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Beer Run


"No thanks, not yet," I said, and passed the joint to my wife. "We're going to need beer, and you three are already in no shape. But save some for when I get back." I stood, grabbed my keys. "The way you guys are drinking we're going to run out, and I'd better go before we're all sloshed." I leaned down to kiss Jenn, and left to cheers from our good friends, Nick and Debbie. Debbie called out that she'd make sure Nick had a fat one rolled for me when I returned.

It wasn't really far to the store, but the line was a little long, so it took longer than expected. Jenn had met Debbie at work a few years ago, and we'd gotten close over the few years, having similar interests, and we hung out frequently on weekends. It was summer, and we were in the yard, the grill ready for later, the pool cool and clean and inviting. Jenn was in just a bikini top and shorts, and I wanted to get back quickly; I never tired of seeing her perfect B-cup tits in a bikini, and her shorts really showed off her ass. Despite nearing thirty, she was still incredibly hot, with light brown hair and tan skin.

Debbie was a few years older, but was very nice to look at as well. Her tank top broadcast her larger breasts, and her denim skirt allowed her long legs to show as she relaxed on the lounge chair in the sun. Her hair was dark, and long, and it accented her elegant face, which always seemed to be etched in mystery; full arched eyebrows, a long narrow nose, with large red lips that curled with impish delight. Her husband, Nick was a big man, six-six at least, with a broad barrel chest and shoulders, but an easy manner that belied his affinity for competitive sports. I think he played everything in high school, settling for football in college, while earning his business degree. He ran a consulting firm, and did well at it.

So I hurried back, looking forward to a full day in the sun with our friends, drinking, eating, laughing, and drinking beer and smoking some weed. Jenn always got horny when she smoked, and even though Debbie and Nick were staying in the guest room, I knew there would be some hot sex in store for tonight.

I walked into the yard to the sound of the girls giggling, but they stifled it a little as I came in. I looked at the three of them, and they all wore guilty mischievous grins.

"All right, what did I miss?" I asked, dropping the beer by the cooler, and starting to load it up. Debbie was close by and got up to help me. Nick and Jenny sat at the table, Nick leaning back, and Jenn with her elbows on the table, holding her beer.

"I got a fat one ready for you, buddy," Nick offered, and looks were exchanged between the three of them.

"All right, come on, what's up. You guys look like the cat that swallowed the canary." Nick lit up the joint, and took a hit, while Debbie giggled again. I looked to Jenny, grinning. "Come on, Jenn, what's the joke."

She looked up at me, shading her eyes against the sun with her hand. Her face scrunched up a little in the sunlight, which lit her face to show her stunning beauty and sexiness. "It's not a joke," she said, smiling, and then blushing a little. "Don't laugh. Promise you won't laugh."

"Okay, I promise," I said, closing the cooler and standing. I walked to her, pulled up a chair. Debbie left the lounge and sat next to me in the last open seat, to my left. "What is it?"

"Nick wants to fuck me," she said, plainly, and I smiled, but forced it away. I had promised not to laugh, but the statement was ridiculously funny. Then she added, "and I think I'm going to let him." I lost the urge to laugh. I stared dumbly at her. The minutes stretched. Her face was lightly intent, casual. I searched for an emotion, and in desperation, landed on light-hearted fun.

"Well," I managed to smile, tuning my head to each of them, "that must be some pot!" I reached for the joint, which had gone out, and re-lit it as I spoke. "I didn't think I was gone so long as to make you want to leave me!" Everyone seemed to relax a little bit. Nick and Jenny exchanged glances, not subtly, and Debbie met my gaze with her usual quizzical smile, perhaps a bit sly.

Jenny looked at me grinning. "I'm not talking about leaving you, Kirk," she said. "I'm talking about fucking Nick," she quipped.

"Yes, well, that's a relief, that you're not leaving me for him. Just a fuck, then, I guess," I said, trying to work my way into the joke. "You guys must have had a hell of a conversation in my absence," I joked, and took a hit from the joint. A big hit. I had some catching up to do. After exhaling, I asked, "Was I gone that long?" I quipped, and looked at each of them. They all smiled, including Jenny. "I didn't sense you wanting to have sex with anyone before I left. How did you come to this decision?" I was grinning, widely, trying to be part of the joke, and looked at them again. And they were smiling. But I suddenly got the feeling that this was not pot talk. I took another big hit, and opened my beer, and drained a nervous couple of gulps.

