It would take far too long for me to explain how I got in the situation in the first place so I'm not going to dwell on that. Just say that I went to my bedroom with my husband's friend while my husband was watching a football game just a room away with a requirement that I let him fuck me.

"Okay, baby. How do you want it?" Randy said as I turned to him when we arrived. My hands had gone to his heavy, rock hard chest as I looked up at him. He's a very big man and was nearly looking straight down at me.

"Listen, Randy. Can't we just stay here a while and say we did it?"

"I would never get away with telling Ted a lie like that. Besides, I want to do you, baby," he answered with a grin.

"But Randy there's something you don't know. I haven't even told Ted yet," I said, hoping on hope that it would make the difference. "I know I'm ovulating right now. If you do it, there's a super chance I'd have your baby. You know what that means."

"You're not sticking me with child support," he said simply.

"No. I would never do that anyway," I said. "But just think. You'd never know if there was your baby running around. And you are so much bigger than Ted, we'd all know it was yours."

"Yeah, that's true." I thought I was winning.

"If you absolutely have to do it, I guess you could go out and get a condom," I said, presenting an alternative that would probably prevent the problem of getting pregnant but do anything about being with him. I thought it was a pretty bad compromise but at least a little better.

"No. Rubbers suck. Can't feel a damned thing. Besides what do I say going all the way to the drugstore this time of night. Shit, it would take an hour."

I took a deep breath before I even offered the alternative.

"I guess, if I have to, I could suck it but ..."

"Yeah. But ..." he said. "I know you hate doing that and it's no damned fun at all when a woman isn't really into it. Besides, it's nowhere close to as good for me.

"I mean, some guys get off on seeing a woman on her knees like that even if they are just taking the head of their cock. I know you wouldn't take more than just the head and it just doesn't do it for me."

He isn't a monster and seemed to really be thinking about what I'd said. He was rubbing my back and shoulders as I leaned my head against him.

"I know it's super dangerous," I sighed. "But if you pulled out before you cum, there'd at least be a chance ..."

"Problems with that, too," he said. "I have a lot of pre-cum and they say it's as full of sperm as anything. But the biggest problem is that when I'm fucking a woman, there's no way I can stop in the middle that way."

It seemed like there was nothing I could suggest that he would accept. I was worried, frustrated, and just plain scared. I could almost feel another man's baby growing in my stomach and what my husband would think of that when it happened. I wondered if I would end up divorced and trying to raise this man's child by myself. I couldn't even think of an abortion.

"There is one thing we could do," he said but he didn't sound very confident.

"Anything," I said.

"Have you ever been butt fucked?" he asked. I gasped.


"My god no!" I said quickly. "That's disgusting!"

"It really isn't," he said simply with a shrug. "I enjoy it a lot and women I've talked to about it say it's different but feels great."

"But isn't it dirty?"

"Maybe a little but it washes off. Not dirty for you," he explained. I wasn't so sure of that but he seemed convinced.

"But it must hurt," I noted. I'd had some bowel movements that were uncomfortable.

"Just a little when it first goes in," he said with a shrug. It wasn't his concern, after all. "But we'll get you good and lubricated and relaxed so you might not even have that."

"Okay, if you say so. But ... be careful, okay?"

"Of course, honey."

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Let's get your panties off first," he said and lifted the sides of the little skirt I was wearing to hook the sides of my thong. I helped by lifting one foot at a time as he got them to my ankles. "You sure you don't want it in your cunt, right?"

"Yeah. I'm sure. So what position?"

"All the positions you usually get laid in work. But maybe butt fucking it's a little easy for you doggy." I know I grimaced. Of course Ted and I had done it doggy but I always felt like the name - a girl dog or something. Since he said it would be easier though, I decided it was as good as any. Besides, you can't do a bunch of kissing when you're fucking doggy style and that seemed like more infidelity than fucking. I said okay and crawled up on the bed and stayed on all fours.

"The K-Y is in the night stand," I told him and he got it.

"Good girl. You're gonna love this," he said with a big self-satisfied grin.

I always thought the sound of the K-Y coming out of the tube was pretty gross. Ted and I used it mostly after my periods when I get pretty dry. He dropped the tube near my knee and tossed my skirt up on my back.

"Oh, yeah. That's a gorgeous butt, honey. Beautiful little asshole," he said as he touched it with his finger. Ted had touched it while we were fucking sometimes but that was it. When his other hand clasped my ass cheek rather roughly to open me further, his fingertip went into me a little and Ted hadn't gone that far.

It didn't hurt and wasn't uncomfortable. It also didn't feel like taking a shit or anything else I ever felt. Really, it felt pretty sexy when he pushed it further up me. He squeezed out some more K-Y and withdrew the finger enough he could put another finger against it. The two fingers were a little uncomfortable but it still didn't hurt at all.

"You know some like to be fist fucked here," he said as he got more K-Y and put another finger in me.

