Beer Pong


"So, what's the bet?"

Matthew grinned, staring at Sarah's curvy figure, trying to think up something he knew she'd never do under any other circumstance. They'd met a few months ago, and hadn't stopped texting each other since. However, they'd yet to sleep together, and Matthew was hoping tonight would be the night. She was so goddamn pretty; 5'8", slim waist and perky handfuls of tits with a round ass that begged to be spanked. He imagined tangling his fingers in her long, wavy black hair to pull her head back so he could bite her neck, squeezing her tits in one hand while squeezing her ass with the other...but he was getting ahead of himself. After all, there was no surety that she'd agree to his bet.

Sarah bit her lip nervously, knowing Matt would come up with something that would simultaneously terrify and arouse her. He'd been doing that a lot lately, the way he'd kiss her lips gently but dig his fingers into her side, as if as a reminder that he could take her, if he wanted, in an instant. He was so much taller than her, a good 6'3" with the strong muscles of a man who'd trained in the military. He had a devilishly handsome smile that bordered on predatory, and Sarah was petrified of him, yet wanted nothing more than to take him inside of her. She smoothed her skirt down, and cocked an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to answer her question.

"You first. What do you want if you win?" He asked her, tapping a ping pong ball on the table.

Sarah thought for a second, her tongue running over her lips before saying, "If I win, you take your clothes off."

Matthew's grin grew wider, before he said, "Deal," holding out his hand.

They shook on it, before she asked, "And you?"

"If I win, I want you to bend over the table."

Sarah's eyes widened considerably, and she opened her mouth to protest even as the blood rushed between her thighs and her heartbeat picked up.

"Before you say anything - you wanted me to take my clothes off. We shook on it. How is this any different? I simply want you to bend over the table."

She stared at him, waiting for him to say more. "That's all you want me to do? Bend over the table? Not even take my clothes off? That's it?"

He nodded. "All you have to do is bend over."

Still looking apprehensive, she stuck her hand out, murmuring, "All right then..."


Sarah groaned as the ping pong ball sank into her last cup. Her head swam with the effects of the beer, while Matthew threw his hands up in victory. She drained the cup, before slamming it down. She needed to do this now, while she still had her liquid courage. Without another word, she locked eyes with Matthew before bending slowly and seductively over the edge of the table, hands stretching out in front of her.

He stared, his eyes turning dark with something she couldn't quite name.

Her braveness draining out of her quickly, she dropped her eyes and made to stand up, before she felt a hand between her shoulders that shoved her back down to the table gently but firmly.

"Matthew, I-"

"The bet was for you to bend over. Not to stand back up."

"What-" Before she could say another word, her skirt was flipped up and her ass smacked hard. She cried out, her arms shooting out and knocking cups off the table.

"Matt, no, I don't-" Another smack, on the other asscheek this time, and her words were cut off with a short scream.

The way Sarah's round ass shook and vibrated when he slapped it, the way she cried out and clenched her fists, the way she jerked away as if she actually had somewhere to escape was intoxicating. He spanked her six times on each cheek, putting quite a bit of strength behind the blow so that when he was done, her ass was bright red and hot to the touch. Sarah's tears pooled under her face, but her eyes were filled with a mix of fear and arousal. He took that as his cue to continue, and pulled her skirt and panties down in one smooth move.

He wrapped her long hair around his fist and pulled her up by the hair, positioning himself behind her so his cock, already semi-erect, was pressed against her sore ass. He relished her sharp, pained intake of breath before he pulled her head to the side by the hair and latched onto her neck, biting down hard and licking and sucking at the spot; he wanted to make sure she'd look in the mirror tomorrow and remember how fully she'd been his tonight.

Still working on her neck, his other hand moved to her pussy. Tilting her head so their lips met, he pushed his tongue into her mouth the same moment his finger began rubbing forceful circles over her clit, slick with her juice. He bit her lip so hard he tasted blood as he abandoned circles and began rubbing her clit haphazardly, wanting her to fall apart in his arms, and swallowed her cry.

Her hands tried to push him away, but he slapped her pussy, and when Sarah froze in pained shock Matthew grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her, holding them there as he continued forcing her to cum. Finally, she dissolved, near screaming as she came all over his fingers and down her thighs. He brought his fingers up and shoved them into her mouth, growling as she bit down hard.

Fisting his wet fingers in her hair, he tightened it, pulling her hair against her scalp before pushing her down to meet the table again. He let go of her wrists and undid his pants, his fat, 10-inch cock throbbing painfully. He pushed two fingers inside of her, grinning as she moaned, and stroked himself a few times to spread her juice over his cock, before pushing inside of her.

She gasped and struggled, but he only pushed her face harder into the table as he filled her completely, bottoming out. Sarah was squirming frantically under him and cursing him, her muscles clenching, trying to push him out. He gave her a minute to tire herself out, clenching her hair all the harder, and when she finally stilled, he pulled out and slammed into her.

She screamed this time, but Matthew didn't give her time to get used to the sensation. He began pounding her relentlessly, feeling her cervix hit the top of his cock and knowing it was probably sending pains shooting up her stomach.

Sarah struggled violently, but Matthew was simply too heavy for her to move. She cursed her body for being so slick, so wet, so willing even as she desperately tried to reject him. He was so fucking massive, she felt like his cock was bottoming out in her throat. Pain shot through her womb, but something about it was so intoxicatingly delicious she couldn't stop herself from moaning. Tears fell down her cheeks and pooling under her face on the table, even as she fell into another orgasm.

She came violently around his cock, and he groaned as her walls squeezed down on him so tightly he thought he'd never be able to pull out of her. Leaning back, he watched her come down from her high before slapping her hard on the ass, enjoying the way she spasmed on his cock. He alternated between spanking her and raking his nails along her pretty skin. He was so goddamn close, but he wanted to make her cum one last time, and watch her face as she did. He pulled out of her, dragged her up and threw her over his shoulder, ignoring her cries of indignation and her fists beating on his back.

Walking to the bedroom, Matthew threw her onto the bed, before climbing on top of her and immediately shoving his cock inside of her. She cried out in pain and slapped him across the face. He only smiled, before yanking her shirt up to her wrists and tying it quickly around her wrists and to the headboard above her. Pushing her bra up her chest, he marveled at her C-cups, the perfect handful and perky like gravity had never touched them.

Leaning down, he licked along the underside of her breasts, drinking in her surprised soft moans, before digging his fingers painfully into her ribs and picking up a rhythm with his thrusts.

He took her nipple into his mouth and bit down hard, and she struggled even as she moaned, her arms straining to escape her shirt and push him away. Reaching down, he started rubbing her clit again, just as if not more forcefully than before. He knew this wasn't graceful, she'd be unhappily sore for days and this wasn't the optimal way to please a woman; but fuck if he didn't want her to just fall apart into a blubbering, sated mess.

He leaned back now, her tits bruised and marked to his liking and her neck already showing the remnants of his bites. She was looking at him with those beautiful brown eyes of hers, cheeks flushed and lips dented from constant biting. He could see and feel her tense up, every inch of her straining as the orgasm ripped out of her, and it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

He came soon after, coating her walls with his cum until he finally collapsed on top of her, both of them sticky with sweat.

"How was that?"

She giggled as he freed her hands. "Best roleplay we've done in a while," she murmured, kissing his forehead and excited for next week.

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