tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 04

Beetlesmith's Ch. 04


Warning. This chapter contains strong depictions of double penetration and anal sex. If you are squeamish about such sexual practices, then click away now, although you will be missing a hell of a good story. What can I say? Sometimes folks who like the backdoor approach are also fortunate to find Beetlesmith's magic elixir.


Karen came back out of the bathroom wearing the strap-on device and carrying her old vibrator, "How do I look?"

I thought she looked strangely erotic, and was about to tell her so when Jackie blurted out, "Christ, you look like my ex-husband."

The remark could have been taken the wrong way, as another dig at Karen, but the way it was said it was clearly Jackie's attempt at self-deprecating humor.

Karen came up behind her and teased into her ear, "I'm going to forget you said that."

Jackie tried to clarify her statement, "That's not what I meant...Wait, what are you doing back there?"

"Something I've been meaning to do for some time now."

Jackie gave a nervous laugh, and said, "Why do I get the feeling you don't mean that in a good way?"

"Gees Jackie, don't be such a 'fraidy cat. Surely you've doubled your pleasure before."

"Not that often, believe it or not, and usually the guy sticking through the back door sort of...you know...liked me."

Karen took her time getting Jackie used to the size, by first inserting one lubricated finger, then two, and eventually three. My cock was still in Jackie's pussy, and I could feel Karen gently manipulate her fingers in and out of her ass. The whole time Jackie lay passively on my chest, her eyes closed. Only her rapid breathing indicated that she was in the realm of the living.

Karen slowly inserted the dildo, stopping occasionally when Jackie made a soft groan. Then pushing further in when it felt like Jackie was getting used to the size.

Once Karen had inserted the dildo in as far as she dared, she paused a moment and stroked Jackie's back in a soothing way, and saying softly, "Oh, I know it feels good. Does it feel good?"

Jackie slowly nodded a response.

"Yes, I know it does," Karen said, and continued with a hint of mirth, "See, I'm not going to hurt you...yet."

"Oh, don't even kid about that," Jackie pleaded.

Karen laughed devilishly at her verbal taunts to her cousin, and then requested, "Sit up so I can feel those boobs."

As I watched Karen schooling Jackie in the nuances of double penetration, a dark thought entered my head that I kept to myself. Karen was displaying what I thought to be an unusual amount of knowledge in two on one fucking, especially for someone who should have limited practical experience. However, we had done a similar thing with Gloria a week ago. Karen had also always been very anal, and enjoyed that side of love-making, particularly when she got really horny. I suspect she had spent a good deal of her time fantasizing about these situations. As such, maybe a lot of her theoretical experience was translating into practical terms. However, as I watched Karen guide Jackie through the motions, I couldn't help thinking that Roger Kendall's hand was somehow involved. Still, the imagination can be a wonderful teacher all by itself, and if Karen was anything, she was imaginative.

As Jackie straightened up, Karen wrapped an arm around Jackie's breasts and pulled her tight against her. Jackie reciprocated by arching her back, and reaching around, wrapped her arms around Karen's neck. Now that Jackie was more or less in an upright position, all of her weight bore down onto the bed and pulled the dildo and my cock fully into their respective openings. Jackie remained still for a moment, as if savoring the sudden rush of euphoria that enveloped her. A look of unreserved bliss crossed her face.

Gloria, who was watching the proceedings with intense curiosity, must also have seen the look on Jackie's face, and commented, "Oh, I'm definitely next."

Karen and I stayed still for the most part, and allowed Jackie to develop her own rhythm and speed. Karen continued to hold Jackie tight against her, and each used the other as a form of support. Occasionally, Karen would whisper something inaudible into Jackie's ear, probably words of sexual teasing, which would, at times, spur Jackie to increase the frequency and forcefulness of her pelvic thrusts. At times, Karen's whispering elicited a more audible response from Jackie. Usually a simple, 'Please,' or 'Yes,' or sometimes it was just a soft whimper of glee before seductively touching herself.

That was probably the most erotic thing for me; seeing, but not hearing, my loving wife whispering taunts actualized by her sexual marionette, Jackie, in word and deed.

Most likely Gloria had a similar impression as mine, because she could no longer continue to passively watch the erotic interplay between the two women, and positioned herself on top of me facing Jackie. She made a harsh plea of, "Suck me," but her request was unnecessary, for I had already buried my tongue deep into her pussy.

