tagTransgender & CrossdressersBeer and Revenge. A Love Story?

Beer and Revenge. A Love Story?


This story is about 80% true and 20% embellishment.

I have had an interesting life. At 42 years old, it changed from interesting to freaky. The sister of a woman who I had treated badly ended up being the focus of my life.


Like I said, I am 42, 5'10, 190 pounds. I am plain looking at best. I am 3 times married and 3 timed divorced. Mostly my fault, but certainly not ALL my fault. I have some quirky habits and sexual desires. I have an intense leg and foot fetish. My computer is stuffed with foot, leg, hose, and high heel photographs and videos. For a man I have been blessed with long hairless, shapely legs with arches that any supermodel would sell their souls for. I also have extremely sensitive nipples and a 1 ½ inch penis, maybe 2 inches erect. I spend a lot of time surfing the web, looking for men with similar problems. Turns out I am not alone.

One night I found a woman on a dating site who revealed that she was into tiny cocks like mine. We exchanged personal information, and decided to meet. Her name was Carol and we met at a coffeeshop 2 days later.

Carol was 40, pleasant looking with big breasts and heavy legs. She had brown hair and eyes, full lips, and pale complexion. I introduced myself as Charlie, and we began the getting to know you process. Carol had a million questions for me.

" Is your penis really that small? How did you manage to get married with such a tiny cock? Is that why you got divorced? Do you consider yourself kinky? What are your darkest sexual fantasies?"

I answered her questions as honestly as I could, except for the last one.

" Carol, I am not sure I should reveal all my dark secrets just yet "

I began to notice that she was inching closer to me in the booth we occupied. I took that as positive feedback. I began to ask her a few questions too,

" Why did she like tiny cocks? Had she ever seen one as small as mine? Did she know any women who liked tiny penises? "

She answered all my questions. We kind of stared at each other for what seemed like an hour, but was really only 45 seconds.

Finally I spoke up. " Carol, what's next? " She asked me if I was really telling the truth about my size. I took out my cellphone and searched for some pictures I had taken of my manhood, or rather, lack of manhood. I handed her my phone and watched as she scrolled back and forth with disbelief on her face.

" Oh my God Charlie, this is too good to be true. I have never seen such a tiny dick, and I've seen hundreds. Did you say 1 ½ inches? More like ½ . And I assume this is your baby dick erect? 2 inches my ass. "

Now, I had grown used to reactions from women who had been equally shocked when I got naked. 3 wives, 15-20 other assorted woman who I tried to fuck. They would laugh and push my face between their legs and told me to get busy. I would get them off with my tongue, and then watch me jerkoff with my index finger and thumb. I guess over the years I began to crave the humiliation they dished out in various forms. But Carol's reaction had stung a little. She was talking loud enough to have more than one other patron of the coffeeshop look over to us and giggle.

" Charlie, I just have to see that for myself. But not tonight. Here is my address. Come over tomorrow night around 8. " She handed me her address and got up and gave me a gentle kiss on the side of my lips. " 8 o'clock. Don't be late" she shouted as she walked out the door.

I quickly left too, and drove home. My body was burning with humiliation. I resisted the urge to masturbate, and quickly fell asleep.

The next day was Saturday, and I slept in. Around 3 I woke up, watched some TV. Carol didn't live far, so I groomed and was dressed and ready by 7:30. I drove over to her apartment and knocked on her door at 7:59.

The door opened and Carol said " OOOOH, 1 minute early, I like that!!" She held open the door and I stepped in. She continued " Its not much, but it is home."

She led me to the couch, and for the first time I noticed her attire. Shorts, T-shirt, bare feet. Cute, but not over the top sexy. She had been fairly covered for our first meeting, but now I noticed that she had thick thighs, but very nice calves and pretty, well treated feet.

" Do I pass?" Carol quipped as she caught me staring at her legs.

" Absolutely " I replied

" What about your attributes, or in this case, lack of attributes?"

" Now?" I replied.

"Why not? We both know why you are here"

" Can I have a beer, or some wine first?" I said.

Carol playfully turned on the balls of her feet and headed to the kitchen. She returned with 2 cold bottles of beer.

She handed me one and sat next to me with her legs curled up.

" Charlie, to be fair, we should both be dressed the same way. Go into my bedroom and put on the shorts I left on the bed. They will fit, well, because neither of us have a penis."

I looked at her to see if she was serious. She was. I got up and went to her bedroom to find a pair of innocuous gym shorts. I took off everything but my t-shirt, put the shorts on and returned to the couch. When I did, Carol had stretched her legs the length of the couch. Carol looked at me and said " Better. Much better. Go ahead and sit with my feet in your lap."

I had a few swallows of my beer while Carol rubbed my nipples with her foot. I was shocked because we hadn't talked about my incredibly sensitive nipples. I shrugged my shoulders and let her do whatever she wanted.

" So, are you ready for our date to begin?" she asked " I can see you trying to look up my shorts. No, I am not wearing panties, and you had better not be either." She stood up and went to the kitchen for another beer. I hadn't asked for one, so my curiosity rose up. Carol handed me a bottle and I tried to look for tampering . Finding none, I drank it down in one big swallow.

Carol didn't say a word while I guzzled the ice cold brew I told her I had to go pee, and she pointed to the bathroom. I was having a hard time standing up, so I sat down to pee. I heard Carol asking me if I was ok. I thought I had answered her, but she kept asking.

I woke up what seemed like days later, but was actually around 11:00pm. I was naked, tied spread eagle to her bed. Carol was sitting on my chest facing me. Her legs were open and her furry pussy was about 12 inches from my face. I stared to speak when I realized she had placed a ball gag in my mouth. She took her finger and shushed me. " Nobody can hear you, so stop trying. This building is 90 years old so the walls are practically sound proof. I am not, nor will I ever physically hurt you. But you should know that I have over 600 photos of you with what we will laughingly call your cock. " She started laughing again. " You said you had a tiny dick. You never said you had no dick"

She mockingly bent over and asked me if I could breathe. I quietly nodded my head in the affirmative. She continued " Do you remember a woman named Kathy Randall? You dated her a few times right after your last divorce. Well, she is my sister. She came home one night in tears after you two went out. She wouldn't tell anybody for years what you did, but its 3 years later, and she still wont go out with a man, to this day"

My head started to clear slightly, and I began to assess the situation. I tried to place Kathy, and yes I had treated her like a real shit. To this day I am not sure is was so traumatic that she never went on another date, but yeah, I guess I had been kind of a dick. I couldn't talk and I decided t not try to fight her, seeing as I was helpless and Carol was naked, sitting on my chest.

Stick around for part two

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by Anonymous

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by tazz31704/13/19


where blood trumps over beer and water, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by vickitvohio04/13/19

chap 1

if I was grading your assignment, you'd get an incomplete. So I didn't leave a rating at this time.

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by Anonymous04/12/19

sure hope it gets better not up to much now

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by Anonymous04/12/19

Hope for better

Hopefully future chapters will be better and longer. I think I must have missed the transgender or crossdressing part.

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