tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 05

Beetlesmith's Ch. 05


Jackie was wiping away some of my semen away that had dribbled onto her tits, and remarked, "Maybe I should get them registered. My girls can sure work their magic on a stiff prick."

It was just an off-hand remark. A bit boastful perhaps, but in light of the events of the evening, I thought it was funny.

Karen didn't think so, however, and reacted to Jackie's tongue-in-cheek boast with only slightly subdued ire, "What the hell are you talking about, bitch? The only thing your 'girls' did was hang around totally useless, like oversized cow's udders, waiting until something with half a brain decides to use them. Come to think of it, half a brain and useless pretty much describes your life's story. You should have those words chiseled on your tombstone."

In a way, I could sympathize with Karen, even though I thought she had overreacted. It was probably that way when they were kids. Karen did most of the work, but Jackie tried to claim, and probably received, most of the credit.

Jackie barked back, "Jesus! What in the hell has gotten into you tonight?"

Karen looked like she was about to launch into a three hour dissertation to answer that question, when I grabbed her about the hips and pulled her back.

She started to laugh, and just like that, her animosity with Jackie was put on the back burner, "What are you doing?" she asked, turning her head around to look back at me.

"I'm not through with you yet. I think you mentioned something earlier about 'quality time,' my cock, and your ass."

"No," she corrected, "I think I said something about 'deliciously wicked,' your cock, and my..."

Jackie blurted out, "Jesus! Stick it in her already. At least maybe you can kill the bug that crawled up her ass."

"Play nice," I said.

Jackie responded by sticking her tongue out at me. I found it kind of endearing, a little snotty, and pure, unadulterated Jackie. I'll give her credit, at least she didn't say anything more to Karen.

I don't know why I continued along this theme of antagonizing Karen, particularly in front of Jackie who would view my actions as a form of 'carte blanche' for her own devious, antagonistic behavior. Throwing my two bits worth of sexual humiliation into the kitty would only add fuel to Jackie's fire. However, there were too many fun scenarios milling around in my head with Karen as marionette, for me to care about the consequences of my actions.

Karen remained on all her hands and knees, her breath coming in short, shallow intervals suggestive of piqued anticipation. Her ass was already well-lubricated and pliable from our earlier exploits, but I would take my time; oh, so much time.

I teased and teased with fingers and tongue. I'd apply just enough sustained stimulation to her vulva to where I would notice her leg begin in quiver, and then stop. I'd wait a moment for her twitching to subside, and then repeat the torture.

I had my lovely wife in that zone where she teetered between agony and ecstasy, and she loved every second of the torment.

I whispered into Gloria's ear, "You want to help me torture my wife?"

She smiled and nodded her head enthusiastically.

"You are such a naughty girl. Just do what I'm doing, and make sure she doesn't come."

Gloria replaced my fingers with hers, and commented, "Oh, she's so wet."

Gloria soon had Karen's legs twitching again. Karen let out a soft whimper of protest and tried a halfhearted plea for Gloria to bring her quickly to climax, but Gloria refused, saying, "Sorry, but Will's making me do it."

Once I got Gloria squared away, I lay beside my wife, "Are you having fun? I'm having fun."

"No; I'm not having fun, you bastard," she answered, not too convincingly, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Why are you letting me?" I retorted, "You can stop it any time you want and finish yourself off. But you wouldn't want to do that. You and I know it's excruciatingly more fun to have someone else tease it out of you; like the first time we did it, remember? We really didn't know each other then. I didn't know what you liked, or how you liked it. How hard, or how fast, or even how deliciously slow you needed it done at times. And I would blindly fumble around with you in the dark, hitting that sweet spot on occasion, but oftentimes just missing...So close to it, yet... And you were too shy then to tell me when I hit it, or that I just missed it. Then when I did hit the spot with just the right amount of pressure and speed, it wouldn't be long enough. You would be lying motionless, pussy saturated as it is now; wondering, hoping, and even silently begging in agonizingly piqued anticipation whether I would return to the spot on my own. And all the time the brief hits and near misses are sending you frantically over the edge. That is until I did make you come, and boy, how you cam..."

"Please, stick it in me...Please," she whined, the timbre of her voice showing the strain of her sexual frustration.

"And what?"

"And? I don't know...Kill the bug up my ass? What?" she asked confused, sounding as if she were on the verge of laughing and crying at the same time.

