tagInterracial LoveBeen Waiting for Love

Been Waiting for Love


"I can't believe you made me do that man." Ricky said speeding down the street looking back.

"Hey, I was lucky, I caught up with you." Scott said with a smile on his face, "Hey Kitty kat." he said noticing Ricky's little sister in the back seat.

She sat there, arms folded looking straight ahead. He wondered what was her problem. Scott had other problems on his mind. He had just run out of Lori's house after making he cum three times. He was almost about to get it again when her father bust through the door. He ran out as soon as he could carry all his clothes. He was all the way across town and he went to the nearest pay phone to call his best friend Ricky.

Ricky had been his best friend since they were in elementary school. Now they were in high school raising hell together. Ricky was a tall big dude with a baldhead and dark complexion. They were about the same height but Scott was a little smaller than him. Everyone at school called them Ebony and Ivory since they were so tight of course not to their faces. Now they were 19 and getting ready to start college. There was nothing that they wouldn't do for each other. Scott even help at times take care of Ricky's mother and little sister Katrina, who he called kitty kat.

"Pay her no mind, she upset about something that happened tonight on her first real date." Ricky said.

"Oh, you had your first date?" he said turning to look at her and she looked out the window.

She is a cute little thing, Scott thought. Katrina always been kind of a wallflower and a little shy. Most people called her a nerd, the ones that did to her face usually had her fist in their face. Her hair that was usually in a short ponytail was curled around her face. She was wearing a black dress that showed her little 18-year-old figure a little. This was a change from her usual pants and oversize shirts. He could see the anger and sadness in her pretty hazel eyes. She let out a heavy sigh as he turned back around.

"What happened?"

"She ain't telling me, but I have a feeling it's going to end with me kicking someone's ass."

"You know I'm there with you man."

"All the way." Ricky nodded as they both slapped hands.

"Male bonding makes me so sick." they heard her finally say from the back and they both glanced back at her.

Scott knew how over protective Ricky was over his sister. He pretty much had to take up the role as man of the house when their father died. Ricky was nine at the time and Katrina was seven. As they got older, Scott and his parents would help out however they could, if it was cash, food, or just a babysitter, they were there.

"Anyway, tell me about that little treat that I had to save your ass from." Ricky said.

"More like trick. You know those catholic schoolgirls are real freaks man. She been claiming she wanted to get with me since she graduated. The girl wanted us to be in her parent's bed. She claimed she was a virgin, but you know better than that."

"Oh yea, she had some practice. So, what next?"

"She was screaming and stuff right, then her dad can running in. I grabbed my clothes and her dad was running after me shouting and cursing. I know he going to try and call my mom tomorrow talking about how I deflower his precious daughter. Daddy don't know that flower wilted a long time ago." they both laughed.

Ricky came to a stop at the red light and that's when Katrina jumped out the car and ran out into the darkness. They both looked after her as she disappeared around the trees.

"What the fuck!" Ricky shouted, "Where the hell she go?"

"I don't know man, pull over so we can find her."

"I swear this girl is going to make me strangle her."

"We just need to find her." as soon as they parked the car, they got out, "Hey man, we may need to split up and cover more ground."

"Yea, good idea." Ricky opened the trunk and took out two flashlights handing one to Scott, "Let me know when you find her."

They went separate ways exploring the dark trees. Scott was frantically trying to find her, knowing it wasn't safe for her to be out alone this late. He was getting closer to the lake when he saw something move a little. He walked closer and shone his light in that direction seeing Katrina sitting there, her knees pulled up to her chest. He relaxed a little as she looked up at him and seeing her eyes red and puffy, she's been crying. He went and sat next to her, pulling her closer to him. He'll let Ricky know where they are in a little bit; she was too upset right now.

"What's going on, Kitty Kat?"

"Guys are so stupid. I don't get it."

"What happened? Do Ricky and me have to hurt someone?" she shook her head turning away from him, "Whom did you go on a date with?"

"Brandon Jenkins." Scott shook head. He knew of Brandon's reputation as a want to be player and he was just 18. Girls always fell for the fact that he was black with green eyes. He was a little punk in Scott's opinion.

