tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 03

Beetlesmith's Ch. 03


When I entered the dining room, Gloria and Jackie were laughing uproariously about something.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

Still chuckling, Gloria said, "I was telling Jackie about that patient of mine, and what Karen had said about screwing him until her nose bled."

Both of them started laughing uncontrollably again. Karen finally joined us. Before sitting down she gave my hand a squeeze and mouthed 'I'm sorry.'

I weakly smiled back at her, and nodded my head; silently telling her all was forgiven again, at least for now.

I heard Karen ask the other two women something when the full effects of the elixir finally hit me. It started as a slight tingling at the back of my head that extended down the back of my neck. This was followed by a very brief fainting sensation, as if I were experiencing a head rush from standing up too quickly. For some reason I momentarily lost my peripheral vision, which augmented my feeling of lightheadedness. I tried to listen to what the women were saying, and vaguely heard Gloria ask Karen what took her so long in the kitchen, but my mind and eyes couldn't focus on anything in particular. Then the sensation was over.

The whole episode lasted for only a few seconds, hardly noticeable, and afterwards I felt physically normal. To the unaware, the whole process would have been perceived as a temporary bout of wooziness brought on by too little, or even too much food and drink, and nothing more. My emotions, however, were being flooded with an overwhelming sense of eroticism, the likes of which I've rarely experienced. All my senses were sharpened, and everything I looked at, smelled, or touched triggered one salacious thought after the other, and had my member bursting hard against my pant seams. Even a passing look at the condiment dish containing the few remaining green olives stuffed with their crimson pimento was garnering extreme erotic thoughts.

However, there was another feeling that invaded my consciousness. One that felt more focused and pervasive than my heightened sense of eroticism, and it was growing stronger in my psyche with each passing moment. It can only be described as a feeling of total invulnerability, or of supreme self-assuredness. In my mind, I knew I could say and do anything without consequence, because I felt that those around me would do whatever I suggested without hesitation, and those who didn't would not dare interfere. I suspect that only those long steeped in wielding power over others, such as a Roman emperor or a feudal lord would come close to feeling as I did that moment. It was an emotion I had never felt before; exhilarating, but at the same time frightening. What would happen if ever I were to lose control of myself, or somehow believed what I was feeling was real and not caused by a drug? I could now understand how someone would overindulge in the elixir, for the false sense of power it granted was intoxicating and potentially addictive.

I came out of my thoughts to hear Karen and Jackie arguing about...sex; imagine that.

"...Oh, Jackie, the way you talk you'd think you took out a patent on the wild life," I heard Karen say.

Jackie laughed sarcastically, and said, "Compared to you and Will, I do, and that thing you call the wild life is just letting your hair down and having some fun. I can imagine what a risqué time in the Henry household would consist of; it's probably putting in a DVD of 'Weekend at Bernie's' and falling asleep on the couch."

I watched Karen and Jackie argue back and forth. Each throwing insults at the other and driving themselves into fits of anger, which were quickly followed by tears, and then pleas for forgiveness. I could not even guess what started it, but it was a scene not unlike I observed between Gloria and Karen a week ago, and as I watched to two women banter back and forth, and felt my own moods changing, I was starting to understand the affects of the elixir on the human psyche.

The fluctuation in mood, from anger to tears to laughter and back to anger, was not due to the mingling of alcohol with the elixir as I previously thought, but represented unchanneled sexual aggression. The elixir was increasing the libido gradually, but continually. This was manifest by the women's unconscious sensual touching of themselves coupled with their increasing raunchy banter, and which became more overt as the minutes passed. The elixir was causing them to push their behavior passed their usual comfort zones that were bounded by their normal precepts of societal mores and decorum, what Beetlesmith had termed his metaphorical walls. However, because of their precepts, they could not, as yet anyway, actualize this sexual aggression. Instead, it was channeled into other avenues of escape, such as the subconscious touching, the sexual banter, or the sudden conscious lapses into sexual daydreams. Unfortunately, these avenues were not enough to quiet the increasingly erotic feelings and needs. They wanted to act on their sexual aggression, but some of their walls were still in place and inhibiting them. This remnant inhibition subsequently frustrating them, and their frustration inevitably gave rise to anger. The women were only waiting for a catalyst to develop that would, in essence, condone their sexual behavior and to give it direction. I suppose as the instigator of the situation that I was the catalyst and it was my task to give it direction.