When I put the beer down on the table, they were all still looking at me, with those nervous sly smiles. I caught another glance pass between Jenny and Nick. "Are you guys yanking my chain, or what?" I asked. Jenny looked down at her beer. Nick looked at me, still leaning back in his chair, still smiling. Debbie's grin had grown to a full smile, and it looked great on her. She reached out and laid her hand on my arm.

"Actually, no, Kirk," she told me. "We're not. Nick really does want to fuck Jenny." And now I felt myself staring at her, just as I had stared at Jenny, dumbfounded and not knowing how to react. "We were talking while you were gone, and the pot kicked in, and we were talking about sex, you know, harmless things-"

"Let me tell him, Deb," Jenny said. "I think he should hear it from me." Debbie mock-pouted, and sat back in her seat, and the smile returned to her sexy face. I turned to Jenny.

"Okay," I said, a little too petulant, "tell."

"Oh, come on, Kirk, please don't be like that, just listen."

I calmed myself, and took a deep breath. "Maybe this will help," I said, and took another hit.

"I can't hurt," Nick chimed in, and I threw him a look. "What?" he asked, grinning. "Jenny's hot, you know that. I've told you that before. I even told you I wouldn't mind having a shot at her. You're a lucky guy."

"Stop, Nick. Kirk, listen. We were talking, and we got to chatting about sex, and what we each do together, you know, and I was a little stoned, and I was saying how much I like being on top, you know I like that, and then Debbie said she has to get on top most of the time, because Nick's thing is too big." She had a hand on my forearm as she spoke, and there was no hint of guile or shame or deceit in her voice, but her face held a hint of amusement, or expectation. "And we talked about that, and then Debbie dared him to show us." She paused, and took a breath. "And he did." She paused again, and smiled a little. "And I was, you know, horny, from the pot, and all. And I sucked his dick." Her voice got a little faraway and fuzzy in my ears then. "It was soft, but it was pretty big, I have to say, not like a giant monster porn cock, but pretty big."

"It's pretty big," Debbie scoffed, "wait till you see him hard."

"It's not THAT big."

"Just wait."

"So, anyway, then he said he wanted to fuck me, and at first I said no, of course, but I think I let them talk me into it."

Debbie snickered. "Yeah. Talked you into it, after you sucked it!"

"Wait," I said, startled out of my fog, "you sucked his dick?"

"I told you that before, yes," she explained, calmly. "When he took it out."

"Oh, so I go out for beer, for maybe a half hour, and while I'm gone our friend decides to pull out his dick" I heard my voice getting louder, "and then, my wife decides, oh, what a nice big dick it is, and what the heck, it's already out," I stood up, my arms flailing as I spoke, "I guess I better suck it." I looked at her, finished my beer, and stood there.

She looked around at our friends, then up at me. "Well, kinda, yeah," she said, matter-of-factly. Debbie snorted a laugh behind me. "Not exactly like that, but close enough, yeah."

I went to the cooler for another beer, and opened it. I couldn't believe my wife sucked another guy's dick, right there on my patio, and was so blasé about it, and now she's telling me she wants to fuck him! "So while I'm gone Nick has his dick out? What, so that's okay, so if I pull out my dick, that's okay, too?" I took a long pull from the bottle.

Her eyes twinkled and she smiled up at me, her chin resting in her hand. "Well, no one has asked you to pull it out, but sure, it's fine. I think our friends are okay with that."

My head was spinning with confusion, and I wasn't thinking straight. I heard murmurs of assent from Debbie, and Nick said he didn't mind if I pulled it out. I was stoned and ranting, and an image flashed through my head of my wife leaning over in her chair and taking Nick's dick into her mouth. "Oh, great," I started shouting, noticing that they were all looking pretty amused at my reaction, "so let's just all pull out our dicks then!" I put my beer on the table and standing there, untied my board shorts, and pulled them down. Jenny clapped as I exposed my cock and balls, and Nick yelled, "All right!" I tried to say something angry and sarcastic, but was distracted by Debbie grabbing my dick and wrapping her lips around it.

My eyes opened wide and my mouth hung open wordlessly and I just stood there, in full view of my wife and my friend, while his wife sucked my dick, and felt my erection growing in her mouth. I waited for someone to stop it, but instead I heard Jenny say, "That's it, you slut, eat my man's cock!" I looked at her, and she had a look of excitement on her face like a kid at the circus. And then she turned to Nick, and motioned with her chin, and he unzipped his cargo shorts, and reached into his fly, and pulled out what I had to say was a pretty big, thick dick.

And my wonderful, sweet, pretty wife of five years turned her chair, and leaned forward, and I watched Nick's cock slip into her mouth.

