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Behind Closed Doors


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Dickgirl x Femboy | Incest (Mother x Son)


It might have started out light, but It hadn't taken long at all before their kissing had developed into something more. It had begun as just a quick little kiss, not their first but sweet all the same, but before he had known it, he had had her shirt up over her head, her bra soon joining it in tandem on the floor, his small delicate hands guided by hers, both of them eager for him to start exploring the sensuous curves of her body.

It had been euphoric, the warmth and softness spreading under his fingertips as he had groped and squeezed her, needing to feel her in his hand, his confidence building as he wanted more and more, cupping and freely playing with the swell of her breasts, much to her delight.

As they kissed, his hand firmly pressing against her chest he felt her hand move down the front of his pants, tracing the smooth line of his feminine figure until it had come to his cock.

He had moaned into the kiss, eager as he had felt her fingers close around his cock, her hand finding it hard and giving it a few small quick strokes.

She had broken the kiss then, sitting up, Alex had looked across at her, a soft blush on his feminine features as their eyes met, hers searching for a moment before she spoke, her voice sounding a little cold.

"Did you hear that?" She asked, but he shook his head, he hadn't heard anything.

He bit his lip, concerned and a little disappointed when her hand left the tightness of his pants and she stood, stepping away towards the drawers on top of which she had placed her phone.

"What is it?" Alex asked softly, his eyes looking at her with concern as she picked up her phone, unlocking it and scrolling through its contents.

"I swore I heard it buzz..." She said, hesitating for a few long moments, her gaze flickering from the screen to him.

"I-is everything..." he started, but she cut him off, hurrying over to collect her bra.

"It's my parents... They texted me to let me know they have to come back, you can't be here when they get back." She said hurriedly and, without any reason to doubt the love of his life, he nodded, eyes wide as he sprung to his feet.

Still dressed it had taken him virtually no time at all to get himself ready, shuffling his coat on over his narrow shoulders and pulling on his shoes.

She had seemed keen to get him out of the house as soon as possible and he hadn't resisted, finding himself torn from the warmth of her almost nude embrace into the bracing cold of the night air in less than five minutes.

He had been hurried out so quickly that when he turned to the door to kiss her goodbye, he had only been met by the approaching swing of the heavy door which swung shut with an air of finality.

He had sighed and, head down against the biting chill of the night air, had made his way home walking through the familiar streets illuminated only by the occasional street light.

When he returned home, feeling more than a little dejected, he had stripped himself of his coat and shoes, leaving both by the door before moving through to the sitting room, giving the room and attached kitchen a sparing glance to check for his mom before settling down on the sofa with a little sigh, curling his legs up under him.

A night alone at home wasn't quite what he had been expecting and was a far cry from where he had been just a short while ago, in the soft enticing embrace on his beloved girlfriend, about to, he hoped, if not lose his virginity, at least go down on a girl and maybe get something in return too.

Nevertheless desperate to talk to her he pulled his smartphone from his pocket, putting in the little pattern he used to unlock it before checking for messages.

Alex smiled a little, his longbow lips drawing up in a gorgeous little line as he saw a notification from her already, and without knowing the path it was about to set him down, he opened and read the message.

"Alex, you're really really sweet and I'm sure you're going to meet someone perfect for you sometime, but you're really just way too small for me. I knew you were a little girly and I thought that was super cute but a relationship needs to be more than that, I need a physical connection and I just don't think I can have that with you, you're just too pathetically small. Bye Alex."

He hadn't responded, he hadn't needed to. The little 'seen' icon that would pop up the message for her would be all the response she would need from him to know he knew it was over.

He'd sat stunned for minutes, the phone dimming then locking in his hand, left completely shocked by what he had read. He wanted to unlock his phone, to read it again to be sure he hadn't misunderstood, but his fingers wouldn't move.

The phone clattered to the floor and Alex scooped up a cushion, bringing his knees high up to his chest and sandwiching the plush fabriced cushion between his face and his knees, his chest rising and falling erratically as, with no other way to react, he began to cry.