"Not ... uh ... me," I gasped. I heard him undoing his pants and felt his distraction as the fingers in me stopped squirming around and around. Another squirt of K-Y he apparently put on his dick because he was still distracted for a minute. Then his attention returned to moving the fingers that were up my ass.

"Okay. We're ready now," he said and pulled the fingers out. It stung a little and I could distinctly feel the wetness of the K-Y back there. Then he pressed against me again, positioning himself. Holding my hip with one big hand, he pushed, let off a little, and then pushed hard.

I never felt anything close to that. I heard my scream of pain through a blank screen of bright red and yellow.

"Okay?" he said softly, not moving at all. It still hurt but it wasn't that blinding pain.

"No! Stop okay? Please. That just hurts so ..."

He pushed in again but easier than before and the pain intensified for a second but nothing like that first penetration. I heard my extended moan distantly.

"That's it, baby. Relax," he said. No way was he going to take it out. "If you make like you're taking a shit, it'll go easier."

I tried that and was rewarded with another push of his cock into my guts. Now he was backing out a little and pushing in harder then repeating it. I knew I couldn't take it when I felt his legs against my ass.

"Great. There we go. Now's the really fun part," he said. I could hear the smile in his voice even if I couldn't open my eyes or say anything myself.

Both his hands were on my hips and alternated between holding tight and pulling me back onto him harder as he started a slow fucking motion. I know I was moaning and it was punctuated with louder squeals when he pumped in and hit my upturned ass with the front of his legs.

"Love it, don'cha, baby?" he said in spite of everything I'd said or my body language that had to tell him how much it still hurt. Well, okay. It didn't hurt that much now but I was clenched up tight expecting it to anyway. As if to get some kind of response from me, he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into my ass. I squealed loud then. Maybe it didn't hurt that much but it sure as hell made itself known in a big way.

Loving that, he chuckled, and continued fucking me that way. Drawing it almost out and slamming back into me. Then faster. As the noisier sounds of our sweaty bodies hitting together took over with the squishy sounds of him going in and out, I still heard him grunting and panting from it.

"Oh, fuck," he gasped, barely getting it out and speeded up again. I couldn't hold myself up and apparently he didn't want to any more because he let me fall forward flat. Unbelievably, his cock went up me more than before. He was really fucking hard and fast and laying on me.

I was nearly distracted by his grunts and wild humping. But I still felt something almost like it was crawling up my spine, a little further up every time he slammed against my ass and the deepest inside me. Overwhelming enough to blank everything else, I was anticipating it getting wherever it was going when it suddenly broke like a massive wave.

I know my lower legs curled up against the sides of his and my head went back. I may have even partially lifted my shoulders on my arms with the totally outrageous feel of it. I was drooling and might have screamed again if I could breathe at all.

Then I felt him shoot his cum up my ass and all the feeling intensified. I was shivering and shaking with the feeling of it all, arched on just my front and arms.

He backed off and slammed back in to pour another bunch of cum into me with a loud moan before he did it again and again and a final time when he dropped like a rock onto me. I felt crushed by his heavy body as he panted against the side of my face.

"Get ... off," I moaned. I really couldn't breathe. He chuckled and lifted himself onto his elbows. He pumped his ass against me a couple more times but I could tell he was getting soft.

Then he shifted up off me and slowly pulled it out of my ass. I could feel his cum leaking out of me first. Then I farted really loud and gross and wondered if I could keep the stuff in me long enough to clean up. He laughed out loud and smacked me on the butt hard enough to sting.

"See. I told you you'd love it," he said chuckling as I tried to get the strength to get up to go to the bathroom. When I finally got to my feet, he was already out of the room and I heard him taking a piss in my bathroom. I bypassed it and went into the hall bathroom instead and barely made it to sitting down before it seemed a gallon of cum started flowing out of me punctuated by farts.

I used a lot of toilet paper and then wet a washcloth to do my butt and legs where it had gone. That definitely is not a turn on.

Strangely, my ass tingled really pleasantly and, when I checked my hair and make-up, I was glowing with the orgasm I had.

I was just leaving the bathroom to retrieve my panties when I heard Randy walk into the living room where Ted had been waiting.

"Okay, dude. I opened up her asshole like I told you I could," he said in a boastful voice.

"Cool, man. How'd you talk her into it?"

"I just told her I'd knock her up if I fucked her cunt and she didn't want that."

"Yeah. Good. Okay. So you think she'll let me now?"

"Fuck yeah. Why not? I mean you're half the size of my cock and she'll really love it."

"Cool. Wow, thanks, man," Ted bubbled.

"Hey, no sweat. It was a good time, you know," he said. "Besides, you remember the payback, right?"


"Okay. So tomorrow night you get her ass and I get her cunt. I bet she'll go out of her fucking mind," Randy said with a chuckle.

I stood there in the hallway and shivered.

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