tagLoving WivesBefore the Switch

Before the Switch


Jacqui knew Cynthia was having a hard time, after just breaking up with her live-in girlfriend of 3 years. Cynthia was a consummate bisexual, enjoying men and women both. Jacqui invited her to come over her house for a relaxing night of good food (take out of course) and lots of wine. David would not mind, as he was always supportive and would give them any space they needed to talk alone. Actually, he probably had some fantasies of involving the three of them, and wouldn't mind the chance to see the two of them together. She had no fears, though while David had many fantasies, she never had to worry about him acting on anything that would jeopardize her relationship.

Cynthia arrived about 7:00 with two bottles of nice wine, a merlot, and a chardonnay. After the opening the second bottle, David announced he was going out to pick up their dinner, also giving them time to talk alone. Cynthia seemed Ok with her breakup. She had seemed it coming for a while now. They were always arguing, about what seemed to be ... everything, said Cynthia. But, the sex was great. She had the sweetest pussy. I just loved licking her. And she loved how I have such long tongue. Cynthia then opened her mouth and stuck out the longest tongue Jacqui had ever seen.

Jacqui blushed, and said "Cynthia girl, you are so baaddd!"

"So, does David eat pussy?" she asked.

"Yes," Jacqui replied.

"Any good?"

"Yes, very," Jacqui blushed.

"As good as a girl?"

"I wouldn't know," admitted Jacqui.

"Oh, what a shame..."

"No, not really, David really is very good."

"Well, girl, I've had both, and let me tell you girls are much better at licking pussy. You know if you ever..." Cynthia began, just as David entered the house. Both girls suddenly got silent.

"OK, what were you two talking about?" questioned David.

Cynthia and Jacqui just looked at each other and Cynthia responded, "Oh, just Girly-girl stuff." And then both broke out into a fit of the giggles.

"Ok, my fault for asking," Replied David as he brought the packages into the kitchen.

"If the hot-tub invitation still on, I brought my bathing suit."

"Sure is," replied Jacqui. "Go and change and we'll do the same."

Passing David as he was opening the wine, Jacqui gave him a deep lingering kiss, and told him that they were going to change into suits, and that he should join them when done.

"Why do you guys need suits?" he teased her.

"Stop that right now, Mister," She playfully scolded him.

In the mirror, she examined her trim body. At 48, Jacqui looked much closer to 38. Her 34B breasts had virtually no sag, and looked larger than they actually were on her slim frame. David loved them, and always mockingly accused her of lying about her age. Crazy. What woman would say she was older than she actually was? But she knew David was all about sincerity and she reveled in the complement. Smooth skin and a nice little pubic patch barely letting what David called "her sweetness" show through. She had a nice buzz going and as her hand reached down, it sent a delicious shiver as she touched her clitoral hood. She slipped her finger between the pink folds of her neatly trimmed pussy. She couldn't believe how wet she was from that one conversation. Her eyes closed as she slowly starting to draw her finger in and out. She let out a slight moan as her thumb grazed her clit, and then heard a creak outside the room. Jacqui's opened her eyes just in time to see Cynthia disappearing down the stairs. "OMG," she thought, as she realized her door was wide open, perfectly give a great view of her masturbating in the mirror to anyone passing by. Did Cynthia see her? All Jacqui could do is hope for the best. "Calm down girl", she thought as she slipped into her one-piece bathing suit, and went out to the hot tub.

Jacqui was a bit embarrassed by what she was afraid Cynthia may have seen her doing, and hoped she would already be in the hot tub. No such luck. Cynthia was sitting in a chair.

"I was waiting for you. I didn't feel like going in alone," said Cynthia. "Come on... it's getting cold. Just look at my nipples shining though."

Jacqui looked and tried not to stare. Cynthia, had a great body at 41, and her suit was showing it all off. Unlike Jacqui, she wore a white bikini that defiantly showed off her 36C breasts. Her nipples were clearly showing through the tight fabric. The bottom cut across her hips, almost too low.

"I shouldn't be looking at her like this," thought Jacqui.. "I'm not interested in women." Yes, Jacqui enjoyed watching some lesbian porn with David, but never was she interested in girls.

Cynthia broke the spell by saying, "Girl, looks like something got you all perky as well," pointing at Jacqui's breasts.

Embarrassed, Jacqui stammered, "I err, well.. You know I get cold so easily," hoping Cynthia would buy into it.

They got in the tub just as David came out with the 3rd bottle of wine.

"Let me get changed and I'll bring out the food. You girls behave while I'm gone."

"Yes, please," Jacqui thought. She was defiantly feeling the effects of the wine on an empty stomach and her horniness level was just getting higher.

The wine flowed freely going to the 4th then 5th bottle. The food was great, and the conversation got as steamy as the hot-tub itself. Cynthia, sitting very close to Jacqui, told them how she liked men, but found women much more fun.

"I bet you feel the same way, don't you David? Asked Cynthia. "From What I gathered from Jacqui, you keep her pretty satisfied, huh? I bet you like men better than women, huh Jacqui?"

"Um, well... I... I've only been with men."

"Really? Never even experimented in college?"

