tagLoving WivesBefore It's Too Late Ch. 03

Before It's Too Late Ch. 03


The next morning I was sore all over from the activity I had experienced last night, a good couple of fucks, some time with the ladies and of course the whipping it took in the dungeon. Rick on the other hand was well rested, not as involved as I had been, especially when I was in the women only room and he could only watch. Part of our deal was that we would be there to watch one another and not go off on our own. Looking in the mirror after my shower I wondered what I had that I could wear as the welts from last night were much more significant and of course delicious. I looked for a long time at the red wide streaks across my thighs, my bell and on my tits. I sat on the toilet and examined my pussy and when I saw the smaller but redder marks left their the memory of the pleasure that came with those marks got me playing with my tender pussy. It didn't take long to get to the point where I wanted Rick, so I hurried back to bed and much to my delight my still asleep husband was tenting the sheets of the bed.

I pull the sheets off and straddled him and without any preamble other then to position his cock, I sat down and impaled myself on his stiff pole. Needless to say Rick awoke with a start then recognizing what I had done smiled. As I selfishly rode his morning wood Rick used his hands to play with my tits and to finger the red marks he'd made on my chest. He went to say something and I put my hand over his mouth. I just wanted some raw sex with him, no words, no claims of love, no fuck me babe, I just wanted to center on the delicious feeling of my husbands hard cock filling my needy cunt. The orgasm I wanted in the bathroom came quickly and with vengeance and I screamed as my body filled with the delight. I slowed and stopped riding Rick to let the tremors settle and knowing I also wanted to have my pussy saturated with his seed, his hot cum I started to ride him slowly.

"Ok babe you can talk now, I just needed to concentrate and get that first orgasm, now I need to feel you cum inside me."

"I just wanted to thank you, I was dreaming of you and your sweet pussy when all of a sudden my dream became a reality. Let's let this flow and enjoy it Robin."

I nodded and grabbed his hands and put them on my tits as I rode Rick's cock. It was now a time I could leisurely take him and enjoy the feeling of the cock I knew so well, feel familiar bumps and veins. God I loved fucking my man and I was damn good at it too. Just as I felt another orgasm begin, smaller yet as fulfilling, Rick's cock began to spasm and jerk deep inside me. That familiar feeling of him shooting his seed in me sent me over the edge and a wonderful feeling of pure bliss settled over me.

We stayed joined until his cock resumed its more normal dimensions and then I rolled over and Rick spooned me from behind. We stayed locked together for a long time, just enjoying the intimacy of the moment. I was thinking about all we had done and how much time we had left and I turned over and faced my man. I looked into his eyes and said.

"There is no way this comes out easy or right, but just listen and tell me your thoughts, OK?"

"When have I ever not listened, well I'm sure you have examples, but never when it seems as serious and as important as you sound Robin. Talk to me, tell me whatever it is, we can handle it."

"OK first and foremost, I've had enough of this fantasy. If you want to continue I will and I won't be unhappy or disappointed. Nights at that club are fun and exciting."

"Funny you should bring that up. I've enjoyed everything we've done, I loved seeing you fuck men and women, but in my mind even after only two nights, I'm kind of been there done that, don't want the t-shirt. Is that where you are too?"

"Yes that's exactly where I am about the club. But I did say first so you know there is more."

I watched my love's face for a reaction but he continued to smile at me, his hands caressing me as he listened. When I hesitated longer then he thought natural he said.

"Robin, we have had sex together in almost every way possible and we've now had most of that same sex in front of other people. I can't think of anything you could say that could be more embarrassing then complete nudity and sex in front of a crowd. Talk to me, that's our hallmark."

Rick's word gave me the courage I evidently needed and I spoke.

"Secondly I ..."

"Secondly tells me there is more then two coming and if you are saving the hardest for last, whenever that is I have to ask if I can take a moment to pee?"

I laughed and pushed him towards the bathroom then marveled at his butt and legs as he ambled off. When he returned a few minutes later and slid back in close to me I resumed.

"Secondly, I found that my time in the dungeon has opened up something in me that I want to continue and I hope that you are as eager as I am to at least 'fake it' for me when we get home."

The quiet as Rick composed his words was interminable for me. I had just told him I wanted him to continue to spank me use belts and whips and mark my body. To say I was embarrassed is to underscore my feelings while I waited for his reaction.