Jenna had been upstairs enjoying the peace and quiet of a house without her effeminate darling son with a luxurious hot bath, scented candles and more than one glass of white wine when she had, to her surprise, heard the door.

With no one else in the picture for her it could only have been Alex returning and, a little annoyed, she had let out a little bit of a sigh. While she adored her son to no end, she had been looking forward to a little bit of a break from having to control herself around him.

She had continued to relax in the bath, assuring herself that she wouldn't be needed at least until the water ran tepid and was content to enjoy this little slice of peace, but the unmistakable sound of his crying reached her, even through the bathroom door and the pillow she knew he was doubtless clutching.

Biting her lip and with a little grunt of effort she lifted herself from the bath, her arms tired and heavy from what had been the penetrating heat of the scented waters, whose comfort she now left behind to be greeted by the steamy air of the bathroom, pleasant, but not nearly as pleasant as her bath had been.

Stepping carefully as not to slip she moved to switch the bathroom light on, the sudden iridescent light permeating every nook and cranny of the room serving to sweep away the last remnants of the warm relaxing atmosphere she had created with the candles low flickering light.

She caught a general outline of her figure in the steamed up mirror, unable to make out any detail as she picked up a thick white towel, patting down her fair skin in a hurried way, not being as thorough as she often would be, wanting instead to find out what had upset her son, though she had a pretty good idea.

After drying herself she glanced down at her body, twisting her wide hips this way and that to see if there were any glistening beads of water she might have missed on her impressive curves and swinging cock, but seeing none she set the towel down, scooping up instead a comfortable robe which she pulled on over her shoulders, feeling the fabric wrap around her like a well-deserved hug.

Her breasts, full and soft, felt uncomfortable without the support of a bra, but not wanting to go through the bother of finding and putting one on she opted instead to tie the bathrobes cord a little a higher under her bust, pushing it up and presenting a few inches of cleavage. Not that she was trying to look alluring, but with a bust as impressive as Jenna's, there are few things you can wear without displaying your gifts just a little bit.

Blowing out her candles and finishing her wine she padded from the bathroom, opting to clear away the clutter later. She moved to the stairs and with one hand on the railing glided quietly downstairs, the carpet muting her approach.

"Alex sweetie?" She asked lightly, scanning the room as she entered with her hazel eyes, her gaze quickly settling on the small curled up figure of her son, wrapped up in his own arms on the sofa, his phone beside him on the couch, left ignored.

She hesitated, leaning on the doorway briefly and tilting her head, but he didn't respond to her arrival, didn't even acknowledge she was there, if he had even actually noticed.

Jenna took in the scene, piecing together the simple clues. He was supposed to be spending the night with his girlfriend, their first night together and, given how flustered he had seemed before going around, likely their first time doing a lot of things. But given his current disposition...

"Oh sweetie..." she said softly as she stepped over, sitting down gently on the couch beside him and slinking an arm around his slender waist.

It took a little persuading, but she was able to divert his curled up form from being wrapped around his cushion to be embracing her instead, his arm draped over her stomach, his head resting on the warm swell of her heavy chest.

She held him gently, consoling him with soft shushes as she gently caressed his long silken hair, waiting for him to calm down a little before she asked the question they both knew was going to come.

It took a little while, but his sobs and shakes slowly ebbed away, leaving him sniffing, breath still ragged as he leaned his head on her, staring off at nothing.

Glancing down at him, her face one of concern she reached down, one delicate finger wiping away one his tears, her touch drawing his attention, his doe-like eyes looking to meet her own.

"What happened, love?" She asked, the question inevitably making his lip quiver, his gaze quickly shifting away from hers once more, his hand clutching at the soft fabric of her robe.

He opened his mouth to speak, but after a moment closed it again, swallowing, "S-she... She..." he whimpered softly and she gave him a gentle reassuring squeeze, "She broke up with me..." he finally managed, though his tone weirdly, seemed a little defensive.

"Oh, honey... I'm sorry," she said, holding him a little tighter, "I know how badly it hurts." Which was true, she had had her own fair share of bad breakups back in her youth, before Alex. "Did something happen?"

