A Piece of Cindy


"But, like, what does it mean?"

Scarface laughs. He nods, lowering his underwear. He takes his soft cock in hand. "It means I'm going to fill your mouth with piss, then you're going to spit it" —he gestures to the toilet— "into the bowl."

Julie's eyes grow big.

He takes a slug from the beer can. Returns it to the sink. "We keep going like that until I don't have to pee anymore."

Julie's eyes narrow.

"But, but . . . "

She hangs her head, shaking. Squirming on her knees, she meets his eyes. "Why?"

Scarface grins. He moves toward her, holding his cock. He motions for her to open her mouth. Julie cuts her eyes to the wall, dropping her chin. Her mouth opens a little. The bathroom goes silent, except for faint music from the band up in the bar.

"Why?" Scarface muses into the quiet. "You House Trick tonight."

She raises her eyes to his.

"House Trick takes care of all personal attitudes."

He pisses on her.

She gasps, making a face. Closing her mouth, she fidgets on her knees. The stream splashes over her lips, her chin. She opens her mouth, her hands rising up on either side of her face. Her mouth fills to overflowing.

He stops pissing.

She winces, looks at the bowl, and then swallows all that is in her mouth.

She looks at him, gasping.


"That's okay." He laughs. "You can drink as much as you want."

He waits for her to get into position, then fills her mouth again. This time she holds it, spitting it into the bowl. They go back and forth this way until he empties his bladder. He makes her flush the toilet, wipe the rim.

He chastises her for not lowering the seat.

The bathtub is packed with ice and beer. He sits on the edge, inviting her to sit with him. He opens a beer, passing it to her. Urine, he says, is supposed to be sterile, safe to drink. He sounds skeptical. He says that he learned the House Trick thing at a detention center in Alabama.

She stares straight ahead, holding her beer.


"I like white girls," a middle-aged black man confides to Cindy.

He sits next to her at a table with the dealer and a half-dozen other men. He is big and powerfully built, with salt-and-pepper hair. His hand rests on her thigh.

Cindy nods, not really sure how to respond.

Someone passes him the pipe. He sucks on it, holds, then blows a thin stream of grey smoke over the table. She is pretty sure he is going to fuck her tonight. All the men are. They want her to shower first, but she can't right now because there is some problem with the bathroom. When anyone mentions the bathroom, everyone laughs. Thinking about Julie, Cindy feels guilty for sucking Dan's cock. She pushes her friend from her mind.

"Hey." The dealer leans to her ear. "Take this."

He holds a fat yellow pill in his palm. Cindy looks at him.

"It will loosen you up."

He knocks on the wooden tabletop. He says he wants her to crawl under the table. She tilts her head. Under? He asks if she knows what she's supposed to do under the table, and she nods, but then she has to ask him to explain.

He grins. If any guy pulls out his cock, he says, she should suck it.

She takes a deep breath, pursing her mouth. Looking around the table, she sees men talking, joking. Smoking crack. None of them meet her eyes.

She exhales. The dealer is grinning.

"Okay." She nods.

He laughs.

He says he'll get her some help.

She slips off her seat, then crawls under the table, to the center. She wraps her arms around her legs. The men's knees surround her, their feet crowding her space. None of them have their cocks out.

Not yet.

Someone stands, announcing he has to go to the bathroom.

Everyone laughs.

It's the joke about the bathroom again.

Cindy lowers herself to her back, trying to make herself small. Do they even know she is down here? Squeezing her thighs together, she is so horny. She thinks about Julie, feeling guilty. She turns her head, cheek to the floor. What will that fat yellow pill do? The talk at the table turns into a comfortable buzz. As she drifts off to sleep, her last thoughts go to Thunder.

What would her daddy say if he saw her now?


Cindy wakes with a start, under the table.

Her cheek is on the floor. Men are talking, excitedly. A familiar pair of cowboy boots is at eye level. The guy wearing them settles into his seat, stretching out his legs. She has to move fast or be kicked.

A bad feeling passes over her, a great sense of foreboding.

She gets on all fours, her mouth dry. Looking around, there is nowhere to go. She is surrounded by knees. Men's knees. Her head is swimming. She holds her breath, trying not to make any noise. The men are talking about a girl. They're passing something around.

A camera.

They're laughing.

The man with the boots says something.