"Robin, I hate to admit that I enjoyed seeing your reaction a lot more then I enjoyed causing it. Maybe that was coming form a place where I did not know how you really felt. I will be the man you want me to be, but I need to know am I to be the husband who occasionally marks his lovely wife's body or are you asking me to become the dominant man in the house and make you a submissive."

I'd given this a lot of thought and knew what I wanted.

"Rick I want to be that submissive wife to some extent. I do not want it public, so I won't wear a collar or leash, nor will I except public humiliation. In our home, car or when we are alone I will call you Master and submit to your commands. Out to dinner or at friends homes or work, no."

"Good, we seem to be on the same page. However, I will not buy any implements. One job as my submissive is to procure, on-line or in person the implements you want me to use on you or have you use on yourself. I do however want to ask for two things that I believe would cement this whole concept."

I got a bit nervous wondering where he was headed but he's made such a concession to my already I was at least ready to hear him out. I did like the idea of me supplying the instruments of my own punishment.

"What would those two things be?"

"Robin you're not done with your list yet do you wan to continue or do you want to finish and agree or not before we move on?"

"Don't look to delay Master. I want to know what those two things are and if I can do it or not, before I get to my last issue."

"Ok well at least I know there is only one more on your list. What I want is to have you marked. From what I know that is either in the form of some jewelry, which I thinks goes beyond the scope of your privacy concerns. Consequently I would like a small tattoo that represents my mark."

Not too bad I thought. I knew that tattoos are permanent and that getting them is not a walk in the park, but given that I'd already indicated a desire for pain, it would be in line with my own desires. Of course I would need to know what and where.

"I can see that depending on what you want to tattoo on me and where on my body that tattoo would be."

"As to what, I don't know. As to where the mark would go? It needs to be someplace that keeps your privacy concern valid. My thoughts are First, on you pubic mound where you could let your hair grown back to hide it if you felt a change in your desire. Second would be on your inner thigh."

Good choices, I liked the pubic mound, though the getting of it in such a personal place would be a bit humiliating. At least it would not be someplace where it would grow as my skin loosens with age.

"I'm thinking I like the pubic mound for the location. Now what is your second issue?"

"I want your nipples pierced."

I've wanted that for years so I immediately said yes then I kissed him. We had a brief discussion and agreed that simple gold or silver bars that could be removed once the piercing holes were healed would be what we both wanted. That way we could use them when we played but they would not be a constant protrusion when I went braless which I did often. Also they would not interfere with breast-feeding. Now we were down to the big one, the one that I wanted the most and the one that had the potential to negatively affect Rick. I hoped it wouldn't and I was almost ready to drop it but like this fantasy we explored, I knew I had to put it on the table and do it in the best way I could.

"Rick, once we get home and settled back in our lives I want to be able to lick your cum from a pussy every now and again, but not all the time."

Dead silence as Rick converted my request to the basics, in order for me to eat his cum for a pussy there would need to be a woman. I didn't know if he processed that I also wanted to eat that pussy too but my man is not stupid.

"That would be a hard one Robin. You want to obviously fuck other women, women you desire women you want to fuck too. I also hear the now and again so be more specific."

At least he didn't just dismiss it altogether.

"I do not want to have an affair or fall in love with a woman. I only want to love you. This brief experience here at the club opened my eyes to two things I found I loved a lot. One was the dungeon and being spanked and marked. The other was the taste of another woman's pussy, her cum. It's not something I want all the time, but if we or I should say I see a woman who attracts me, a woman who would want to fuck me and who would fuck you too, then I would want us to pursue it. It might never happen, it might happen once a year or once every six months or two years. It's not something I ever intend to work at, hunt for or seek out but it's something that if all the conditions are right that we could do it. I have be honest, the concept of licking your cum from another woman's freshly fucked cunt is very arousing, more then my fucking her in fact. Really out there and kinky babe."

"All I can say is I am open to it now in the glow of this vacation and when or if the right candidate crosses your path, I will discuss it. I have no interest in seeing another woman and you might have to fluff me to get it done, but I will consider it at the time and we will decide together. Is that enough of an answer? Remember that no means no and if we do not agree any going behind me would be the same as an affair with a man. Lastly, no your request is not out there and kinky."

"Absolutely. In that vein if I do find the right woman and she rocks your world know that if you look her up later your balls will get removed the hard way too."

