big hazel eyes seemed so familiar.

She looked at him, "David, this is my Ramsey."

Turning back to the little boy, "Rams, this is David. He's a very special friend of mine."

Leaning down, he gave the little guy a big smile and reached out his hand. "Hi, there."

Little Ramsey turned and groaned into Bianca's neck.

She chuckled, "Rams," then kissed his cheek.

A few seconds later he turned back to David and shook his hand with a grip. "Hi."

David couldn't help but chuckle, too. Ramsey pulled back and resumed his placed wrapped around Bianca's neck.

She dropped that smiled. Oh how he missed her smile. "He's really overprotective," she admitted.

"You don't say?"

"Yeah, kinda reminds me of another overbearing man in my life," she cocked her head to the side in a teasing style.

He blushed and ran a hand through his newly dyed jet black hair, "Imagine that."

They stared again when words became too much to bear. He found himself nervous. No woman had ever made him, David Gabriel Crete, nervous. What was this buxom beauty doing to him?

She placed the little boy on his feet, "Go on in."

Again, little Ramsey hesitated. He looked up at David then grabbed Bianca's hand.

"I'll be right there in a few, Rams. I promise," she told him. He squinted then reluctantly turned around and ran back to the house.

Turning to David, she raised her hand and caressed the deep cleft in his chin. His hidden canyon. He grabbed her hand and brought it up to his lips then kissed the tips of her fingers until a slow shock melted her.

"How'd you find me Gabby? How do you keep finding me?"

He gave her a curious look, "I'm filthy rich, Bianca. I can get whatever I want."

She snatched her hand back. "And what do you want?" she glared at him.

He leaned back against the car. Studying her again. She was an intriguing woman. Intriguing and trying.

"Please, be honest with me! That's the only way this thing is gonna work."

"What thing?" He teased her.

"US!" She all but screamed at him.

"And what about us?" He rose, leaned forward and stroked her back. Bianca looked up and her eyes scanned his. How did she end up in his arms? She shook her head and realized she was in way too deep to go back. She wouldn't have wanted to anyway.

"I felt it too, you know? I swear I felt my heart skip."

He glowed at her confession, "What are you saying?" David asked with the outline of a smile on his lips.

She pushed him away and spoke: "Nothing will be the same after today. You know that right?" she said through closed eyes.

He took a step forward. Reaching up to grasp her chin, he whispered: "I'm counting on it, sweetheart."

Her eyes swung open. Tipping her head to meet his gaze, those powerful orbs locked her into place.

Her breathing slowed again and she gulped. Bianca bit down on her lip and and held her breath. Breathing out an air of clarity, she looked back up to him.

"David, I'm not who you think I am. I've got some issues and I'm still working through them. It wouldn't be fair to bring you into my messy life."

"But, I'm already there, my sweet!" He exclaimed at her latest attempt to get him to give up on them. He'd never give up on her or the love they shared. "You can't get rid of me that easily. And you should stop trying."

"Don't tell me what to do, Crete."

David bit his lip in an attempt to stifle a chuckle. She was so stubborn. "And if I don't, will you run again, Bianca?"

She squinted at him for the second time that day, then raised a hand and let it rest on her hip. Her methods of intimidation were wearing thin and so she tried to compromise. "I promise to stop running if you promise to stop being so overprotective."

"I'll try," he attempted to reach an agreement.

She crinkled her nose, "Why ARE you so overprotective, Gabby?"

He sighed and those smoky, slate colored eyed focused intently on her. "It's in my nature, sweetheart. I don't ever want another man to look at you the way I do." He scanned her. "I mean, my goodness look at you, Bee!"

Their eyes read each other, then Bianca placed her arms around her body in a self-concious hug. David stepped up and replaced them with his own. He knew then that he'd have to tell her she was beautiful a million times a day for her to finally see it. And he would enjoy every second of it.

"You're stunning and oh so sharp witted. A woman as enchanting as you deserves the world," he said while stroking her chin. His touch made her feel so safe. So warm and light.

She smiled again and he melted, "I just want you, Gabby," her tone was almost pleading, "We don't need the title because you know, I just want you."

And there it was, her proclamation of love. David never knew he could feel so complete. At that moment, he would have given up everything he had if he could see her smile every day for the rest of his life. "Wouldn't mind the title though, dear."

She studied his steady gaze and the way his eyes surveyed her every breath with silent bliss.

"Okay," she said as a grip of control left her. "But we've gotta come clean with each other. No secrets and no lies."

He nodded and thought for a second, "Speaking of lies, I lied about being from Newport."

Bianca laughed. "I know. I googled you."

"Bhahaha, why? Don't trust me?" He gave her an innocent look.

"I do but it sounds crazy seeing as how we barely know each other."

He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him, "And yet you made me jump through hoops just to see you."

She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Standing on her toes, she looked him in the eye, "I told you from the beginning I don't scare easily."

Her simple statement came off as more of a threat. But then, she smiled and David's mind went to mush.

She stepped back and got another look at him, "You're gonna be my downfall," she thought.

Ramsey ran back out and she picked him up. Bianca grabbed David's hand and his skin tingled as it reunited with her touch. That heated calming feeling she gave him was missed. She was missed. It was then that David knew. He truly knew that he was in love with her. Loved her, fully and unconditionally. And he was never letting her go. As if he could.

They walked up the brick steps and stepped through an iron screen door, then Bianca pushed at the oak front door and it creaked open. She squeezed his hand as they walked into the living room. His sense's were intensified as he smelled the theraputic aroma of lavender and heard the smooth relaxing music of jazz. They stopped in the entryway. A man sat reading the newspaper in a sturdy dark chair, moving his head to the beat of the music. Bianca walked over to the old record player and turned it down.

"Papa?" she spoke softly, shifting Ramsey to her hip. The figure lowered the paper. The first thing David noticed were his dark burnished eyes. They squinted at the tall, heavily built, white man standing in his living room.

He looked from him to Bianca.

"Papa, there's someone I want you to meet."

He rose and walked to her. She ushered David over while Ramsey shifted in her arms.

"I'm gonna put you down, baby," she sat him on his feet and he took off running towards the kitchen.

David studied the older gentleman. He proudly stood toe to toe with him. Six foot two, with a broad build and a strong jaw line. His head was filled with strands so silver they looked etheral. Bianca looked at him admiringly as she stood between them, "David, this is my grandpa, Bill."

David reached out his hand.

"Papa, this is David."

Her grandfather reached to shake David's.

"..my boyfriend," she elaborated.

David felt the elder's grip tighten before willingly withdrawing.

"Boyfriend?" his abysmal voice radiated.

"Boyfriend!" A high pitch squeal rang from far in the house. Within seconds, her grandmother was smiling before them. An endearing thick and green sweater dress hugged her while thick coiled hair bounced with each step. If that was gonna be his sweet Bee in 30+ years, he was gonna be a lucky man. The petite yet shapely cocoa colored woman excitedly gave them a smile.

"Did you say 'boyfriend', honey?" her soft high pitched voice asked. Bianca nodded with a smile. The biggest smile they'd ever seen.

"Yes, nana. This is David."

David looked from her to them.

"David, this is my Nana, Betti."

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