She recognizes the voice. Oh, my God. It's Thunder. Cindy rises on her knees, hands covering her mouth. No sooner is she positive it's him, he reaches both hands under the table, opens his fly, and fishes out his cock. It's long and thick. He tugs at the shaft.

Someone raps on the table with car keys.

Tap, tap, tap.

Her eyes go to the tabletop, her heart racing. He mustn't find her here.

She rubs her hands together, then hovers them over his thighs. Squinting her eyes shut, she's trying to think it through, but her mind is moving slowly. He starts to move his seat back. She drops both hands onto his thighs.

He stops.

She closes her eyes, relieved.

"She might be dozing," the dealer says.

Thunder grunts. He slides forward in his seat, his cock standing from his pants. Cindy bites her lip. Sliding her hands up his thighs, she grips his warm cock in both hands.

"She's up," Thunder husks.

Oh, dear God. Maybe if she sucks him, he'll leave, never knowing she was here. It's her only chance. She moves her face to his cock. She can't believe she's doing this. Heat from his swollen shaft warms her lips. Opening her mouth, she hesitates. It's so wrong! He starts to slide back in his seat and then she puts his cock in her mouth, all the way to the back. Her pussy swells with the wrongness of the choice she just made. Blanking her mind, she focuses on the mechanics of sucking cock. Lips over teeth. Hand pumps shaft, head follows hand.

Slobber. Lick.


He grunts, his hips rocking in time with her mouth. He puts his hand on the back of her head, filling her mouth. She grunts and mewls, then immediately regrets it.

His body tenses.

Time slows.

The whole table pushes back, loud scrapes coming from its legs.


She looks up from her hiding place, exposed. Raising her head, she feels a rope of spit connecting her lip to her dad's cock.

Thunder narrows his eyes.

He has always reminded her of a general, or the captain of a ship or something. He wears his blonde hair short, military style. He has a small cleft in his chin and pale blue eyes. Her mother always told Cindy those eyes were his best feature. Those eyes were why she married him.


Time resumes its normal pace.

Cindy still holds his shaft. Realizing where her hand is, she removes it, putting both hands in her lap.

Thunder snorts. Looking around, his lips curls up in a dubious smile.

He pushes his chair back and stands. Taking her by the arm, he brings her to her feet. The men at the table laugh. She isn't talking, but he shushes her anyway, saying comforting things. He tucks his penis into his pants, then examines the stains on her shirt, her hair. Her tank top is stiff where cum has dried. Her thin hair is matted in places, especially at the ends. He looks her up and down as if it's the first time he's really seeing her.

He looks at her hips, her ass.

He goes to the dealer, who shows him something on the video camera.

Cindy can't see what's on the camera, but she knows it's the footage of her in the bar. A man next to the dealer holds a strange looking gun in his hand, a spear jutting from its barrel. While Thunder watches the video, the others fuss over the weapon. She feels relieved to no longer be the center of attention.

Thunder pulls cash from his pocket, laying it on the table.

The dealer laughs, shaking his head. Thunder takes out his wallet, adding more cash to the table. One time Cindy's mother confronted Thunder in a local bar about money for school clothes. He ended up giving Mom an amount much smaller than what he just laid on that table. The dealer scoops up her father's cash, turning to the man with the weapon. The negotiation is over. Thunder comes for her, a strange expression on his face.

"Are you mad, Daddy?"

He grins, tucking her under his arm. She realizes it's not anger on his face, but something else. "You've been sucking cocks tonight," he whispers.

She looks at the floor, ashamed.

He squeezes her shoulder. He tells her that all fathers have certain obligations, no matter what. He's says he intends to stand by her. They're going to see this thing through.


She's not sure what he's telling her, and then he says something about her obligations, the commitments she's made. She looks up to see his expression.

His eyes are on her chest. He lowers his gaze to her crotch.

"Daddy?" Her voice is hesitant.

He looks her in the eye, squeezing her shoulder. "It's going to be fun."

Something loud cuts through the din in the room.


All the men are looking at the far wall.

A harpoon is sticking out of the wall, a cord dangling from its back end. The room erupts in whoops and exaltations from the men. Cindy stares at her father, grateful for the distraction. The strange look on his face is hunger. He intends to fuck her.

He paid to fuck her.

A forbidden lust swells in her pussy. It feels wrong, and she's deeply ashamed. But the longer she sits with it, the easier it is to accept.