"No," Jacqui lied, remembering the time she and a friend got very drunk, kissed, sucked each other's breasts, and played with each other's pussies. They weren't willing to go any further than that, and never tried again, but Jacqui remembered the erotic naughtiness of it.

"Never even thought of it?", prompted Cynthia.

"Well, we watched some videos that have had some girl-girl scenes, but that's really it.... "

"Aww, what a pity. Well, I think I need some more wine." Cynthia reached up for the bottle, but already having more than her fair share, she slipped as she was reaching over Jacqui. Of course, her hand landed right between Jacqui's legs, her mouth right over Jacqui's right nipple. As Cynthia tried to get up, Jacqui took a sharp intake of breath as Cynthia's hand grazed across her already overly sensitive pussy.

"Ok that, does it," said David. "You are most definitely not driving home tonight." Actually, it came out as more of a slur. "I don't know about you, but I'm getting ready for bed," David said as he stumbled out of the hot tub. "Coming?"

"Just a second dear," replied Jacqui. "Give us a few minutes and I'll make up the guest bedroom," she said to Cynthia.

"No problem," replied Cynthia, "I have a few things in the car for overnight... And I promise I won't drive away."

Jacqui followed David up the stairs, into the bedroom, closed the door and immediately starting kissing him. After a minute, she stripped his swim shorts off, pushed him on the bed, and started sucking his beautiful cock. Just as she was really getting into it, reality hit, with the sound of Cynthia's voice outside, the door.

"Whenever you're ready Jac, I'm all set for bed."

"Um.. uh.. we.. uh ... I'll be right out," Jackie stammered. "That better be nice and hard when I get back, mister," she said to David.

More than a bit tipsy, she went to the linen closet, focused getting the sheets, knocked on cy Cynthia's open door, and stepped inside. Cynthia was wearing a very short, loosely tied silk robe. As Cynthia walked over to Jacqui, she stumbled, grabbed the bed post, and causing her robe to open just a bit, almost revealing her breast.

"Guess I had more to drink than I thought," she said. Cynthia grabbed the bottom sheet, and as she leaned over the bed to fit it, more of robe loosened. By the time all the sheets were on, her robe belt had completely come undone barely hiding her nipples, and exposing a pair semi sheer white panties, revealing that she trimmed her pubes into the shape of a "V". Like a schoolgirl, Cynthia gave a little twirl on her toes, grabbed the bedpost for balance, saying, "I think I'm already for bed now,", seemingly unaware her spin had completely exposed her breasts. Jacqui gulped and just stared at those gorgeous globes topped off by some very large puffy nipples. Cynthia walk over to Jackie, gave her a tight hug, completely uncaring that she was pressing her bare warm breasts against Jacqui. She could smell the faint smell of her perfume, some wonderful combination of clean and woman that sent her head reeling. Cynthia lightly grabbed Jacqui's head, give her a hard kiss that must have lasted a few seconds, and Jacqui was sure she felt a tongue slid over her lips as she disengaged. Cynthia said, "You go. I think there is someone back in your room waiting to fuck you," and gave Jacqui's butt as slap before she closed the door behind her.

In the hall, Jacqui felt weak in the knees wondering what was going on with herself. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so turned on, and knew part of it was from Cynthia. She took her swim suit off, right in the middle of the hall, not caring, ...possibly even hoping Cynthia would open the door and see her standing there naked. She reached down and was amazed to feel how wet her pussy was. She leaned back against the wall, and began to masturbate, listening as Cynthia walked around the room. She heard the floor creak by the door, grabbed her breast with one hand, closed her eyes and let out a soft moan as she slid to fingers deep into her dripping cunt, fully prepared for Cynthia to open the door and find her like that. She heard the bed creak, open her eyes to see the door still closed and the light under Cynthia's door was out. She didn't know if she was relieved or disappointed that she wasn't discovered being so naughty. Why did that thought excite her so? She straightened up and walked to her bedroom thinking she needed David's tongue between her legs sooo badly.

She opened the door to the bedroom to find David turned over on his stomach and sound asleep on the bed.

"David??.... Daaviiiiiddd... No," she thought, "you can't be asleep. I need you." Couple of pokes and prods didn't do a thing.

"Fuck!" she thought. "I'll never get to sleep now."

Jacqui put on a light robe, went out of the bedroom, noticed Cynthia's light will still off and went downstairs for some more wine.

She brought the leftover bottle and a glass into the living room and turned on the TV. She sipped as she scanned the channels. Nothing worthwhile was on. Looking at the guide, she noticed the adult channels, and figured, "What the hell!" The movie started with a bunch of people at a dinner party, and two of them quickly ended up in a bathroom, and immediately started fucking without even taking their clothes off.

As they were fucking away, Jacqui poured anther glass, spilling a bit as she poured. As she noticed she was having trouble getting the wine glass in focus, she thought, "Wow, I guess I am drunker than I thought."

In the movie, as the couple were fucking, a knock comes on their door. From outside the bathroom door, a woman says, "Honey, are you in there?" Inside the man say's "OMG, it's my wife. Quick, hide in the shower."