He swallowed a little and looked away and she knew him well enough to read the flood of embarrassment on his features.

"Hmm?" she said softly, pushing just a little in her curiosity.

He looked up at her for a moment, taking in the soft smile on her full lips, noting how dark her usually vibrant naturally orange hair was, likely still wet from her bath. After a moment he sighed a little, relenting, though his voice remained soft, a little distant.

"She... Well..." he bit his lip, "Okay, so we were just... You know... Just..."

"Fooling around?" she offered helpfully and he blushed before nodding, almost imperceptibly.

"Y-yeah, but, I... She told me to go and I did... Then she just... She texted me and... And she... And it..."

His string of words trailed off showed no signs of picking up where it left off. After a moment she reached across and collected his forgotten phone, pressing it into his hands.

"Why don't you just show me hm?" She asked gently.

Uncertainty he turned the phone over in his hands a couple of times until, at last, he relented, thumbing in the pattern that unlocked his phone and handing it to her.

She gently held it in her hand, away from his face so she could browse through his phone without having to reveal whatever the text had been to him again.

She knew her way around a smartphone and was soon inside the messenger she knew he used and found the most recent conversation.

She tapped it open and read through the message, feeling him curl up a little tighter against her as she did.

"Ooh honey..." she said softly, her voice consoling as she let out a little sigh of faux disappointment directed at his now ex.

After rereading it and, hiding a smirk, locked the phone and set it down once more, pulling him just a little tighter to her.

"What am I supposed to do now..." he said quietly, not framing it as a question, it coming across more of just a statement of how truly lost he felt in the moment.

She paused for a moment, seeing the conversation he probably expected play out before her, reassuring him he'd find someone, that she had just been shallow, that he was beautiful and kind and funny and any girl would be lucky to have him. But inside she knew that wasn't true.

"Give up..." she said softly and he looked up at her a little sharply, his eyebrows furrowing a little and he looked at her in confusion.


She shrugged a little, "I said you should give up."

"On what, her?" He asked, uncertainty.

She nodded a little, but continued, "and pretty much on girls in general, in a way... I mean... Oh, Alex, I knew I'd have to have this talk with you eventually but, there's really no nice way to go about this."

He moved to sit up a little, which she let him, but kept her arm snuggly around his waist, noting how as he sat up, she remained looking down at him, his body so slight as to be shorter than her.

"What... What talk?" he asked, concern in his voice.

"I mean... I'm sorry, but every natural born woman is going to have the same reaction as she is... All of them." She paused, letting her words sink in, knowing that sometimes delivering the truth was like ripping off a band-aid. "You're never going to really be able to satisfy them, you're not really all that much of a man, you must know that?"

He looked like he'd been slapped and she couldn't really blame him, but she kept her voice steady, her demeanour gentle. She watched as his eyes teared up once more, the boy feeling a second dagger in his back, this one from an even less likely source.

"Why... Why are you saying this?" He said, voice quavering, very much on the verge of crying again and, she gathered from his body language, very close to leaving her and storming off upstairs.

She thought for a moment... Because he had to know at some point? Because in this state, broken and vulnerable she sensed an opportunity? She had been looking to relax and unwind with a hot bath, but she had watched her son grow up into a hot piece of ass and maybe it was finally time to teach him that?

"Because I love you," she smiled sweetly and squeezed him, "and I want you to be happy." Not untrue, she thought.

"By saying I've failed as a man?" He asked, his accusation coming out in a soft shaky voice.

She paused for a second, reaching up to brush a strand of her almost dry orange hair back into place, their natural curls becoming more apparent as the weight of the water faded from it.

"Alex... To say you failed as a man isn't really fair."

He swallowed a little and seemed a little placated by that, indicating he hadn't exactly understood what she had meant.

"I mean, you never ever really had any sort of a chance at being a man, I always hoped for your sake that puberty would be generous to you, and it was, just... Not in the ways most young boys hope it would."

He scoffed a little, but tears were now once more running freely down his cheeks, "Oh, then how exactly was it generous?"

