tagNonHumanBee Stung Pt. 02

Bee Stung Pt. 02


The tit-diddling bees raised their stings. Beads of clear venom gleamed at the tips of the black needles. "Oh no!" Odetta gasped. "They're going to sting me!"

Her fears were confirmed when the two workers plunged their lances, dead center into her pointy red nipples.

"Aaaahh!" she screamed as white hot fire flamed her tits. Odetta watched with wide brown eyes as the bees pumped up and down, red/gold abdomens throbbing, steel hard stingers sliding in and out, filling her nipples with venom.

Odetta moaned; her ample bosom quivered and her bee-covered belly quaked. Terror fought with pain; she feared her involuntary movements would ignite the bees to stinging frenzy. However, other than the nipple piercers, the bees maintain a low hum, softly vibrating her body.

The vibrations increased as alarm pheromones, released by the tit bees, created a different sort of frenzy.

Odetta gasped another, "Oh no!" Her earlier impulse to keep still seemed futile; the bees were swarming anyway. "Should I make a run for it?" she asked herself. It seemed a choice between stung to death now or stung to death later. The latter option was better than standing against a wall, covered in insects, mouth open in shock, watching two large bees hump her breasts.

Odetta steeled herself. "Get ready Od...what's happening to my pussy?" The bees on her cunt lips buzzed a high pitched hum. The increased vibrations created a moist feeling between her legs. Odetta blushed, "Bees are making me wet? If I get out of here, this stays a secret. I'll never live it down. The tabloids would cream. Oh God! Now what's happening?!"

Fears of stinging prevented Odetta from peering over her heaving breasts, but her rose told her the bees were up to something. "Oh! They're on my clit!"

Three bees positioned themselves on her bud. Three stingers unsheathed; three stingers plunged. "Eek!" Odetta squeaked as her clit and cunt lips were speared.

The pain was volcanic. Grasping and clutching at the wall, Odetta hissed as venom pumped into her tenders. The two bees on her boobs withdrew their lances, unnoticed by the young woman.

"Aaahh! Unnngh! Oh God! It hurts! Oh! Please stop!" The fire in her erogenous zones burned for several minutes before dimming to a low ember. "What's happening to my nipples?!" she gasped.

Her tits were growing. As the fire dimmed, Odetta's nipples plumped into rose pink volcanoes. The tips swelled to pencil erasers.

The low burn settled deep into Odetta's boobs, a not unpleasant feeling. "What did those bees do? Bee stings aren't supposed to do this."

The first moments of pleasurable heat were offset by the fire in her envenomed cunt; but the fire dimmed and the bees de-lanced.

The young woman had never seen such frenzy. The bee swarm was unlike any ever seen. Odetta heard horror stories; old people and children stung to death by savage killers (and she viewed "The Swarm" once, a horror story in itself), but this swarm behaved different. "It's like they're waiting," she remarked. "But for what?"

The fire in her cunt faded to warm heat which radiated, upward to her womb. Her pussy lips puckered and inflated. Her clit plumped pink and sensitive.

"Ooooh! I feel thick down there. Thick and wet; what did those bees do to me?" she moaned.

Pre-bee, Odetta's pussy was a mid-sized slit able to accommodate a moderate to large sized range of cocks. Her best assets were her ass-et and her boobs. Now she sported cunt lips which complemented her heinie, complete with a prominent, hair trigger clit.

A bee hummed across her newly enhanced vajayjay. "Gasp!" Odetta exhaled as an orgasm raced up her body. The new fire differed from the old; a fire of pleasure instead of pain. "Ohhh! Mmmm!"

Bees ran across her pussy. "Nnnngh! Fight it Odie! If I cum they'll sting me to death!"

The Apis fornicatea, however, were interested in a different sting. The next clue came from Odetta's swollen tits. The heat had spread throughout her boobs. Her melons became as sensitive as her nethers. Thousands of tiny legs tickled across them and nearly drove her mad. What happened next dropped her down the rabbit hole. "What's that on my tits?!"

White beads appeared on her nipples. The beads grew into pearls. The pearls popped and a stream of cream trickled down her melons. Bees caught in the flow were drenched. "Milk?!"

At the same time, bees on her clit buzzed their wings, causing a reaction from clit, pussy, and babe.

Odetta's eyes rolled back; her mouth formed an O and "OOOHHHH!" rolled out. Syrup dripped from her swollen cleft.

"I can't believe this!" she gasped. "Bee stings that make me lactate?! Bees making me cum?! What kind of insects are these?! Are they even bees?! I've got to figure a way out without getting stung to death."

Hidden deep within her mind was an unspoken doubt that she wanted rescue. Her moans of pleasure stood in contrast to her fear.


The bees' subsequent activity took events to the next level. Attracted to the nectars flowing from her melons and flower, bees congregated on both, leaving her torso bare.

Odetta moaned and bit her lip, breathing heavily, sweat glistened belly quivering with fear and orgasm. The roiling mass reformed into a bee-kini, with openings for her nipples and pussy.

The new configuration seemed to offer an opportunity for Odetta. "Maybe if I walk carefully I can get out of the apartment, call pest control. I can feel embarrassed later."

However, when she moved her foot, the swarm responded with a threatening hum. The bee-bra and bee-panties buzzed ominous vibrations. Electric orgasms flared in her erogenies. "Gasp!" she aspirated. Orgasm and fear fired her nerves. "I guess they don't want me to leave."