Her father is going to fuck her.

He paid a lot to fuck her.

He wants her.

Thunder yanks the harpoon from the wall, tossing it on the table. He takes Cindy by the hand and leads her down a hall. Her pussy is wet and throbbing.

She thinks about her mother.

Thunder suddenly stops, tugging her close. "We're not going to tell mommy about any of this."

Cindy swallows.

It's like he read her mind.

He leads her into a small room with a couch. A big plush throw rug on the floor. He takes off her top. Her bra. He hasn't taken off her clothes since she was seven. He lays her on the couch, tugging off her sneakers one at a time, tossing them aside.

He slides her shorts and panties down her legs.

"Daddy," she says, feeling apprehensive.

He kneels, putting his face between her legs, his tongue on her hot slit. She clutches his head, groaning. She humps his face, her misgivings melting away.

He makes her come with his mouth.

She lies there, recuperating while he strips. His cock stands long and proud. He has tattoos on his hips, some that she didn't even realize were there.

"Daddy," she whispers, suddenly filled with doubt.

He mounts her, whispering that she is a good little girl. His little girl.

It feels good to be held, wanted.

He slides his meaty cock into her wet canal. His cock is thick and pulsing. Because he's the Daddy, she lets him do whatever he wants. And what he wants is to hold her delicate shoulders and give her big, powerful strokes. His fat cock fills her again and again. As her passion rises, any lingering doubts fade. He kisses her with an open mouth. His tongue feels more taboo than his cock.

He breaks their kiss, but keeps his head very close.

"I have a surprise for you," he says.

Her eyes widen. She's so pleased. He's never been good about remembering birthdays and such. He puts his hand over her eyes.

She hears some fumbling in the room. Someone's in the room. It's a little disconcerting to think someone else is in the same room, but he whispers something comforting.

She makes herself relax.

"You ready?"

She nods.

He removes his hand.

Eight or ten black men stand in the room. One or two smile, another one leers. Some are wearing dark glasses. They all look eager.

Someone bounces a basketball.

Cindy gasps, frightened.

"You excited?" Thunder laughs. He turns to the men. "Her pussy clenched up with excitement when she saw you guys."

He nuzzles her neck, sliding his cock into her. All the men start removing their clothes.

"Oh, Daddy," she whines.

He rotates his hips, moving that big cock wedged inside her. He tells her everything is fine. He says he had to pay a little extra to be here, but he doesn't mind. She's worth it.

One of the black guys approaches the couch, nude. He presses his cock against her lips, but she keeps them sealed.

Thunder looks up, grinning at the guy. "She's just a little nervous."

Thunder forces her mouth open and the cock slides deep inside. The man's musky scent fills her head. This is her first black man. She looks at Thunder, her mouth stretched wide. He raises his eyebrows, nodding his encouragement. She's wanted to date black guys since the seventh or eighth grade. She lets herself go, grabbing that big black cock with both hands.

After a few thrusts, the black guy surrenders his position and another guy stands before her. Cindy cuts her eyes to Thunder, opening her mouth.

He laughs.

She has longed for a night like this all her life.

All the guys have their clothes off and now there is a line. Thunder suggest they reposition. Cindy straddles him on the couch, sliding his dick inside her. Thunder pulls her to his chest and one of the guys presses his cock against her ass. She tries to rise, but Thunder holds her tight. The guy has his face right near hers, his cock head pushing at her asshole. Thunder takes his cock out of her pussy to make it easier for the guy to get his cock in her ass. He slides into her ass, filling her completely. She grunts, her arms around Thunder's neck.

The black guy laughs, telling Thunder his daughter has a tight little ass.

Thunder pets her head.

The black guy reams her. Just as she's getting used to receiving cock this way, Thunder reaches between their bodies, slipping his cock back inside her. She gasps, her body completely, utterly packed with cock. She can feel Thunder's cock pressed up against the other cock, both cocks sliding around inside her.

She is a receptacle for cock.

As soon as this thought crosses her mind, someone shoves a cock in her mouth, a cock in each of her hands. Thunder kisses her cheek. He whispers that it's going to take about forty-five minutes, and then she can go home. He gives up his spot and they all change places. She clambers onto the hips of a new man, a black man. Another man mounts her from behind. The guy who had his dick in her ass before puts it in her mouth.

She licks the cock greedily.