"Yes, Hun, give me a minute," he says as he tries to shove his cock back into his pants. As he exits, he sees his wife drunkenly leaning against the wall,

She slurs, "Geez, Hun, where have you been I am so horny and have be looking all over for you," as she drags him by the hand into a nearby bedroom and starts passionately kissing him while fondling his cock through his pants. Jacqui realizes she is getting very turned on by this movie, touches her pussy, and is amazed to discover how wet it is. She slowly starts masturbating thinking that the movie looks to be unfolding into one of her favorite fantasies. As the woman drops to her knees and begins to undo the man's pants, Jacqui starts breathing faster. She realizes the woman is going to go down on the guy right after he was fucking another woman. Would the wife be too drunk to tell she was tasting the juices from another woman's cunt on her husband's cock?

When the woman takes the guys cock in her mouth, Jacqui shrugs off her robe, slips a finger inter her pussy and begins to moan. "OMG," she thinks, "the woman is so drunk she is oblivious that his cock was just in another woman." The woman goes deep on the guys cock, engulfing it entirely. As she pulls back and lets his cock slide out of her mouth, the woman drunkenly says, "Mmmmm Baby. I don't know why, but your cock just tastes so delicious today."

Jacqui closes her eyes, takes the finger that she was masturbating with, brings it to her lips, and slowly draws it into her mouth. She remembers the familiar smell and taste from kissing David after he has been licking her, but this is different. So much naughtier! Being all by herself, tasting her own juices, she begins to fantasize that Cynthia is upstairs fucking David in secret while she is down here alone. Jacqui then closes her eyes, and plunges two fingers deep into her now very wet cunt.

In her fantasy she imagines she hears something upstairs and drunkenly walks up the steps. She fantasies she would hear the bathroom door slam shut, but finds David laying on the bed, with a very hard cock. She imagines saying to David "Now this is what I've been waiting for." And in her fantasy, she starts sucking his cock that seems to have a very strange scent and taste, but a taste she find irresistible.

The fantasy is too much for her. She wants to taste her juices again, so turned on by the naughtiness of it. She takes her two fingers out of her dripping cunt and starts rubbing her pussy with her other hand. She her brings her to fingers saturated with her pussy juices to her mouth, when suddenly a hand takes hold of hers. Jacqui's eyes open wide to see and feel Cynthia suck the wetness off her fingers. Jacqui is in a state of shock, realizing that here she is, completely naked and exposed, caught masturbating in the living room alone while watching a porn flick. She is mortified, but some part of her is even more turned on be caught like this, and notices Cynthia is almost as naked as she is, wearing nothing now but those see through panties.

Jacqui begins to pull her other fingers out of her pussy, stammering, "Cyn, I, I...." Cynthia just places her finger on Jacqui's lips, leans over her, and places her hand over Jacqui's hand, not letting her stop rubbing her pussy. Jacqui feels hair surrounding her face as Cynthia leans down and begins to kiss her. As their tongues touch, Jacqui starts moaning under as an orgasm begins.

As Cynthia breaks the kiss, Jacqui shudders under the last twinges of the orgasm. Her head is spinning, between over all the wine and that orgasm.

"Orgasm!!" she thinks, "OMG, I had an orgasm while being kissed and touched by another girl!"

Cynthia interrupts her thoughts by saying, "So you liked, huh... Well, we can do better than that."

Jacqui realizes that Cynthia has maneuvered between her legs and feels fingernails raking the insides of thighs. She can feel Cynthia's hot breath between her legs

"No Cynthia," Jacqui begins, "I'm not a lesb..." and doesn't finish as a moan escapes her mouth as cyan plants a kiss right on her clitoral hood and begins a slows steady suck, coaxing out her clit and driving her crazy as she flicks it with her tongue.

Cynthia ran the flat of her tongue from her perineum, past her opening, sliding deliciously over her clit, sending shivers of delight through Jacqui's body. Cynthia continues for a bit, alternating by sucking and the flicking Cynthia clit with her tongue. Then Cynthia places her tongue at the entrance of Jacqui's opening and pushes deep inside her cunt with that incredibly longue tongue of hers. Despite herself, Jacqui grabs Cynthia's head and pushing her mouth hard against her pussy. That tongue thrusting in and out of her was driving her insane. Then she felt it coming... her backed arched, head thrown back, she momentarily thinks, "OMG, I am cumming under a woman's tongue," and then let out a scream of release as the orgasm started, and held, and held, and then finally diminished.

She looked down, seeing Cynthia grinning between her legs, her face slick with Jacqui's juices.

She started to say, "Cynthia, I... I..." and was interrupted by a creak of the floor above then."OMG," Jacqui says, "I... I can't let David find us like this," as she extricated herself from the sofa.

Cynthia said, "It's OK hun... this was just a taste... Actually, I was the one who got to taste," she purred.

Jacqui gathered her robe and started to run upstairs, stopped, looked at Cynthia and said, "Cynthia, I.. I... ," and then continued to run up the stairs.

David was back in bed asleep. Jacqui climbed in next to him, stared at the ceiling as she tried to stop thinking about the tingling that was still in her in her pussy, and what caused it, and thought, "Now what have I gotten myself into?"

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