It must have been the pot, because I didn't kill anyone. It sounds crazy, but I didn't want to kill anyone, or run away, or slap her. Although it's likely that Debbie's work on my cock helped, a lot. I stood, and got my dick sucked, and watched my wife bring Nick's cock to full mast with her mouth and her hands. And my dick got hard as steel, fast; so fast, Debbie pulled back.

"Holy shit, Kirk, that was a surprise." She stroked my wet shaft. "I'd like to think I was responsible for that development, but I bet you were watching them," she motioned with her chin, "it's fucking hot to see her, right?"

And I had to admit, she was right. Seeing my wife suck my dick was always great, watching her lips stretch around my shaft, seeing her cheeks sink in, watching her bounce her head up and down. But seeing her do it to Nick, forcing her mouth down onto his big cock, well, it was just as hot. Maybe hotter. Definitely nastier. And his dick was pretty big, Debbie was right.

"Hey, guys, maybe we should take it inside," Debbie called, still gripping my shaft in her hands, slowly stroking me. "There's a fence, and all, but still, someone might see." Jenny pulled her head out of Nick's lad and stood, saying it was a great idea, and Nick just stood, his cock proudly jutting out from his open fly, and headed inside with his beer.

Jenny came to me, and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue slipping inside mine as Debbie squeezed my shaft. Her lips were wet, slick with saliva. She had just sucked another man's dick with the lips that were kissing me. And I didn't throw up. She whispered, "I love you" and she pulled away and went to the cooler for a beer, and pranced excitedly to the door to catch up to Nick.

Debbie stood, and kissed me deeply, still holding my dick in her hand. Her tongue invaded my mouth, and I received it, and we groaned and breathed hard into each other's mouths for a few minutes. She pulled away but kept her face close to mine. "I am going to fuck you good," she said. "Come on, let's get inside and see what they're up to."

We went in, just in time to hear Jenny squeal from inside the den. We made a bee-line inside, in time to see Jenny lifting up from Nick's cock. They were both completely naked, and Nick was on his back on the couch, and Jenny was on top of him, facing us, squatting over him. She braced herself with her hands on his chest, forcing her tits together, her knees spread wide. Her beautiful shaved pussy was open and finished sliding up and began sliding back down, slowly, her lower lips pulled into her as she forced herself down onto Nick's fat shaft, about three-quarters before stopping. Her head was down, she was watching his cock go into her again. We stood silently as she made the trip up and down his cock a few more times. She saw us when she raised her head. Her eyes were intently playful, and her mouth hung open as she settled her pelvis near the base. She was looking at Debbie.

"Right?" Debbie asked her. "Didn't I tell you?"

"Oh, my God, it's fucking fantastic!" my wife gasped. "I feel like I'm going to split in half!"

"You haven't even gone all the way down yet," Nick announced.

"Oh, fuck, I can't, it's too big, I can't."

"Sure you can," Debbie chirped, "just take it slow, and go a little more each time, you'll see."

Frankly, the good-natured banter wasn't helping me decipher my conflicting emotions. On the one hand, I watched as Debbie put her beer down and began stripping, exposing her incredible naked body. Sure, I'd fantasized about it, and she had sucked my dick out on the patio, and told me she was going to fuck me. On the other, I was watching my wife, who I thought was less craven than me, lowering herself onto a cock bigger than mine, and enjoying it in spite of (or because of?) the way it was stretching her out.

Not that she didn't look hot doing it. She always looks hot during sex, especially when she is overwhelmed by the passion and lust, which she clearly was now. But it had always been with me that I'd seen her like that. I tore my gaze from her beautiful, straining body and turned to Debbie, who had just slipped her panties off. I didn't know whether to be cool, or be frantic, and ended up just confused.

"Jenny is ... Nick ... my wife! My wife is fucking Nick!" I exclaimed.

She grinned at me. "Are you upset?" She grabbed my dick, which was still jutting out from open shorts. "Your dick doesn't mind," she smiled. "Come on, admit it, Jenny looks fucking hot right now, look at the way her cunt is grabbing at his shaft. See her eyes? She's going into the zone. Believe me, I know." She stroked me with one hand, and pushed my shorts down with the other. "She's still not all the way in the zone, but she's not all the way down yet, either. Look at her, that horny slut, I bet she'd do anything right now."