By this time Gloria had jumped into the argument with both feet and was castigating Jackie about some perceived slight, "...Karen's right, you are a freaking bitch, and an ignorant one as well. You don't have the slightest clue about anyone, let alone Will and..."

"Oh, what's to know? It's not like Will and Karen are the last of the red-hot swingers," came Jackie's sarcastic reply, cutting Gloria off before she could finish.

Gloria was visibly irked by Jackie's flippant attitude, and was about to pounce on her when I broke in, "Jackie I'm sorry you have such a low opinion of Karen and I. I know by your standards we live too quiet a life, maybe even a boring life, but we have a good marriage, and occasionally we have our fun, although some of us have been having more than others, right dear?"

Karen shot me a quick look of derision.

"What does that mean?" asked Jackie with interest.

"Nothing really," I said offhandedly, "Except that you make the mistake of confusing a braggadocios nature with actual experience. Just because some people don't kiss and tell doesn't mean they haven't been kissed at all."

"I still don't get it," said Jackie slightly irritated.

"Well, for example, we know that you're very open about your sexual exploits and the not too subtle and humiliating way you've treated your husbands in the past, but as far as the rest of us know, it's all been talk," I turned to Karen and asked, "Have you ever seen your cousin exhibit this wild sexual nature she brags about, outside of the way she dresses, of course?"

Karen just shook her head slowly, unsure of where I was going with this line of questioning. I heard Gloria giggle at my verbal tweaking of Jackie's nose.

"You think I'm a tease?" Jackie asked with some irritation.

"I don't know," I said, as I got up and moved around behind my wife's chair. I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her cheek, "That's the trouble with boasting, particularly on attitudes and attributes that can't be readily proven. You have to expect some might not believe you, and some may even call your bluff. But I do know that some in this room, some that you would consider prudish, have expressed certain desires that even you might find...How should I say it...Exotic."

Jackie smiled, "Are you calling my bluff, Will?"

I ignored Jackie for the moment and said to Karen, "What was it you said to me in the kitchen?"

I felt Karen stiffen in my arms. It was obvious she was uncomfortable with the situation, and that suggested to me those last few moral walls still remained. I looked over at Gloria whose interest had piqued at Karen's predicament, as she leaned forward in her chair staring intently at Karen. Jackie was also amused and sporting a wry grin, but contrary to her nature remained unexpectedly silent.

"Tell us Karen," asked Gloria, "What did you say to Will in the kitchen?"

Karen remained silent and rigid in her chair. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Her breathing suddenly became shallow and labored. I lightly brushed my hands across her breasts, and she reacted with a sharp intake of air. I then cupped her breasts and gently massaged them. I could feel her hard nipples through her blouse pressing against the palms of my hands.

Even with all of her slutty bluster and 'anything sexual goes' attitude, I heard Jackie utter an audible gasp at my boldness at fondling my wife in front of guests. Gloria, whether subconsciously or not, had cupped her own breast with one hand, and resting her head in the other, watched Karen's face with amused anticipation.

When I slipped a hand under Karen's panties, she modestly clamped her legs together, and murmured a weak, "No...Please," in protest. I knew her reluctance was fragile, however. It was a feeble, verbal signal that although the last remnant of her ethical walls still stood, they were teetering and about to come crashing down.

I easily slipped my hand between her legs. Her vulva was already moist and slick. Touching her button, ever so gently, I felt a tremor course through her body. She still clamped her legs weakly against my hand, but with each gentle stroke on her clitoris, Karen spread her legs a little wider.

I had Karen in a state of near climax similar to when we were in the kitchen, and asked her again, "What did you say to me in the kitchen?"

She was still reluctant to vocalize in public what she had admitted in private, and answered only with a soft moan and a tightened grip of her hand on my free arm.

I stopped massaging her clit. She emitted a whimper of protest, and then, knowing that I was not going to let her get away with remaining silent, she tried to appease my curiosity with deflection, and said hoarsely, "I...I said a lot of things in the kitchen."

"Yes I know, but this was something specific about Gloria."