I didn't say anything, but watched Gloria sometimes hit and purposefully just miss all the right spots with her tongue. She winked at me and giggled with delight at the torment we were inflicting on her lifelong friend.

"I'll do anything you want," Karen finally said, "Is that what you want me to say?"

"It's a start. But now that you mention it, I've been thinking there's one thing I haven't seen you do tonight. It's been on my mind since the kitchen and it's made my dick ache ever since I brought it up. I would really love to watch as you eat Jackie's pussy."

For the first time since I started this whole, torturous ordeal with Karen, Jackie made a sound, "Oh, you sweet, sweet man, you."

For all of her blustering this evening and faux annoyance dealing with anything 'Jackie', Karen did not seem too unhappy at the prospect of servicing her cousin. In fact, she looked like she relished the opportunity. I suspect given the extreme state of arousal she would have willingly gone down on an aardvark if I had suggested it, providing one were available, of course.

When Jackie slid herself inches from Karen's mouth, Karen wasted no time diving into her wet vulva, as a hungry animal would lunge for a morsel of food inadvertently dropped from a glutton's plate.

"Slowly," I said, as I gently pulled her head back by her hair, "I want to see your tongue working all over her pussy...That's right...in and out...up and down...all around"

Jackie remained surprisingly quiet, foregoing her customary raunchy banter and allowing Karen to work her enchantment on her own accord.

Probably as a way to enact some measure of revenge, Karen teased at Jackie's pussy the same as Gloria and I had teased at hers. Slowly and deliberately, she worked her tongue in and around every nook and cranny from top to bottom, spending more of her effort tonguing her opening while purposefully neglecting Jackie's now protruding clitoris.

I moved in behind Jackie, cupped and pinched her hardened nipples, and said, "Seems like you two are finally playing nice."

She mumbled something back that was inaudible.

Pressing my cock hard into the small of her back, I asked, "Where would you like this?"

"You really are a sweet, sweet man," came her dreamy reply, "Surprise me."

I lifted her up, and slowly pushed my cock forward between her buttocks; it easily slid into the first available opening encountered.

Jackie let out a terse moan of delight before saying, "You read my mind."

Karen started to protest the injustice of the circumstances, "Hey, wait a fucking minute..."

"Now Karen, you need to be a better hostess. Guests always come first," I said, laughing at my pun.

"Fuck that! I'm doing what you said..."

"I said it was a start; but if you weren't serious about 'doing anything I want,' then we can stop it now and you can finish yourself off."

"That's not what I want," Karen whined, "I want you to fuck me...There!" putting frustrated emphasis on the 'There.'

"All good things to those who wait, and right now I want you to wait for our guests. Think of it this way, my love; the quicker we get Jackie off, the quicker I can turn my attention to your sweet ass."

This really must be killing her. Not only did she have to watch others, particularly her nemesis Jackie, becoming sexually gratified when she had been nearly bursting at the seams with her own pent up and heightened arousal, but she was now made to service those others in the process.

I could tell it wasn't going to take much effort to bring Jackie off. All of the women were in an extreme state of arousal, brought on by the additive effects of the elixir coupled with my raunchy behavior. My goading of Karen and her increasing sexual frustration were acting as a new catalyst of the evening. In essence, everyone was feeding off Karen's state and it escalated their own feelings of eroticism into unprecedented heights of arousal.

I held Jackie tight, keeping her still so that Karen could easily work her mouth around her sweet spots without having to worry about a moving target. I didn't do much thrusting myself, allowing Karen to do most of the heavy lifting while I just shifted my cock a bit.

When Karen fully enveloped Jackie's clitoris with her mouth, Jackie signaled us of her inevitable climax, by loudly proclaiming, "That's the spot, cousin...That's the spot...Suck my clity...suck it...suck it...Oh, you're so good...," with each phase ending on a higher note than the one previous.

Jackie proceeded to sit down hard on my cock. Wedging her hand past Karen's mouth she started slapping her clitoris as she had done with me. Jackie grunted one last, deep, 'Oh,' before a torrent of warm fluid burst into Karen's face. She continued her slapping well after her initial climax, triggering more fluid to spurt forward. Surprisingly, Karen didn't shield herself from the onslaught, instead she forcefully pushed her tongue into Jackie's saturated vulva, and swirling it vigorously around her opening, coaxed the last remnant of Jackie's climax to trickle out.

