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Begging For It


I feel like a bitch in heat.

I'm a very needy, sometimes insatiable slut. I try not to demand too much from Master, as he already provides me with a generous amount of affection and comfort. I wear my collar proudly, even when I am alone, securing myself in the knowledge that I am his property. Master takes what he likes, when he likes. And I take my pleasure from that.

But I'm hungry for his cock. I love seeing it hard, erect, ready to penetrate me. I love the way it tastes when Master fucks my mouth. I love how big and full he feels inside my tight little holes, and I love the way his cum floods me.

I want to seduce Master.

I consider my wardrobe options - my short plaid skirt? Little jean cut-offs? What about just a tight t-shirt and skimpy underwear? I decide to combine and conquer, pulling on a t-shirt over my bare breasts, my stiff nipples visible underneath the fabric, tiny lacy underwear, and the skirt that only just covers my ass.

I smooth my hair in the mirror and tug the creases out of my shirt, wanting to look my best before I present myself.

I saunter from the bedroom over to where Master is sitting at his desk, working.

I place my hands on the edge of the desk, leaning in and sticking out my ass.

"What are you doing, Master?"

"Working, Elle," he replies, not looking away from the screen.

I linger there a moment more, hoping the tapping of his fingers on the keyboard might stop. It doesn't.

I kneel on the floor beside Master, resting my head on his knee and wrapping my arms around his calves.


I feel bold, motivated by a healthy dose of desperation. My pussy aches and throbs, and I need Master to touch me. Use me. Fuck me.

My hand slowly moves to rest on his thigh and I begin to stroke gently, inching further towards his cock. I sigh softly, almost a whine, hoping he might give in to me.

"Not now, Elle. I'm busy," he says flatly, brushing away my curious hand.

I frown and my bottom lip trembles slightly. I stand up and banish myself to a chair, wrapping myself in a blanket and curling up. I stroke the blanket instead of Master, looking for comfort. After a while my eyes grow heavy and the world turns black as I drift off to sleep.

I'm awoken by a call from the bedroom.

"Come to bed, Elle."

The lights have been turned off but I see the lamp in the bedroom is on, where Master has retired to. I'm not sure how long I have been asleep, but it's now dark as I look out the window.

"Come now," Master calls again.

Still wrapped in the blanket, I walk to the bedroom, stopping a moment in the doorway to see Master reading. I take off the skirt and hang it before curling up at the end of the bed near Master's feet, turned away from him, still feeling a little dejected.

"Closer, Elle."

I roll over, turning to face him, and crawl up slowly like a cautious animal. I rest my head on his knee, closing my eyes.

"No, not like that."

Master pulls me into him and tugs my collar, making me look at him. His other hand massages my breast and plays with my nipple. It hardens at his touch.

"Who does this belong to?"


"That's right."

His hand slides down my front, making me shiver, and cups my pussy over the fabric of my underwear. I'm a little wet already.

"What about this, slut? Whose property is this?" he asks me, his thumb caressing my swollen clit.

"Master's property," I reply.


His hand slides over my hip to stroke and squeeze my ass, making me moan. He rakes his nails over my skin, making my eyes flutter and my lips part ever so slightly.

"And this ass. Who owns it?"

"You do, Master," I say,

"Good girl," he coos as he slaps me. I let out a gasp.

Master's fingers find my mouth and push in, greeted by eager sucking.

"You've been a horny little slut this evening. Are you desperate, whore? Do you need Master's cock to soothe you?"

I nod my head and say nothing in favour of continuing to suck Master's fingers. My cunt aches again and becomes wet. I feel the juices make me slippery and press my legs together.

Master suddenly takes his fingers from my mouth and I pout, yearning for the satisfaction.

"Beg for it, slut," he commands.

My eyes widen and I swallow hard, on the verge of tears. The desperation spills out of me.

"Oh please, Master? Please? I need it so badly... I've been aching all day. I want your cock. Please, fuck me!"

Master smiles and grips my neck, stroking me with his thumb.

"Where do you want my cock, whore?"

"Well, I... mm..." I trail off.