She sat trembling from nerves and sexual excitement and looked silently over at Gloria, who was staring back with raised eyebrows and a subtle smile across her lips. It must have been torture for Karen, to be so close to climax numerous times tonight but not allowed to finish, not without admitting to something she could never admit to at any other time. Yet even though she was on the agonizing cusp of orgasm, she still refused to confess her delicious secret, and only meekly said, "Please."

There was much unspoken want behind that small word: please, don't make me say it in front of the others; please, stop tormenting me this way; and please, don't stop pleasuring me.

Gloria guessed Karen's mind as well, and taking pity on her, walked over and stood in front of us. Gloria smiled warmly down at her and pushing aside a lock of Karen's hair that had fallen across her face, bent over and gently kissed her. It was all Karen needed, for when I touched her clitoris again, her trembling became a shudder, and I felt the warm moisture of her climax saturate her groin.

Gloria looked down and saw the growing wet spot between Karen's legs, and said with a slight laugh, "I'm glad you're wearing your panties this time, or I would have been drenched again."

Gloria continued to play with Karen's hair as Karen unbuttoned just the lower three buttons on Gloria's blouse. Then pushing the fabric to the sides, Karen placed her hands under Gloria's skirt and gently squeezed both of her buttocks while she sweetly and gently kissed and licked her belly.

Seeing that Karen and Gloria needed no more encouragement from me, I shifted my attention over to Jackie. I was beginning to worry that the drug wasn't having an effect on her, because she had yet to show any outward signs of becoming aroused. Given her nature, I thought she would have at least had her clothes off by now. Instead, she remained seated, quietly watching the two women.

I bent down close to her ear, and whispered, "Penny for your thoughts."

Startled, she flinched before answering, "I had no idea."

Jackie and I continued to watch the others in silence. Karen was still kissing Gloria about the navel and had slid Gloria's panties off and onto the floor. She then looked up at Gloria and giggled, "See, I even remembered not to rip yours off this time."

Gloria, eyes closed, responded only with a smile. Karen then gently pushed Gloria back so that she was sitting on the table, and hiking her skirt up across her waist, began kissing Gloria's inner thighs.

Jackie was still flummoxed by what she was seeing, and began to stutter some type of questions, "What...How...When did..."

"This is really a surprise for you, isn't it? There's a good reason for that, I guess; because we're all just a closed book, aren't we Jackie? We only show people what we want them to see and nothing much else, but inside there are things written that have largely gone unread or unnoticed. Mostly because we don't want anyone else to see what's written there. Maybe we fear condemnation and embarrassment, or maybe we just cling too greedily to our privacy and wish to maintain a certain degree of mystery form others, even from those closest to us," I said, as I nonchalantly unbuttoning her blouse.

"I know you've never understood Karen's appetites. It's probably because she didn't trust you enough to tell you, so she only showed you a rough veneer, and kept you at arm's length. But, I also think you never bothered to look inside either of us. You only looked at our covers as it were and read nothing more into it. We didn't interest you enough, or you found us deficient in some way."

By this time, Karen was deep into servicing Gloria, who had put her feet up on the arms of Karen's chair, while leaning back and bracing herself against the table with her hands. Neither of them showed any sign of interest in what Jackie and I were doing.

"That's not fair," Jackie said in an injured and mocking voice, "I never thought you or Karen deficient, or whatever it was you said, just...I don't know...Karen and I never got along that well. Even when we were kids we were always on edge around each other, Karen more than me. So yes, I'm guilty of keeping distant after all these years, but what of you, Will? Knowing about people is a two-way street. I don't think you or Karen cared to know me, either. So you're partly to blame."

"Why do you think I invited you here tonight, you dope?" I said, as I unclasped her bra. Her overly large breasts spilled out of their confines, the nipples large and dark brown in hue, stood out in stark contrast to the paleness of the surrounding skin. I cupped a breast in each in of my hands.

"You know I shouldn't let you do this to me," she said in a tone of halfhearted reluctance.

I continued to playfully fondle her breasts, and said teasingly, "You can tell me to stop at any time, but given your supposed raunchy nature I didn't think you would mind. I guess that was all an act. I always figured there was more virgin than vamp about you."

Jackie said, with some irritation, "So that is what you think of me; that I'm a tease?"

