tagLoving WivesBeer and Curry

Beer and Curry


The weekend following the beach incident, detailed in my story 'First Clue', I was in a state of some excitement, wondering if something else was going to happen. My husband was obviously a bit more kinky than I realised, and that did make me nervous, but it had led to some fantastic sex, so I was keeping an open mind. I just couldn't help being curious about what else might turn him on.

Friday night we were both too exhausted to cook, so Rob suggested we go out for a curry, which sounded great to me. I went upstairs to change into something suitable, but couldn't decide what to wear. I wanted to give Rob a little encouragement with his exploration of his fantasy world. In the end I settled on a purple lacy thong and bra set, under a short little mauve and white cotton dress. In fact much shorter than I had worn for some years, which made me a little nervous, but also a little turned on.

"Wow! You look fantastic! Have I seen that dress before?"

"Maybe not, I've had it for years, but I had decided I was too old for it, but, after the events of last weekend, it occurred to me that you might enjoy me wearing it."

"I will, definitely, and not just me, I'm sure. Listen, it's quite early, why don't we go for a drink at the pub first?"

"I'm not sure, I dressed thinking we were just going to the restaurant, isn't this dress a bit revealing for the pub?"

"Not at all, you look great!"

"Oh, I see, you're going to get turned on by all the men ogling me, aren't you?"

"Definitely. Please!"

"Oh OK, just for a little while then."

"Thank you my love."

We went out to the car, and climbing into the passenger seat further emphasised how short the dress was. I would have to be careful in the pub car park to avoid giving another free viewing of my knickers. When we arrived at the pub there were crowds of people, mostly men, sitting and standing on the terrace, which was right next to the car park. My horny husband chose a space with my side of the car facing the terrace, so there was virtually no way I could avoid giving a free show.

"Do you have to park here?"


"You've chosen this spot precisely because I can't avoid flashing my knickers, haven't you?"

"Very true."

"Oh well, here goes."

I pushed open the door, and swung my legs round and got out of the car as quickly as I could manage without falling over. I may have given a very brief show, but I don't think many saw it. The walk across the car park was a different matter. I had chosen higher heels than I was used to wearing, like the dress, they were a throw back to a much younger me. I was extremely unsteady, and with every man staring at me, I was terrified of falling over onto the rough tarmac.

Finally I got to the pub door, and slipped inside. I tottered towards the bar, and, as I pushed my way through, groups of beer drinking men turned to assess my arse in the tight dress that I had stupidly chosen to wear. I got to the bar, and put my hand on the rail to steady myself. It was sticky from the spilt beer, but I hung on tightly, waiting for my husband to get through the throng. I looked around and could see that quite a few men had closed in behind me, blocking Rob's pathway. They were getting very close, I could smell the beer on their breaths, plus the sweat from the physical labour that had preceded their rush to the pub. I was nervous, but also very excited. This situation echoed my own fantasies of being taken roughly by a group of muscular workmen, and the possibilities were boiling around in my head.

At the back of the crowd Rob made a push to get through, and he succeeded, however, his push meant that a couple of the men closest to me were shoved in my direction. As they bumped in to me from two sides, they both took advantage of the moment. One grabbed my bum cheek, and the other got his hand between my legs onto my crotch. Only for a split second, but I was definitely thoroughly groped.

"Sorry love, it was your hubby's fault, pushing the back like that," said crotch groper.

"Why don't we buy you a drink to apologise?" suggested bum squeezer.

"OK, I'll have a glass of champagne, thanks, Moet preferably, and my husband will have a large malt whisky, Talisker."

"Shit, you've got expensive tastes, both of you!"

"Well, it'll perhaps teach you to keep your hands to yourselves."

At that point my husband finally arrived at the bar, looking dishevelled and frustrated.

"These gentlemen are buying us both a drink."

"That's very nice, but why?"

"Because, when push comes to shove, they turned out not to be gentlemen after all."

"Come on love, it was just an accident," Crotchgroper protested.

"No it wasn't, you groped my crotch, and your friend squeezed my bum. It was deliberate and now you're paying for your bit of pleasure."

The atmosphere among the four of us turned electric. The two guys were clearly wondering whether my husband would turn nasty. Meanwhile, my hand was massaging hubby's cock through his trousers and it was rock hard. He was clearly loving every moment of this game.

"I'm sure there isn't a problem, you've both apologised and bought us a drink each, so we'll say no more about it," my husband said, defusing the situation.

"OK, good, you really have a gorgeous wife by the way," crotch groper informed my husband.

"So, gorgeous, in fact, that when you get tired of hubby here, just let me know, I'm sure I can find room in my bed for you." Bum squeezer added.

"In your dreams letch!" I answered, "Rob, I've finished my drink, shall we go?"

"Oh, right, yes of course."

We pushed our way back through the crowd, with several more hands fondling my bum as we passed. I should have hated it, but, in fact, I adored the attention, my panties were getting decidedly moist. Obviously I couldn't tell my husband the truth.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed all that," I rounded on him as we walked towards the restaurant, "getting me groped by all those smelly disgusting men!"

"It wasn't my fault my love."

"Of course it was your fault! You suggested the pub in the first place!"