After Jackie slid off me, I leaned forward and looked into my wife's face. She was flushed and breathing heavily through her mouth. The vestige of Jackie's orgasm formed large droplets across her forehead and cheeks, making it appear she was soaked with perspiration. Her eyes blazed back at me. It wasn't a glare of acrimony, however, but one of severe sexual distress; and that look of burgeoning passion stamped on her features was seductively augmented by her mouth, which curled up into a 'Mona Lisa' smile.

"God; you are beautiful," I said to her in all sincerity.

At that moment I came to realize that all of my thinking this past week about our marriage had been wasted effort. There were many reasons why I forgave her, but it wasn't because we were both guilty of the same transgressions in our own way, or whether I was somehow culpable in her infidelity through neglect, or even out of some antiquated obligation to our marriage vows. No, I finally shelve all of the rationalizations when I saw the look she gave me; I forgave her for the simple fact that she still took my breath away.

Her smile broadened. Had she read my mind? I could only hope.

"Give us a kiss," she said.

I could still taste Jackie on her as she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth.

Releasing me, she asked, "Satisfied?"


She didn't like my answer, and started to whine again, "I can't take this much longer. Really, I mean it. I can't fucking keep my fucking legs from fucking shaking, and it's fucking driving me nuts."

"Sounds like you've got something 'fucking' on your mind."

"Yes!" she almost shouted, "Your cock buried about seven inches in my ass....Please!"

"All good things," was all I said to her.

I looked down at Jackie, who was lying peacefully on her side. Slapping her on the ass, I said, "Hey, no time for rest. Go take Glo's place and tease your cousin for a while," and then to Gloria, "You ready, Glo? It's your turn."

"Oh, goodie," came Gloria's enthusiastic reply.

Knowing that further appeals for mercy would fall on my deaf ears, Karen tried persuading her cousin, "Jackie...Please...Just touch my clit....Just a little...Jesus; just blow on it, for Christ's sake...Please."

Jackie giggled, "Sorry cuz, Will's orders."

"God; you fucking bitches...," she said as a final, half-hearted curse before succumbing to the inevitable, torturous wait.

Gloria shouldered up to me, and grabbed my cock, saying, "'Bout time. I was starting to feel neglected."

I flexed my cock, which teased a gleeful laugh from her, and said, "You're still not griping about being a fifth wheel, are you? Because I'm sure Karen wouldn't mind you taking her place."

"No, that's okay," she answered, then feeling apologetic to Karen, said down at her, "Sorry Karen. Will made me do it."

I don't think Karen was paying attention to us at the moment. Jackie was doing something with her mouth that was making Karen's legs twitch, and Karen was too busy biting the bed sheets to acknowledge Gloria's contrition.

As I did with Jackie before, I pressed my cock hard into Gloria, and asked, "Where would you like this?"

She didn't hesitate with an answer, "Fuck my little twat."

I had never heard Gloria use such a coarse euphemism, and it shocked me a bit to hear her say it in that manner. By now, I shouldn't be surprised by anything anyone said or did when under the influence of the elixir. Still, these little abnormalities in behavior would catch me unawares every time they peeked at me from around the corner; and Gloria's little abnormality was a blatant tell of her own level of sexual arousal and frustration. It also should have tipped me off as to how she was going to interact with Karen, because as soon as she climbed onto me she began a verbal assault on my wife that was stunning.

Karen had her head down, face buried in her arms as she vainly tried to stop her lower extremities from shaking, as Jackie continued to tease her pussy unmercifully. When Gloria and I were finally situated scant inches in front of Karen, Gloria began rocking her hips while I remained still, then placing a hand on Karen's still prostrate head, she commanded, "I want your lips on my pussy."

Karen responded, but slowly at first, her reactions suggesting slight disorientation with her surroundings. Her mind must be reeling at this point, steeped in a sexual fog brought on by continually being at the brink of climax, but never achieving release. Her breath was shallow and rapid. Her eyes looked glazed and unfocused. But she still retained that 'Mona Lisa' smile as she tongued her way around Gloria's vulva. Karen was being used in the worst way; she knew it and loved every second.

"That's right," Gloria intoned, "Lick all around my pussy. You like sucking my pussy, don't you?"