"What did he do?"

She sighed, "We went to the movies and everything was good. He was being a real gentleman. After the movie, we drove around and he pulled that my car stopped thing. He started kissing me and touching me." just hearing the story made Scott want to break the boy's hand, "He tried to put his hand on my chest and I told him I didn't want to do it. He told me it will be okay and then tried it again and I told him to stop. He called me a baby and a stupid virgin."

"I know my girl is going to tell me she did something smart."

"I did, I punched him in his crotch and got out the car." Scott mouthed thank you looking up to the heavens.

"Good girl."

"I know tomorrow, he's going to spread it around the school that I was a lousy lay, a bad kisser or something stupid."

"Kitty Kat, you know he don't deserve someone as special as you. You know they are just words and they aren't going to affect you. Your brother and I will be right there to have your back."

"I know but you and my brother aren't really any different from him. You just ran from another girl's house." he shifted uncomfortably.

"Sorry baby girl but it's different for us. One, she knew what I was coming there for and two, it's not like I want her to be my girlfriend. You are a young lady, who's smart and very gifted. You need to save yourself for someone special."

"Oh please. I'll probably lose it to some guy in college at a fraternity party." he started laughing.

"I suggest you don't tell your brother that. Here right now, you need to keep your head in books so you can go to college and make us proud."

"I guess, but there's another thing that's bothering me. He said I was a bad kisser."

"He probably said that to get you riled up."

"Well, I never knew I was a bad kisser. Can you tell me if I am?"

Scott's ocean blue eyes widen, "What?"

"Just tell me if I am."

"And get killed by your brother, no."

"He won't kill you, you two are like brothers. Please just tell me."

"I won't do it." he said moving away from her, shaking his head.

She sighed, "Fine go ahead and reject me. I'll just have a complex all through high school and it will affect my self-esteem. Then I'll go through my life thinking I'm so horrible with guys and then I will forever be a..." he cut her off with his lips, trying to shut her up.

She gasped in shock feeling his lips against hers and then she relaxed. He was going to pull away, but she put her hands on both sides of his face pushing her tongue gently into his mouth. Scott's eyes widen again and reason told him to push away from her but the other side of his brain didn't listen to reason. There was something about her kiss that set off something inside of him, he felt his body relax and tense up at the same time. He was trying to think of anything nonsexual as she explored his mouth. He grabbed the back of her head, taking control of the kiss, his tongue pushing inside of her mouth. She nibbled on his bottom lip and he snapped right then. He pulled her over to his lap grabbing a hold of her ass. She moaned into his mouth, tugging on his hair. He could feel his pants becoming painfully tight around his crotch. He just had sex not too long ago and here he was thinking of fucking Katrina. Wait, Katrina. What the fuck is he doing?

"KATRINA!" he heard someone shouting in the distance.

Shit, Ricky is coming, he thought. He rushed her off his lap and stood to full height. He ran his fingers through his curly black hair as Katrina touched her swollen lips. Katrina bit her bottom lip feeling her body pull to his and how incedibly hot she got thinking about his hands on her. She always thought that Scott was cute and that was it, but now he ignited a fire that she didn't know exist. She wanted to feel his lips again. Now she knew why girls flocked to him. Scott got up holding the flashlight in his hand.

"We over here!" he shouted back.

She got up, dusting herself off and adjusting the glass on her face. Ricky made his way over towards them and set his angry eyes on Katrina. She looked away holding on to herself.

"What the hell was that little stunt? You could have gotten hurt out here. You don't know what's out here this late and you run out the car..." Scott could see how Ricky walked closer to her, with anger radiating off him.

"Hey man," Scott said stepping between them, "it's okay, chill out."

"This is my family and I have to deal with it."

"Hey, she's my family and I was worried too. It was that fool that she was with upset her."

"Is that true?" he said looking past Scott to Katrina.

"Brandon tried something with me and I know he's going to go around school telling everyone the opposite of what happened." she admitted, hiding behind Scott.

"Brandon? Brandon Jenkins?" she nodded, "Aw damn, I knew that little punk would try something. He's been asking me about you for awhile. I need to teach that little punk a lesson, you with me?" he said directing his attention to Scott.

