tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBefore & After Ch. 2

Before & After Ch. 2


Note-Their is some voyearism involved in this story.

Britney was fiercely kissing Jessica with heated passion.

I found a seat on the couch and decided to watch as the 2 lovely women played. I might as well do some playing, too. Unzipping my pants, I lowered them to the floor along with my boxers.

"OH, Bob. That looks WONDERFUL." Britney said between kisses.

"Shut up." Jessica insisted, grabbing the singer by the back of her head and planting her lips back on the pop star.

As I was pulling my penis, I realized that their was another voyeur in the room. The pervert was hiding in the closet, but I realized the lovely blonde was fingering herself.

As the lovely girl was frigging herself, she glanced in my direction.

SHIT. The person was Cristina Aguilera. Cristina saw me an put a finger to her lips. "SHHH."

"OK, buddy. Time to play in the big league." Britney grinned. Grabbing my wrist, she walked me ext to her and Jessica and kissed me as hard as she kissed the exhibitionist.

Now it was her the Britney lookalike to play with her sweetness. "OH. Fuck that whore." she hissed. "Make her cum."

As my new friend was in the cloud, Britney pushed her on the couch.

"LICK HER." I growled, as I grabbed a lock of the singer's hair and pushed her into Jessica's shaved box.

"YEAH. LICK IT." the brunette ordered. Jess was furiously groping her large jugs. "I LOOVE IT." she hissed through clenched teeth. MAKE ME

I guided my cock to the sensation's pussy and shoved it in.

"UMPH." she moaned.

"You like it, don't you?" I asked, pulling on her hair.

"YEES. CUM INSIDE ME." she screamed between licks.

The other women was staring to her left. She obviously noticed Cristina. "OH. I NEED YOU." Her breasts were beet red from groping them. "UM."

The blonde in hiding was also massaging her chest.

I heard "ohhh's and ahh's with each hard thrust into her rivals cunt. "NASTY SLUT." she screamed, no longer caring about being heard. "I'M CUMMING. AHHHHHH."

I glanced over my shoulder just as her massive orgasm rocked her. When she was back from her climax, I returned my full attention to the others.



"DO THE NASTY BITCH. CUM INSIDE HER." Jessica repeated. She was too incoherent to care about it, anyhow. I'M CUMMING." she warned. Just as she said it, I saw her girl-cum spill onto the singer's mouth.

The "genie" opened the closet and stood beside me. "How does that feel?" she asked. "She's REAL TIGHT." she whispered.

Tabloids didn't lie about the story involving the 2 teens, then. I thought, and smiled.

"OH, GOD. YOUR SOO TIGHT AROUND MY DICK." I gasped. I'M CUUMING." With one final smack of her ass and pussy, I unloaded my filthy wad inside the pop phenom. "AHHH."

Britney was in testacy lapping up the other beauties' sex.

As I popped out of the Grammy-Winner, I looked at Jessica in recognition. "How dumb. I just realized where I've seen you. Your Jessica Andrews.

The country singer rolled her eyes. "DUH. Your quick." she laughed.

"Oh, hi. Britney said, looking at Cristina. "How long have you been standing there?"

"About since you walked in. So, anyone for seconds?"

"Give us 15 minutes," we chanted.

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