When Karen didn't respond, Gloria asked more forcefully, "Tell me you like the taste of my pussy."

"Yeah baby," was Karen's dreamy reply.

Gloria pressed Karen's face a bit firmer into her groin, "I finally figured out what you told Will in the kitchen, that you love sucking me. You love it when you bury your face in me, getting me wet and smearing me all over your mouth and cheeks. And I know you love it when I come."

"Yeah baby," Karen said again as she fully pushed her face into Gloria's pussy, and when Karen pulled away she held Gloria's clitoris between her lips, playing it with her tongue.

"I love it when your husband's thick cock is fucking me while you suck on my pussy. Lick his shaft while it goes in and out...Oh, that's nice...It looks so good when you tongue his cock."

After each of Gloria's statements of desire or fact, Karen slowly came out of her fog and attacked Gloria's vulva with ever-increasing vigor.

Seeing the effect on Karen, Gloria escalated her raunchy behavior, "Your husband's cock feels so good. God, I'm getting so close. I want to see you suck on his balls. Suck his balls while he fucks my twat."

If Karen was going to extract a pound of my flesh in revenge for putting her through this agonizing, sexual ordeal, now was the time. I must say that I was just a wee bit apprehensive when I felt Karen's lips close around my balls, but she took pity on me and gently, lovingly sucked on my balls with lips and tongue. The sensation was incredible.

Spurred on by Karen's continued submission to her desires, Gloria rocked faster, "That's right baby, suck on Will's balls. You look so hot with his balls in your mouth. God; I'm so close."

Gloria then turned her banter toward me, "I want you to come inside me."

"You can ask better than that. What happened to slutty Gloria, the one who said all those naughty things to my wife?"

"I want you to come inside my pussy."

"That's still not good enough. Ask me like you really mean it."

Gloria giggled, then, with a hint of embarrassment in her voice, she said slowly, "I want you to shoot your thick, gooey load deep inside my twat...Now, hurry before I come."

"See, now I believe you. All right sweetheart, bounce for me and make me come."

Bounce she did, like a rubber ball trapped inside a cement mixer, she pounded herself down on my cock with ever increasing force, repeating the whole time, "Come for me," like some ribald chant

I don't know how much cum I had left in me after all that had happened this evening, but she pounded it all out of me. As my climax began to subside, I still had enough of my faculties left to reach around to give the 'slap-Jackie' treatment to her clit, but Karen's mouth was already there.

Gloria had stopped her bouncing. Wrapping her arms around Karen's head and pulling her tight against her groin. She started to say, "It feels so...," before she was silenced by the involuntary wrenching and twitching of her body.


Karen continued to gently lick Gloria's vulva as I made my way toward Jackie, and the business end of my wife.

Jackie's lips were turned up into a devilish smile, "She's about to pop," she said, and as proof of that fact, she lightly dragged her nails across Karen's buttocks, stopping only to gently massage the sensitive spot between Karen's pussy and anus with a moist finger. The effect caused Karen's legs to shiver while gooseflesh erupted about her buttocks and thighs.

I gently rubbed her ass, saying, "You still with me, baby?"

She only moaned a reply.

I licked that area where Jackie's finger had been; more tremors and gooseflesh. Then I shifted up, lightly applying my tongue to her anus.

"How does that feel, honey?"

"You have no idea. Make me come."

I applied more pressure and slathered a liberal amount of saliva about her hole. She lowered her head down onto the bed while pushing her ass even farther in the air. It was her final, silent appeal for me to end the ordeal.

I pressed my cock firmly on her anus. Not enough to cause penetration, but enough so that the pressure and tension it exerted around the whole area of her groin sent her legs into a continual, uncontrolled twitching spasm.

I pushed in further, but barely half way.

She let out a long, low groan that ended with, "Oh my god!"

I pushed all the way in, finishing with a light bump of her ass against my body. It was the faintest of taps, but caused enough of a vibration that rippled down through her vulva and tickled her clitoris.

She uttered a more frantic, high-pitched shriek that ended with, "Oh my god!"

I continued the pattern, slow and unvarying at first; pulling nearly out of her then pushing in until I felt that little bump, and with each little bump a new vibration rippled through her groin.

The sensation started her moaning incessantly; no words, just load, protracted wails of pleasure accompanying every subtle tap, bump, and pat produced whenever I pushed in fully.

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