tagAnalBefore The Kids Wake Up

Before The Kids Wake Up


Chad peeked into the study where his wife was busy pouring over her dissertation for school. He was so proud of her. Over the years that they had been married, she had put herself through college; first with a bachelor’s degree and then later, when she was teaching, through a master’s degree. Now she was busy working on her doctorate degree and watching from the partially open doorway, Chad couldn’t help but feel his love for her overwhelm him. She did so much for their family but still continued to strive for excellence. “I love you,” he softly said into the quiet room.

Donna glanced up from her writing with a smile. Just seeing her handsome husband, even after all their years together, made her heart do a flip flop within her breast. “I love you more,” she quietly said back.

“I’ll let you study,” Chad said with a smile. “I’ll be in the den.”

“Awww, it’s okay,” Donna replied. “I was just studying mostly until you woke up.” She smiled at him beautifully as she saw his whole face light up and then set down her pen and rose to move to where he was, her arms wrapping around him. She felt him pull her closer as his lips descended down to claim hers in a sweet kiss.

“Good morning,” he whispered.

She purred softly and looked up into his eyes with a tender and loving smile. “Good morning yourself.”

“Sleep well?” he inquired as his hands started to roam a bit down her body.

“Mmmmm … sure did. How about you?”

“Oh yes,” he answered with a grin. “I was worn out for some reason.”

Donna smiled brightly, seeing his grin. She tightened her arms around him, remembering their lovemaking last night. “I think I know that feeling,” she teased.

Chad pulled her tighter to him as his teeth grazed over her neck. Her soft moan followed by a momentary tremble in his arms was proof enough of her insatiable desire that matched his. He nibbled up along her jaw line, taking her earlobe in his teeth and tugged. This always made Donna sigh and close her eyes as his lips awakened her every sense and when she tilted her head back and slightly to the side, Chad’s tongue traced softly over her flesh.

Donna shuddered helplessly in her husband’s strong arms, her fingers drawing him close as her body pressed reflexively to his, relishing the magic his tongue always worked on her flesh. Without warning, he slipped his tongue into her sensitive ear and she cried out, her whole body trembling with desire. A tremor shook down her spine as her nails dug into the upper portions of his arm. God, what a turn on!

“Come on,” he whispered into her ear as he pulled back, taking her by the hand.

Donna’s fingers laced in her husband’s strong ones as she looked at him with lust filled eyes. “Hurry,” she whispered, “before the kids wake up.”

Quickly Chad led his trembling wife upstairs and to their bedroom, closing the door and locking it behind him. Leading her to the bed, he swiftly removed her clothes, peeling them off as his eyes drank in her beautiful form. Where he would have said something to her, he suddenly couldn’t find the words and simply lay her back. Her soft moan … the way she stretched back amid the tousled sheets and pillows … they all hastened him to hurry and join her there as her body seemed to blossom beneath his gaze.

Chad slipped between her legs as she arched upwards and moved down to nibble on her thighs, claiming her like hot searing brands. He could feel his wife tremble helplessly beneath him her fingers curling into the sheets as his mouth claimed her hot flesh. He licked his way up to dart his tongue over her beautiful cunt lips, pushing her knees to her shoulders to allow him better access, her moist depths open to his lips and tongue. Glancing between her swollen lips, he saw her puckered little bud and moved his tongue down to flutter lightly over it.

Donna gasped, arching up in a quick jerk as his tongue made contact with her throbbing clit, sending a new wave of desire over her body. Trembling uncontrollably, her breasts seemed to swell beneath his hands that slid up to captured them in his palms. Her clit throbbed unmercifully between his lips as he sucked hard on her hard pearl, causing her cunt lips to swell and fill with sweet juice. Glancing down to her husband’s head between her legs, she could see the telltale gleam fill his dark eyes and then cried out in both surprise and lust as his tongue slid to her ass. She couldn’t help but jerk upwards a bit as his tongue made contact with the musky rose-hued hole, causing it to clench beneath his sultry touch in evidence of just how tight she was.