I walked to the curry house in silence, making him suffer. There was no way I would admit to him how much fun I'd had.

Once in the restaurant we chose a table against the wall, and sat with both our backs to the wall. We often do that, so we can both view the activity in the restaurant. After a few minutes I felt Rob's left hand on my right leg, just below the hem of my dress. It started to slide up the inside of my thigh, heading towards my pussy. I was excited, but also panicking slightly, as he would surely notice that my panties were soaking wet. His hand stroked gently up and down the inside of my thigh, working inexorably nearer to my hot, wet, steamy pussy. I could smell my own arousal.

I clamped my knees together to stop him getting any nearer to my fetid vagina, and he reluctantly withdrew his hand.

I placed my hand on his crotch and discovered a rampant erection, which gave me goose bumps all over.

"Someone's been turned on by all the attention I got in the pub."

"Apart from you, you mean?"

"Well, I..."

"Admit it, you loved it!"

"Well, sort of."

"Open your legs and let me touch you, so I can find out."

"Do I have to?"

"Yes, you do!"

So I bowed to the inevitable, and parted my knees slightly. Rob's hand started moving up the inside of my thigh again, and in no time it arrived at the confluence of my thighs. I was so aroused, and his touch felt incredible. He leaned towards me and kissed my cheek.

"You're soaking wet."

"Am I?"

"You know you are! What happened in the pub turned you on, didn't it?"

What choice did I have but to admit it.

"Yes," sotto voce.

"Sorry, I didn't hear that."

"Yes, it turned me on," a little louder.

"Which part?"

"All of it."

"So you aren't cross with me?"

"No, but if you keep rubbing me like that I'm going to cum in the middle of this restaurant."

"Even through your panties?"

"Yes! Please Rob."

"Please what?"

"Please don't make me cum in this restaurant with everybody watching."

"Are you that close?"


"Ok, let's eat our dinner and go home."

"Thank you so much. I'll really make it worth your while when we get home."

"I'm very pleased to hear that, eat up."

We finished our meals and walked out to the car. The night air was cool on my bare legs, and very cold on the wet area of my thong. I felt so deliciously naughty, and was beginning to think that I might be as kinky as my husband.

Once home we didn't need to discuss anything, we just ran up stairs and started ripping our own clothes off. I was naked first, as I'd hardly been wearing anything, and I sat on the bed to watch Rob undress. When he was naked, he walked towards me and then dropped to his knees in front of me. He parted my legs and moved his face forwards towards my aroused sex.

"Please may I kiss and lick you for a while?"

"Oh, yes please, that would be wonderful...only...I didn't shower this evening so I may smell and taste bad."

"I'll risk it," he smiled and moved further towards my hungry vagina.

"Mmmnn you smell divine."

"You really are kinky!"

"That's not kinky, it's normal."

"If you say so."

"You also taste divine," as his tongue made it's first complete stroke from the bottom to the top of my engorged lips.

He flickered his tongue over my clit.

"That feels divine."

"Good, just relax and enjoy it, we've got all evening."

So I relaxed and Rob spent at least half an hour pleasuring my grateful pussy with his tongue. He also explored my bottom, licking around for a while, before pushing inside, and flickering there. Really kinky but so wonderful. Moving back to my clit, he started me on the road to a sensational orgasm. He licked round and round, side to side, up and down, giving me such exquisite sensations that I knew I was going to want him to do this again. Again and again, every day would be perfect.

"Don't stop, I'm close!"

No answer, more ferocious licking.

"Oh Rob, I'm cumming! Keep licking!"

"Oh wow! Again, I'm cumming again!"

My orgasms swept over my lower body in waves of pleasure, three orgasms in all, but blending into one, and very powerful, and sort of deep. I can't really describe it, other women will know.

"Rob my darling, thank you so much! Was it really horrible to do?"

"I totally loved it! Will you let me do it again?"

"What now?"

"Ha ha, no not now, I have to fuck you now, but maybe tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? Really? Oh yes, that would be wonderful>"

"Good, now lie back with your legs apart, I really need to fuck you."

"Yes Master, of course, help yourself to my body."

And so he did, he fucked me with an even greater passion than the previous week, and he obviously wasn't going to last very long, as he was so excited, but I didn't mind, I was sated.

"Cum as soon as you like sweetheart, I'm completely satisfied."

"Thank you my love, I can't hold back any longer!"

He came hard and fast, thrusting into me as hard as he could, taking me, using me, banging my head on the headboard, grunting, crying out, biting my neck, giving me the rough sex I'd fantasized having with the workmen. He was fulfilling my fantasy, and to my shock and surprise, as he started to cum, so did I! It wasn't such a big orgasm, but arriving after all the others it was the most satisfying, my clit almost hurt.

"Wow, that was amazing! I love you so much."

"I love you too, my darling, you turned me on so much this evening."

"As you noticed, I got turned on too!"

"Yes I noticed. So, can we go on with my fantasies, explore further?"

"Yes my love, yes please."

"Thank you. I think I have to sleep now."

"You have to shower now, then sleep."

"Ok, will do."

We both showered, then fell into bed and straight to sleep, but what wonderful dreams I had.

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