Half the guys are fucking her. The rest stand around the couch, waiting for a turn. Thunder directs the action. He's holding a camera now, setting up shots.

He's calling her a slut.

In some small part of her mind, she knows it's not okay for Thunder to call her a slut. That small part of her brain reels as it watches Cindy sit with her thighs spread wide, mugging into the camera lens and repeating after her father.

Daddy says, I'm a dirty little crack whore and I have to suck cocks to pay for my drugs.

Daddy says, you have to ask him if you want to fuck my butt hole.

Daddy says, I'm not allowed to say goodnight until my date pounds all three holes.

Everyone laughs, goading her on.

Soon the men lay her on the throw rug.

Thunder climbs on, fucking her vigorously. One of the guys squats at her head and comes on her face. She tilts her head back, laughing. Another man squats. He comes. Thunder pumps her, watching them anoint her face. He stops moving his hips, grunting with pleasure.

He is coming in her pussy.

When all the men finish, she has a thick sludge of cum on her face. She sits cross legged on the throw rug, semen leaking from her slit and sliding down her forehead.

The men dress.

"I have to pee," she says.

Thunder pushes the cum off her face, smearing it into her hair.

He takes her hand, leading her into the room with the dealer. He gives the dealer the camera, offering assurance on how it all came out. The dealer is delighted. Refusing any praise, Thunder gives all the credit to his star, Cindy.

"She's my slutty little whore of a daughter," he laughs, tugging her close.

Cindy feels a tinge of regret.


A booming sound resonates in her head. She can't tell where the sound is coming from.


Thunder grins at her proudly, leading her to the bathroom. He doesn't seem to hear the sound. Or if he does, he doesn't seem to care.

In the bathroom, Julie is kneeling on the floor. Her panties are sopping wet, hanging from her slender hips. Her ponytail is coming undone, and some of her bangs stick to her forehead or hang wet in her eyes.

When she sees Cindy, Julie grins sheepishly.

Cindy avoids her friend's eyes. The semen in her hair is drying, making her hair feel like a helmet. Her clothes are gone.

Julie, Thunder, and Scarface talk in low tones amongst themselves. Thunder looks confused. Julie is kneeling at his feet, her hands on his hips. She gives a pained look to Cindy.

"I'm the toilet," Julie finally says, looking at the floor.

Cindy gasps.

Thunder laughs. No longer looking confused, he unzips and pisses in Julie's mouth. The urine fills her mouth, overflowing. She holds a small bowl under her chin. He steps back, directing the stream onto her tits and tummy, her forehead. He finishes, chuckling.

Julie tips the bowl to her mouth, then spits into the toilet.

"Cindy?" Thunder says.

Cindy swallows. She can't believe her friend is being used this way.

"Do you need to use the toilet, baby?"

Julie's eyes go big.

"No," Cindy says.


Cindy looks around but still can't determine where the noise is coming from.

No one else seems to notice.

Scarface fishes a beer from the tub. He opens it, hands it to Cindy, then indicates a spot for her on the edge of the tub. Cindy wants to leave, but instead she sits. There is no leaving. The men want her to pee in Julie's mouth. Thunder and Scarface share a pipe. They laugh and chat. Julie is cleaning up the floor, not looking at Cindy.

Cindy has to go really bad.

Julie finally looks at her, a defeated expression on her face. Cindy assumes this look means she has permission to do what the men want.

"Okay," Cindy stands. "I have to"—she averts her eyes from Julie—"use the toilet."

The men laugh, delighted.

Scarface has Cindy stand, feet apart. Julie rises on her knees, putting her mouth over Cindy's pussy. It's the first time Cindy has ever had another girl's mouth down there. It pains her to admit it, but it really turns her on.

Cindy can't pee. She has to, but she can't.

Julie stares at her.

Scarface and her father are staring.

Cindy puts her hand on Julie's wet head. She makes herself remember the summer after she went to the prom with John. Her agreement with him was that it was a one-time thing, but then he called her later that summer, his voice slurring. Julie teased Cindy relentlessly the entire summer about that call, about going to prom with John.

About being a loser.

Cindy readies herself, shifting her weight. Part of her knows Julie was only teasing that summer. But there's another part of Cindy—a teeny, tiny part—that doesn't really care what Julie's intentions were. That teeny tiny part is what Cindy needs to embrace right now. She reaches out to that part, and finds it, tucked deep inside.

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