Well that was a relief and I was wet again and I could feel that Rick was up for another round so I kissed him and suggested we order up some room service since it was beginning to look like we might be in the room for a while today. Rick laughed and called down for breakfast and while we waited I called Carol to see is she and Jack would let us buy them dinner and fill them in on our experiences. They agreed to come pick us up that night at seven, knowing we'd decided to skip the club that night. We decided to tell them that we were giving up the club that we'd had enough experiences and repeating them would not make them better over dinner not over the phone.

We enjoyed our morning and part of the afternoon in bed, well fed and well fucked. Around two we decided to visit some of the higher-class tattoo and piercing parlors in Vegas and see about taking care of those two issues. Since we had the time now it made sense to do this there then later back home. The nipple piercing was easy in so far as finding the jewelry we wanted, solid silver bars with balls the ends, one of which screwed on and off. The actual piercing was a little uncomfortable but the place was high end and clean and we had instructions and medicated creams to keep the area clean.

In the same shop we found a woman tattoo artist who I felt comfortable with, considering where I wanted it placed. She was even helpful in showing us the various tattoos that other submissive women sported. I didn't want anything crude like slut or slave, nor did I want Rick's place either. Eventually I suggested simply the word HIS in a semi circle wreath of roses. Rick liked it and the woman this it was a nice touch, however if I'd know beforehand the time and discomfort I might have forgone the roses. However, a few days late when the color came in and the surrounding skin lost the irritated look I loved it.

So we came back to the casino and got prepared to meet Carol and Jack for dinner. I admit my nipples and pubic area were arguing with me to cancel and just lay back, but that submissive pain child knew this was all part of the person I wanted to be. After all I still had nothing to wear that would cover the red streaks for the previous nights thrashing in the dungeon. I might walk funny as my clothing irritated my newly pierced nipples and I might feel some discomfort in my groin from the tattoo, but I saw them as reminders that not only was I Rick's wife but I was his submissive too and I was proud of that.

Dinner with Carol and Jack was wonderful and Jack commented on my stripes with a grin and Carol told me she often had the same issues. We told them our been there done that feeling and Carol said she was surprised that we went back the second night, that she saw two people deeply in love with one another and figured once that first strange cock or pussy was had, then the thrill would be waning. She said that for her and Jack it was different, not that they loved each other less then we did, but that for them is was more of a social center in their lives. She also said that once Rick and I had children and raised them that it might be something they came back to and maybe not. I did not tell them of my desire for Rick and I to share the occasional woman, or about my new tattoo. She could see the piercing in my nipples, no way to hide that till the holes healed. All in all it was a great night and as we were about to go our separate ways Carol reminded us that they often had a couples night in their home made up of couples form the club, that is was a sexual night but like the club not required of anyone and invited us to come. She told us it was Saturday night and she would call us on Friday to see if we wanted to come, maybe have one for the road. I told her that we'd come but made no promises about having sex, and that if I did, it would be with Jack and or Carol as a thank you for the kindness and courtesy they'd shown. Jack said.

"A mercy fuck is that it?"

We all laughed and laughed again when Rick said

"If Robin fucks you she won't be showing any mercy, I can attest to that."

So we spent the next few days doing Vegas, seeing shows at night, lounging by the pool in the day. I healed and we fucked as often as we could. It was like a second honeymoon. We did go to Carol and Jack's that night but we abstained from taking on any new partners however, we did make love to each other out by their pool in full view of everyone and ultimately lounged naked for the evening. I got a few comments on my tattoo and I proudly admitted that from now on that my pussy belonged only to my husband without elaborating on my submissive desires. Carol loved seeing the pierced nipples sans clothing and said they made my tits look great.

We departed Vegas and the Club and flew home as connected to one another if not more so then when we came. Our desire to feel another cock or pussy, to have free uninhibited sex had been fulfilled and we became more focused on each other. Rick became a wonderful Master and used the various devices I accumulate to bring my exquisite pain and pleasure and tremendous orgasms. My nipple bars proved to be another source of pain and pleasure as Rick would use the bars to twist my nipples during sex or punishment. My tattoo grew more beautiful each day and I loved seeing it each morning as I stepped out of the shower reminding me whom I belonged to and whom I served.

We never regretted going to the club and over time I did find a woman willing to fuck both Rich and I. It was a good year after we came home and while it was a great experience for all three of us, like the club once I'd done it, repeating it seemed less important. Now at eight months pregnant our lives are focused on the son or daughter that will occupy us. We have our memories and every day Rick and I make new ones together just as all our memories are since the day we met.

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