Odetta's nipples passed leakage into percolation. The bees around the boobs bathed in white cream. Two large sparrow-sized buzzers crawled to her fountains, took a nipple in their mandibles, and started mastication.

Simultaneously, bees on the bottom munched mandibles along Odetta's soft bubblegum-pink clit. That was it for Odetta.

Odetta was no stranger to sex; but no previous experience ever compared to being eaten out by bees. Her body responded in ways previous lovers never brought forth.

Fluids squirted from her body, drenching bees and drawing more. Bees gulped the nectar. "UUUNNGH! OOOHHH! AAAHH!" Odetta ululated. She could barely stand. Her legs were weak from the crushing orgasms running through her body.

Every time she nearly collapsed, bees buzzed menacingly, a subtle warning to stay upright. Other movements were ignored, however.

Her sweat-slick belly rolled and quaked. Her bee-covered milk-spewing breasts jelly wobbled back and forth. Cum squirted from her throbbing vulva.

Odetta was the center of a hurricane. She stared at the whirlwind, eyes wide, mouth opened, issuing moans and arias. The bees on her pleasure spots drank their fill before joining the swirling mass. Bees from the tornado replaced the sated to have their turn.

Odetta's nipples, swollen to pencil erasers, streamed milk in white arcs. Cream fell into the buzzing maelstrom. Bees, alighting upon her udders, frequently blocked the flood.

Her cunt was a roiling mass of cum and bees. Apic rapists scrambled over each other to get to her petal. "AAAAHHH! OOOHHH!" Odetta sopranoed. "Oh! God! Molested by bees! God! I've never felt anything like this! It's....! Are they entering me?!"

Within the sticky, roiling mass, a worker, belly full and slick with Odetta nectar, decided to explore this strange mammal's petal further. Crawling up her clit, it slid into Odetta's moist flower, made extra sensitive by bee venom. Odetta came and squirted in response.

The bee-in triggered a chain reaction from the bees; Odetta's body reaped the benefits. One bee penetration caused an orgasm; hundreds of bees streaming inward caused a seismic quake.

"Omigod! They are! Oh! I'm cumming! Oh! Unnngh! Gasp! I can't beli...! Fucked by bees! I cumming! Oh! Unnngh! Aaahhh!"

The swirling tornado also reacted, reconfiguring into a phallic-shaped cloud. Its tip pointed directly towards her pussy. Seconds later, Odetta Lucessi, millionairess, celebutante, and part time Playboy model, became the first North American to be drilled by the male drones of the Peruvian Mountain Bee (seconds after becoming the first American to get fucked by the female workers of the Apis fornicatea). Odetta was too busy cumming to appreciate her pioneering role in interspecies bisexuality.

Arias echoed through the apartment. Thoughts of escape receded as the orgasms overwhelmed her survival instinct. A slight change in the bees on her boobs went unnoticed.

The females streamed through Odetta's spasming canal. The vanguard eased the invasion by slurping her cum and lining the moist passage. Bees passed through to the cervix.

The beating of thousands of wings against the sensitive walls caused Odetta's torso to gyrate wildly. Her eyes rolled in ecstasy unfelt with human lovers.

The worker bees streamed into her womb and began to line the walls. The drones followed and, upon arriving, formed a ball. The workers beat their wings against Odetta's wet sensitives, forcing her into continuous climax and cum production.

At this stage, the young woman should have collapsed into a quivering ball of orgasm. Instead she stayed glued to the wall, whipping her head side to side, moaning and screaming, with a spasming, bloating belly.

Her scrambling fingers dug grooves in the wall. The floor beneath her was soaked with cum and sweat.

Odetta's adherence came from an unnoticed activity among the tit workers. Upon receiving their fill of milk the bees left her nipples. They flew to her shoulders, ass, and the gap between the curvature of her spine and the wall.

A minute's wait later, the bees worked their mandibles. Whitish fluid dripped from their mouths. Working along her arms, back, ass, and legs, the bees used the milk-based wax to glue Odetta to the wall. When finished, the bees joined their companions inside their new home.


Odetta moaned as another orgasm swept through her body. "Fucked by bees," she whispered. "Who would believe it? I'm a tabloid story."

Breast milk streamed from her nipples, down her sweat-shined body, over her rising, round belly, to her cum-slick pussy. A few bees popped out and lapped a couple of droplets. Her round belly vibrated like a cell phone. "What are they doing to me," she blearily wondered.

A vision of a building, outwardly innocuous, but with sounds of saws, hammers, and drills issuing from within, sprang into her head. "They're not doing what it feels like, are they?" she gulped. "What's that sound?"

A low hum, like a tiny helicopter, approached from the hallway. At the same time, her automatic lights, timed to switch on with the darkening twilight, illuminated.

Odetta was able to see the approaching bee flying towards her. She proffered a wane smile. "Well, I guess you're the queen."

Its size, a robin's size, and wingspan, which shamed a dragonfly, marked it as royalty. It flew close and around her body, examining her subjects' work.

Odetta drew in breath as it landed on her swollen bud. Lowering its head, it dove between the young woman's lips. Odetta "Ohhhhed!" as first the head, then the wings, next the abdomen, and finally the sting slowly disappeared; and the queen travelled inward to claim her throne.

To Bee Concluded

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