tagNonHumanBee Stung Pt. 03

Bee Stung Pt. 03



On July 15, 2011, SFPD officers Russo and Hicks came to the apartment of one Odetta Lucessi. Concerned friends had asked the police to check on Odetta as she had not contacted them, nor been seen at her usual haunts, for over a week.

Russo and Hicks were very happy to go out of their way to visit Odetta's apartment. She was a celebutante and the two officers were well acquainted with her Playboy work.

She didn't answer the door. "Miss Lucessi, this is the SFPD. Are you all right?" asked Hicks. Russo put his ear to the door. "I think I hear something. Sounds like moaning. Get the superintendent."

The superintendent swiped the lock. A click meant the lock worked but the door wouldn't budge. Several tries produced the same result. The officers tried breaking the door down and got bruised shoulders for their trouble. "Uh...guys, the door's state of the art security. You need the fire department. 'Morons!'" said the superintendent.

It took a couple of thumps with the battering ram and the Jaws of Life to force the door. "What's that sound?" asked Russo. "Sounds like bees," replied a fireman. "Something's blocked the door," said Hicks. He glanced inside and then hurriedly shut the door. "Call animal control now!"

Sandford Residence, 8:00 PM

Bzzzt! "Sandford....What now Pierce?....You found them?....What do you mean, we have a problem?!....Stay right there, I'm coming over!"

Sandford Executive Headquarters, Sandford Plaza, 8:30 PM

Pierce: "A firefighter recorded the whole scene. We greased a few palms to get it. Animal control had to lob in smoke grenades. The beeswax was extremely tough, but it melts easily."

The apartment, walls, furniture, and windows were covered in beeswax. "My God! There are hives everywhere!" exclaimed Sandford.

"Yes," said Pierce. "Apparently this species creates a main hive and then several subsidiary hives, each with queens subordinate to the main hive. We've named the queen of the main hive, the Queen Prime. This is the most highly organized and intelligent bee species (Hell! Insect species) ever discovered."

"And where is the main hive?" asked Sandford.

"Watch, you're not going to believe it," replied Pierce, with a mysterious, gleeful smile.

She was at the end of the hall, fixed against the wall. Her arms and legs were buried in beeswax. "Isn't that?...." asked Sandford.

"Yes it is."

"She looks pregnant. That's breast milk leaking." Sandford felt a bump. He had a preggo/lacto fetish.

"I wouldn't say pregnant...just watch."

Her belly did indeed look pregnant; round, shiny, and quivering. Her breasts, swollen with large nipples, leaked white milk. Her face, shiny with sweat, and topped with wet, matted hair, looked half comatose. Faint moans whispered from her mouth.

Her pussy lips were exposed; thick and meaty pink, and dripping an amber fluid. "Is that?!...." exclaimed Sandford.

"Yes it is, keep watching."

The woman groaned; her entire body shiny/slick with sweat, milk, and honey. She seemed unaware of the fireman. Her soft body shook like jello. Sandford was extremely aroused. "Something's happening with her pussy!"

"Watch!" Pierce cried anticipatorily.

The woman's swollen cunt lips parted. "That's a....!"

"Uh huh!"

Before Sandford's stunned eyes (and presumably to the shock and horror of the first responder), a large bee, accompanied by the loud ululations of the woman, exited the woman's pussy in a splash of cum and honey. Sandford, in spite of his horror, nearly squirted some himself.

"What the...did you see...?! But how...?!"

"She's the main hive!"

"What?! Pierce! This is not funny!"

"It's true sir! I'll let Dr. Morgan explain."

Sandford turned to Morgan his chief apiologist. "Well, Morgan?"

"Ahem...! Well...ahem! Well, it seems Apis fornicatea, I mean the Apis aphroditea, (damn that grad student) uses female mammals in their hive network. I daresay it likely explains why the locals didn't allow women in the valley."

"Do you mean to say those bees turned Odetta Lucessi into a beehive?!"

"Uh...er...um, that's the gist of it. They...uh.. erm...uh, also use....ahem...female bodily secretions as part of their food production."


"They use breast milk to make beeswax and cum to make honey!" Pierce shouted, giggling.

"Not completely," said Morgan, uncomfortably. "They process nectar like bees, but they need...ahem...sexual fluids to complete the process. We haven't quite discovered how yet."

Sandford's head spun. "'Impossible! Unimaginable! Gulp! And actionable!'"

"You won't believe how they kept her alive! They fed her dead drones and larvae!"


"Pierce is correct. Drones which outlived their usefulness and extra larvae were force-fed to her for food. They also constructed an amazingly elaborate structure for body waste. They clean the urine and feces themselves. Fascinating, amazing creatures. We'll spend years in research."

Sandford rubbed his brow. "'The most advanced bee species ever discovered. Billions in potential profit, and a public relations apocalypse.' A celebutante held captive and raped by intelligent bees," he muttered.

"Sir?" inquired Pierce.

"Nothing. So what's her current condition?"

"Satisfactory, slightly dehydrated. The doctors are taking the bees out as I speak. Animal control and research and development are cleaning her apartment. We're taking the bees back to the lab. The mayor and D.O.A. want a report."

"Get on it," Sandford groaned. "My God, Pierce! She has us by the balls!"


"Odetta Lucessi; she'll sue our asses into the next century and the publicity will ruin us. She's rich and famous enough to make our lives hell."

"Oh! Of course you're right sir. And she's hot....did you see the ass on her?"

"We're not talking about her ass, Pierce! We're talking about ours. We have a public relations disaster, here." Sandford sighed, "Write a report, Pierce. Prepare a statement to the press, if it comes to that; and set a board meeting first thing tomorrow. I'm going home and taking a couple of aspirin."

As he settled into bed with his wife, Sandford went over the Lucessi crisis. "We can't pay her off, she doesn't need the money. The rough stuff is out; she's too famous to disappear."

Just as he fell asleep an idea jolted him awake. He thought a moment. "It might work. She's a business woman; if she's greedy enough and we present this right, we can avert disaster and all of us will get rich." He settled back to sleep with an avaricious smile.

Epilogue: Bee Season

Odetta Lucessi, Co-Chairperson, Sandford Industries and CEO Lucessi Honey (a subsidiary of Sandford), moved through the giant apiary and garden that served as her company's main production center.

Lucessi Honey was fast becoming the most successful producer of honey-based products in North America. The new species turned out to be fantastically successful. Odetta was richer than she'd ever been.

The honey's success was attributed to a carefully guarded secret ingredient. Her mischievous smile offered a clue; her nudity offered another.

Yes, she'd been pissed after her recovery. Yes, she'd wanted to sue. Several things changed her mind. First: Sandford groveled, wept, and pleaded, offering major stock in his company.

Second: according to taste and lab tests, the honey had great potential. It came in great quantities ("Oh yes, did it."), acted as a natural Viagra, and mixed with everything. The beeswax was a cosmetician's dream, a natural beauty enhancer.

Finally: one does not undergo a seven day orgy without an afterglow. Seeing as she was key to the bee product (in board meetings on future expansions, others were considered "I wonder if I can use my friends?"), Odetta tempered her anger and leapt at the opportunity.

The Lucessi Apiary, the world's largest, was as much home as her nearby mansion. She looked down at her pussy, cunt lips permanently swollen and glistening with her secret ingredient.

Odetta fed it a few cocks occasionally (a weasel named Pierce was useful), but most of what it ate were much smaller, and far more satisfying.

As she approached her specially made bed a familiar hum rose around her. "Mmmm," she purred. "I love bee season."

The End

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