Chad ran his tongue in light circles over first her clenching asshole and then back up to her weeping cunt before sliding back down to her musky tight hole. Digging his fingers into her shifting thighs, pushing them up a bit more, he strained to slip his tongue into her tight rim, just enough to send her thrashing beneath him on the bed, driving her to the brink of madness. Her groans of pleasure, the look in her eyes as she glanced down at him pushed him to slip it in a bit further, past the tight barrier as her clit began to throb with every beat of her heart.

Donna moaned uncontrollably, her whole body trembling with wanton lust as Chad tongued her ass, feeling her cunt juice beginning to flow and seep down her crack to give him a taste of just what he was doing to her. She could feel her nipples grow achingly tight as his tongue again flicked over her tight rim.

The taste of Donna’s sweet honey and the musky taste of her ass intermingled on his tongue, causing his cock to jump to a throbbing crescendo. Her moans were like music to his ear, becoming deeper in her throat as her cunt muscles began to clench, trying to draw him in and he knew by this time her clit was throbbing unmercifully. Glancing up, he couldn’t help but grin against her moist swollen lips as her own fingers found an aching nipple to pinch and twist.

Writhing beneath her husband’s onslaught on the bed, lust-laden eyes glanced down to see him looking up at her between her thighs, his voice like a husky growl, “On the floor, Donna. Let me see.”

She whimpered softly in response, her eyes widening a bit as his words sank in but knew how much he loved seeing just how much she craved this man that held her captive in the power of their love. The look on his face was enough to make her shake with desire as she slithered off the bed, a soft whimper of need escaping her full lips. Melting to hands and knees before him on the floor, she naughtily peeked back over the slope of her shoulders, teasing him with the tip of her velveteen tongue over moist pliant lips that part in anticipation of the fierceness of her husband’s kiss.

Chad groaned in response, wanting to ravage his wife more than ever before as she glanced back erotically to him and then his throbbing cock before she pressed her forehead down, the movement of her bared back arching in a gentle crescent to accentuate the taunt curve of her tight ass. Her hair was like a halo of wildfire that fanned out around her wanton form.

Shivering in want as her thighs parted to reveal delightful pink lips that were swollen to perfection, Donna began to pant in delicious want, daring to hope that he might take her roughly from behind. She could feel her throbbing pearl nestled enticingly between her steaming lips as the tight, dark, rose-colored hole of her ass opened above her dripping labia. Glancing back once again for his reaction to the display of her quivering holes that seem to beg for his fast and furious claim upon the woman that has forever been in love with him, she can feel a single drop of sweet nectar fall from her cunt to the floor.

Moving off the bed to kneel behind his lovely slut wife, Chad slathered lube on his cock liberally as his eyes drank in her luscious form. It didn’t matter how long they had made love … it was as if each time was brand new and his whole body ached for her. Reaching out to spread the firm swell of her ass cheeks wide, he pressed the head of his now throbbing cock against her tight hole.

Donna groaned helplessly, her eyes closing even as her fingers dub into the carpet. She couldn’t help but tense momentarily as he prepared to take her ass once again. She quivered in both anticipation and nervousness as she tried to relax. Feeling him slowly push forward, the head entering with a {POP}, she cried out softly, blue eyes widening again at just how very large he felt even with just the head in. She could feel him stop, letting her adjust as her asshole stretched to accommodate his size.

Chad could feel her relax a little and pushed forward a bit more, allowing just another inch to slide slowly in. He stopped again, letting her adjust as his hand slowly ran up the length of her spine to tangle in her long red hair. God, she turned him on like no one else had even been able to. His other hand slipped beneath her trembling belly as she gasped for breath, fingers sliding expertly between her dripping folds to tease her clit into an aching bud of desire.

Donna began to pant, her head falling forward, crimson waves of hair slipping from her husband’s fingers like a waterfall of fire around her face as she tried to relax. She can feel him stretching her once again, a mingle of both pain and pleasure sending a shudder down her spine. She can feel him slowly begin to ease his cock in, inch by inch until he is completely buried within, once again stopping to allow her to relax. Gasping for breath, unshed silver tears line her eyes from being stretched so widely, a slight sting adding to the sensations as she knows his size has drawn a bit of blood from her tight hole. Clenching her fingers into the carpet, she helplessly surrenders beneath him, moaning uncontrollably as she pushes back a bit against him, her hips wiggling as she adjusts to his size.