All I could see now was Gloria's plump ass, and I certainly didn't mind given that I could still hear everything that was transpiring between the three women. Most of which, amounted to nothing more that loud moaning and the occasional requests for Gloria to suck and nibble harder on Jackie's breasts, and when Gloria wasn't too busy seeing to Jackie's needs, she was pushing her pussy harder into my face.

I felt Karen thrust in syncopation to Jackie's own pelvic shifting, and I quickly followed suit. After a short time, however, Jackie just gave up on her own rhythmic gyrations, allowing Karen and me to thrust into her rigid frame with complete abandon.

Jackie's climax started with her increasing demands on Gloria to bite harder on her nipples. First telling her to bite one, then the other, and then back again, and each time calling her breasts 'my girls.'

When I first heard her use that term, I thought she was talking about Gloria and Karen in some newfound sense of camaraderie. Something akin to, 'Come on girls, let's get each other off together,' but no, I quickly caught on that she was referencing her large melons. I thought it very sweet.

I didn't hear much from my wife, but I could feel her slamming into Jackie's ass with increasing force. Every so often, I could catch a glimpse of her when Jackie pushed Gloria's head down so that she could attend to her vulva. Karen's hands were positioned on Jackie's shoulders, I suspect to give her more leverage, so that she could pull Jackie down while she thrust the strap-on into her. Karen's face was flushed red again from her own pelvic exertion. There was bright gleam in her eye, and her lips were curled up into a crooked grimace. Her half-mouthed grin coupled with the way the lighting shadowed across her face, gave Karen's face the appearance of a macabre, minstrel-like, evil-maniacal mask. The ghoulish perceptions aside, it looked like Karen was enjoying herself, at least.

Jackie was in what I can only describe as a state of sexual frenzy. This was manifested by her first, pushing Gloria's head down and demanding her to, 'suck on her clity,' and then pulling Gloria's head back up while reminding her, 'don't neglect my girls.' When each of Jackie's mammoth breasts were pushed into her face, it was back down south of the border for Gloria. Again and again, like clockwork. Unfortunately for Gloria, the net effect of having Jackie push her head down was to have my pubis bone slammed into her chin on each of my upward thrusts. I don't think Gloria ever got her tongue close to Jackie's clitoris; not that she had the time, because no sooner had Jackie pushed her head down to have it smacked against my pubis, then Jackie wrenched her up again to smother her with her tits. I tried not to laugh at Gloria's predicament, but she was beginning to look like one of those bobble-head dolls you spy in the back of a family sedan.

There was an upside to all this, besides the humor. With Jackie pushing and pulling Gloria up and down like she was, Gloria's pelvis was naturally shifting up and down in opposition to her head. The net result was that Gloria's sweet vitals raked past my waiting mouth. With no effort on my part, I could administer to Gloria's clit, snatch and ass without moving my head. All I need do was stick my tongue out and let Jackie do the driving. Well, it made life easier for me, at any rate.

It didn't take long for Gloria to tire of being Jackie's piñata. Wrenching her head free from Jackie's embrace, she announced, "Jesus Christ you bitch; if you yank on my head one more time I'm going to slap you. Plus, I'm getting the fucking shit knocked out of me by Will. So cool it."

I'm not sure if she actually heard Gloria, because it was about then the Jackie really started to get vocal, leading off her last verbal crescendo to orgasm with a long wailing, "Oh...fuck...me!"

Everyone in the room, including the neighbor's dog outside, pretty much knew she was about to come, and doubled their efforts; but just in case someone living in our county didn't get it yet, Jackie kept repeating, 'Oh fuck me,' with ever increasing pitch and volume.

I slammed into her. Karen slammed into her; although I can't be sure but I think she was laughing while doing it. And Gloria...Well Gloria got wrapped up in Jackie's arms again, her head crushed tightly on and between Jackie's breasts.

Jackie croaked out one last, brash comment to her newfound bosom buddy, "I bet you wish they were registered now," before I felt the waterworks bathing the lot of us. She remained stationary, head uplifted and eyes closed, for some moments before falling alongside me with a loud sigh.

None of us did or said anything at first, except listen to Jackie pant heavily. It was Gloria who broke the silence, "I think I chipped a tooth," then quickly shifting gears as she just realized the chosen seat was open, jumped into my lap ahead of, and facing, Karen, saying, "My turn."

