tagNonHumanBee Stung Pt. 01

Bee Stung Pt. 01


Note: ALF: Animal Liberation Front

CCD: Colony Collapse Disorder

DOA: Department of Agriculture

Rosewood California, July 7, 2011, 2:00 A.M., the residence of Barry Sandford, CEO Mrs. Sandford's Honey (a division of Sandford Industries).

Bzzz! "Grumble! Snort! Sandford here. Pierce?! Do you have any idea what time it is?!...What do you mean there's been a breach?!....No! Stay there. I'm coming over."

Sandford Research Laboratories: 2:30 A.M.

Pierce: ".....damn animal rights freaks. Claim to be ALF's insect division"

Sandford: "What's the damage?"

"Hives five through sixteen are total losses. Seventeen to thirty are salvageable and species 1478 has escaped."

"The Peruvian Mountain Honeybee?"

"Yes, the Apis fornicatea."

"Damn! Did you alert the Department of Agriculture?"

"Yes I did. You want me to alert the locals?"

"Call the Mayor. Inform him of the situation. Tell him the bees are harmless. At least they're not Africanized."

"We don't know much about the species. We only started research two months ago."

Sandford rubbed his brow. "Just tell him so far as we know they're non-aggressive."

"So what happens when they breed with the local population?"

The CEO's face split into a toothy avaricious smile. "We have the patents. We can claim the rights. We can take over all the independent bee farms in the region. D.O.A. will back us. Considering the amount of honey the new species produces, they'll grovel if it means replacing C.C.D. losses."

"And the incident with the ALF girl?"

"Pay her off, shut her up, or...." He cast a meaningful look at Pierce.

Pierce whistled. "Okaaay, I'll get right on it."

Barry Sandford listened to the CD recordings of the head apiologist while driving home.

"Species 1478 was found in a remote valley in the Andes. It apparently has evolved in relative isolation for millions of years....characterized by the lack of a distinctive barb in its stinger....seems relatively docile compared to other bees, but research is inconclusive....largest species of any variety ever discovered, including the Himalayan honey bee...produces over five times the amount of honey than the European or African variety....venom is found to contain unusual properties, research is inconclusive. Locals claim the venom, honey, and beeswax have aphrodisiac properties. I have named the species Apis aphroditea for the record (unfortunately, due to a misguided joke by one of my graduate students, Apis fornicatea seems to be the preferred term). Note: a curious local custom forbade women from entering the valley except during a festival occurring once every forty years. The reasons are obscure as my questions brought forth evasive responses."

As Sandford settled into bed he thought, "Docile species, major honey producer. I'll make millions; what could possibly go wrong?"


"What a beautiful sunset," thought Odetta as she prepared for her evening yoga. Odetta adopted nude yoga as a hobby in college. Its positive effects on her figure and stress levels made her a devotee.

Odetta Lucessi, in both looks and fortune, was blessed with phenomenally good luck. Her Columbian mother gave her a curvy, big-breasted body. Her Italian father gave her a solid middle-class upbringing. A lucky lottery ticket, bought just after her eighteenth birthday, gave her a multimillion dollar fortune.

Luck and beauty had their stresses, however, and Odetta nearly broke under both. A friend introduced her to yoga; it was a godsend. Yoga kept her body toned and her mind balanced.

Odetta credited her best decisions to yoga's calming influence. Ironically, the nude aspect came from an initially bad one. A silly truth or dare game she lost in college (plus a little tequila) forced her into a nude yoga session for her sorority and brother fraternity, respectively.

The experience should have been humiliating; instead Odetta was liberated. A new world of sensuality opened for the young woman.

Odetta's new balance helped her make the right decisions. Good investments expanded her fortune, allowing Odetta to cover her education as well as her sister's and brother's; allowed her to buy a retirement house for her parents in Arizona; and let her easily afford the expensive San Francisco high rise in which she currently resided.

At age thirty, Odetta could afford to smile. She was at the top of the social strata; blessed with beauty, brains, and money. She had no boyfriend at the present but the situation was just temporary.

Odetta paused at the hallway mirror before heading to the patio. The mirror reflected a curvy, double d'ed thirty-year-old with chestnut colored hair cascading in wavelets to her twenty-six inch waist. A long nose, angular face, high cheekbones, wide mouth, and bee stung lips completed the image of smoldering sexuality.

She turned around and looked at her ample ass. "God, I'm hot! Good booty is good advantage." Good booty also attracted attention. She followed her friend Kim's lead and did nude shoots for Playboy. The publicity was good and she had no regrets, but opted against reality shows. "I don't need the money."

Satisfied, Odetta went to the patio to spread her mat. She exercised in the warm evening air, bending and stretching her luscious body. Previous boyfriends (and a few girls) tended to get excited when they saw that curvaceous dream move. She never exactly invited voyeurs but didn't mind if someone was present, either.

