tagIncest/TabooBehind Closed Blinds Ch. 02

Behind Closed Blinds Ch. 02


I wasn't new to pregnancy scares. I certainly wasn't new to the terror associated with them, and the long, hard downhill tumble from highest ecstasy to desperation. I wasn't really the anxious type. Panic silenced me, froze me rigid. And now I was frozen rigid, hard as a baseball bat inside my mother's cum-drenched pussy!

My heart hammered like a locomotive but I was going nowhere. Her thighs still gripping me, her hands stroked and patted my backside as we looked at each other in the morning gloom.

'Well, you got what you wanted,' she said finally, having caught her breath. Still her breasts pushed into me in slow, incredibly calm heaves. 'Jesus, you're like a rock inside me...'

'What were you thinking?' was all I could think to ask, incredulously. 'Do you realise what we've done?'

'Well,' she paused, and licked her lips. The way she looked at me, I couldn't believe that she actually seemed to be well aware and very conscious of her decision. 'If it happens then it happens. And I guess it happened.'

She squeezed me tightly with her vaginal muscles, just a little spasm, but it felt like a nudge, a slight budge to urge me on. And here I was devastated while my mother just seemed to accept that she had forced me to cum inside her. 'You know what you just did,' I repeated.

She let out a little sigh, parted her lips and subtly rolled her hips to coax the monster buried deep. And then, 'we'll deal with it later, I guess, but if I am pregnant then we might as well make the most of it, seeing as it clearly turns you on.'

I gasped.

'But it does, doesn't it,' the rabbit hole tempted the rabbit. 'Knowing what we just did, the danger and the sheer wrongness of it all turns you on. I always knew you had that in you.'

'Mum,' I started, only to be cut off.

'You might as well make sure we're certain,' she reasoned. 'Spurt your hot, sticky come into your mother's womb some more. Make it all the more worthwhile.'

And she kept rolling and rocking her hips under me. I could feel her hot, slippery sheath sliding up and down my shaft. I couldn't lie. For as great a headfuck as this was, and I was petrified, I was also the most turned on I'd ever been in my entire life, against all odds.

'How fucking turned on are you right now?' I asked. I then met her halfway, carefully plunging back inside her, lubricated mostly now by my own sticky hot load. 'You don't seem the slightest bit worried.'

'My own son just marked me as his own and filled my belly with his seed,' she declared huskily. 'I'm about to go over an edge I never even knew existed.' And the intensity in her eyes when she said that was truer than anything else so far. It left me ragged and breathless, straining harder against her cervix.

The kiss we shared then, it came with a passion and gave into a nature that I didn't fully understand; full of guilt, and yet shamelessness; so filthily erotic and yet not without that familial instinct. If anything I imagined that it was the kiss that Bonnie and Clyde last shared before they went down in a hail of bullets.

Our lips stuck together dryly, and desperately, in the moment. Our hot, stale tongues scraped and swirled against each other, a last-ditch mating ritual of the damned as we began to synchronise together again. The monster that I now knew I was took over as I struck home like a heat-seeking missile, gliding towards its target with terrifying precision.

My mother reflected that in me, forcing herself down onto me with every soggy, squelching plunge into the deluged recesses of her sinful flesh. We were still mother and son, but now we were also a heaving, hot mass of delicious corruption, copulating orgasmically to the soundtrack of harsh colliding breaths and wet, slapping skin on skin.

'I am going to fuck you until your womb explodes,' I growled.

'Yesssssss,' hissed the serpent that seduced first born man and woman, brother and sister no less.

'And you're going to give me a daughter in nine months time,' I improvised, losing my mind for the vile filth that was to spew forth from it. 'And then two decades later her loving, consenting, hungry adult pussy will be riding up and down the long length of the very thing fucking you to completion right now; squirting and gushing all over my balls, just like her mother/grandmother did!'

'For the love of Jesus's basketball sandals, holy fucking Christ,' Sara choked, her eyes suddenly wide and scared. 'Are you actually fucking serious?'

I don't know where that came from, nor the insane strength that came with it. Racking her legs over my forearms, I bent down and scooped her up, rolling back onto my knees. Hoisting my mother up against me, her slick, well-sweated body slipping up and down against mine, I carried her up and down on my upturned cock and watched as her eyes rolled back in their sockets.

The thick, rubbery nipples of her full, glistening breasts rubbed up against my chest, somehow causing every hair to stand up on my body that wasn't matted down with every hot rivulet of sweat. God, my own mother, such a perfect little fucktoy. I blasted her full of spunk there and then, crying at the sheer effort that it took not to collapse. I absolutely had to fuck her for as long as I could stay hard inside of her, but I was burning out.

I growled, seethed, hissed and hulked like a savage. Somehow she understood. As much as she seemed to love being fucked that way, helplessly and hopelessly manhandled as I seeded her deeper, Sara forced her weight onto me, found her footing against the mattress and wrestled me onto my back with sudden and shocking strength and agility.

'More,' I groaned, my cock red raw and straining. I was still oozing come. I was sticky and hot, and when she knelt down to suck me clean, I grimaced at the extreme sensitivity I was experiencing by that point. I almost wailed, 'you're killing me!'

'No,' a calm, motherly voice cooed. 'Calm down now, baby,' she soothed. And as the monster began to recede back into the murk of my consciousness, I lay there in her arms as she ever so gently and elegantly rode me the rest of the way. It was bliss, all cuddled up in her curves, her breasts mashed softly between us. The tired, well-fucked, fair-skinned blonde atop me soothed and cradled me as she coaxed and milked me to my shuddering final death.

'I don't know what just happened between us,' she said uncertainly as she kissed the sweat from my eyelids. Every breath we took, heaving together, was like a final extension of our primitive incestuous act. 'But maybe now's the time to tell you that I've had my tubes tied.'

I was too exhausted to respond. But good, and thank the heavens - or whoever else - for the woman they left me with. I breathed, and I breathed, and I breathed...

'You evil cow,' I muttered. I managed a short-breathed laugh, and then a little more. 'You scared the shit out of me.'

'And what was that about your future daughter?' she hinted, pointing out that she was no less innocent.

'I was making it up as I went along,' I offered bleakly. 'Sorry?'

'I didn't say to stop though, did I?' Sara kissed my soaked brow, my cheek, and then settled in to make out tender and slow. Oh my god, what were we? 'And we definitely didn't stop...'

'So you're not pregnant?' I asked, peering into her eyes through the blur of my fatigue. She shook her head.

'I wanted to surprise you,' she smiled mischievously. 'And I had it done just for you and me.'


'Surprised?' mum asked.

I chapped my dry lips together and took a deep breath. Just as I did, my spent, poor cock finally plopped out of her oozing, burning love canal and dropped dead against my inner thigh.

'You could say that!'

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