Karen started to whine, "Hey wait a minute! When did I get voted to be every one's fuck bunny?"

It was Gloria's turn to whine, "Ah, come on Karen, please? You get to do it with Will anytime you want."

It took Gloria only a few more seconds of pleading before Karen relinquished, "Okay, okay then turn around."

"No; I want to put Will up there," she said to Karen, and then turning back toward me, "Is that okay?"

Well, there was the second stupid question of the night, "Anything you want honey. I always wanted to tap that ass."

Karen rolled her eyes at my braggadocios talk, "Look who's getting all 'gansta'," she said, and then continued to Gloria, "All right, but I better wash this thing first. You don't need Jackie's cooties up your hoochie."

"Bitch," Jackie said under her breath.

With Karen cleaning her newfound, favorite toy and Gloria preparing herself for anal combat, I turned to Jackie, who still hadn't moved since sliding off my cock. She was laying half on her stomach and half on her side. She had that Liz Taylor quality about her as she lay prostrate with one side of her face buried in the bed sheets. The other side watched me intently. Her breathing finally subsided, but every now and again I heard her take a deep breath and slowly let it out through her mouth, and each time she exhaled I caught the subtle whiff of warm jasmine.

"How are you doing?" I asked with a wry smile.

Her lips weakly curled up into a smile, "I think you broke my hoochie, and I know Karen broke my ass. You know your wife has a real mean streak."

"I have a feeling it runs in the family," I said.

I squeezed the closest one of her plump, round cheeks. She gave me a mocked wince of anticipated pain that told me to venture no farther with my hand.

"Should I kiss it and make it all better?"

She bit my ear lobe, as Karen is want to do when she gets feisty, and said to me in the sultriest voice I had heard in a woman outside of my own mind, "What I really want you to do is slide your tongue into my ass until I squirt."

"You naughty, dirty gir..."

She buried her tongue deep into my mouth. Holding it there just long enough so that she probed every millimeter, and some parts twice, then pulling out she said in that same sultry voice, "That's how I want it done to me," and back into my mouth she dove.

Our embrace was interrupted when we heard Gloria loudly groan, more out of pain than pleasure. She was inching my cock further into her rear, but the progress was slow. So far she only had a third of it inside of her.

I whispered to Jackie, "Aren't you going to help her?"

"Little chick's got to learn to fly on her own sometime; she's doing okay."

"You are a cruel mistress," I said, then louder to Gloria, "Don't be so cheap with the K-Y, Glo. Slather it all around my stick, just like jam on bread, honey...and spend some time working a finger or three up there to get it loose, before you try and stick it in."

Gloria busied herself with my instructions.

"I want it done to me softly," Jackie said, hopping back on our previous subject, and then she reengaged the kiss.

It was only a few moments later when I heard Karen enter the room. Gloria had already seated herself back down on me, and had succeeded in putting me halfway in.

"How we doing?" I heard her say to Gloria.

"It's like you said last week. It hurts at first, but then..."

"I know, baby, and it gets better."

Jackie and I slipped off each other and watched intently as Karen pressed up against Gloria. Both of their breasts in were in contact as Karen sweetly placed an assuring hand on one of Gloria's cheeks. We saw her slip a finger down and slide it along the exposed part of my shaft, using its length as a gauge to measure Gloria's progress.

"Almost there," Karen said earnestly. Then she and Gloria locked in a passionate embrace. Both of them had a firm hold of each other's buttocks, as their tongues danced from one mouth to the next.

It was another iconic moment; one that I will continue to play over in my head even when parts of my body begin to decay and grow flaccid from old age. They'll have me drooling in a corner at some moldy old folks' home. Yet, a smile will be plastered on my face, and only if I had the ability to talk I would tell them the tale of how my sweet, sweet slut of a wife finally, completely, and so unabashedly succumbed to her inner lesbian.

I couldn't wait. What I saw of the two women affected me beyond my ability to contain. Yet, what reason was there for me to wait? Beetlesmith's magic elixir would guarantee my endurance, as it had done at every turn this evening. I shifted my cock ever so slightly within Gloria's tight rear. She probably didn't even notice, so subtle were my movements, but it was more than enough for me. I felt myself coming. A rich euphoria flowed over me as I felt spasm after spasm empty deep into her beautifully formed ass. Only the weak moan that passed through my lips would indicate to anyone that I had just climaxed.