"All the way." Scott nodded.

"Come over here little girl." Ricky said softly and she moved slowly over to him. He pulled her over in a hug, laying his head on top of hers, "You know I love you little sis and I worry about you. Don't ever scare me like that. Besides, you know mama won't let me in the house unless you with me." he could feel her laugh against him.

"I'm sorry." Scott smiled to himself seeing the two of them embrace. This was time he wished he had a sibling and then he thought about the kiss that he shared with Katrina. Yea, that was definitely going to be one of those secrets he takes to the grave.

They got back in the car and drove off, "Well, how about we stop by the job and get some ice cream." he said looking in the rearview mirror and Katrina nodded, smiling, "Good, then tomorrow is going to be ass kicking day." they all erupted in laughter.

Scott looked up in the rearview mirror towards Katrina and she locked eyes with him, smiling.

11 years later

Scott waited and waited for his luggage to come down. It would be just his luck that the airport looses his luggage. He was glad to be back in his hometown. He had just taken a leave from the Marines. When he gets back he knows he got a lot of things to do starting with his last year of law school. He was ready to unwind alone in his apartment when he got a call from Ricky.

"Lieutenant sir, what the hell you doing?" Ricky said laughing.

"Just got in, how's it going?"

"Well, you better get your little white ass down here for my wedding."

Scott laughed, "No you didn't first you take one of my best friends and now you marry her, you SOB." they laughed.

"Hey man, come on back home. You know I have to have my best man there."

"No doubt, you do know I'm with you right?"

"All the way."

Ricky explained everything that Scott needed to know to get there. Scott immediately found the first flight back home to Texas and jumped on it. He was happy to go back to see his mom and dad, it been almost two years since he seen them. It's been longer since he seen his other family on Ricky's side. He was ready to go home and get back to run around with his friend again like they use to.

A year after graduation, Ricky went to college and Scott joined the Marines, but they still kept in touch. Now, Ricky coached their old high school varsity football team and just opened his own personal training center. Scott was so proud of him for doing what he wanted. Scott was working on becoming that lawyer he dreamed of becoming. It was stressful at times but well worth it.

After he finally got his entire luggage, he turned to see his two friends' faces searching the crowd. Ricky immediately pointed him out and the beautiful woman next to him smiled.

"Took you long enough to get her man." Ricky said as they approached each other.

"If you wouldn't have been so cheap, I would have gotten her quicker and in first class, no doubt." they embraced each other briefly.

"How's it going, man?" Ricky asked.

"You know the same ole stuff. I'm ready to see you take that plunge. How about you Kendra? Have you recovered after you broke my heart for my friend?" he said looking into her wide brown eyes.

"I think I have recovered. Besides I told you a wife can do all those things that I was doing and the things that those sexual things you had other girls do." she said as she hugged him.

"That's enough, now she's mine." Ricky nodded pulling her close with a smile.

"Oh, whatever man. So, where are we heading?" he said picking up his bag.

"Well your parents are giving us an engagement party. It starts in another hour so you want to go over there and clean up?" Ricky asked.

"Yea, I need another shower."

"So, how is everything going on with the Marines and school?" Kendra asked.

"It's pretty good so far. I was thinking about coming back home."

"Are you serious? That would be great man." Ricky said helping him with the other bag.

"Oh no, remember you are going to be a married man, you can't run off and play with him like you use to." Kendra said and everyone laughed.

Even though they joked about it, Scott was serious about moving back. Scott had plans to explore some houses that were for sale and he saved up enough money to put a real good down payment on it. His dad has been helping him by looking up available places and Scott had already started the transferring to the nearest law school around. He was just looking for a something stable and he knew it was time for him to come home.

When they reached his parent's house, his mother and father greeted him. His mother, Pamela, was in tears acting like she hasn't seen him in ten years. She always gets so emotional when she sees him and knows he's all right. He understood; he was their only child. Ricky's mom, Tanya, came out and gave him a big hug.

"Baby, it's so good to see you. Look at you." she said smiling.

"Thanks mama Tanya, it feels good to see some familiar faces."