Chad slowly begins to move his hips, his cock beginning to slide easily in and out of his wife’s succulent ass as she relaxes. Keeping his hand beneath her writhing form, he expertly continues to strum her hard clit. He can feel her shudder helplessly, her hot juice flooding his balls as her clit throbs in delirium beneath his fingers. He slowly strokes his cock again and again within the tight recesses of her bowels and he can see a single, silent tear slide down her cheek as she glances back to him. He smiles tenderly at her, his hand stroking her wild tresses as her succulent ass pushes back, as if she was hungry for more. Each thrust pushes his cock a little deeper, his smile widening as he can feel her yield to his dark desires. Just knowing that she trusted him enough to take her in the ass was enough to send a shiver of desire down his spine.

Donna cried out, whimpering helplessly as her body began to shudder uncontrollably. As her husband pushed deeper into her tight hole, her fingers reflexively curled so tightly into the carpet that they ached. But yet her body still responds to him, wiggling back on his spearing cock to bury it even further still into her ass, moaning deliciously to feel it push against the wall of her aching cunt.

Wrapping his hand tightly in her fiery tresses, he pulls her head back to slide his tongue into her ear, knowing how that makes her lose control. Her scream of delight sends his cock driving forward into her ass as the fingers on his other hand pull on her clit.

“Oh god, baby!” she moaned out. “Oh please … oh! I’m going to cum!”

Her words made him groan in response, his breath washing over her ear in a husky caress, whispering, “I love you, baby.”

Donna lurched back at his words, the feel of his hot breath on her ear causing her to shudder hard. Cumming in waves, pushed back on his cock, crying out in desperate relief as another tear races down her cheek. She can feel him pick up the tempo as her cum slides over him, his cock spearing deeper … faster as his fingers fly over her throbbing clit. She shudders helplessly, feeling like she is building … building, her walls shuddering so hard she shakes beneath him as she cums. Her ass walls suddenly clamped down like a vise upon his cock as his tongue plunged into her ear, sending her body spiraling out of control.

Chad’s cock swelled in her ass and thick ropes of cum suddenly blasted forth to coat her bowels, his hand pressing to her belly causing her to squirt as she continued to cum hard over his emptying manhood. “Oh fuck, baby! Yessss, that’s it!!”

Hearing him cry out and feeling him shudder beneath her as his cum spewed forth into her ass send her over the edge again. Her whole body was a mass of writhing need as she came again and again, screaming in delight as her own cum flowed out over his balls slapping against her. Their moans echoed in their room as his cock shot forth the last of its load as Donna cried out. Her whole body jerked spasmodically as it responded to her lover and best friend. She could feel his cum rocket out to splatter in a heated caress within her ass.

Chad slowly pulled his cock out with a {POP} and could see his cum leak out to run down over Donna’s trembling cunt. She shuddered, falling forward helplessly to the floor as he pulled out and trembled uncontrollably as he watched her walls continue to spasm within her pussy. He fell beside her, his whole body shaking hard. It felt like his heart would beat right out of his chest as he whispered in a shaky voice, “God baby … the things you do to me.”

Donna whimpered helplessly, her whole body shaking as she felt him fall beside her. Shaky fingers reached out to tenderly stroke her husband’s face as she panted for breath, unable to speak in return.

Chad looked at her, blinking back a sudden choked up feeling that threatened to bring tears to his eyes. He had never felt this way about anyone before and as her gaze locked with his and he could see her own tears brimming in her eyes, her brought her trembling fingers to his lips for a soft kiss.

“I-I love you so much,” she whispered.

“I love you too … God, so fucking much,” he whispered back and then pulls her close into his trembling embrace upon the floor.

Suddenly they both heard a tiny knock on the other side of their door. “Mommy?” came the soft voice. Donna and Chad looked at each other, eyes wide for a moment and then they both erupted into gentle laughter.

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