"Well I'm just wondering why a self-proclaimed seductress of all things that walk on two legs would sit passively by and watch others, supposedly more prudish have a good time instead of leading the charge."

I had thrown down the gauntlet again, but this time she picked it up. Jackie pulled me around in front of her with a strength I had rarely felt in a woman, and took a firm hold of the bulge in my pants. She smiled seductively, and said, "I'll show you what kind of tease I am. Why don't you tease me with your cock and fuck my tits. You'd like that, I know. I saw you staring at them tonight. I see it in your eyes right now. Come on Will, rub that hard cock all over my melons until you shot your thick load right into my waiting mouth. Do it all to me... Right now... Right in front of wifey."

I smiled. This was more like the Jackie I know, "Isn't that what you did to your second husband, made him watch while you banged all sorts of men?"

"No," was Jackie's curt reply, "Todd made me watch as he banged all sorts of men. Needless to say our marriage didn't last long."

It was a surprisingly sincere confession that obviously pained her to admit. I was about to say something to ease her embarrassment when Karen, her head still buried deep between Gloria's legs, began to laugh uncontrollably.

Gloria tried to stay out of the impending ruckus, but even she started to giggle as Karen continued to laugh into her groin. Finally, Gloria thought she should say something, "Karen, come on, it's not nice to laugh."

At length, Karen lifted her head up, and in between fits of laughter said, "You're right. I'm sorry Jackie, but what do you expect? You've got this rep of the buxom, slutty and sultry vixen, ready to boink or blow any guy within a twenty mile radius. Guys would come from far and wide just to droll over your big boobs, wide hips and tight bubble ass. They came hoping for a glimpse of you sashaying down the street just so they could cream in their jeans. Yet, even with your sexual prowess over men, in the end you get turned into a cuckold by a switch-hitting nancy-boy."

Karen and Gloria erupted into laughter again.

"Go ahead, laugh, make jokes," Jackie said in a cavalier tone that belied the fact she was hurt by Karen's humorous antagonism.

Seeing the hurt look on Jackie's face, Gloria held out her arms beaconing Jackie toward her, "I'm sorry. We shouldn't be so mean."

Jackie hesitated for a moment before she fell into the younger woman's arms, and hugging each other as two sisters might, Jackie said, "It's not that; it just seems to be, 'let's all pick on Jackie night.' Will thinks I'm a dope and a tease, you're making fun of my crystals, and Karen...Well it's Karen just being Karen..."

Hearing this Karen forgot about Gloria for the moment and sat back in her chair, "And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh come on Karen and cut the crap, you know what I mean. You've never liked me. Even when we were kids you were always poking a finger at me, and making fun of me. I'm still trying to figure out why you invited me here tonight, probably as some sort of twisted mind-fuck so that you could make fun and humiliate me in front of your friend."

"To be perfectly honest with you, I didn't invite you, Will did," Karen said dispassionately, and then she turned toward me with a hint of spite in her eyes, and asked, "But that's a good question, why did you invite her?"

Now, all three women were looking at me waiting for an answer. None of them seemed to understand the irony of the situation and absurdity of the question as they stared blankly back at me; each of them in various stages of undress, and performing acts of sexual depravity that most men have only experienced in their wildest imaginations. I thought the answer was obvious, 'Because you three are going down on each other and when I'm not fucking each of you blue I'm going to watch. Duh!'

I directed my answer to Jackie, but did so while looking at Karen, "Certain things have happened to me that have made me more appreciative of family. Sometimes the people we love most, or who are closest to us, fall into neglect. It's not done purposefully or with malice. It's just the result of taking them for granted. I think Karen and I have been taking those closest to us for granted, and I didn't want it to continue."

I was being tactfully ambiguous. Let each of them construe whatever they wanted out of what I said. Karen sat with downcast eyes. Was I still pointing an accusing finger at her and her adultery, or was I accepting partial blame for being neglectful of her in the past and pushing her inadvertently toward those indiscretions? I couldn't be sure what Gloria was thinking, but she smiled back at me and winked. Were the certain things that happened to me a reference to last week's escapades, or, like Karen, did she believe I was graciously admitting to some culpability? Jackie's reaction was the most obvious and heartwarming, she run up and hugged me tight about the waist. Holding us close, she began to sob.

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