I can't look at Master and avert my gaze. He catches my chin and forces me to look at him.

"Tell me, now."

"I want both holes filled Master, please? Your cock feels so good inside my cunt... can I have a toy for my ass, too?" I ask, hoping he is in the mood to spoil me.

"My pet is very greedy..." he starts. I look down, feeling shy and withdraw slightly.

"...but Master will think about it. Bend over and spread your legs. I'll be right back."

Master gets up and leaves the room, and I quickly do as I'm told, positioning myself near the edge of the bed and laying my head down in submission.

I hear Master re-enter and I quiver in anticipation as I hear him undo his belt. He pulls my underwear down to my thighs, moistened with juices.

"Mmm... pretty pink pussy," he says, stroking the folds of my cunt. I moan loudly in pleasure.

Master teases my clit with his cockhead, rubbing gently, moving it down to my opening and coating the tip in my fluids.

"Mmmaster... ohhh..." The sensation is delicious and I arch my back in response.

"My you are soaked, little fucktoy..." Master gives my ass a hard slap.

I feel his hard cock slide into me slowly, stretching me open and he moans, squeezing my ass and drawing in a breath.

"Ahh... Mmmaster... please fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I cry desperately.

He continues to stroke at an even pace, holding my hips and not allowing me to buck back against him. I feel aggressive and frustrated, but I take it like an obedient slut, knowing my place. But I'm not to shameless to beg.

"Please, Master? Please... it feels so good. I want more..."

"Greedy slut." I feel the sting of another sharp slap across my ass. Master stops thrusting and holds me still, my cunt full of cock.

"Master? I've been a good girl. I need you..." my voice begins to waiver and my lip trembles again. "Please don't stop! I need my Master... it aches."

"Who do you belong to, Elle?"

"I belong to Master."

"Who is your Master?"

"You are."

"Mm, yes. I am..."

Master pulls of out me and I let out a low moan, anxious that he is finished with me. I curl into myself, trying to hide the ache.

"Now, now," he says, stroking my back, "I'm here. Don't fret."

I feel him lift off the bed. His feet pad a few paces across the room as he picks up something from the dresser and comes back, resuming his position. I suddenly feel the cool metal of a buttplug press into my asshole, making me moan. The fullness is soothing.

"Is that better, pet?" Master asks, penetrating my pussy again.

"Ohhh... mmm... thank you," I reply, feeling grateful.

"You're such a whore, Elle," Master says as he spanks me hard again, and begins to thrust more vigorously, "You're lucky I like to indulge you."

I melt into submission as Master fucks my little pussy roughly. I hear him groan with pleasure, to which I reply with my own moans. I claw at the bedspread as he shoves his cock deep inside me, enjoying every agonizing moment.

"You wanted more, and that's what you'll get. Until you can't stand it anymore," Master tells me, tugging on the plug, fucking my ass with it while he tames me with his cock. I scream in ecstasy, feeling consumed by him. I am filled to the core. The pressure rocks my body.

"Are you going to cum with both your little whore holes filled, slut?"

"Ma-AH... ye-yes!"

"Beg me sweetly, Elle," he demands, slowing his pace slightly and withdrawing the plug to press it back into my ass again.

"Please... Master..." I pant heavily, "let me cum... please? I'm... oh god Mmmaster... I'm yours!"

"Yesss..." Master moans, on the edge of orgasm, "take it all. Be my cumslut. Cum for Master."

With one hard thrust Master shoots his hot load into my cunt and I shake, climaxing over and over as he tugs on the plug in my ass. I take all of Master's precious cum inside me, feeling complete.

I collapse, worn out from the thorough fucking I've received. I can feel the cum leaking from my stretched pussy. Master lets me stay like that for several moments as he recovers. I sense him admiring his own work, and I smile to myself. I like to make Master feel proud.

He lays down, propped up at the head of the bed and pulls me to him, gathering me together in an embrace. I drink in his scent and nuzzle into him, more than satisfied. He pets me for a few minutes before settling down into the bed and turning off the lamp.

"Keep me, Master?" I whisper.

"You're my good girl, Elle."

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