"Yeah ... but,"

"But, hell," she said, pulling my shirt up over my head, leaving me naked. "You don't believe me? Go shove your dick in her face." As she said it, she guided me towards Jenny. I walked in a daze, stopped a few feet away. Debbie grabbed me by the dick again, and pulled me forward, right to Jenny's face, and she opened her mouth and took my cock, sucking like she never had before. The sensations ran straight through me as she hungrily lapped and suck my dick, continually raising and lowering her hips. Debbie moved behind her, and straddled Nick's legs, standing with her hands on Jenny's shoulders.

"Time to get the full ride," she said softly into my wife's ear, and Jenny groaned her response onto my dick. The next time she lowered her hips, Debbie pressed her down until she squealed around my shaft. "There you go, you feel that; now hold it there, let yourself adjust." Sometimes, when Jenny and I do it doggy style, I can bang my dick against the bottom of her pussy, and she tells me it hurts. I could only imagine what she was feeling now. I watched as Debbie held her down, then slowly eased the pressure, but Jenny stayed in place a few more seconds. I looked at her face; her eyes had tears in them, but she kept sucking me. She looked a little possessed.

"One more time, now," Debbie encouraged as Jenny lifted, and then sank down again, and Debbie pressed down, forcing my wife all the way onto Nick's shaft. Jenny's eyes opened wide, and she pulled off my dick, and cried out.

"Oh, fuck, that hurts, stop, no, don't stop, hold me down, fuck, I'm taking it all, oh, fuck it hurts so good!" Debbie pushed her forward, so she was bent almost double, and then crouched down behind her.

"Oh, yeah, he's all the way in, now," she exclaimed, and looked up at me. "Come here, Kirk you've got to see this!" She was all excited, and a part of me wanted to run from the room, but I didn't, I went to her, and looked down.

And I saw my wife, obscenely spread, her tight asshole clenching above her pussy, stretched around the base of Nick's shaft, rocking her hips back and forth, pressing down. She was making guttural sounds now, and then lifted her hips up, exposing almost all of his shaft as her lips gripped him, and then lowered again.

"Fucking incredible," Debbie muttered with admiration. My dick agreed. She turned to me. "See? I told you, she's in the zone now. She'll do anything. Watch this." She took my hand and brought me back to Jenny's head, then pulled her head up by her blonde hair. As I watched, Debbie stepped over Nick, and presented her shaved pussy to Lisa.

There was no way, I thought, but that illusion was shattered as Jenny pushed her face into Debbie's cunt and started licking her. "Fuck, yeah, lick my cunt," she told her, then turned to me. "Did you ever think?" she laughed.

No, I never thought I'd see my wife licking another woman's pussy. I'd fantasized, sure, who hasn't. Sometimes when we fuck, and her head is hanging off the bed, I would imagine a woman standing above her, lowering her pussy, and my wife licking it, looking at me, seeing her tongue part the lips ... but this? I never expected this.

Jenny was pushing her face forward, burying her tongue up inside Debbie's wet slit, digging for the juices spilling out of her; I could see her face getting wet. Damn, she was lost in the moment, completely surrendered to her lust.

"Fuck, Kirk," Nick said from below me, "you've got a fucking hot slut here." Did he just call my wife a slut? I watched her, rising and falling on his giant dick, heard her moaning with delight into her friend's cunt and thought, okay, he's right, she is kind of a slut. Debbie had changed the angle of her hips now, and Jenny was sucking her clit like she does my nipples sometimes. Then Debbie stepped away.

"I need some cock, Kirk," she announced, and grabbed my shoulders and lowered us to the floor, next to Nick and Debbie. She lay on her back, and pulled her legs up and wide. "Come on, baby, Jenny's mouth made me nice and wet for your cock, shove it in me." I needed no additional direction, and speared her completely in one thrust. I was up on my knees, and driving my cock hard into her wet steaming hole, when I heard Jenny start to scream as her orgasm took her, yelling, her mouth wide open, eyes bulging, almost terrified by the power of her climax. She was shaking, her tits wobbling, and Nick grabbed her nipples and pinched, pulling them away from her body, and she came again, now staring at me as I fucked Debbie.

"I'm fucking cumming, Kirk, I'm cumming on his big cock, oh, fuck, my pussy is so fucking filled with cock," she jabbered at me. I couldn't believe the filth coming from her as she came. I looked down at their joined flesh, saw liquid splashing on Nick.

"Oh, fuck, she squirted!" Nick exclaimed, "she fucking shot girl cum all over me!" I lost my rhythm for a second; Jenny had never ejaculated before, and I wondered if she had peed on Nick, but it didn't smell like it. I heard their wet bodies splashing together.

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