Before & After


"Have fun at the show."

More than you know. To my Mom, I said, "I'll try." I got into my Chevy and drove 15 minutes to the park. "MAN, it looks like I'll be waiting a long time," I whined to myself. At least I'll get a good parking spot, I thought, as I found a spot right next to the line. Running to secure that I'm the next in line, I stood behind a lovely young women.

"Hi. I'm Jessica."

"Bob," I said, extending a hand, which she shook. Jessica had a wonderful body. Short brown hair, with blue eyes. She was somewhat slender, with perky large breasts, a slim waist, with a curvy ass. If I didn't know better, she could have been Britney.

"AHEM. We only just met. I'll have to get to know you a bit better before we fuck."

CRAP. I was caught staring. "Sorry. You look familiar."

"Well, I'm not her," referring to the singer. "Besides, would Brit have a ticket to her own show?

"No. I guess not."

"How long have you been a fan?"

"Every since her first hit. She's BEAUTIFUL."

"I'll take that as a compliment," remembering I said Jess looked like her.

At last, the doors opened.

20 minutes later, it was or turn.

"Lucky. You 2 sit right in the front."

Jess grabbed my hand and rushed to find a seat. "Here's good," she insisted. The seats were only 5 feet from the stage.

With these seats I could almost touch the stars implants. Interesting thought.

"Anyhow, you find me attractive, do you?"

As I turned around, I noticed the beauty was taking off her black silky dress and only had was wearing a black shiny sports bra and matching undies. "What the HELL are you doing?" I asked, shocked.

"Answer the question." The vixen grabbed my hand and placed it on one of her large breasts. They felt extremely soft through the thin material.

"I..UH. What if where caught."

"Let em. The worst that can happen is we're kicked out, we go back home, together, and you can have me. That's the worst, so it isn't so bad." She was slowly guiding my hand over each jug and down to her snatch. "UM. That's good."

Deciding to be brave, I guided my hand inside her panties and put 2 finger's into her wet bush.

"UH. Hey. I LOOVE IT."

"SHHHH." I whispered, rolling my eyes, noting everyone in waking distance, watching us. I guess they weren't TOO appalled with the display. Just horny teens.

"YEES. HARDER." Jessica hissed.

I was still a bit embarrassed looking stupefied at the crowned. Finally, I looked at the stage. GOD. The singer was watching backstage, furiously fingering herself.

The exhibitionist noticed this, and that only increased her humping.


"NASTY WHORE." I growled.


As her filth erupted around my hand, we noticed the pop princess was also on the verge on exploding. I wasn't great at reading lips, but I could tell what the singer was saying.


With that, my "friend" and I saw a wad of sticky white girl-cum wash down the babes leg.

After she was down from her climax, she left.

Probably to wash herself, I figured.

5 minutes later, Britney Spears was announced. She came out singing her newest hit, Oops...I Did It Again," giving us knowing glances whenever she looked at us.

Her set included her most recent stuff, ending with "Sometimes."

"Baby...One More Time," everyone chanted.

1 minute later, the Grammy-Winner came back, and asked for a guy from the audience to help her out.

Of course, all the horny boys raised their hands.

"You," she said, pointing to me. "Come here."

As I got up on stage, I heard grumbles of disapproval from the other guys. "Lucky."

"Everyone, this is my good fan, Bob. He comes to many of my shows."

I do cum, too.

The star positioned me on the couch she had set up, and started singing.

With each word, the beauty was dancing all over the place. I LOVED watching this, because her large jugs were bouncing every which way. So was her butt.

"Keep it in your pants," one kid yelled.

"I'm trying, bud." I whispered. But to everyone else it looked like I was singing along.

At long last my humiliation was over. I hope no one but Britney saw my erection.

"Thanks." she exclaimed, kissing my cheek, which enraged the rest of the men. "Who's your girl?"

"Jessica. We just met."

"It didn't look that way," the chart-topper winked. As I got off stage, she asked if we wanted to come backstage.


"What did she say?"

"She wanted to know if we wanted to meet her."

"Seems like you already have. I would, though. She say anything about our play?"

"Yeah. Doesn't much care, however. Britney actually seemed to enjoy it.

20 minutes later, we were standing next to the pop starlette.

"So what do you want?" I questioned, to rudely then I should.

"You know." she grinned, passionately kissing me.

The other brunette was stunned at this turn of events. She decided to get naughty, and walked behind the singer and slapped her.


"UM." she moaned, breaking our kiss and with even harder and hotter passion, kissed the beautiful women.


To Be Continued...

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