"Sweetie you're so beautiful! I don't know how you don't see that... You keep comparing yourself to what you think a man should be, but have you ever just stopped to compare yourself to just about any woman? You're gorgeous honey, I mean I would've killed to have skin as perfect as yours at your age, smooth as anything, curves and hips and an ass like you spend half the day doing squats..." she giggled a little, but he didn't laugh, he merely looked dejected.

"So what, no woman will ever want me, you said so yourself! I'm just a-"

"Hey," Jenna interjected, poking him gently in the arm, "I never said that."

"You said-"

"I said you'd never satisfy any natural-born woman," she clarified.

"Okay so I'll never satisfy any woman, that's the same as them not wanting me isn't it?" He said, sounding more than a little exasperated.

She shook her head, "Alex you aren't listening, I said any 'natural born' woman," she said, emphasizing the words.

"What do you mean?" He said, hands folded on his lap.

She pursed her lips a little, "Well, sweetie, you know about mommy and her, you know, thing?"


She raised her eyebrows and after a moment his eyes went wide.

"Y-you don't really think..."

She smiled softly and tilted her head, "You'll never succeed as a man honey, but as a cute little girly boy? Sweetie if you wanted you could have women like me fawning all over you."

He looked down and she smiled a bit, pushing the point, "Imagine that, walking into a room and being the centre of attention, everyone's eyes on you, wanting you, absolutely desperate to get in your pants, to kiss you, to feel you up, to fuck you..."

He blushed brightly as his mom's words, looking up at her sharply, "M-mom!"

She laughed and eyed him with a sly smile, "What? I might be your mom but I'm still hot-blooded, in my youth if a boy like you walked into my life I'd have had you stripped down and pushed up against the nearest wall in a heartbeat."

His cheeks burned with a crimson and she couldn't help but admit she was enjoying the reaction, so she continued, "Not that I haven't thought about doing that to you anyway, of course."

"D-don't be gross..." he whimpered adorably, before looking away embarrassed.

"I'm being honest sweetie... Do you know how many times I've jerked off thinking of you? Mm..."

Biting his lip he made to stand, to leave, too conflicted to even look at her, but as he raised himself he felt her hand at his wrist, tight like a vice, pulling him back down to the sofa with a whimpering gasp, "L-let me go..."

"Alex, honey, this for your own good? You'll never be happy until you accept who you really are..." She pressed, holding him still.

"I-I'm a man!" He protested, trying to pull his slender wrist free from her grip and failing utterly, Jenna not having to make any sort of effort to keep him in place.

"Really? Then show me."


She smirked at his adorably pathetic attempts at breaking free from her, "Calm down sweetie, look, how about we make a deal?"

He pulled against her for a few moments longer before pouting up at her, noting her single raised eyebrow and patient expression. He swallowed anxiously, "W-what kind of deal?"

She smiled, "We do a size comparison and-"

"That's not fair! I-I know you're bigger than-"

She shushed him, frowning a little sternly, "Let me finish..." She paused, eying him for a moment but he remained quiet this time, "Good boy, now, we do a size comparison and, if I'm no less than three times bigger than you, you concede your rightful place..."

He opened his mouth to object, then hesitated, he was three and a half inches when hard, that would mean to lose, she would have to be packing more than ten and while he knew she was bigger, having seen her soft once or twice growing up wandering into her bedroom, he didn't recall it being that incredibly big.

"...And what if I win? What if it's not that much bigger than mine?" He asked, tentatively.

"Well, if that is the case, I've got a friend... A brunette, in her mid-thirties but she's drop-dead gorgeous, owes me a few favours. If you win, I'll have her pay you a visit hm? Make a real 'man' of you."

Alex bit his lip, looking down for a moment, "What... Whats her name?"

"Jane." Last name Doe, Jenna thought.

He looked at her, biting his lip, trying to picture this Jane in his mind, then finally, he nodded slowly, "O-okay..."

She smiled, "Good choice..." She purred low, as if he had had any kind of a choice in the matter, "Do you want to whip yours out first, or shall I?"

Alex hesitated, then nodded to her, his cheeks coloured, shy to reveal himself to her in such a brazen way, reservations that Jenna didn't hold.

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