tagMind ControlBeginner's Luck

Beginner's Luck


Sharon didn't really know when she realised what she had was special. From an early age she'd always been able to figure out what people were thinking. Nothing special you might think. Anyone can do that by looking at body language, that sort of thing. Most people can be fairly accurate with the gauging, others are totally blind to the obvious. Sharon, on the other hand, was 100% accurate. Not long after she hit puberty she began to realise when boys were lusting after her. She'd been fairly early to hit puberty, probably the first girl in her year to need a bra, and went on to a full 36C, so guys always tended to be interested in her. She'd enjoyed those early years, teasing the guys with a little bit of flesh, flirting often, kissing sometimes, but never letting anyone get a good look. She drove the boys wild, and she knew it, but she also knew that they were only interested in body, not in herself. Only when she was about 18 did she realise she had a form of telepathy, ESP or whatever you want to call it. She'd been at sleep-over with some close friends from college, and one of the girls suggested they play strip-poker. Sharon was the only one of the group who'd never played before, and after a couple of test rounds she reckoned she'd got the hang of the game.

After a couple of rounds her gift really came into its own. She could tell what hand the other players had got. Not like looking through the cards, she could just tell how bad their hands were. All of which helped her to bluff. She was several rounds into the game before she realised that the others were getting disgruntled.

How the hell did she get to be so good? Was she hustling us? Man, this ain't fair, most of us are down to our undies and she ain't even lost a single item of clothing!

Her head jerked up, rapidly.

That was the first time she'd heard clearly what someone was thinking. "How did I do that?" she thought to herself. Taking a hint she lost a few rounds in a go, making a joke about how the beginners luck was running out, fairly soon though everyone was down to their undies, the unspoken rule seemed to be that that was the stopping point, strangely. The group were a bit to conservative to go all the way, but the copious amounts of alcohol that was being guzzled seemed to be loosening people up.

Wow... I wonder what her tits are like without the bra.... there so big. Are they firm? Man.. what I would give to fondle those.

Blood rushed to her face. She was sitting there eavesdropping on someone else's erotic thoughts. Jane's from the feel of the direction. Strangely it turned her on too, she'd never been interested in women in that way, but it gave her an idea.

"I know... we could make this a bit more interesting, make this proper strip poker.. We could take this two stages further. If you lose the next round, off with everything. Once people have lost all their clothing, then if they lose another round they'll have to submit to a dare" she suggested.

Looks were exchanged around the table, but the influence of the alcohol meant that they all responded favourably.

Jane was the first one to lose all her clothes. Standing up, she reached behind her, releasing her bra strap, before teasingly revealing her small pert breasts inch by inch. Turning away from the group, then reaching down, she hooked her thumbs into the edges of her panties, teased them down, bending over to give the others a good view of her naked ass and clearly swollen vagina, before stepping delicately out of them and turning back to the table, hands on hips, defying anyone to find some thing that wasn't perfect about her, a slight smile on her face.

Sharon couldn't believe it. Sure she'd seen girls naked before, in the shower after gym, but she'd only given cursory checking glances, the sort that affirmed in her mind that there was nothing with her body.

Jane however was inviting admiring gazes, and for the first time Sharon found herself gazing lustfully at another woman, exploring ever inch of her smooth tanned skin with her eyes.

Next round and Sarah lost. Every bit as teasing as Jane she stripped down to reveal her large bust and a neatly trimmed bush. Sarah had had the biggest breasts in high school, something which guaranteed she'd had a lot of action. Rumours abounded about the guys she'd slept with. Sometimes a score on Sarah's fuck rating leaked. Hell, if a guy got a 9 he was sure going to brag about it, it was even rumoured that a certain science teacher had just got a score.

Jane lost the next round. She looked crestfallen when she realised what was about to happen. The rest of the group unanimously looked towards Sharon.

"Go on Sharon, you suggested it, you dish out the dares" one of the Sarah said a sly smile on her face.

"Jane. Starting with Sarah, and proceeding clockwise each round, you are to kiss them full on, for the duration of the round whenever that person is not having to play."

The shock around the table was evident. No one expected something quite like this, but Jane merely stood up, walked over to Sarah and started to kiss her. For a moment none of the group could look away, but soon the round was underway. Over the next few rounds people one by one lost their clothes, until only Sharon had any on. Having just finished with Cath, Jane sat down on Sharon's lap. It was obvious that Jane was getting turned on, her wet pussy was dripping onto Sharon's leg. And then...and then... and then...


Jane was kissing her and it was like nothing she'd ever felt before. Her heart started to beat faster, as she started to kiss back, until a prodding on her shoulder reminded her it was her turn. Her mind muddled from the kiss she lost the round. Realisation dawned on her that she was going to have to strip. Like a cold icicle right down her spine nerves hit, suddenly stone cold sober. Standing up she did her best to imitate what the other girls had done, teasing away her final clothes revealing her all.

The admiring glances began to turn her on. Slowly she lifted her hands up, and pirouetted slowly, giving everyone a good chance to look at her.

Sitting down, Sharon concentrated on the game, determined not to lose this one. Cath lost, though she didn't look to sad about it. Eagerly the group looked to Sharon to see what she'd come up with next. Sharon smiled, she was on to a roll, ideas flooding to her head.

"Cath. Starting with Sarah, you are to hold her cards for the duration of that round. You are to sit on her lap with your legs spread and let her fuck you with her fingers."

Sarah was only too happy to oblige, teasing around Cath's clit and lips for most of the round before slipping her fingers in deep, moaning in unison with Cath.

Looking at the rest of the group Sharon realised the game was over. Rach had started kissing Lisa, leaving just Jane and Sharon not doing anything. Jane walked over to Sharon and pushed her down flat on the floor. Laying on top of her, Jane kissed her again, and again, with more and more passion, grinding her pussy against Sharon's. Quickly inverting, Jane lowered her pussy to Sharon's face, before starting to lick hers. Sharon didn't know quite what to do, losing herself in the new sensation of having her pussy licked, it was only when Jane pushed her pussy into Sharon's face that she realised she'd better return the favor. Reaching out tentatively with her tongue, Sharon started to tease Jane's clit. Round and round, briefly touching then away, repeating Jane's actions, then away and down around her pussy lips, dabbing it lightly into her pussy, moaning, groaning, trembling as waves of ecstasy flooded her body. Dipping her tongue deeper, faster, harder pushing her own pussy closer to Jane's face, dipping in unison, licking, tasting, teasing, rubbing, licking, rubbing, pushing, all in unison with Jane. Suddenly intensely she went over the edge, experiencing her first orgasm, waves after wave of pleasure rippling through her, overloading her senses, a sudden flood from Jane's pussy and a scream showed that Jane was experiencing her own orgasm.

Turning round to meet face to face with Jane, Sharon gently kissed her, reaching out her hand and teasing a nipple, delighting in the sensation of Jane's hand on hers. Slowly, peacefully Sharon drifted to sleep arms around Jane.

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