A few tended to lose control when they saw her in different poses. One boyfriend's favorite was the Bhujangasana cobra pose. He liked the way it made her boobs jut out. Odetta broke up with him; it was annoying trying to perform the cobra while some idiot kept nursing your titties. "There's a time for everything."

Another boyfriend made the Balasana, child's resting pose, impossible. The pose was for relaxation but it also exposed her bunghole and pussy, and with a randy boyfriend hovering close....

Now Odetta was no fool. She knew her activities could excite her paramours, but she had rules. "Before and after boys, never during. Some guys just don't have respect."

Odetta's apartment was one of the most expensive in the city. Spacious, with a large patio and a beautiful garden facing the bay. The building's owner had secured the air rights, preventing other builders from blocking the view. It made the patio excellent for sunbathing and yoga.

The flowers attracted all sorts of insects, so when Odetta heard the buzzing, she initially dismissed it. "It seems a little late for bees," she thought. Bees didn't scare Odetta, she wasn't allergic.

The buzzing grew louder. Odetta, wrapped in her fetus pose, glanced upward. The evening sky was a clear golden rose, except for one dark cloud. "?" queried Odetta.

The cloud swirled into a funnel. The buzz crescendoed to a loud hum. She'd never seen many, but Odetta knew a bee swarm when she saw it. "Oboy, that's a large one. Where did it come from?"

It occurred to Odetta that her position was extremely vulnerable: naked, on a patio, with hundreds of bees hovering overhead. "I better go inside," she thought, untangling herself.

Almost as if her motions were a trigger, the hum turned into a roar, as of a diving Zero. The funnel cloud descended...straight towards the nude young woman.

Odetta shrieked and ran towards the apartment. She paused to slide the door closed. It was at that very precise moment, Odetta's phenomenally good luck, luck which had blessed her with beauty, brains, and riches, tipped its hat and bade her adieu. The door jammed.

The door jammed as sliding doors do, when thousands of stinging insects bear down upon unclothed females. "Oh fuck!" she cried and ran for the living room.

The cell phone was on the couch. She picked it up aaand, "No battery! Of course." Bees streamed through the open door. She ran for the door to the apartment. The bees got there first.

She turned and bolted for the hallway, aiming for the bedroom. She thrust the door open, "Aaaah! Bees!" Odetta had left the bedroom window open and bees poured in. "Oh no! The bathroom window's open too!" A rush to the bathroom confirmed the apisinine invasion.

Sobbing in despair, Odetta ran to the end of the hall. She turned around, cornered, watching thousands of deadly humming darts arrow towards her nude body. "I'm fucked!"

She closed her eyes; the buzz grew louder. "Aaaah!" she screamed. A hail storm fell upon her body. Odetta gasped, not from the sting of thousands of needles, but from shock. "They're not stinging?!"

Peeking her eyes open, Odetta noticed bees were settling upon her skin, covering her body from neck downward. Her knowledge was lacking but Odetta knew this was odd behavior for bees.

"Maybe it's because I'm standing still," she reasoned. "Okay Odie. Don't move. I've got to figure a way out of this mess."

Other bees hummed in a tight funnel in front of her body. More bees settled on her boobs. The tickling effect of tens of thousands of tiny legs was maddening but Odetta didn't dare move; there were worse fates than getting tickled to death.

If the bees on her skin drove Odetta crazy, the ones on her pussy tipped her out of reality. Odetta's flower grew moist. "Am I getting wet?" she gasped. Bees crawled along her landing strip and skittered over her pussy lips. She wasn't there yet but it felt as if thousands of tiny vibrators assaulted her clit. In spite of herself, tiny moans issued from her lips.

Another curiosity presented itself. "Why aren't they covering my face?" Indeed, while bees swirled around her and covered her body, the insects kept well away from her face. A few bees hovered close to her eyes but kept a careful distance.

Odetta took the time to carefully examine the insects. "Gasp! They're so large!" They were the biggest bees she'd ever seen, easily the size of a hummingbird.

The bees were striped red and gold. Their wings were the size of a dragonfly's. The bees buzzing near her eyes, she noticed, had no stingers. She knew enough to figure the bees were male drones.

The bees on her body were female workers. Inch thick black needles jutted ominously from their furry bodies. Odetta shuddered to think of those tiny lances piercing her vulnerable skin.

"What kind of bees are these?" she asked. They certainly weren't the killer bees of the movies and novels. Even killers weren't this large.

The bees' curious behavior was centered on Odetta's boobs and crotch. "? What are they doing to my boobs?"

The red/gold bra on Odetta's udders parted, revealing double dees, crowned by coppery half dollars. Two bees from the roiling mass, each larger than the others, buzzed to her areoles, one to each breast.

The bees sported lances, longer and sharper than their sisters'. They crawled to her nipples, plumping and feeling with legs and antennae. Odetta responded in spite of herself. "Bees are diddling my tits?!" She received the shock of her life a few moments later.

To Bee Continued

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