One person did notice, however. Jackie giggled with astonished glee. Her amazement peaked even more when she saw Gloria slowly slide my still hardened cock in and out now that she'd grown accustomed to my size.

"Did you just come?" Jackie whispered into my ear.

I just closed my eyes and nodded a reply.

"How in fuck's name can you do this? I've known some guys in my time who could throw some wood, but this..."

Attempting a very poor Kirk Douglas impression, I said "Because I...am...Robo-cock."

I could feel Jackie's eyes drilling into the side of my head. There was so much she wanted to say, and even more she wanted to ask, but eventually all she could bring herself to mutter with barely concealed envy, "Goddamn Karen is such a fucking goddamn moron."

Thank you Mr. Beetlesmith, you goddamn genius.

By now Karen had entered Gloria, and unlike her time with Jackie, she was far more gentle and loving with Gloria. I could feel her slowly pumping the strap-on into our friend's pussy with calm deliberation. She had a light hold of each of Gloria's buttocks, and every so often would stroke them, or give them a gentle squeeze, or pulling them apart and putting a finger or two at her anus so that she could feel my cock sliding in and out of Gloria's ass. All the while their lips remained in contact.

Jackie also noticed the tender way in which Karen was handling Gloria compared with her own rough treatment by her hand. I saw a shroud of jealousy descend over her face, as she said with overt sarcasm, "Face to face; that's very romantic."

"Play nice."

She stopped herself from saying more, and only responded with, "I will if she will."

Christ! She was back on the 'Karen and Gloria as star-crossed lovers' meme. Both she and Karen were beginning to be real pains with this sibling rivalry. Fortunately, their combativeness remained in the slightly derisive, verbal realm, such as that last dig from Jackie, or Karen's, 'Jackie's cooties,' comment earlier, so I didn't take their sparring too seriously. I would realize later that my apathy was a mistake.

"What's the deal with you two?"

She laid her head on my chest, "Nothing really; old wounds that never really closed. What does Karen say?"

"The same," I lied; Karen never talked about Jackie at all.

Karen and Gloria continued their slow screw, oblivious to anything around them. I was content to just let them go to town on their own without any more help from me, except for a stiff cock up Gloria's behind.

I slipped a hand between Jackie's legs, "Is your pussy still broken?" and feeling that she was still very wet, answered my own question, "Nope, it feels in perfect, working order."

She rolled over onto her stomach, pinning my wrist against her pubis bone and the bed, but leaving my hand and fingers free. Then with subtle shifting of her hips, she rubbed her clitoris against my outstretched hand. All I had to do was keep my fingers taut and hand still. It was the same technique Karen used on me earlier at the dinner table, only instead of my cock Jackie used my fingers. I guess there was a lot more than just infidelity, earlobe nibbling, and a penchant for being mean-ass bitches that run in their family.

I felt Karen picking up her pace. Gloria was giggling about something, and seemed to be having a merry time bouncing up and down on my lap. Jackie continued to stroke her pussy along my fingers while she attempted to give me a hickey on my chest. The whole scene struck a funny chord, causing me to laugh.

Jackie stopped sucking to ask, "What's so funny?"

"I was just thinking. I'm the only guy in the room and surrounded by three lovely, red-lining and supercharged, stick-it-into-me-six-ways-to-Sunday women, and all I need do is stick my finger up...keep 'it' up...throw a strap-on into the mix, and just lie back and watch the fun. I definitely am..."

"Robo-cock," she finished for me with a smile. "Well Robo-cock, let's see what your tongue can do."

She sat on my chest, and looking down at me with a 'cat that ate the canary' look, said, "First time I've felt in control all night. Now stick out your tongue."

"Why?" I teased.

"Because you're going to kiss it...and lick it...and make it feel all better."

She started out using my mouth just as she had my finger, shifting her pelvis forward and back so that her sweet vitals slid gently across my extended tongue. Her clit and labia were swollen and protruding, making it easier for her to keep me squarely in her groove.

To start, Jackie rapidly shook her hips so that her clitoris almost quivered across the tip of my tongue. The action made her use quick breaths through her mouth, making her sounded like a small steam engine straining up a steep grade. Every now and again she would change it up, shifting her vulva in a long slide to where my tongue ended up lapping around the opening of her pussy.

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