"Well son, you come on in and get cleaned up before the party." his mom said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Where's Kitty Kat?" Scott asked Ricky.

"She's probably around somewhere. She's been busy doing the catering."

"Wait, she caters?"

"Yea, this woman Debra has her own restaurant and Katrina works for her."

"Wow, I remember she said she liked to cook, but I didn't know she would actually follow through."

"You know Kitty Kat, whatever she puts her mind to, and she'll do it and get it." Ricky said and Scott nodded, "Go on and get changed man."

Scott went inside and took a quick shower. He changed into a pair of khaki pants and black button down shirt. He ran his hand over his short dark hair and glanced towards the window. He had to take another look when a pair of long shapely legs leaning over a table. The legs led up to wide hips and thick ass hidden by a pinstripe skirt. His mouth watered as she arched her back to stretch and leaned back down again sticking that delicious ass out. Damn, who was that?

"Come on baby, turn around." he whispered to himself and she kept her back to him.

He could see her long jet-black hair pulled to one side of her bare shoulders. She was wearing a white spaghetti strap shirt that revealed some little tattoo on the back of her neck. It has been too long since he has really wanted a woman. Most of the time the hunt came easy because women flocked to him, but he never really wanted them just by staring at them.

"Scott!" he heard behind him and turned to see Ricky walking into the room, "You ready man? Everyone is coming in."

"Yea, shouldn't you be escorting your future wife around?"

"I will, she just doing the whole girl thing." Scott shook his head.

"Well, let's go catch up with people and throw in their faces how good we are now." Scott said and as they both left.

He stole a glance to the window and saw pinstripe girl was gone. Well, at least he knew she was going to be at this party.

During the party, Scott mingled with the old friends and family catching up with some of the guys and girls who showed up. He could see Ricky and Kendra dancing with each other on the patio along with other couples, including Scott's own mother and father. Scott smiled to himself and he slightly envied his friends. They met years ago when Ricky came down to visit him. Kendra was Scott's next-door neighbor who helped take care of his mail and apartment when he was away. When they met, it didn't take long for Ricky to jump on her. After six months of dating, she moved down here to be with him. He could see the love between them as they danced. One day he wished for something like that, but it was starting to look like it was a desperate attempt.

Later, Scott found himself in the middle of a group of girls flirting with him. They were all offering to help show him around and to help decorate when he found a new house. The one pushing on him the most was Miranda; she was one of the girls he messed around with back in high school. She was still a pretty, but he also noticed the fresh ring imprint on her finger. She must have taken it off when she came to flirt with him.

"Damn Scott, I can't believe how good you look." she smiled running her hand down his muscular arm.

"Thank you and you look good too."

"Oh you are just saying that," she giggled; "Maybe I should give you my number so we can catch up." she smiled seductively.

"Well..." he looked off and saw pinstripe girl heading into the house, "I don't think your husband would approve." her face dropped as some of the other women snickered, "If you would excuse me ladies." he didn't wait for a response, he just got up and headed into his house.

He had to catch her before he loosed her again. He nearly ran into the house and saw a couple of people sitting in the living room talking, but no pinstripe girl. Maybe she was in the kitchen, he thought as he walked in there. There was no one in here either. Was he going insane? Did he dream up this girl?

"Great, I knew eventually I would be driven crazy." he said to himself.

"I always thought so." he heard a soft voice say and the click of heels approaching him.

He turned around and saw pinstripe girl. He was about to turn on the charm, but he saw something was familiar about her. She definitely was not someone he messed with before but there was something about her face. Those eyes, looked like...his eyes widen in shock as he realized who she was.

"Kitty Kat?" he said.

"Of course. Look at you." her smiled lit up her face.

"Me? Look at you, you grew up." in all the right places he thought trying not to stare at her full breast.

"That happens when you go away for years. Can I get a hug?"

"Sure." he smiled back at her and he embraced her.

Everything about her body felt right. His cock twitched feeling her breast crush against his chest and she smelled so damn good. Get a grip man; this is your best friend's sister. He pulled away and she held on to his hands. Her thumb grazed the back of his hand and the little touches sent an electric current through his body straight to his cock. Hopefully she didn't notice.

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